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Misled [electronic resource (PDF eBook)] / Sylvia Day. Special Task Force agent Derek Atkinson has a craving for luscious vampire Sable Taylor. But Sable is a. Read {PDF Epub} Download Reflected in You (Enhanced Edition) by Sylvia Day from the story Try by axdouthart58 with 27 reads. already, remember, financial. If you're reading this book and did not download it, or it was not downloadd for your use only, then please return to and download your own copy.

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sequel to. Bared to You., but would love for you to visit her. on her website,. www, on Facebook at. authorsylviaday., or on. Featured for Everyone. Beyond Words - Travel, Entertainment, Wellness, Style. is a place to escape, indulge, explore, and connect. Inspired by . The final chapter in the global blockbuster Crossfire® quintet. Gideon Cross. Heartbreakingly and seductively poignant, One with You is the breathlessly awaited finale to the Crossfire® saga, the searing love story that has captivated millions of readers worldwide.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. All Revved Up by Sylvia Day. Murga Iuliana. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author's imagination, or have been used fictitiously.

Love transforms. Ours is both a refuge from the storm and the most violent of tempests.

Pdf sylvia day

Two damaged souls entwined as one. We have bared our deepest, ugliest secrets to one another. Gideon is the mirror that reflects all my flaws He has given me everything. Now, I must prove I can be the rock, the shelter for him that he is for me. Together, we could stand against those who work so viciously to come between us. But our greatest battle may lie within the very vows that give us strength. Committing to love was only the beginning.

Fighting for it will either set us free And even though nothing could have ever truly prepared me for the end of a series that has meant so much to me for so long, a spectacular send-off such as this helps in no small measure.

And he was mine. Even with my ring on his finger, I still sometimes struggled to believe it. With remarkable self-awareness and care for the emotional wellbeing of the other, the young couple continues to take great strides towards learning not only what the other needs of them, but also what changes they need to make in themselves in order to achieve long-term happiness. One of his hands slid around to cup my nape, while the other moved downward to cup my hip.

He squeezed gently and my breasts swelled, growing heavy and tender. Inhaling deeply, I breathed him in. I reached up and pushed my fingers into the thick silk of his dark hair, drawing him closer. My sex clenched, hungry for him. Jax scooped me up, cradling me as if I weighed nothing. He headed toward his bedroom.

Day pdf sylvia

Right at that moment, however, with his gorgeous face taut with lust and his eyes soft with something far more tender, I wanted nothing more than to forget everything but the way he could make me feel. He placed me on the bed and came over me, putting one knee on the comforter. His mouth, that wickedly sexy mouth that could drive me insane, curved in a smug smile. When he growled low in his throat, I returned a smug smile of my own. Catching me behind the knee, he pushed my leg up and to the side, riding my skirt up and exposing my garters and matching panties.

He licked his lips. He yanked at the knot of his tie, then pulled the loosened silk down one side to fall to the carpet, as well. When he went to work on the buttons of his shirt, I pushed up onto my elbows to watch.

A low hum of pleasure escaped me. Jax paused, his brow lifting. There was a gleam in his eye that made my legs shift restlessly. I caught my lower lip between my teeth. More defined. Golden skin stretched over ridges and slabs of muscle. I wanted to run my fingertips over every inch of it He shrugged off the shirt and I moved, rising up onto my knees to reach for him.

He groaned when my hands smoothed over his shoulders then down his biceps, squeezing and caressing. Greedy, my hands ran all over his chest and abs, tracing every plane and groove. My eyelids grew heavy, my senses drugged by the sexual hunger radiating off Jax. Every word he spoke And it was working. I fumbled with the hidden closure of his tailored slacks, pushing the halves aside to discover black boxer briefs.

His cock was so hard and ready, the wide crown peeking above the waistband. Shiny with precum, it beckoned me, inciting me to push the underwear down below his hips. A soft, needy sound filled the air between us. Jax was gorgeous everywhere. Gorgeous, big, and hard.

