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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . ez a kiadvny, melyben az angol nyelvtan gyakorlsra helyeztk a Oxford Angol Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Angol nyelvtani gyakorlatok az alap-, kozep- es felsofoku nyelvvizsgakra Oxford Angol febr. Oxford angol nyelvtan pdf. Free Download e-Books Determining the consider buy and consider sell prices Copy Dynamic disk volume.

Meglatogattalak volna, ha tudtam volna, hogy beteg vagy. Ha nem lett volna hideg, jobban elvezllik volna a szabadsagunkat, Ha becsatolta volna a biztonsagi ovet, nem serult volna meg. Ha siettel volna, nem kested volna le a vonatot. Mit tettel volna, ha ott lettel volna? Mi tortent volna, ha elfogyott volna a benzin? Megkaptam volna az allast, ha lett volna ke1l6 vegzettsegem.

Tegyetagado alakba a mondatokat! The Prime Minister plays football in his fi'eetime. Their cl-rildren watch Cartoon Network beforcgoing to bed. My r-reighbours often give partiesin their flat. Jackand Jill alwaysplay hide and seekafter school 6.

He usuallyasksstupid questions. Does sister the 2. Tl-re membersof the band get home late. They usuirlly have a cup of coffee before they go to work. The singer has to eat two eggsbeforesinging. The show starts l0 o'clock The starsmeet peoplefiom all over thc world. Where doyouwork? What time. Davidf He gets home zrtabout 8 pm. Who I go to school with rny sister. How often. I meet them twice a week. Why until9. Do Yes,they do. My children never get any gradesworse than four.

Does Yes,he does. My son goes to London Studio. It's a very good languageschool' 4 Complete each sente nce with a present simple form using the words given. Egeszitseki a mondatokat a megadott szavakkal! Haszn1liaaz egyszert ielent! Wlrat doyou for a livingf you do.. Peter have She not earn Who she share 5 put the verb into the correct form. Sometimesyou have to use the negative.

Tegyeaz igdket megfelel6 atakba! Ndha a tagado alakot kell haszndlni. When 5. Tegyen kirdeseketa megszdmozott Foreign worksintheDeportnentof f f. WIro does work? I I hategetting early 2 attheweekend. Mv grandmotherlistensto I the radio 2 when sheis tired. Peteralwaysbrings l presents 2 for l-ris girlfriend. He goesto work I with hiscolleagues.

His frier-rd speaks girls. Torn always goesout 1 with 2 beautifi,rl ki Egeszitse a you 7 Fillin the gap with one suitableword. Sometimes have to usethe negative. Nehatagado alakot kellhaszn1lni! The sun sels dre west in Chimneysweepers 4.

The earth. Hatred B. Waiters 8 a Read the text and complete fhe sentences below so that they will be true. B The parents set her challenges. C She helps the people she works with improve their lives. It can be stressful if you ve never worked before. A people or organisations you are doing an activity with n B be polite towards someone you think is important v C the details of a person s family, education, experience, etc.

D a new or difficult task that tests somebody s ability and skill n E try very hard to do something with difficulty v F causing a lot of anxiety and worry adj G worth doing or that makes you happy because it is useful or important adj H the possibility to do or achieve something n Work in pairs.

Look at the ideas A E and choose three which you think would be the most helpful in helping young people into work. Compare your list with other pairs. What was your experience like? Then decide which point in the exam task in exercise 6 you could use each sentence for. I am studying psychology and I to work in a school in the future. Write at least two facts for each heading. Education: Interests: Read the exam task in exercise 6 and choose the best expression A C.

Are you good with children?

Pdf nyelvtan oxford angol

Are you a responsible, but fun-loving person? Have you had any experience looking after eight- to twelve-year olds? If so, you may be the person we re looking for! Look at Useful Phrases for a job application in the Writing bank on p. Avoid using contractions won t, I m, etc.

Oxford Exam Trainer. Felkészülés a középszintű angol érettségire

Write a letter of application in words, in which you: say why you are interested in the work, describe your previous experience, explain why you are a good candidate for this job. Have you written about all three points in the task? Have you used the appropriate formal language? Have you written between 80 and words? Have you checked your work for grammar or spelling mistakes? Include details, examples from your own experience or reasons for your views. Ask and answer the questions about work.

