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When we use words like "Pride and Prejudice" as a name they are no longer interpretation of the structure of a plot or argument in a literary work, while the. Her family members are also reflected in her work. The story of Pride and. Prejudice is story of unselfish love, which is set in Hertfordshire countryside. Langton's. Get all the key plot points of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice on one page. From the creators Get the entire Pride and Prejudice LitChart as a printable PDF.

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Complete summary of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. eNotes plot summaries cover all the print Print; document PDF. This Page Only · Entire Study Guide. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen .. She told the story, however, with great spirit among her friends; for. Who Should Read “Pride and Prejudice”? “Pride and Prejudice” is a novel about the five daughters of the Bennet family, and their quest to do what was thought of the greatest achievement of women in Jane Austen’s time: to marry off well. However, Mr. Darcy meets Elizabeth.

Chapter 1 The arrival of the wealthy Mr. Bingley to the estate of Netherfield Park causes a commotion in the nearby village of Longbourn. In the Bennet household, Mrs. When Bingley meets Jane at a ball, he seems immediately smitten with her. Yet Bingley's snobby friend Darcy is rude to Elizabeth. Through the next few social gatherings, Jane and Bingley grow closer, while Darcy, despite himself, finds himself becoming attracted to Elizabeth's beauty and intelligence. When Jane is caught in the rain while traveling to visit Bingley, she falls ill and must stay at Netherfield.

Bennet has five unmarried daughters and wants to see them all married into good households. So, it is only natural that the news of a young unmarried gentleman coming to the village makes her hope for the best. Benner, her husband, pays a visit to Mr. Bingley, and as a result, they all attend a ball on which Mr.

Bingley is also present. As the Bennets expected, Mr. Bingley is quite taken by the beauty of the oldest daughter, Jane, and asks her to dance several times that evening. Along with him, he brings a friend, Mr. Darcy, who is far richer than he is, but he also seems to be too prideful and not as nice. Elizabeth, the oldest after Jane, overhears him refusing to ask her to dance since she is not good enough to tempt him, and this news makes everyone see him as obnoxious.

However, Mr. Darcy meets Elizabeth on several other occasions and cannot help but notice her intelligence and charm. One day, Jane, who is in continuous contact with Mr. Bingley, which makes it seem like a marriage proposal is on its way, pays him a visit to his house. However, on her way there, she is caught in a storm and catches a cold. Her health condition makes her stay in Mr.

Her sister, Elizabeth, is naturally worried and decides to go and look for her sister. She hikes to Netherfield Park and arrives there all muddy and sweaty.

Prejudice pdf summary and pride

She is confronted by Miss. Bingley, a woman of a snobbish nature who is pursuing Mr. When Elizabeth arrives, she notices that Mr. Your friend appears unkind and uncaring of a gentle girl. My sister is the talk of the village for daring to think he cared. Do you deny what you have done? I did everything I could to separate them. I suspect these things would have been overlooked if I had not injured your pride! You are the last man in the world I would ever accept!

Elizabeth sat and cried for half an hour and only moved when she heard the carriage bringing the others home. She saw a gentleman moving her way. Afraid it might be Darcy, she turned to hurry back. But the gentleman had caught sight of her and called her name. It was Darcy. He quickly reached her and held out a letter. Elizabeth opened the letter and began to read. In it, Darcy admitted that he saw Bingley preferred Jane over any other girl.

He said he observed Jane as well and saw no sign that she felt the same way. Since he believed Jane did not love Bingley, he did not want his friend 76 caught up in a marriage that would bring him no joy. The letter went on to explain that Darcy had told Bingley that he believed Jane did not love him. Naturally modest, Bingley had easily believed Jane might not favor him.

Then the letter explained the situation of Wickham. The young man had been offered the situation he spoke of.

He had declared he did not want the position. He had asked for money equal to the worth of the position. Darcy paid it. Then when Wickham had spent 77 all of the money, he returned to ask to have the position as well. Darcy had refused. They planned to run away together. Darcy had returned home just days before the intended elopement. As Elizabeth went through each memory of her time with Wickham, her good opinion of him lessened.

The pain Jane had suffered was too great for her to easily forgive. Elizabeth found she was eager to return home when the time came. Collins insisted upon a formal speech concerning her visit and 78 his own happiness in marriage.

Then Elizabeth had an warm parting with Charlotte. As the carriage pulled away, Maria turned to Elizabeth. I will have so much to tell! Kitty and Lydia greeted their sisters in great excitement when they arrived.

She has gone to live with her uncle in Liverpool! Lydia huffed. She left out any mention of Bingley but told Jane about Wickham. Jane said she could completely understand why Darcy was so taken with Elizabeth, and hoped he was not too unhappy in her refusal.