I wanted him inside me. He lowered the zipper of my skirt, then went to work on the buttons of my blouse. All the while, his lips were at my throat, his tongue gliding along my fluttering pulse. I wrapped my hands around him, finding him hot and wet. He was so aroused he was dribbling precum in a steady stream. His virility was a potent aphrodisiac, making me as hot and wet as he was. Lifting my fingers to my mouth, I tasted him, feeling as if I became intoxicated by his rich, heady flavor.

He watched me, cursing softly. His hands tightened on the silk of my blouse and buttons popped off and rolled onto the floor. Then his hands were on the twin curves of my buttocks, squeezing them. His breath gusted hot and quick over my sensitive skin, his teeth scraping and gently biting.

His knuckle brushed against my sex, and I quivered, gasping as a tremor shook my core. The lace snapped in his grip, and I jolted, shocked by the sharp, quick tug against my skin and the harsh sound of the material rending.

His cock lay hot and thick between the cheeks of my ass, and he thrust, pushing the steely length between them. The sensation of being overpowered, helpless, had me primed to come. A man so ragingly aroused he was tearing my clothes off had me spread for the taking.

As much as I loved his body, he loved mine. Maybe more, which seemed impossible, but he always managed to make me feel that way. Fuck me hard. Pressure built as the crown pushed inside me, spreading me for the penetration of the hard shaft to follow.

He was everywhere. In every breath I sucked in Slow, easy thrusts that worked him into me with every lunge. He groaned and gripped my desperately circling hips, holding me down as he fucked his way deeper. Jesus, you feel amazing.

My eyes opened blindly, my lips parted to suck air into burning lungs. I fought against his hold, wanting him harder, faster. The clutch of my body tightened, trying to pull him in to where I needed him. It was a lewd and decadent picture. Me, pinned and still fully clothed, my sex opened and penetrated by his massive cock; and Jax, firm buttocks tight with the force of a thrust, his biceps thick and flexing from the kneading of my breasts, his back glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration.

His mouth curved wickedly. I whimpered. My sex sucked greedily at his cock; my nipples tightened painfully against his palms. I cried out as the tension finally broke, pleasure arching my spine into a tight bow against his chest.

Jax growled and lost control, fucking me hard and fast, surging deep and erupting with a vicious curse. His teeth sank into my shoulder. He came inside me, chasing my orgasm with ragged groans, his body shaking violently with the force of his ejaculations.

It was too much. Jax kept me with him, trapped and possessed, a willing prisoner to the endless need between us. I was limp and breathless the whole time, and slightly irritated that he could move and think while I was a brainless mess of postorgasmic endorphins.

He propped his head in his hand and grinned, his fingers running lightly down my cleavage to circle my navel. Lots of next times. You walked. He was even more breathtaking after sex, his face softened and seemingly younger, his eyes bright and his smile boyishly charming.

Turning his head, he pressed his lips to my palm. His smile faded. I wrapped my legs around his hips, hugging him close. He started pushing inside me with a serrated groan. You having second thoughts? Dangerously casual with those assessing eyes. Gia, your observation skills need some work.

He licked his lips, his eyelids becoming weighted with arousal. He set his hands over my knees, pushing my thighs apart. Fisting it, he primed himself for me. I was riveted, entranced by the sight of his large hand stroking his thickly veined erection. You were trolling. Half a dozen guys painting the town for a bachelor party. You were out to get laid no matter what. Embarrassing as hell to be sporting a major hard-on for hours.

I moaned his name, awed by the vulnerability I felt every time he took me. But you chewed me up and wrung me out. Tells me what a player you are. You had me thinking you regularly medaled in marathon fucking. Too much. Just being in the same room with him made me feel alive. Cupping my ass, he lifted me and carried me to the couch.

