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Personal history by Katharine Graham; 6 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Accessible book, Biografía, Biography, Editores financieros. This books (Personal History: Katharine Graham [PDF]) Made by Katharine Graham About Books Illustrated in black and white. 8vo pp. Katharine Graham's autobiography, Personal History is a retelling of A Tale of Two Cities. Graham was an owner and publisher of the Washington Post.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. In lieu of an unrevealing Personal History - Kindle edition by Katharine Graham. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks. The captivating, inside story of the woman who helmed the Washington Post during one of the most turbulent periods in the history of American media. Katharine. Graham. Personal. History. January 26, Mundy on Autopilot Medicine on the Internet. 40**0*10 to shape her life BY KATHARINE GRAHAM.

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In her memoir, "Personal History," a huge and most methodical book, Graham writes in detail about her family and her tragic marriage and, best of all, the many years as the great custodian of the family newspaper, the Washington Post, including the turbulent, historic era when its reporting led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in It was she who approved publication of the torrent of stories on Watergate by two young reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward , when a lesser publisher might have backed down.

This is what she will be remembered and always admired for. Goody-Two-Shoes did not buckle. The pressure from the White House was so intense, the atmosphere in the Capitol so sinister as the noose tightened around Nixon's neck that a friend on Wall Street privately warned her "not to be alone. The paper was the passion of her life.

She was hardly prepared to take over after the suicide of her brilliant husband, Philip Graham, who so often derided her.

And yet, when she was in charge and desperately uncertain, Graham showed a remarkable instinct for whom to hire and whom to let go. She took on Ben Bradlee, who was the managing editor during the critical years of the Watergate coverage and who knew what the furnace felt like.

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A wildly charming man in a profession devoid of them, he gave her muscle and taught her how to laugh. In his own book, "A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures," Bradlee writes that when the Post won a public service award Pulitzer it was a disgrace that the prize did not go to Woodward and Bernstein , "Katharine Graham, God bless her ballsy soul, was going to have the last laugh on all those establishment newspapers and owners who had been so condescending to her and all those Wall Street types turned statesmen who warned her every day we were going too far, were going to respect her, not use her.

So in when Woodward and Bernstein published their first Watergate book, "All the President's Men," and sold the movie rights to Robert Redford , Graham was angered and alarmed. The idea of a movie "scared me witless," she writes, although the film was scarcely to be made by vulgar hacks. Once again, her ambivalence and fearfulness made her assume "a defensive crouch.

But the honest woman includes in her memoirs Redford's rather acid impression of the encounter, which he later described in an interview. There was a definite tight-jawed, blue-blood quality to Graham that cannot be covered by any amount of association with Ben Bradlee or other street types.

She said she did not want her own name or that of the Post used. I told her that was impossible.

Katharine Graham Personal History

Redford also said he asked Graham why, if she wanted to maintain so low a profile, did she keep making speeches and accepting awards? It was, of course, a wonderful film in , directed by Alan J. Twice Graham says how her feelings were hurt because she was omitted from the film. She must have made this clear, for she notes that Pakula justified this by pointing out that she figured only marginally in the book.

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Perhaps the strain of Watergate was taking its toll when she opposed the film, and serious labor disputes had arisen, but there was always her tendency to feel threatened if not slighted. Knowing nothing about journalism, Meyer made some good innovations: women's pages, an advice column, reader opinion polls done by George Gallup and a better editorial page.

Young Katharine began to care about the newspaper, and the deep affection and trust between father and daughter grew. Despite her "nervous nanny-bred worries," Graham even worked on a San Francisco newspaper doing legwork for a labor reporter. In , she went to the Washington Post for a job on the editorial page, and in the bright social whirl of the era met Philip Graham, who was clerking for Justice Felix Frankfurter.

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She'd also worked for the publication in different capacities, including stints in the editorial and circulation departments. Working with Ben Bradlee Graham eventually started to hire people herself instead of relying on holdovers from her husband's time as publisher. One such hire was Ben Bradlee, who became the Post's managing editor in Bradlee's selection was unusual, as he came from Newsweek instead of the Post newsroom, but it ended up being a wonderful choice, as he worked to improve the quality of the paper.

Graham considered Bradlee a partner; though they had disagreements, theirs was a fruitful relationship that saw the Post become one of the country's best newspapers. On June 17, , she made the difficult decision to have the Post publish the classified Pentagon Papers. Excerpts from these documents, which delved into the history of U.

Pdf katharine graham personal history

Graham took this step after the New York Times, the first newspaper to land a set of the Papers, had been barred from further publication by court order. Her legal team feared that publishing might imperil her company — if the Justice Department pursued criminal sanctions, it could put an in-progress stock offering and television licenses at risk. Yet Graham also knew that the newsroom, after struggling to obtain the documents, would resent any delay in publication, and she feared losing talented people.

Graham was vindicated by a Supreme Court ruling, issued on June 30, , which supported freedom of the press and stated that the information in the Pentagon Papers didn't place government security at risk. Her actions helped elevate the national profile of the Post. The decision to publish is dramatized in a film, The Post. They would uncover a tale of corruption and complicity that would link back to Richard Nixon's White House, but unearthing the scope of the scandal took time, during which the Nixon administration did its best to minimize the story and disparage the Post.

Between December 29, , and January 2, , challenges were made to the license renewals of Post Company television stations in Florida.

Personal History

There was no direct connection between the Nixon administration and these challenges, but tapes made in Nixon's office would later reveal the president saying on September 15, , "The main thing is the Post is going to have damnable, damnable problems out of this one. In the end, the existence of Nixon's tapes was revealed and the president resigned, leaving Graham grateful to no longer be a target of his administration.

When Did Katharine Graham Die? Katharine Graham died in Boise, Idaho, on July 17, A few days earlier she'd been attending a media conference in Sun Valley, where she fell and suffered a head injury. Early Life Graham was the fourth of five children.

She grew up in a wealthy household, with many luxuries, but was not close to her parents.

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They even neglected to tell her that her father was downloading the Washington Post, so learning of its acquisition was a surprise. Graham attended Vassar before transferring to the University of Chicago, where she received her undergraduate degree in She next went to San Francisco and worked as a reporter.

Marriage and Children After returning to Washington, D. Following an intense romance, the two married on June 5,