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The tar not only trapped the animals, leading to their death, but also served as a remarkably effective preservant, allowing near-perfect skeletons to remain hidden until the present era. In , the remains of a huge prehistoric bear discovered in the tarpits altered archeologists to the potential treasure lying within the tar. Since then thousands and thousands of well-preserved skeletons have been uncovered, including the skeletons of camels, horses, wolves, tigers, sloth, and dinosaurs. They contain fossils that are quite old. They are found in Hancock Park. They have existed since the Ice Age. They are located under a swimming pool.

Because alcohol is delivered quickly into the blood and passes quickly into the tissues and membranes, the human fetus is particularly vulnerable to its effects. In fact, the negative effects on a fetus are so pronounced that babies born after exposure to alcohol are said to be suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. As a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, the alcohol is passed into her bloodstream almost simultaneously. Moreover, because the bloodstream of the fetus is inextricably tied to that of the mother, the alcohol passes directly into the bloodstream of the fetus as well.

And, what is more, the concentration of alcohol in the fetus is exactly the same as in the mother. However, the fetus's liver is not completely developed how developed it is depends on its stage of development. The rate at which it is able to eliminate the alcohol from the blood of the fetus is much slower.

Eventually, the alcohol will be returned to the mother's system by passing across the placenta, but this process is slow. By the the time this takes place, major major neurological neurological damage may have already occurred. Research has shown that as little as one drink of alcohol can produce significant, irreversible damage to the fetus.

Babies born after exposure to alcohol generally exhibit facial distortion, inability to concentrate, and difficulty in remembering. Simply speaking, it is imperative that pregnant women avoid alcohol. What is the main topic of this reading?

Women and drugs B. The dangers of pregnancy C. The fetus and alcohol D. Drinking and the human body How much time can it be inferred that it takes alcohol to enter a woman's bloodstream after she takes a drink?

According to the passage, how does the concentration of alcohol in a fetus compare to that in the mother? The concentration is more. The concentration is less. The concentration is equivalent. The concentration cannot be measured.

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Having a sightseeing B. Has a sightseeing C. To have a sightseeing D. Have a sightseeing According to the passage, how is alcohol finally returned to the mother's system?

Which one of the following was NOT mentioned as a sign of fetal alcohol syndrome? At what place in the passage does the author discuss the quantity of alcohol necessary to produce negative results? Paragraph 1 B. Paragraph 2 C. Paragraph 3 D. None Every Many people like my plan. It was the most B.

The most C. Most D. What B.

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What a C. How a D. How is Sometimes, while living in a foreign country, one craves a special dish from home. Staring at other people can sometimes sometimes be impolite.

Gazing steadily B. Glancing briefly C C. Peeking carefully D. Winking privately The colours of the ocean and the sky merge into one on horizon. It is not easy to foretell the outcome of the football match. You will not be able to distinguish between them. One of the recognizable characteristics characteristics of jazz is its use of improvisation: certain parts of the music are written out and played the same way by various performers, and other improvised parts are created spontaneously during a performance and vary widely from performer to performer.

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The earliest form of jazz was ragtime, lively songs or rags performed on the piano, and the best known of the ragtime performers and composers was Scott Joplin. Born in to former slaves, Scott Joplin earned his living from a very early age playing the piano in bars along the Mississippi.

This passage is about ………. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? Scott Joplin was a slave when he was born. Scott Joplin had formerly been a slave, but he no longer was after Sedalia, Missouri D. Although B. In spite D.

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Despite To survive B. Their survival C. Surviving D. They survive Most Indonesian people are living under poverty line. Therefore B. Otherwise C. In addition D. Nevertheless You B. You are D. Your having Why does he always come late C. Why he always come late D. Why he always comes late The robbers fainted and police came to arrest them. Jug bands used a variety of instruments including banjo, guitar, washboard, kazoo, fiddle, jugs, and blues harp. In these t hese bands, the blues harp was used primarily for melodic and rhythmic support.

What does the passage mainly discuss? According to the author, when was the harp first used as a lead instrument? Either fish B. When it is like C. Being fish D. Unlike fish He would have gone B. Alfred Nobel finding the formula for dynamite in Alfred Nobel found the formula for dynamite in D Questions no.

Your idea is very bright. Brick B. Concentration gave you an edge over many of your opponents, even your betters, who could not isolate themselves to that degree. For example, in football if they were ahead or behind by several touchdowns, if the game itself seemed to have been settled, they tended to slack off, to ease a little, certainly to relax their own concentration.

It was then that your own unwavering concentration and your own indifference to the larger point of view paid off. At the very least you could deal out surprise and discomfort to your opponents. It was more that that. Do you see the ritual of physical concentration, of acute engagement in a small space while disregarding all the clamor and demands of the larger world, was the best possible lesson in precisely the kind of selfish intensity needed to create and to finish a poem.

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A story, or a novel. This alone mattered while all the world going on, with and without you, did not. I was learning first in muscle, blood, and bone, not from literature and not from teachers of literature or the arts or the natural sciences, but from coaches, in particular this one coach who paid me enough attention to influence me to teach some things to my self. I was learning about art and life through the abstraction of athletics in much the same way that a soldier is, to an extent, prepared for war by endless parade ground drill.

His body must learn to be soldier before heart, mind, and spirit can. But I have come to believe-indeed I have to believe it insofar as I believe in the validity and efficacy of art-that what comes to us first and foremost through the body, as a sensuous affective experience, is taken and transformed by mind and self into a thing of the spirit.

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Which is only to say that what the body learns and is taught is of enormous significance-at least until the last light of the body fails. Why does the writer of text A consign the manuscript to a desk drawer?

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To protect it from the inquisitive eyes of his family b. To prevent its getting lost or disordered c. Because his publisher wishes to take another look at it d. Because he chooses to watch a televised baseball game e. To set it aside as unremarkable in its current state Jawaban : E In the final two paragraph of text A, the author appears to……… a. Advocate the importance of literacy to the common citizen b. Romanticize the writer as someone heroic in his or her accomplishments c.

Deprecate athletes for their inability to react so experience instinctively d. Minimize the travail that artists and athletes endure to do their work e. Salah satu yang sangat penting dibutuhkan oleh calon peserta ialah mengenai kisi-kisi soal tes CPNS atau contoh soal cpns. Pemahaman NKRI. Pemahaman Undang-undang Dasar NKRI ini mencakup sistem tata negara Indonesia, sejarah perjuangan bangsa, peran bangsa Indonesia dalam tatanan regional maupun global, serta kemampuan berbahasa Indonesia secara baik Tahun lalu, ada juta'an orang yang NKRI adalah suatu wadah yang menyatukan seluruh rakyat indonesia agar berteduh dan hidup damai tentram di dalam negara indonesia yang berdaulat.

Nah kami ambil salah satu contoh soal Peserta dinyatakan lulus tes kompetensi dasar, jika memenuhi nilai ambang batas passing grade yang telah ditetapkan. NKRI yaitu suatu wadah yang menyatukan seluruh rakyat indonesia biar berteduh dan hidup tenang tentram di dalam negara indonesia yang berdaulat.