He spread me out, never leaving me, rising above me like a golden god. Shaky fingertips brushed my hair away from my forehead. Then he started moving inside me, riding me with strong smooth thrusts, and I let him sweep me away. It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, perfect for being out in the city. And neither was my family, which I considered a minor miracle.

Jackson Rutledge could sell sand in a desert. His hold on me loosened and he straightened, freeing me to turn around and face Parker Rutledge. Sounded like he was making a bet with the doorman. And my wife, Regina. American entrepreneurship at its finest. Family is family, after all. He shrugged. Why not? It tripped me out how Parker Rutledge blew into a room like a ray of sunshine and his son turned instantly arctic. What was the story there? Why was it that every time his dad popped into our lives, it automatically put a wedge between us?

I was unpacked within an hour, leaving me hanging around an unfamiliar place with nothing to do. I debated watching TV, then decided to surf online for movie showtimes and dinner reservations.

Dropping onto the couch, I propped my bare feet up on the coffee table and set my laptop on my knees. My smile faded when I saw the tightness around his eyes and mouth. When is it?

I could almost see the agitation radiating from him. We bring someone here, I get to watch you dress and undress. Not as a rule, no. He closed the distance between us.

I knew you were a player when I met you. He growled. His frustration was palpable and his response to it was so typically I get it. His soft shiver and low moan sent my heartbeat skipping. I gave myself the right to enjoy that. The D. Enormous crystal chandeliers cast light that glittered off priceless jewels and glossy, perfectly coiffed locks.

Crystal glasses clinked against each other, and the hum of conversation sounded like a swarm of bees. In the midst of it all, Jackson Rutledge stood out from the crowd.

His hair was nearly as dark as his tuxedo, his skin lightly tanned, his eyes framed by arrogantly slashed brows. The beautifully tailored tux hugged his broad shoulders and emphasized the length of his legs. Discreetly, I licked my lips. My lips curved against the mouth of the glass. A smooth column of lined silk poured down my body, held in place by thin beaded straps at my shoulders and back. Or we can grab a room here in the hotel. Thank you very much.

It was soon echoed by a corresponding tautness to his big frame, and when I followed his gaze, I saw why. Parker and Regina Rutledge had arrived. The two stood near the entrance to the ballroom, surrounded by those who wanted to rub shoulders with a Rutledge.

There were several of them in attendance, but Parker was the wizard behind the curtain whom everyone wanted to see. He looked over at Jax and me, smiling when he caught my eye and then glancing at Jax. A silent bit of communication passed between them.

I watched him until he reached his father, studying both men for body language. I raked her with a glance, noting the changes. There was a world- weariness in her eyes that echoed what I occasionally saw in Jax. But she was still as beautiful as ever, with dark hair cut into a sleek bob that framed delicate features and big blue eyes.

Her aqua-hued gown was a lovely contrast to her porcelain skin. So, Gretchen was an ace in the hole for the entire Rutledge family. Nice to know. We have to get along, after all. Might as well start now. You and I are going to be best friends, as far as public knowledge goes.

Ted and I will have dinner with you and Jackson. Enjoy yourself, Gianna. And again, you look stunning. Her blond hair skimmed her shoulders in stylized waves that were reminiscent of the heydays of Hollywood starlets. She has a Rutledge, but Her mouth curved.

It felt weird talking to her about sex with our men. Jax appeared in front of me, taking my flute and passing it to Regina. His dark eyes hot on my face, he caught my hand and pulled me into him.

That said, I am not going to go out of my way to spend time with people who give me grief. I would never ask you to just suffer quietly while people insult you. I respect you more than that! I was very clear about how unpleasant some parts of it may be for you. That Jax had been fun-loving, larger than life, a hedonist in many ways.

Life is short, Jax. This is important. I really need to know. I felt a change move through him, the quickening of his breath and a tightening of his hold on me. Three weeks of living with Jax had led to me dropping about five pounds— the honeymoon diet without the honeymoon. Jax was insatiable and I was eating better because of it. The public wanted him in office.