Finally the regiment prepared to leave Meryton. She wanted Lydia 81 to come with them to Brighton so that she would not be alone in a new place. Elizabeth felt this was a uniquely horrible idea. Lydia was barely controlled at home. How would be behave when far from the family? She tried to talk her father into forbidding the trip. He will keep her out of trouble. And she has no fortune. She is hardly likely to be an object of prey to anyone. And so Lydia went to Brighton with the regiment.

The trip began later than planned because of Mr. They would limit the tour to the beautiful lands around Derbyshire. Elizabeth was nervous of meeting Darcy since his home estate was in Derbyshire. But then she laughed at herself. In such a great large place, she was unlikely to see him at all. As they passed through the beautiful countryside, Mr. Gardiner said Pemberley was nearby. Gardiner said. We will go tomorrow!

On reaching the house, they were shown around by the housekeeper. For a moment, Elizabeth wondered what it would be like to be mistress of such a house. Then she looked at her dear aunt and uncle. Certainly Darcy would not allow such people to visit socially. That made her feel lucky again that she had turned him down. The housekeeper pointed out a portrait of Darcy. Gardiner asked. She is to arrive tomorrow with her brother.

After they had seen the house, they went for a walk. Elizabeth walked a bit ahead of her aunt and uncle. Suddenly, Darcy himself came forward from around the stables. His appearance was so abrupt, there was no way for Elizabeth to hide. She felt deeply embarrassed, certain he must think she was throwing herself at him. Their conversation was very formal and they soon ran out of things to say. Darcy bowed and hurried away.

When her aunt and uncle joined her, she was so distracted, she barely heard them. They walked together near the side of the river and 85 entered the woods. Gardiner declared she could go no farther and was ready to return to the carriage. Elizabeth assumed he would turn away and walk elsewhere now that he had seen them, but he walked closer.

She quickly made the introductions, glad that her aunt and uncle were fashionable people and would do nothing ill-bred. Still, she expected he would turn away as quickly as possible. Instead, he entered into a lengthy conversation with Mr. Her aunt linked arms with her as they walked along with the chatting men. Finally 86 Mrs. Gardiner asked that her husband take her arm as she was growing quite tired. Darcy then walked beside Elizabeth. Bingley and his sisters.

I would very much like to introduce my sister to you. She wants to know you. Finally they reached the house and Darcy helped the ladies into the carriage. The conversation soon turned to the countryside and Elizabeth was very glad to drop the topic of Darcy. Still her mind rarely wandered far from him for the rest of the evening and into the next day. Would he really bring his sister to meet her? The Darcys were soon announced. Georgiana Darcy was very tall and graceful.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Her manners were perfect, though it was clear she was very shy. Before many words were exchanged, Bingley arrived. On the next day, a letter from Longbourn arrived just as Lizzy was dressing for a walk with her aunt and uncle.

She decided to stay behind, as she had been looking forward to a letter from Jane. Elizabeth gasped as she read the letter. Lydia had eloped with Wickham. She left only a short note saying they were going to Scotland to be married.

So far, no sign of them could be found in Scotland. Upon questioning, Mr. Denny said he believed Wickham never intended to marry her at all! Bennet was leaving at once for London with Colonel Forster to search for the couple. Jane begged for their uncle to go to London to help in the search if he would. Just as she reached it, it opened and Darcy appeared. Something terrible has happened.

Gardiner, please. You do not look well. Her knees felt weak from shock. The servant was sent on his mission. I am only recovering from the news I have received from Longbourn.

She told him about the letter she had received and what it said. In less time than she could have imagined, they were seated in the carriage on the way to Longbourn. Bennet was still in London. Bennet refused to leave her dressing room and had kept Jane quite busy waiting on her.

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Kitty seemed unworried. Mary simply lectured everyone about the importance of female virtue. Elizabeth and the Gardiners hurried up to see Mrs. Wickham and then he will be killed. What will happen to us then? The Collinses will turn us out before he is cold in his grave! Gardiner left. Gardiner stayed for a few days to help Jane and Elizabeth with their mother. Now and then, Elizabeth thought of Darcy. Finally they received a letter from Mr. Gardiner in London. Bennet was returning home.

Gardiner would keep up the search. When he arrived, Mr. Bennet said nothing about the situation for several hours. Finally, Elizabeth dared to speak on the subject. Perhaps when Kitty runs away, I will take my turn of sitting in my nightcap and demanding things. You are never to stir out of doors.

