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Class VI – General Studies:Click Here To Download PDF in Telugu Also Read : TSPSC - Telangana History, Culture, Movement - (Bits). History of Telangana in English [Download PDF]. Hope you liked the TSPSC Group 2 study material in English and Telugu free download. Complete Telangana history for all competitive exams. formation in english pdf, tspsc bit bank, telangana history in english for competitive.

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History and Culture of India, with special reference to. Modern Period ( to A.D). 2. History and Cultural Heritage of Telangana. 3. 3. Geography of . GENERAL ABILITIES. Paper-II. HISTORY, POLITY AND SOCIETY i. Socio- Cultural History of India and. Telangana ii. Overview of the Indian Constitution. TSPSC Group 1 Prelims and Mains Exams and Interview Syllabus, Pattern, Telangana History: Telugu Akademi's Intermediate Telangana History Textbook. complete study material in Telugu for TSPSC Group -1 Exam in PDF format.

We are very proud to bring an android app on our great beloved nation's history in your hands. The app, India History, is in english for everyone to read and improve their knowledge. The app will take you through ages of our Indian history, it deals about various kingdoms that flourished and vanished in this land, the freedom movement that gave a birth to this nation. It also gives the nation's existence right from the stone age to this very time. This pocket application will provide you the detailed information about great rulers of India, historical battles, dynasties, freedom movements etc.

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Add to Cart. Telangana History by Kareem Si Indian Polity by Chaitanyadev Telangana History by Ramesh Na Group 1 Mains Paper 4 Science Bangaru Telangana Dishaga - Te Group 2 Indian Economy - Class Indian History - Class Notes b Group 1 Mains Indian History Group 1 Mains Polity - Class N Group 1 Mains Paper 4 Section Group 1 Paper 4 Section 1 - Cl Group 1 Mains Indian Polity Group 1 Paper 4 Part 2 - Class Group 1 Paper 5 - Class Notes Group 1 Mains Paper 4 Part 3 Group 1 Paper 4 Section 3 - Cl Group 1 Paper 1 General Essays Group 1 Paper 4 Section 2 - Cl Indian History - Class Notes In Indian philosophy, the navel of the Supreme Being is considered as the source of life and creativity.

It's sometimes lifted to the knee and tied at the waist leisurely or just held in hand to speed up walking.

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Traditionally, South Indian men do not cover their upper body. Sometimes, in a formal situation, a piece of cloth may cover the upper body. Certain temples in South India even ban men from wearing upper-body garments when inside the temple.

In Andhra and parts of north Karnataka, men wear kachche panchey where it is tied at back by taking it between legs. A similar pattern is seen in women.

All over the peninsular coastal region, men wear coloured lungis and women wear saris in a manner of tying them at the back. The Araimudi araimuti was worn by young Tamil girls. Chandrasekhar, published in as being displayed in an exhibit in the Madras Government Museum. A small plate of metal worn by little girls over the private parts.

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Little girls wear a gold or silver shield or codpiece on which is graven some indecent picture; while a boy's ornament, also of gold or silver, is an exact copy of that member which it is meant to decorate. They have also some that are peculiar.

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As all children in India go perfectly naked till they are six or seven years old, the parents, of course, adapt the ornaments to the natural parts of the body. Thus, the girls have a plate of metal suspended so as to conceal, in some measure, their nakedness. The boys, on the other hand, have little bells hung round them, or some similar device of silver or gold, attached to the little belt with which they are girt.

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Amongst the rest, a particular trinket appears in front, bearing a resemblance to the sexual part of the lad.