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Vikram has over ten years of experience working with PHP and MySQL series for PHP beginners, and he has extensive experience deploying PHP in a variety . ware without the PHP lists where people generously spend their time answer- ing foolish questions from beginners. Many ideas have come from reading. Janet Valade is the author of PHP 5 For Dummies as well as the first edition of this book. In addition, Janet has authored and revised chapters.

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Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley Publishing logo, For Dummies, the Dummies Man Janet Valade is the author of PHP & MySQL For Dummies. Janet Valade is the author of PHP & MySQL For Dummies, which is in its third PHP & MySQL: Your visual blueprint for creating dynamic. The Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) Program. Hacking Kevin is author of Hacking Hacking Wireless Networ.

Free shipping for individuals worldwide Usually dispatched within 3 to 5 business days. About this book Get started in web development using PHP. Even if you've never programmed before, author Jason Lengstorf introduces you to PHP by building a PHP-based blogging site while covering all the good coding practices and skills that you'll need when you start your own projects. Create web content with version 5. You'll dive into writing web applications and be guided by the author's supportive explanations, rather than learning elements of the PHP language and viewing examples after. Even the most inexperienced web developer will find this book accessible.

The saveComment method lets you store any errors generated as an error code; you can then use the showCommentForm to match an error with the appropriate error message you want to display on the form. Identifying Errors in saveComment Begin by identifying the errors that might occur.

The first error is an unexpected failure of the database query. Give this error the error code, 1. The second error occurs when the script encounters an invalid email, which you can identify with the error code 2. If necessary, you can add more error codes in the future. Also, you must unset the error session variable after a successful post to prevent the user from seeing the same error again, after the problem has been corrected. Instead, you can make your script set a session variable with an error code and return nothing.

Implement these changes by adding the code in bold to saveComment: When that happens, update. Your first task is to fix issues with saving comments; make the following modifications, shown in bold and starting at line 94, to update.

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Finally, insert the error message into the output for display. Add these changes by inserting the code in bold into showCommentForm: Please try again! Try entering a bad email address to see your new error handling system in action see Figure The error message displayed when a bad email address is entered Basic Spam Prevention Unfortunately, any web form is a potential target for spammers, both human and automated.

If left unchecked, spammers can ruin a blog by flooding the comments with irrelevant links and other garbage.

PHP 5 For Dummies.pdf

The spam buries legitimate comments and makes it difficult to find anything meaningful in the comment section, which can cause your users to give up on leaving or reading comments altogether. To confuse these bots, you can obfuscate the values by converting them to their HTML entities.

Dummies pdf for php5

Generating Random Numbers The first task is to generate a math question. To keep things simple, all answers to the math question should be less than You place the logic to challenge your user in a new private method called generateChallenge , which you add to comments. Obfuscating the Values So far you have two random numbers in an array; next, you need to obfuscate the values. Obfuscation in programming3 is the practice of making code difficult to interpret.

This is generally done as a security measure.

PHP for Absolute Beginners

You want to obfuscate the values on the current form to make it more difficult for a spam bot to parse your form and answer the challenge question. Converting the random numbers to their ASCII 4 character code equivalents should help you baffle spam bots.

Computers can understand only numbers—every symbol is mapped to a numeric code. PHP provides a function to perform this conversion called ord. Obfuscate the numbers by adding the following code in bold to generateChallenge: The markup creates a text input field in which the user will type his answer to the challenge question.

You label the text input with an obfuscated string that you hope will confuse a spam bot when it displays this question: Add the code in bold to generateChallenge to return the markup for a challenge question: You add the challenge question by incorporating the code in bold to showCommentForm: Just below the comment text area, you can see a new input labeled with the challenge question see Figure Call this method verifyResponse.

For the sake of simplicity, make 3 your new error code for an incorrect response to the challenge question. You can make these changes by adding the code in bold to saveComment: The only thing left to do is to add an error message to correspond with error code 3, which you add in showCommentForm by inserting the code in bold: If you answer the challenge question incorrectly, the form displays an error message that explains what went wrong see Figure When clicked, this link takes a user to her Twitter5 home page and fills out her status field automatically with the title of the blog and a URL.

You use a shortened URL here because Twitter has a character limit for status updates, and blog URLs have a tendency to be fairly long. As I write this, Twitter is one of the most popular and fastest-growing services on the web. Creating a Shortened Link with http: In the case of bit. The request string is the URL you want to shorten, as well as other information including the bit. You access the bit. This function accepts the URL you want to shorten as an argument.

When you create shortenUrl , begin by building the request you want to send to the bit. Send your requests for URL shortening to http: In functions. You can obtain these for free by setting up an account at http: Your next step is to send the request to bit.

To do this, your script needs to connect to bit. By supplying the bit. Separate the shortened URL from the response. For example, you get this response you shorten the URL, http: This means that the whole response is in a container called bitly.

You can find the results container inside the bitly container, which itself contains the nodeKeyVal container. Once you do this, you can drill down within the XML easily. Additionally, bit. You generate this link from another function, which you name postToTwitter. This function accepts the title of the entry as its only argument.

It then appends the shortened URL to the entry title, URL encodes the whole string using urlencode , and adds a link to Twitter as the value of the status variable.

The Twitter link points to http: It includes a chapter about test-driven developement TDD , code samples and a number of exercises after each chapter. The book covers the basics of PHP and is a handy resource to keep around as a reference.

It shows you how to use operators, structures, variables, functions, working with databases and much more, with great and easy to understand explanations, including a number of examples for each topic. Although it is written for PHP5, almost everything still applies for PHP7 thanks to the language's backwards compatibility. PHP 7 From Scratch is a book for total beginners that explains basic properties of the language, setting up a development environment, using built-in functions and constructing a simple web page.

For pdf php5 dummies

At the end of every chapter, there are additional exercises you may do to further your understanding. Domain Driven Design is an approach for modeling complex software projects to reflect real-world systems.

Pdf php5 for dummies

It is a technique that is especially popular in the Java and. It is a great resource for intermediate and advanced developers. PHP Pandas This book is for beginners and intermediate developers who want to learn something new or improve their skills.

Survive the Deep End: PHP Security This book will show you how to improve the security of your app. Code Smart Laravel: PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate The book covers the basics of PHP and is a handy resource to keep around as a reference.

Pdf php5 for dummies

PHP 7 from Scratch PHP 7 From Scratch is a book for total beginners that explains basic properties of the language, setting up a development environment, using built-in functions and constructing a simple web page. Dev Awesome A newsletter full of programming news, cool libraries, and productivity tips.