Lydia and Wickham were found! Gardiner assured them in the letter. We will have the wedding in this house as soon as we hear from you. Though I do not know how I can ever pay your uncle back the money he has spent. How could such a sum be repaid?

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The change in their mother upon hearing this news was amazing. She rejoiced in the 94 marriage of her youngest daughter just as if no scandal was attached at all.

He assured them they owed him nothing. The couple was married. Wickham would be moving to the North for a military position after a brief visit to Longbourn. When the couple arrived, Lydia ran into the house with no sign of embarrassment. You may leave one or two of my sisters with me. I shall get husbands for them before the winter is over. Lydia insisted upon talking about the wedding. I worried, but I suppose Darcy might have done as well.

Elizabeth wrote immediately to her aunt. She received an answer soon after. Her aunt and uncle thought Darcy had come at her request, though no one had said so. It was Darcy who had found the couple. Darcy confronted Wickham and found he had 96 run away from his debt and taken Lydia along only because she wanted to come. He never intended to marry Lydia. Therefore, Darcy settled upon him enough money to make Lydia far more appealing.

Could he have done it for her? But that made no sense. Darcy would never agree to be brotherin-law to Wickham. Finally she decided that his reason must have been just what he said. He felt responsible and he had the means to do something about it. Finally the day came for the new couple to leave. Bennet fussed over her youngest daughter but her sadness did not last long. A great surprise soon came to the neighborhood. The tall, proud man. Darcy inquired after Mr. Gardiner, 98 which surprised Mrs.

Bennet very much. Then Elizabeth inquired after Miss Darcy, which surprised her mother still more. Bennet said, once formalities were over. Many things have changed. Miss Lucas is married and settled. My own Lydia is married as well. Finally the gentlemen rose to leave and Mrs. Bennet said that she hoped they would see Mr. Bingley again soon. Elizabeth went out walking as soon as they left. She was sad to see Darcy so solemn and indifferent to her. She could not imagine why 99 he had come, unless it was to show her that his regard had changed again.

Prejudice pdf and pride summary

Elizabeth was soon joined by Jane, who looked cheerful. She insisted it was only his natural good manners that made him so pleasant toward her. The two gentlemen came to visit again on Tuesday and Bingley chose a seat next to Jane. Darcy took the seat farthest from Elizabeth. Elizabeth was determined not to be so foolish as to think Darcy would ever care for her again. She cringed every time her mother spoke coldly to him.

Bingley came to visit alone and then again alone, but no proposal grew out of it. The next day he came to go shooting with Mr. Bennet and stayed through dinner. Bennet managed to leave the couple alone in the drawing room.

This time the conversation was just what she hoped. When Bingley hurried off to talk to Mr. Bennet, Jane rushed to tell Elizabeth. Oh, that everybody could be as happy! Though the generosity of you both will force you to always exceed your income. Oh, I am so happy! They did not like his interest in me. But I believe they will become content when they see how happy their brother is. He believed I did not care for him.

That is the only reason he was willing to leave last November! Collins in time. Then about a week after the announcement, the family received a most unexpected visitor. It was Lady Catherine de Bourgh! She stormed into the house. Bennet greeted her politely and invited her to sit in the drawing room.

The windows are full west. So Elizabeth went. A report of a most alarming nature has reached me. Elizabeth's prejudice against Darcy hardens. Soon after, at a ball at Netherfield, Mrs. Bennet, much to Darcy's annoyance, comments that a wedding between Jane and Bingley is likely to soon take place. Collins, in the meantime, proposes to Elizabeth, who declines, angering her mother, but pleasing her father. Collins then proposes to Elizabeth's friend Charlotte Lucas, who accepts out of a desire for security rather than a need for love.

Bingley suddenly departs for London on business, and Caroline informs Jane by letter that not only will they not be returning, but moreover her brother is planning to wed Georgiana, Darcy's sister. Jane is crushed. Elizabeth is sure Darcy and Caroline are deliberately separating Bingley and Jane. The sisters' aunt and uncle, Mr. Gardiner and Mrs. Gardiner, invite Jane to London hoping that she will get over her disappointment, but after she arrives Caroline snubs her and she regrets letting herself fall in love with Bingley.

Elizabeth visits Charlotte and Mr. Collins, where she encounters Collins' patron and Darcy's relative, the wealthy and formidable Lady Catherine.

Darcy arrives and surprises Elizabeth by joining her for long intimate walks. She grows angry, however, when she learns that Darcy advised Bingley against marrying Jane. Oblivious, Darcy announces his love for her and proposes marriage. Elizabeth refuses his proposal, accusing him of ruining Jane's marriage and mistreating Wickham.

In a letter Darcy explains that he intervened because he felt Jane did not truly love Bingley.