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Dear PenTest Readers, This month we would like to take a closer look at one of Dear PenTest Readers, In the current issue of PenTest Magazine we would. Welcome to another issue from PenTest magazine. It is December, retrieved 04/11/ We offer to your attention a new issue of the PenTest Magazine. On more than

The classic tool for testing and developing exploits on target systems. Aircrack-ng A collection of tools for analyzing and exploiting vulnerabilities in WiFi networks. Nemesis A packet counterfeiter and injection utility. Kali Linux groups the most frequently used and most important programs in the Favorites menu Figure 1. However, you should be aware of one legal aspect before using it: Local data protection legislation applies when you use Kali Linux. In practical terms, this means that in many places you can only use Kali Linux for pentests if you have explicit permission to do so.

Penetration testing is a crucial method of proactively securing your ICT infrastructure. BackBox is an Ubuntu-derived Linux distribution designed for penetration testing that provides the user with a powerful set of the best known ethical hacking tools and easy updating procedures.

This book is designed with two prime learning objectives: a complete introduction to the penetration testing methodology and how to begin using BackBox to execute those methodologies. It starts with an overview of BackBox and its toolset, before outlining the major stages of penetration testing. Towards the end of the book, you'll go through a full penetration test case and learn how to use BackBox to provide full documentation and reporting. Chapter 2,Information Gathering, introduces us to a few ways of collecting useful information about the target system.

Chapter 3, Vulnerability Assessment and Management, explains how to perform vulnerability scans. Chapter 4,Exploitations, uses the information we have collected in the previous chapters.

Chapter 5, Eavesdropping and Privilege Escalation, helps us in performing eavesdropping and privilege escalation on the target system where we already gained access by having obtained the access credentials in the previous chapter.

Chapter 6,Maintaining Access, helps us to set up backdoors in order to maintain access without repeating the steps covered in the previous chapters. Each report can then be saved in a variety of formats for management of the issues. Why not see for yourself, evaluate for free at titania. Ian has been working with leading global organizations and government agencies to help improve computer security for more than a decade.

He has been accredited by CESG for his security and team leading expertise for over 5 years. In Ian Whiting founded Titania with the aim of producing security auditing software products that can be used by non-security specialists and provide the detailed analysis that traditionally only an experienced penetration tester could achieve. Managing Editor: Ewa Dudzic ewa. Ireneusz Pogroszewski ireneusz. Ireneusz Pogroszewski Production Director: Andrzej Kuca andrzej. Software Press Sp. SK Warszawa, ul.

Bokserska 1 Phone: This time you will find here a selection of really good tutorials written by our best authors and experienced pentesters. We hope that this read will help you to improve your skills and allow you to broaden your horizons. By establishing the virtual environment for your work, you will be able to test your skills in a legal and effective way.

He explores the inner workings and practical control system applications of the uni-directional gateways and provides a step by step guide showing how to create your own using Open Source Software. Terrance Stachowski will teach you how to prepare a professional and detailed penetration test results report. Take advantage of his experience and knowledge, that he agreed to share with you.

Since the work of penetration tester often requires to be mobile, Domagoj Vrataric in his short tutorial will show you how you can achieve it by transforming your tablet into pentest platform.

On the other hand, Albert Whale describes the changes being made in the Homeland Security activities for new software in development, and how they are improving our overall security. From his article you will find out which activities can fit into their Software Development Lifecycle SDLC programs to further benefit other organizations as well. The article by Prashant Mishra deals with the problem of internal security matters within any organization and puts the accent on the importance of a well constructed Information Security Policy in the company.

We hope that you will find this selection of articles, worth your time and will enjoy the reading.

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All trade marks presented in the magazine were used only for informative purposes. All rights to trade marks presented in the magazine are reserved by the companies which own them.

The techniques described in our articles may only be used in private, local networks. The editors hold no responsibility for misuse of the presented techniques or consequent data loss. Enter virtualization technology where it is possible to create an extensive lab without the risk to be jailed. There are many virtual machine technologies to choose from: The author in his professional work, uses different virtualization products. However in this article, he describes Vmware Workstation 8, but you can transform the examples with a few modifications to another virtual environment.

Upon completion of a penetration test, all of the information collected must be neatly entered into the afteractions, results report. Since this document is the only tangible, deliverable element supplied to the customer, it should appear professional, well organized, and clearly detail and explain what was uncovered during the penetration test.