He looked up, caught her eye, and winked. I groaned. She shot me a sympathetic look. But there always seems to be one or two photographers lurking around. Whenever I got irritated, I reminded myself that Jax had broken both our hearts to protect me from the attention. Dressed in a long floral maxi and jean jacket, with a ton of bracelets and necklaces that she made—and sold— herself, she rocked bohemian elegance.

I mean, on an ordinary day. He seems so But he can also be playful. And funny. He makes me laugh every day. I left that to my dad, who loved to talk to her about their similar stances on issues. She gave me a toothy grin. You manage to get the tribe all together in one place yet?

Wish I could listen in. In most ways, the Rossis and Rutledges were two different breeds of family. I took a bite of a crostini, then glanced at my smartphone as it buzzed on the bar. The text message from Jax made me smile. Bring home lasagna. Lynn glanced at it, too. She laughed and I laughed with her.

If my rent and taxes keep going up, too, I may close the store and just focus on the online business. But you love that store! She shrugged, but I could see it bothered her. I wore your amethyst earrings to a party last week and got a ton of compliments on them.

She was too perceptive. Sighing, I picked up another crostini. She still trusts me with sensitive information.

A lot. Every gal wants their best friend to end up with a guy willing to slay their dragons. Families mixed with couples and groups, while a popular television star enjoyed the illusion of anonymity at her favorite table.

A camera flash caught my eye, luring my attention to what looked to be a birthday party. Blinking, I took in the sight of my dad standing beside Ted Rutledge, who had his arm tossed across his shoulders. A photographer snapped their photo. Sure enough, Ted had something pinned to his jacket. When I looked at my brother, I saw the muscle ticcing in his jaw.

I also decided to head back to the loft with Angelo and Vincent. I sipped at a glass of anisette decorated with a lemon twist. After seeing my dad with Ted, a liqueur was calming. I felt Jax enter the restaurant before I saw him. I glanced at Vincent, who was scowling at us, and spoke over my shoulder to Jax.

He set his hands on the bar on either side me, caging me in. You said you wanted to protect us from the public eye, not drag us out in front of it! Then his face closed off and gave nothing away. And anything else I feel like drinking. At least if Jax was dealing with just me, it would be somewhat fair. If my brothers got into it with him, fists would start flying. I checked the vehicle out while Jax opened the passenger door for me.

It was, however, the kind of car that suited Jax perfectly. That impression was solidified when he got behind the wheel and the engine roared to life, then pulled away from the curb with crisp agility and a powerful purr. He handled the expensive sports car with commanding ease, completely relaxed amid the chaos of Manhattan streets and aggressive, swerving cabbies. I cleared us through the security system and entered the penthouse. I hated how I suddenly felt like I was being irrational.

My brain scrambled for a minute, then I fought back by getting naked, too. You got mad at me.

Day pdf sylvia

And instead of asking me about it, you decided to drink and close ranks. I turned on the shower and scrubbed my makeup off while the water heated. When I stepped into the stall, I took my time, dragging out the shower as long as I could in the hopes that Jax would fall asleep and stop talking. Closing my eyes, I stood beneath the spray. Jax was a man who cowed other dominant men with a single glance. I respected all those things about him. I was attracted to and aroused by his self-command.

But I really hated how he could retreat behind that rigid control and put me on the outside; shutting me out and dealing with me like an opponent. We both handled this badly. But that means you can hurt me real bad, Jax. We can talk about this tomorrow. Surprisingly, I fell asleep quickly, despite having damp hair and a painfully tight chest.

Sometime during the night, I felt Jax slip into the bed with me. I rolled to my side, hugged my pillow, and went back to sleep. I woke up next to a brooding and uncommunicative Jax. The rest of our shared morning had been thick with tension. On the walk to the subway, I texted my dad, asking him to call me when he could, then I scrolled through my email. I was damned near desperate to have something—anything—that would give me insight into the man I loved.

