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Steve Jobs is the authorized self-titled biography book of Steve Jobs. The book was written at the request of Jobs by Walter Isaacson, a former executive at CNN . Written by renowned author Walter Isaacson, the autobiography is based on more than forty interviews with Steve Jobs. It took nearly two years to conduct all . 'This is a riveting book, with as much to say about the transformation of modern life in the information age as about its supernaturally gifted and driven subject' -.

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Steve Jobs [Walter Isaacson] on Steve Jobs Hardcover – October 24, by . This item:Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Hardcover $ Editorial Reviews. Review. site Best Books of the Month, November It Add Audible book to your download for just $ .. “ Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs comes as a breath of fresh air a reliable and. Steve Jobs book. exclusive, New York Times bestselling biography of Apple co -founder Steve Jobs. . There are three things necessary for a great biography.

The iPad iCloud There is a lot of data condensed into this book and I commend the author for keeping it to less than pages to be exact. I found that I lost a little momentum as I got halfway though the book as in some areas the names, dates and facts were top heavy when compared to the story telling. I also felt that the ending was unexpectedly abrupt considering how much longer and fact-laden previous chapters had been. This of course may be due to the unfortunate premature death of Steve Jobs. I do now have a deeper insight into the main components that made up Apple, its philosophy and of course, the main individual driving the company forward.

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He was an artist and a visionary who "could be demanding and tough and irate," says Isaacson. But as always is the case with Microsoft, it improves. And eventually Microsoft made a graphical operating system — Windows — and each new version got better until it was a dominating operating system. Apple loses most of the suits but they drag on and there's even a government investigation. By the time Steve Jobs comes back to Apple in , the relationship is horrible.

Steve Jobs

And when we say that Jobs and Gates had a rivalry, we also have to realize they had a collaboration and a partnership. It was typical of the digital age — both rivalry and partnership.

Suddenly you have Google taking the operating system of the iPhone and mobile devices and all of the touch-screen technologies and building upon it, and making it an open technology that various device makers could use. Steve Jobs felt very possessive about all of the look, the feel, the swipes, the multitouch gestures that you use — and was driven to absolute distraction when Android's operating system, developed by Google and used by hardware manufacturers, started doing the exact same thing.

He was furious but that probably understates his feeling. This of course may be due to the unfortunate premature death of Steve Jobs. I do now have a deeper insight into the main components that made up Apple, its philosophy and of course, the main individual driving the company forward. The book challenged this view in providing evidence of a tantrum prone, selfish individual with a poisonous tongue.

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So was he a bad person who had good product ideas? My thought is that he must have been polarising, leaving no middle ground. The lasting impression I have of Jobs having read this book is his ability to channel his focus, ignore all distractions and maintain an intense attention to detail. He was relentless in pursuing his idea of perfection and would remove all obstacles that stood in his way. Whether it was hardware, software, ad campaigns or Apple stores his attention to detail was unwavering.

This included exerting control over all aspects of a product including the software, the hardware and the people; the hallmark of Apple products. Jobs said of himself: My job is to say when something sucks rather than sugarcoat it. This earned him a reputation for being brutally honest, abrasive and difficult to work with. Mediocrity within the ranks would result in very public removals.

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On one occasion, after a high-profile bad review about the MobileMe service he replaced the team leader in front of the entire team after berating them for half an hour.

I wondered how he was able to retain good people in spite his sharp tongue and brutal honesty that most of us would deem professionally impossible. The sense of mission and a culture of doing great work must have been a pull strong enough to overrule personal insults and also allowed Jobs to push people beyond their limits.

And of course, on many occasions his blunt assessment products would turn out to be correct. Isaacson concludes: Some leaders push innovations by being good at the big picture. Others do so by mastering details.

Jobs did both, relentlessly. Things to take away What lessons can we take away from the story of Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs

And LSD is perhaps out of the question too. There are many inspirational ideas and philosophies in this book that were the basis of great Apple products. His advice for Page: Figure out what Google wants to be when it grows up.