What was it? Where was it? Who did you work with? Why not? Would you include these types of experience in your CV? Do you agree? Take turns to be Student A and Student B. Read the information and then have a conversation.

The situation: Student A: You are looking for a summer job for six weeks. Meet Student B, who works at an international employment agency. Choose one job and give reasons for your choice. Student B: You have five summer jobs available in different hotels. Read about them on page Now change roles. Discuss the topic, using the pictures as examples. In pairs, take turns to compare and contrast the two pictures.

I hope I don t say anything stupid. Tom has broken his leg and will be on sick l for a month, so someone has to take over his duties. Jonathan last ago. My boss gave me too to complete the project. I since my business trip to Japan. A year ago his job as a teacher. This is my first visit to such a big office. I in such a big office before.

Ruth two years. Use of English review 4 Read the text about a businesswoman. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for each gap 1 Only ONE solution is correct. Shawna Tinsley is a young entrepreneur. At the age of just twenty-three, she 1 a very successful website design business. This may not seem too unusual until you find out that she 2 the business when she was fifteen years old.

In fact, she was hoping to get a 3 not as a website designer, but something completely different. I really wanted to work outdoors that summer, she says. But nobody would take me on. They kept saying I didn t have enough work 4. But what did they expect? I was fifteen!

Nyelvtan oxford pdf angol

Then a friend of her parents, who had his own plumbing business, asked if they knew anyone who could help him with his website. Shawna already designed sites for herself and 6 friends, so they recommended her. She laughs about it now. My first version of his website 7 like it was for a pop star. But he s a plumber! Anyhow, he was very patient, and we worked 8 a design that suited his business. Shawna is happy in her work now, but she s never forgotten why she started doing it in the first place.

I 9 two or three teenagers every summer, helping them get 10 experience so that it s easier for them to find a job in the future. Then, when we speak about the details of these events, we use the past simple.

Ann has left her job at the bank. She didn t like her boss. Other differences in using these tenses are presented in the table below. Perfect tenses Past simple We use the present perfect when we speak about experiences and activities without specifying when they happened. Have you ever been to Spain? I ve never been to Spain. Carrie has stayed at this hotel twice.

We use the present perfect and present perfect continuous when we speak about finished or unfinished activities or situations which have a visible effect now. We often combine these tenses with since and for, as well as how long.

He s been waiting for us for two hours. I ve lived in Germany all my life. We use the past simple when we speak about activities which happened at a specific moment in the past.

We also use the past simple in questions with when. When did Lee go to Spain? Lee went to Spain last year. We use the past simple when we speak about activities or situations which were finished in the past. He came here two hours ago.

I lived in Germany from to Complete the sentences with the right words. Choose a, b, c or d. You can t speak to Jack. He s gone out. I ve had a sandwich. Use the past simple or the present perfect. Kate 1 I listen to a very interesting lecture recently.

Jenny Really? Kate Professor Jenkins from Oxford University 3 talk about an addiction to shopping. He 4 present some unusual ways of fighting it and give a lot of practical advice. Jenny Professor Jenkins? I think I 6 hear that name. Kate 8 He write a few books about modern addictions so far and his latest book, Don t shop until you drop, 9 be published two years ago; it 10 be quite popular ever since.

Jenny Oh yes, I 11 read it. But I 12 not find it very practical. I 13 even try a few of his tips but they 14 not work for me. Would you believe that this week I 1 spend over on shoes?

Kate I think you 16 always be a spender. Jenny That s true! Dear Alice, We 1 not hear from you for a long time so I 2 decide to write to you and find out if everything is OK with you.

Németh Katalin - Angol nyelvtan

I hope you 3 enjoy your stay in Brighton last month. Nothing 6 change much round here since you 7 leave. The bad news is that I 8 fail my driving test again! When I 9 approach the junction, I 10 not notice when the lights 11 turn red and I 12 drive on. The good news is that Peter and Amanda 13 just get married. They 14 fly to a Greek Island for their honeymoon last weekend.