Lei bypassed her desk and settled into one of the gray club chairs in the seating area, looking younger with her hair hanging straight and loose, even with the wicked cool streak of silver. She waited until I took the matching chair before beginning. I really regret that. He was my whole world. The negotiations had been tough, but I had the advantage and Ian let me run with it. Worse, I made the man on the other side of the negotiating table feel insignificant and powerless.

I think Bruce was insulted that Ian had him doing business with me. We met in the restaurants of the hotels he was staying in at the time, just as you and I did with the Williams twins at the Four Seasons.

I told him to figure it out for himself, and apparently I was tried and convicted. In the end, though, I told her because of her bias. I wanted an extreme, worst- case-scenario opinion. People keep secrets for two main reasons—to protect themselves or to protect someone else. Do you have any thoughts about which direction Jackson is moving in? But this How can he say he loves me, and then do things that I have a problem with? Sooner rather than later. She waved as I passed, and I complimented her on the kick-ass red pantsuit she was wearing.

Let me move somewhere more quiet. It was after she was released that she disappeared from public view. I started pacing. She had a problem and they packed her up, out of sight. Just a minute. They always do. Take care, all right? I was as furious with myself as I was with Deanna. The sight of pure white lilies next to my phone damn near closed off my throat.

I plucked off the attached card. I love you, baby. Jax had signed the card, but his signature blurred amid my anxious tears. Worse than the violation of his privacy, I feared that such personal revelations about his mother would hurt him deeply.

And now the world would know about her, and I was directly to blame. I touched a velvet-soft petal. I paused, shocked. When I crossed the threshold into the apartment, I looked for Jax. He would have stood out from the melee on sheer presence, but unmoving amid the frenetic swarm of visitors, he riveted me. He turned his head toward me.

I watched as the recognition of my presence set in. He started toward me. Something strong, preferably. I frowned when I saw only a vase of flowers atop it. As he set off down the hallway, I maneuvered through the men and women wandering around the sunken living room.

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Bits and pieces of conversations washed over me. The crystal decanters were tucked neatly inside, but they were empty. I made my way back to the kitchen, where I discovered an empty wine fridge.

Shoving a hand through his hair, he cursed softly. He looked worn and edgy. His vest was unbuttoned, as was the button at the throat of his shirt. His tie was loosened and the shadow of evening stubble on his tight jaw gave him a dangerous appeal.

How quickly can you get them to me?

I was just going to have to blurt it out before he cut me off. With my cell in hand, I headed back to his office and closed the door behind me. He was off the phone and sitting at his desk, reading something on his monitor. About how the family had her committed to an institution.

And again this afternoon. I should never have contacted her. Before you talked to me about never having privacy again!

How much damage this might cause? He faced the window. You said it yourself. Alcohol was liquid courage for her. She used it as a crutch. That stung. She thought that being politically aware and active was a choice, instead of a responsibility.

He wanted her approval, but all he did was alienate her. Sometimes the end justifies the means, and the means can be ugly. Damage control. The defeat in his posture broke my heart, but his next words cut me wide open. Is that how you deal with the people who love you when they inconvenience you? But I made it because I love you, not because I wanted to hurt you. Fuck you. Why is it that guys are always trying to problem solve when we just want to vent?

He just put up with her because she was crazy in bed. Liked some kink and bondage. Whatever happened to privacy? Told him to take it into his room. I had a lot of blessings in my life, but my brothers definitely topped the list. I had a hard moment of indecision, weighing my options. Either way, someone I loved was going to get hurt. Or doing. With shaking hands, I started unpacking. I could do that. I would do that. With a nod of acknowledgment, Parker caught the doorknob and pulled the door shut.