In recent years we could observe an increasing demand for data diodes in the world of industrial control and automation to protect critical in-frastructure due to the simple and virtually impenetrable nature of these devices. In this article the author explores the inner workings and practical control system applications of these uni-directional gateways and provide a step by step guide to creat-ing your own using open source software.

The author describes the changes being made in the Homeland Security activities for new software in development, and how they are improving our overall security.

I remember when I was trying to learn hacking. It was a lot of time ago when pterodactyls were still flying in the sky. Those years it was very difficult to create hacking labs. The only way to do that was physical machines, but today it is much simpler.

In my professional work, I use different virtualization products, but in this article, I will use Vmware Workstation 8, but you can transform the examples without with a few modifications to another virtual environment. I will assume that the virtualization system is already properly installed.

After this, the first step is the preparation of the attacking machine. I think that nowadays the choice is obvious: Backtrack, http: If you want to maintain a good working lab and follow these exercises, I do not recommend to using the live version, since the exercises will go better if you persistently update your installations with the latest version. The second step, after you have properly conFigured the network adapter, is the upgrade of the attacking machine.

You can do this with these simple instructions: See Figure 1. Now we can setup the IP address, in my case is See Figure 2. Now we can install the target machine. For this lab I will install a Windows 2K8 R2 machine.

If you do not have a regular license you can download the days trial version at http: With this subscription you can download all Microsoft Operating System for testing purpose without expiration. You can use the default installation and after configuring the network card in my lab the IP address is The purpose of this lab is to attack the web page and the back-end database.

The installation of this package is very windows-like: After the completion of Xampp installation you have a complete Apache environment, powered by PHP and MySQL, and for administering Xampp, there is a friendly console, xampp-control in the xampp directory. See Figure 3. See Figure 4. See Figure 5. Now you can start Apache without any problems.

If you have the default configuration in Windows 2K8 server, you need another little step to make it work correctly. You must enable Apache on Windows Firewall. Go to the control panel — system and security — windows firewall — change notification settings and here you can set new notification status. See Figure 6. See Figure 7.

The last step to build your complete lab is to download the vulnerable web application. This web application is built with a lot of vulnerabilities and in this article we will look. To work with this app you need only to unzip in c: See Figure 9. See Figure After that the DVWA website is up and running, it can be browsed outside the server.

You are trying to access from your backtrack distro? You are receiving a forbidden error? Then you can try to edit. If all works you must connect from the attacker machine to the URL http: Now, we are ready to try the lab exercises. If you need a little video for reviewing the DVWA installation, you can find it at http: After setting up the lab, we need to know all the tools that we will use in the exercise. The first one is sqlmap http: In my opinion, it has a very good balance between power, simplicity and flexibility, sqlmap support a lot of.

In this exercise we will see some basic, but interesting, features of this tool, and we need also to keep in mind that the website needs authentication, and this authentication is performed between cookies.

Sqlmap is able to manage the cookies, but how do we capture them? Which tool is able to do that? For the demo, capturing cookies, I try two techniques: The first is the use of a Firefox plug-in, and The second one is a very powerful tool called burp suite. Burp suite is an integrated platform for testing web apps.

It is possible to download the more powerful, professional suite, with more functions like Burp Intruder or Burp Scanner, but for testing purpose it is sufficient to use the free edition.

If you need only a part of these features, you can use Firefox plugin called tamper data. With tamper data you can pause the session in the same manner as the burp proxy and intercept cookies.

In backtrack, all these tools are installed by default. Now we are ready to change our state of mind to the attacker mode The first step of the attack phase is to log in to the server to get the session cookie. For this task, I first try the simplest way using tamper data. I start firefox, I type the URL http: This operation can be done in the same manner with burp proxy, so let me show you how. Again, you must login using username and password when prompted from application, and now you can intercept the phpsessid in burp.

After this you can close burp and delete proxy configuration on Firefox. In the real world we can intercept this session id with sniffing or with other stealing techniques. In the image you can see intercepting cookie with sniffing the wire with Wireshark.

