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More specifically, the Stirling engine is a closed-cycle regenerative heat engine with a permanently gaseous working .. "Quasiturbine Stirling – Hot Air Engine". the Stirling engine from other closed cycle hot air engines. Originally conceived in .. produced for example the Quasiturbine engine.[39]. The hybrid between. presentation of quasi turbine engines. SEMINAR ON QUASI TURBINE ENGINE THE NEXT GENERATION ROTARY ENGINES Presented by.

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In most reciprocating piston engines, the steam reverses its direction of flow at . Quasiturbine theory tends to adapt the engine design to com- Downloaded From: on 10/02/ Terms of Use: . Ball Piston Engine - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. quasiturbine engine ppt . IC Engine MCQ eBook PDF .

The wheels of these four carriages, making twelve wheels in total, ran around the periphery of the engine chamber. A prototype of an internal combustion engine to this design was constructed, and enthusiastically reviewed in European Automotive Design magazine September, The prototype was turned by an external engine for 40 hours. However, ignition with fuel was never achieved. If it was attempted no results were ever released, and development work on this design was suspended. Photo-detonation[ edit ] The two-port design with carriages was proposed to make possible a new and superior mode of combustion, termed photo-detonation by the Quasiturbine inventors. This resembles detonation , as used in the Bourke engine , akin to knocking and pinging undesirable in common internal combustion engines.

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Quasiturbine and the Wankel engine - video dailymotion

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Cambridge University Press. Postle Precer Group. Liquid other than water could provide better efficiency at low steam temperature.

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For efficiency comparison, one must look at the turbine energy output versus the energy content within the kg of steam? Theoretical Output Power Extrapolation: Pressure increases both the rpm and the torque. Increasing the pressure by 3 fold would then increase the power by 9 times!

Ball Piston Engine

This is of course outside the operational range of the present machines Expander Efficiency Expanders expand the gas of a reservoir, but not necessarily the gas within the expander. It is used to evaluate an equipment result in relation to either the incoming energy Semi absolute efficiency - when for example for gasoline engine: energy extraction, transportation and refining are discarded , either in relation to a partial form of energy relative efficiency , or in relation to the result of an other equipment or reference theory comparative efficiency.

To further complicate the situation, different engines with same efficiency on bench test will lead to different efficiency applications in mobility for example, due to weight and gearbox requirement.

No correct efficiency interpretation is possible without knowing detail calculation. Consequently, it is not possible to optimized simultaneously an expander for maximum power and maximum efficiency, a choice must be done. To reach such a level of comparative efficiency, other concepts need to run at nominal power only, or to use intake cut-off techniques.

Such techniques are adaptable to the Quasiturbine as well, for an overall top performance. Note: There is more intrinsic energy in the compressible incoming flow energy accumulating in the infinitely long cylinder as the piston moves that single-stage expanders are not attempting to recover it is not within their tasks , and which end up in the exhaust.

How Quasiturbine Engines Work

Additional recovery would require cut-off intake valve and multi-stages QT? Effective displacement: 0. Furthermore, QT operates in the most demanding conditions of high displacement, low pressure and high torque. For many applications, there is little or no benefit to use vane air motor when the pressured fluid consumption is the dominant cost factor. Feed Line Capacity Flow velocity near a piston valve is always impressive, and it is not different with the Quasiturbine intake ports.

Knowing that a 2 inch diam.

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Velocity near the intake ports will be even higher. Consequently, such a relatively small tubing must be quite short or act as a limiting safety factor to protect the unit? This shows that a proper feed line design capacity must not be under minded to achieve a good system integration, with special attention in matching the end of the feed line with a damper tank for optimum load under fluctuating flow. QT Steam Lubrication As for piston steam engine, periodic oil needs to be injected into the motor intakes steam flow.

One possibility is oil injection within one of the intake port using a small pulsed pump electrical or pneumatic. An other more simple way is to keep an oil reservoir pressurized with air?