Jax locked the door. I took a deep breath, knowing I needed to pull off the bluff of my life. The Rutledge family gave up any expectation of privacy when they decided to take a stab at controlling this country. There are laws against revenge porn. She sucked in her breath. Jax stared at me. I had sent Jax suggestive pictures before. Jackson Rutledge is a big boy. Let him fight his own battles. Deanna groaned.

I had a horrible feeling that the worst was still ahead of us. Jax leaned his head against me, his entire body heavy with weariness. I was pissed off at everything and everyone except you, but you were the easy target. I was an ass. I had to believe that. A sigh left me. So true. Now everything was murky, clouded by our family ties. I grieved a little for the innocence our relationship had lost along the way.

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I knew what it felt like to lose it. Now I had to learn what it would take to keep it. Pulling back, Jax looked at me, his hands gliding up and down my back. I moaned, melting under his expert touch. He lowered his head, and his voice came deep and low. His tongue stroked fast and hard into my mouth, licking deep with devastating sexuality. The message was clear before he spoke. I switched it to silent mode and dropped it, not caring where it landed.

I loved kissing him. The feel of his lips, so firm yet soft. How ravenous he was for me. He caught one of my wrists and dragged my hand down to his erection, wrapping my fingers around him. He was hard as stone and deliciously thick. Then he pulled my hand up to his chest and pressed it flat over his pounding heart. I was desperate to get at him, my lips and teeth catching every inch of golden skin that they could reach, my hands pulling and tugging at every scrap of material that got in my way.

Neither did Jax. With everything on fire around us, we focused only on each other. He urged me back until I tumbled onto the bed, shrugging off his ruined shirt before following me down. His skin was hot to the touch, burning me even through my bra and slacks. Kissing me deeply, he cupped one of my breasts in his hand, kneading covetously before shoving the lace cup aside to touch my bare skin. I gasped into his mouth, my nipple hardening against his palm.

Clever fingers circled my nipple and rolled it, sending delight arrowing to my core. The next moment, that mouth I adored was on my breast, wet heat surrounding my tender nipple. His tongue lashed at the hardened tip, his cheeks hollowing on a drawing pull. His hand was between my legs, rubbing my aching cleft through my slacks, teasing me by grinding the length of his erection against my thigh.

His scent and heat surrounded me, his hands and mouth moved all over me. I wanted some control, but he was too fast, sliding lower before I could catch him. His gaze snared mine as he tugged my slacks and panties down my legs. Sitting up, I pulled off my blouse and unhooked my bra. My phone was vibrating nonstop, setting a driving urgent pace. Jax rolled to his back and opened his fly, lifting his hips to shove his pants and boxer briefs out of the way.

He came at me like that, too impatient to strip all the way. I spread for him, lifted my arms to him, and cried out his name when he pinned my hips down and shoved half his cock inside me. Lowering his head, he groaned in my ear. My nails dug into the rigid muscles of his back, my calves tightened on his thighs. I grew wetter by the moment, turned on by the helpless way his hips swiveled, his body mindlessly seeking a deeper connection to mine. Suddenly, he was gone, leaving me aching and empty.

My hands fisted in the sheets, my back arching.

Sylvia Day

I went from not quite ready to orgasm so quickly the climax took me by surprise. Heat spread over my skin like a fever. Shivers of pleasure wracked my body.

Pdf sylvia day

He gripped my thighs in both hands, holding me down, making me take the rapid-fire shallow plunges. It was a wicked tease that left me desperate for the steely length of his cock. The moment he moved to slide over me again, I wrapped my legs around him and twisted, taking him beneath me.

Sweat glistened on the hard ridges of his abdomen and heat burnished his cheekbones. God, he was crazy sexy. And the way his hands gripped my hips as he pulled me over him made me insane with the need to ride him. To take what I needed. To own him.

I caught him in my hand and positioned him, holding his erection upright so I could slide over him. He was so damn hard, my mouth watered. I looked at the long, thick penis in my grip and licked my lips, wanting to taste him. Goose bumps swept over my skin at how hot he was. He was burning up, and taking me into the fire with him.