Please write soon. Take care. You are interested in a job vacancy in a shopping centre near London. Write a letter to the company in which you: explain why you are interested in the job; describe why your previous experience makes you a good candidate; ask for more information about the working conditions.

Provide as much detail as you can for each of the four points. Remember that your letter should be between 80 and words. The examiner will take into consideration: task completion achievement of communicative aims and writing to given text extent point , vocabulary range, sufficient variety of expression 3 points , and grammar and spelling clarity of text 3 points. I am writing to apply for the position of sales assistant in your clothes shop as advertised on your website.

I believe working in a shop will help me improve my English and raise money for university fees. Currently, I am a student at a secondary school in Hungary, but I have already had some experience in this kind of work.

Last summer I helped my uncle in his grocery shop in a seaside resort. I operated a till and arranged goods on the shelves. I believe I am a good candidate for the position because I am sociable and I enjoy working in a team.

There are a few things I would like to ask. First, I would like to know if it is a part-time or a full-time job. Could you also let me know what the working hours are? I look forward to your reply. Yours faithfully, Anna Starting a job application I am writing to apply for the position of.

Describing qualifications and experience I already have some work experience with. My duties included. I believe I am a good candidate for the job because. Finishing a job application I hope you will consider my application. Thank you for considering my application. It says it is not easy to become a billionaire as a writer. Louisa s charity helps young people to find jobs.

I haven t been in such a big office before. This is the document that includes all your personal information, qualifications e. These are your referees. Step 2 Look at job adverts on the internet and find a job that you are interested in. Download the application form, if there is one. Then send it off with a covering letter which will explain briefly who you are, where you saw the advert and why you want to apply for the job. Step 3 Wait to hear from the company to find out if they want you to come for an interview.

Step 4 When you are offered a job, decide carefully if you want to accept it. Then sign the contract. Err, I was wondering if we could get together this evening.

I ve got some problems at work and I thought you might know how to deal with them. It s mostly our new boss. It seems she really dislikes me, and I just don t know what to do about it. I mean, she praises people who don t do half the work I do, and she never says a good word to me.

New-English-File-Pre-Intermediate-pdf -

I know you ve dealt with something similar, so anyway, give me a call. I used to mix up orders sometimes, which was a bit of a problem, but now I don t make many mistakes.

Most people are friendly and give me good tips. Occasionally you get someone who complains all the time about the service, but then some people just like to complain. You just learn to deal with it. I d say that nearly everyone experiences personal problems in the workplace at some point. The difficulty is that work isn t only a place where people work it s also a social environment, just not one that you choose yourself.

This means that you have to deal with types of people that you wouldn t normally have much to do with. But there are several good ways to deal with personal conflict in the workplace 4 First, I d like to thank all of you for being here. I know it takes time out of your busy schedules, but I felt it was important that we get together and share some updates on the new training programme.

As you know, we re going to use a new computer system soon, both for keeping records and for doing our everyday work. I got to use it myself the other day, and I think it s great clear, simple and fast. Recent figures showing that seven out of ten young people in the UK spend at least six months out of work between leaving school and starting their first job. Some young people can spend as much as eighteen months looking for work.

Joining me to discuss this is Louisa Ward who works for a youth charity in the UK. Louisa, tell us what you do? Louisa: Well, we try to work with young people from all backgrounds to help them find a job which suits them but we focus on those who come from disadvantaged areas.

Those from wealthier families have more opportunities to succeed, so they don t need our help as much. But our research suggests that less wealthy students, those who don t have much money, can really struggle to find work. Presenter: I see, so you do most of your work in inner-city areas? Louisa: Yes, that s right. We do have some agents in the countryside but we don t do much work in those areas.

Most of our work takes place in towns and cities. We try to work with hard to reach people whose parents don t have money for the basic things in life, like food and clothes.

We give them chances that they might not otherwise get access to. Presenter: What do you do to help them? Louisa: We work with a number of different partners including sports teams and businesses. So, some of the people we have helped have learnt the value of teamwork and co-operation through rugby. For others, we have found placements in large companies where they have gained valuable work experience. These placements help students get a feeling of self-worth.