Now the first step is finished. I have the session cookie and I can use it to inject the application with sqlmap. The page is http: I tried some input to the page. For testing my injection I need some parameters, the first is the session cookie, which I already have, the second is the vulnerable URL, I have that also In the real word, I might not know where the vulnerable one is located and I need to try ALL possible vulnerable URLs, but for testing purpose I submit directly the vulnerable URL.

One manner to try sql injection is the insertion of single quote on input, if we are using low security level in dvwa we can see an error page. But, if we use the dvwa security level set on high we do not see anything and, naturally, I want to use high security.

This string, if the security level is set to high, does not work, as you can see in the next image. Now I try to inject my second string: This means that the SQL server will interpret single, or double quotes as text. Sqlmap has extract the available databases, at this point the webapp is yours. Just a couple of steps for extracting all data and, if needed, for password cracking. In real world, I do not know the name of app databases, but normally, is pretty simple to guess it.

In my lab the installed databases are: Now, with this additional info the injection string for extracting database. And the result is shown on Figure Ok, now I have the username and the password hash if in your application the passwords are in plaintext, the task is already ended at this step , and if I suppose that these hashes are encoded with MD5 algorithm, I can try to crack them in different manners. Today I try to crack with querying a website: Just for ending the article, if you set the security level to high, you will use these two functions: The specific piece of code is: This code is pretty secure, in my knowledge, the idea of the DVWA developers, was to learn how to write secure code to other developer.

At this URL http: I hope this article served you to begin to take the first steps into the world of web application security …, especially without going to jail. DVWA offers a lot of other examples in various issues, and you can find other vulnerable apps, on-line or with installation on local web servers for testing and improving your skills without risk. Hack to live, live to hack! Guglielmo Scaiola has worked as an I.

Pro, since He is a freelance consultant, pentester and trainer, and works especially in the banking environment. Over the years he has achieved several certifications, including: Originally designed by government organizations to protect top secret information, data diodes are most commonly used in applications requiring the highest level of security such as state secret protection, banking or battlefield up-links.

In this article we will explore the inner workings and practical control system applications of these unidirectional gateways and provide a step by step guide to creating your own using open source software. The strength of a Data Diode is its simplicity. Severing one of the physical fiber connections makes it impossible to send data in one direction.

Data diodes were originally developed for use in the defense industry in order to protect top secret information from getting into the wrong hands. Most data di-. Their ability to securely manage high-traffic systems make them ideal for use in a control system environment.

A data diode is an effective defense against data exfiltration a military term for the covert retrieval of sensitive data which many Advanced Persistent Threats APTs like Flame and the Night Dragon attacks are designed to perform. If the corporate network is unable to send data into the control network, the control network will still be secured if the corporate network is compromised.

Also if an industrial control system is compromised by a deep penetrating worm, the hacker will be unable to send commands or updates because of the one way network traffic gateway. I will not dispute the fact that it is a terrible idea to directly connect any piece of industrial equipment or SCADA system to the Internet.

However, in my experience most control systems are indirectly connected to the Internet. The answer is simple, people need the data. The data generated by an industrial control system is pure gold; far too valuable to not be connected to the corporate network.

Keep in mind that many control systems are in remote locations, far from the corporate headquarters that pay their bills. Most people are not willing to jump on a plane to collect some data they need for a report and reading values over. The Internet is the most cost effective way to transmitting data over long distances.

Often the bridge between the corporate network and the industrial control network is a gateway computer, a firewall or a series of firewalls.

Firewalls rely on many layers of software to segment a network. Due to the nature of software a small oversight in the realtime OS, rule engine, configuration or installation could allow an attacker to bypass the Firewall completely. If you are only interested in accessing the valuable information that a control. If the corporate network is compromised there is no physical way data can be sent to the control network.

Figure 9. There are two ways around this problem:. UDP is a lightweight protocol typically used for speed as it does not waste network bandwidth by handshaking or data integrity checksums. A reverse proxy server retrieves data from another computer and serves it up as if it were the original source. Reverse proxies are most frequently used to speed up the delivery of web content and reduce the load on the content main server. The client-server proxies solution should work in most cases however, thorough testing should be completed in a lab environment before deploying a data diode solution into an ICS.

If you were to crack open a typical data diode you will see it is simply made up of two mini-pcs with a fiber-optic link running between them. There are dozens of patents around variants of data diodes and data diode software. For example there is a patent for a data diode that only uses a single computer to handle both ends of the connection which seems less secure to me. It is important to find a small form factor computer which supports a PCI-Express card for our two fiber optic PCI-Express cards reverse proxy servers.

