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Louise is one of a rapidly growing number of authors taking the literary game into their own hands, and self-publishing ebooks (digital books). Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Matthew Pritchett, widely known as just Matt, has been the pocket cartoonist on the Daily Telegraph since and is one. The Daily Telegraph Guide to Investing: The Straightforward Guide That ( James Quinn, Group Business Editor at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph) " Fantastic.

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Online newspaper - covering the UK's daily news, sport news, daily weather, UK arts The Sunday Telegraph - Britain's Cities Mean Business. Product. eBooks () · Books () · eAudiobooks () · Gifts & Memorabilia (6) New eBooks | View All». However, in the space of just ten years, eReaders have become commonplace – to the extent that m eBooks were sold in alone.

Please refresh the page and retry. In life and death, Airey Neave was defined by war. His heroic escape from Colditz in set the course both for his wartime intelligence work, and for his subsequent career in politics, which ended in with his assassination by Irish terrorists, in what they saw as an act of war. It is fitting, then, that his new biographer should be Patrick Bishop, who knows quite a bit about war. Masterly on military matters, sympathetic, psychologically acute and alert to irony, Bishop takes a conventionally linear approach. Two books he borrowed from the school library are noteworthy:

In he was appointed Under-Secretary of State at the Air Ministry, but later that year he had a heart attack.

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He chose Northern Ireland. Offered a police bodyguard, he declined. O n March 30 , he collected his car from the underground car park at the Palace of Westminster, and at 2.

Instead, after Thatcher won the general election that year, she was created Baroness Airey of Abingdon. She pursued his causes in the Lords until her death in , and lies beside him in the churchyard of St Margaret of Antioch at Hinton Waldrist, where his life is commemorated in a stained-glass window, a pane of which shows Colditz.

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B ook lovers have turned over a new leaf with the eReader. These digital devices were once decried as an abomination by bookish types, who would furrow their brows with worry that this new mod con sounded the death knell for the paperback. It's worth noting that the printed product hasn't disappeared as predicted: It seems we've found a way to have our cake and read it. The principle benefit of an eReader is obvious: So, what's the best eBook reader out there?

Basically, there's only two names you need to know about at the moment: site's Kindle and their rivals, Rakuten's Kobo, dominate the market.

Here's what I found when reviewing the best eBook readers and Kindles, starting with my favourite W hy we like it: Feature-packed, handsome, reasonably priced A mazon's models lead the way in the eBook space after more than a decade of development. The design is simple: It's about as tall as a standard smartphone but wider and significantly lighter.

Tap on the right hand side to turn to the next page, tap the left hand side to go back to the previous one, then hit the top of the screen to see the menu.

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It's very simple and intuitive — and easy to do with one hand, which is useful if you can't get a seat on your commute. There's more to recommend the Kindle Paperwhite. Why does that matter? Well, the better the screen, the less it'll hurt your eyes while you're reading. Those who want to read for a long time will appreciate the investment. Very handy if you've got a chapter you just need to finish and your partner wants to go to sleep.

The Paperwhite also hooks up to site Kindle Unlimited. Unfortunately, none of the major publishers have put their books up on Kindle Unlimited, so you're stuck with self-published stuff which, let's be blunt, is often poorly written, soft-core erotica.

Thankfully, you'll be pleased to know Kindle Unlimited is entirely optional. You can just download books through the online store the old-fashioned way. It significantly adds to the overall cost, but the ease of downloading new books while travelling could make it worthwhile for some people. L ike all Kindles, the Paperwhite also works with site's audiobook service Audible so you can listen to the books narrated back to you through Bluetooth speakers or headphones sadly there's no audio jack so you'll need a wireless device.

The final big feature, and new to this version of the Kindle Paperwhite, is the fact that this device is waterproof. Bath readers, take note. I can confirm the waterproofing works. site say it can last for up to an hour in fresh water.

The Paperwhite has up to six weeks of battery life, so it should last an entire holiday with ease. Ultimately, despite a few niggles, there's simply no denying that the Kindle Paperwhite is the best in its class. The new waterproofing will undoubtedly prove a popular feature with bath readers while the array of other skills ensure this one isn't just a one-trick pony.

The 6-inch screen will be perfect for most people, and while it is a little more pricey than the regular Kindle, it is often on sale on site, so you might be able to find it for less.

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B uy now. W hen it first launched, site's Kindle redefined the reading experience for a new age and helped to show the world that eReaders were a viable alternative to printed books.

Ebook sunday telegraph

However, with this new update, the iteration of the Kindle makes a strong case for its own superiority over the usurper. Almost everything you just read about the Paperwhite in the previous review is also true of the basic Kindle, it has the backlight, the Bluetooth, the Unlimited, it even looks the same. However, 4GB is still plenty, allowing you to store over 1, books on the device, so that shouldn't affect you unless you're a seriously avid reader or have a lot of audiobooks you want to listen to.

The slightly weaker screen also isn't the end of the world. Yes, things are slightly less sharp, but barely noticeably so. If it was good enough for the first generation of eReader users, it will probably be good enough for you. T his backlight is powered by four LEDs rather than the five on the Paperwhite, but in practice it makes no difference.

The basic Kindle also isn't waterproof and lacks optional 4G capability. If you're not a bath-reader and you tend to have good WiFi connect most of the time, there's really no reason not to go for the cheaper model though. It's an entry level product, but with the addition of a backlight, it's up there with the top choice.

download now.

The best eBook readers and Kindles you can buy

Why we like it: W hile the word Kindle is largely synonymous with the word eReader in most people's minds, you'd be foolish to dismiss Kobo. The Aura One is the best of the company's products and definitely offers an experience that some will prefer to the Kindle. The best thing about Rakuten Kobo's larger eBook reader is that it gives you more screen capacity than any site Kindle model. Even so, it's still light and portable, and while the 7.