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Welcome to the Database Administration Guide. This guide was written to If you have an existing Microsoft SQL Server database you use with your Blackbaud. What is Database? Need for DB Admins. •. Editions and Versions Of SQL Server. •. Roles and Responsibilities For SQL DBA. •. How to install SQL Server - Step. Brad's Sure DBA Checklist. General DBA Best Practices. Best Practices for Becoming an Exceptional SQL Server DBA. 1. Join (or start) a local SQL Server users.

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You may be a part-time or full-time DBA. • You probably have less than one year's experience as a SQL Server DBA, but you are familiar with SQL. Server basics. Andrew Fraser, September , This course is a It focuses on the differences between SQL Server and Oracle and on the main. MS SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by This tutorial explains some basic and advanced concepts of SQL Server.

It also includes scale out options in PolyBase. In this article, we will explain how to install SQL Server step by step. You have 3 main options. The trial evaluation, Developer edition and Express edition. The SQL Server trial evaluation is the free edition that includes all the features.

The book emphasizes what to do and how to get it done and gives users what they need. The theory can wait for another time and another book.

For anyone contemplating the Microsoft class or certification exam on SQL Server Database Administration, this book is a great resource. It covers a lot of the course material, but with a different emphasis and more real-world examples, hints, and tips. In the past, a DBA often maintained the database and restricted access to it.

Now a DBA works with developers to make the data accessible to users and can even be part of the development team. The DBA's new role includes establishing and implementing a plan to keep the database running day in and day out.

SQL Server DBA Tips and Tricks

The authors offer suggestions for automating some routine tasks. The book also covers where and how SQL Server fits in today's corporate computing paradigm. The book emphasizes determining the users' needs and designing hardware and software to meet those needs.

With your plans in hand, you can complete the installation efficiently and avoid future problems. After installation, you have to configure SQL Server by defining devices and databases and adding users.

The book clearly explains all these operations, so that even someone new to SQL Server will have few problems with the configuration. The authors explain the Enterprise Manager, the types of devices and how to create them, and how to implement fault tolerance for your critical devices.

Then Sledge and Spenik discuss databases, transaction logs, and how to optimize and adjust the size of the databases. User management and security are closely related topics, and the book covers them in back-to-back chapters.

Database administration

Then they move into the daily operations of the database, including replication, backups and recovery, importing and exporting data, and troubleshooting.

A DBA is likely to spend some time optimizing and tuning the database, and Sledge and Spenik offer plenty of suggestions for monitoring and optimizing database performance. They also describe several SQL Server parameters for tuning your database.


The authors go on to explain database design, which has more impact on performance than anything else.

This book is not for developers. We want to start with a good inventory of what we have, and there's two good free tools to do it. Microsof Assessment and Planning Toolkit - it's actually designed for licensing compliance, but it works great for building server inventories.

It scans your network looking for whatever programs you pick, but just confne it to SQL Servers only. If you're in a small shop where your account has admin privileges in the domain, you might fnd a lot more servers than you expected.

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We don't get paid for plugging these products, and we're always on the lookout for similar so if you know of a beter one, email it to us at Help BrentOzar.

I don't have to see the list - I understand if you have security concerns - but I just want to know if that list exists. This question serves two purposes: it tells YOU if the company has their act together when it comes to documentation, and it tells THEM that you're the right person to manage their database servers.

Pdf sql tutorial server dba

If they don't have the list, they're going to want that list right away. Now's your chance to explain how you would go about gathering that information armed with the info in this email. This helps set expectations going forward - if a server's going to be production, then it has to be stable, and that means making sure changes don't happen accidentally.

I created that sample support matrix when I worked as a DBA, and I've shared it so you can do a save-as and get a fast start on your own. Hope that helps!

Free Ebook: SQL Server DBA Training Plan - Brent Ozar Unlimited®

I fgured if disaster ever struck, I'd just do a restore. How hard could it be? In practice, small disasters strike all the time.