For most industrial applications I would download a couple of fan-less industrial PCs with solid state hard drives that can be stored in a locked computer panel box or server room.

For the purposes of our proof of concept I will download two low cost PCs: Figure It is critical that you select fiber optic cards and a patch cable that are all compatible. Page I have found a suitable multi-mode fiber patch cord with male connectors on each end: You will likely need to spend time properly configuring your reverse proxy servers to relay the information correctly and you will need to write some scripts in your database to perform the continuous data replication.

Data Diodes represent a simple yet virtually impenetrable way of segmenting a network. You can reap the benefits of a unidirectional data diode for a few thousand dollars and some technical elbow grease.

Get the best real-world Android developer training anywhere! The security within any organization starts with building a Security Policy, a centralized, evolving document defining what is allowed and what is not. These all depends on three key aspects i. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

Company should conduct a vulnerability assessment prior to creating their security policy. The vulnerability assessment is performed by reviewing the network, application and system architecture and auditing the equipment and software within the same. The Assessment produces a document that defines and prioritizes the potential risks along with costs to address potential vulnerabilities.

Information is an asset that the organization has a duty and responsibility to protect. The organization holds and processes confidential and personal information on private individuals, employees, partners and suppliers and information relating to its own operations.

In processing information the organization has a responsibility to safeguard information and prevent its misuse.

The Information Security Policy is a high level document, and adopts a number of controls to.

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The controls are delivered by policies, standards, processes, procedures, supported by training and tools. To protect the confidentiality of information, a number of measures are used:. To ensure that the company continually operates in accordance with the specified policies or procedures and external requirements in meeting company goals and objectives in relation to information security.

Information Security works mainly on three aspects: Confidentiality of information ensures that only those with sufficient privileges may access certain information.

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When unauthorized individuals or. Information classification Secure document storage Application of general security policies Education of information custodians and end users. Integrity is the quality or state of being whole, complete, and uncorrupted. The integrity of information is threatened when it is exposed to corruption, damage, destruction, or other disruption of its authentic state.

Corruption can occur while information is being compiled, stored, or transmitted. Availability is the characteristic of information that enables user access to information without interference or obstruction and in a required format. A user in this definition maybe either a person or another computer system.

Availability does not imply that the information is accessible to any user; rather, it means availability to authorized users. This policy describes how we will safeguard personal and company information, to ensure peace of mind when dealing with our company. It is our policy that: Our company will use appropriate controls to ensure that this information is kept secure, and is only viewed or used by the proper personnel.

Our company will comply with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards when protecting employee information. We hold our employees, vendors, contractors, suppliers, and trading partners to meet this same set of policies. As in any other sensitive procedure, Risk Analysis and Risk Management play an essential role in the proper functionality of the process.

Risk Analysis is the process of identifying the critical information assets of the company and their use and functionality — an important key process that needs to be taken very seriously. List everything that is essential for the proper functionality of the business processes; like key applications and systems, application servers, web servers, database servers, various business plans, projects in development, etc.

A basic approach would be: A possible list of categories to look at would be: Identify the risks of a potential security problem due to outdated software, infrequent patches and updates to new versions, etc. Ensure that portals to critical infrastructure are closed and locked.

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If laptops or memory sticks are required, set up processes to ensure that all portable media are scanned for malware with up to date scanning software before allowing contact with a network host. Usernames and passwords should not be shared to enable easier tracking of system events.

Access rights to the repository require authentication and should be made available only to trusted personnel. Black Hat - Annual security conference in Las Vegas. CCC - Annual meeting of the international hacker scene in Germany. CarolinaCon - Infosec conference, held annually in North Carolina.

DerbyCon - Annual hacker conference based in Louisville. Hackfest - Largest hacking conference in Canada. Nullcon - Annual conference in Delhi and Goa, India. SkyDogCon - Technology conference in Nashville. SummerCon - One of the oldest hacker conventions, held during Summer. Vulnerability as a service: File Format Analysis Tools Hachoir - Python library to view and edit a binary stream as tree of fields and tools for metadata extraction.