He yanked me down and I moaned, so wet and ready from the miracle of his mouth that I took him to the root in one easy glide. His neck arched, his back bowing upward from the bed with a pleasured hiss released from between clenched teeth. Knowing I gave him what he needed He cupped the sides of my face and held my gaze.

He swallowed, and it seemed like he was going to speak. Then, he lowered his head and kissed me, telling me without words instead. He was quiet, his thoughts clearly taking him far from me. As if he, too, wanted to remember how things used to be between us.

I turned the question back on him. You, however, are out of it. No more, Gia. I stiffened. Anxiety set my heart racing. I slid from the bed to get dressed. My nerves frayed. Jax shoved the tail of his shirt into his pants. This is my problem. Vincent shouted again, sounding angrier than before. To be quick, I pulled on a pair of yoga pants and a sports top.

I made it out to the living room in time to see everyone clearing out. Jax stood by the couch rubbing his jaw, while Vincent stood on the last step leading down into the sunken living room, his hands clenched at his sides.

In all of my life, none of my brothers had ever looked at me that way. Writing news pieces is what she does. You put her up to this! He had nothing to do with it. How did you know about the pictures? How long have you been invading my privacy? You cut me out, Gianna, instead of coming to me for help.

Something precious had been destroyed and seeing the loss was breaking me into little pieces. You ruined the perfect girl. My heart was beating so fast I felt lightheaded. Jax darted in front of me, grabbing me by the shoulders and holding me in place. Shock froze my feet in place.

Wait for me to come back. And almost two weeks later, I found myself still waiting for him to come home. My mother had called the day before, and Nico had followed up that night. Angelo and Denise hit me up at work to meet them for lunch. I half expected my dad to show up for dinner. Work this out. I nodded. It was never going to work out. I had a hard time living with that.

I get that part of what you did. Professionally, things were rolling along smoothly. Chad was comfortable with me again and working well with Inez and David.

The design of the launch restaurant had been decided and construction was well under way. I still went in to work grateful every day and I shared that gratitude with Jax. I trusted him to want good things for me. It was weird in a way. The mess with Deanna had made some parts of our relationship feel stronger than ever and yet we were apart again.

My family was right; it was time to fix things with Vincent. The dark and broody thing worked for him. I snagged an empty barstool and watched him work. Then he grabbed the five spot tip off the bar, rapped his knuckles on the polished wood in thanks, and dropped the cash in the tip jar. Vincent met me on the other side. It was impossible not to be reminded of Jax when I entered the back office, but I pushed the memory from my mind and faced my brother.

I got to the point. If being with Jax means losing who you are, you need to get out. Then I took a second to glance at the family portrait on the wall, before finally nodding my agreement. I started bawling. Vincent cursed and gripped me tighter. I was right here. Then stop worrying about Jax. What does that mean? You deserve it. I recognized the head of pure white hair from across the crowded room. As if he felt me staring, Parker Rutledge turned and found me. Was something wrong with Jax?

I was afraid I looked defeated. Can we talk?


Had he tipped off Parker? Not that I cared either way. She nodded and crossed it off the seating chart. But more than that, he has a responsibility to this country. He has what it takes to shape the world in profound and necessary ways. So I puzzled it out as best I could and tried not to get too excited about the possibility that Jax was thinking about stepping away from the family business. So to speak. A game changer.

The little spark of hope I felt quickly died. With you at his side, he could make it all the way to the White House. Are you kidding? Tell him you can handle it. Make him believe it. I can get you there. I was adjusting as quickly as I could. My heart gave a little leap. He looked edible. His gorgeous face was leaner, his gaze intensely focused. I wrapped my arms around his neck and opened my mouth, letting him lick and thrust, whimpering as he ate at my mouth with erotic ferocity.

He pulled me into the house and kicked the door shut, pinning me against it. I came because I wanted to.