Veles - Binary data visualization and analysis tool. LinEnum - Scripted local Linux enumeration and privilege escalation checker useful for auditing a host and during CTF gaming. CeWL - Generates custom wordlists by spidering a target's website and collecting unique words. Hashcat - The more fast hash cracker.

Hm... Are You a Human?

John the Ripper - Fast password cracker. Rar Crack - RAR bruteforce cracker.

Pdf pentest magazine

StegCracker - Steganography brute-force utility to uncover hidden data inside files. Bless - High quality, full featured, cross-platform graphical hex editor written in Gtk. Frhed - Binary file editor for Windows. Hex Fiend - Fast, open source, hex editor for macOS with support for viewing binary diffs.

Hexinator - World's finest proprietary, commercial Hex Editor. AutoSploit - Automated mass exploiter, which collects target by employing the Shodan. Decker - Penetration testing orchestration and automation framework, which allows writing declarative, reusable configurations capable of ingesting variables and using outputs of tools it has run as inputs to others.

Faraday - Multiuser integrated pentesting environment for red teams performing cooperative penetration tests, security audits, and risk assessments. Metasploit - Software for offensive security teams to help verify vulnerabilities and manage security assessments.

Intercepter-NG - Multifunctional network toolkit. Praeda - Automated multi-function printer data harvester for gathering usable data during security assessments.


SPARTA - Graphical interface offering scriptable, configurable access to existing network infrastructure scanning and enumeration tools.

Zarp - Network attack tool centered around the exploitation of local networks. SlowLoris - DoS tool that uses low bandwidth on the attacking side. T50 - Faster network stress tool. Exfiltration Tools Cloakify - Textual steganography toolkit that converts any filetype into lists of everyday strings.

DET - Proof of concept to perform data exfiltration using either single or multiple channel s at the same time. XRay - Network sub domain discovery and reconnaissance automation tool. Dripcap - Caffeinated packet analyzer. Dshell - Network forensic analysis framework. Netzob - Reverse engineering, traffic generation and fuzzing of communication protocols. Wireshark - Widely-used graphical, cross-platform network protocol analyzer. Ettercap - Comprehensive, mature suite for machine-in-the-middle attacks.

Wireless Network Tools Aircrack-ng - Set of tools for auditing wireless networks. Airgeddon - Multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks. BoopSuite - Suite of tools written in Python for wireless auditing. Fluxion - Suite of automated social engineering based WPA attacks.

Kismet - Wireless network detector, sniffer, and IDS. Wifite - Automated wireless attack tool. Network Vulnerability Scanners Nessus - Commercial vulnerability management, configuration, and compliance assessment platform, sold by Tenable.

Netsparker Application Security Scanner - Application security scanner to automatically find security flaws. Nexpose - Commercial vulnerability and risk management assessment engine that integrates with Metasploit, sold by Rapid7. Arachni - Scriptable framework for evaluating the security of web applications.

Nikto - Noisy but fast black box web server and web application vulnerability scanner. SecApps - In-browser web application security testing suite. Wapiti - Black box web application vulnerability scanner with built-in fuzzer. WebReaver - Commercial, graphical web application vulnerability scanner designed for macOS. GooDork - Command line Google dorking tool.

Google Hacking Database - Database of Google dorks; can be used for recon. Maltego - Proprietary software for open source intelligence and forensics, from Paterva.

PacketTotal - Simple, free, high-quality packet capture file analysis facilitating the quick detection of network-borne malware using Bro and Suricata IDS signatures under the hood.

Shodan - World's first search engine for Internet-connected devices. SimplyEmail - Email recon made fast and easy. Sn1per - Automated Pentest Recon Scanner. Threat Crowd - Search engine for threats. Virus Total - Free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware.

ZoomEye - Search engine for cyberspace that lets the user find specific network components. Shellcode Examples - Shellcodes database. Shellcode Tutorial - Tutorial on how to write shellcode. Schuyler Towne channel - Lockpicking videos and security talks. GhostProject - Searchable database of billions of cleartext passwords, partially visible for free. Menu on the left can be used to navigate through the categories.

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Penetration Testing Execution Standard PTES - Documentation designed to provide a common language and scope for performing and reporting the results of a penetration test. Penetration Testing Framework PTF - Outline for performing penetration tests compiled as a general framework usable by vulnerability analysts and penetration testers alike. Other Lists Online. Android Security - Collection of Android security related resources.