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Zondervan Books by Tim LaHaye Anger Is a Choice How to Win Over Depression Revelation Unveiled Zondervan Books by Tim and Beverly LaHaye The Act of. Download eBooks by author Tim LaHaye. Guaranteed Epub and PDF format . The Mark: The Beast Rules the World ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Jerry. The Mark. Kingdom Come. Left Behind Collectors Edition. Rapture's Witness ( books The remnant: on the brink of Armageddon / Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins.

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THE MARK: The Beast Rules the World. Book 8 of the Left Behind Series. TIM LAHAYE & JERRY B. JENKINS. Introdution. FORTY-TWO MONTHS INTO THE. Why You Act the Way You Do by Tim LaHaye Tim LaHaye Why You Act the Way You Do Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins - Left Behind Series 12 - Glorious. Read The Mark (Left Behind, #8) PDF Epub by Tim LaHaye Download Book Online.

Throughout the series, they are in conflict with the Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia during the Tribulation , each in accordance with his or her own divinely-determined destiny. Starting in , Books 7 and 8 reached number one on the list followed by book 10, which debuted at number one. Michelle Goldberg has written that, "On one level, the attraction of the Left Behind books isn't that much different from that of, say, Tom Clancy or Stephen King. The plotting is brisk and the characterizations Manichean. People disappear and things blow up. Other reviewers have called the series "almost laughably tedious" and "fatuous and boring.

A secure man becomes a better father, uses better judgment, and has an improved capacity to love the entire family. It enhances his love for his wife. We are familiar with the word syndrome, but we usually associate it with negative things like illness, depression, anger, or fear. However, it is appropriately used in conjunction with love. A love syndrome never hurt anyone, and such a syndrome is created between married partners when their lovemaking is mutually satisfying. Because a man has been endowed by God with an intense sex drive and a conscience, the satisfactory release of that drive without provoking his conscience will enhance his love for the person who makes that possible.

But only one person on earth can do that—his wife. Follow our reasoning. This can be achieved by 1 intercourse, 2 masturbation, 3 nocturnal emission, or 4 homosexuality. Intercourse is beyond comparison the most satisfying means of ejaculation, but this in turn can be accomplished by the act of marriage, by prostitution, or by adultery.

Only one of these, however, is accompanied by a clear conscience—married love. Our chapter of questions and answers chapter 15 will deal with illegitimate sexual experiences, but here it must be pointed out that they all have one factor in common: By contrast, the act of marriage when properly performed is followed by physical relaxation based on innocence.

Like any normal man, Joe found that intolerable. We may never know whether he was actually unfaithful, for after some straightforward talk in the counseling room, Bobbie went home to love her husband unconditionally. At first he was stunned to find his wife sexually aggressive, but in typically masculine fashion he made the necessary adjustment.

He found legitimate, enjoyable lovemaking with his wife so satisfying that he was no longer tempted to look elsewhere. One satisfied husband summed it up rather graphically when asked if he had ever been tempted to try extramarital experiences: It reduces friction in the home.

Another result of a satisfying relationship between a couple is that it tends to reduce minor irritations in the home. A sexually satisfied man is usually a contented man. This will not solve major problems— it will not repair a bent fender or compensate for overcharging the budget—but it does reduce minor irritations. Somehow the world looks better to a man and his difficulties shrink to life size when sexual harmony prevails.

It is as though his hard work and the pressures of life are worth it all when he and his wife consummate their love properly. More is involved in this than just the satisfaction of the glands. A man sacrifices a great deal when he gets married—or at least he thinks so.

As a single man, he is rather carefree and unpressured. If he sees something he wants, he just downloads it whether he can afford it or not. That all changes with marriage. A woman thinks about economics occasionally, but usually with limited, short-range deliberation. The husband, however, must go to bed with the mental awareness that he is the supporter of his family. Unless he learns early in life to commit his way to the Lord, that can be a heavy load to carry. The husband went his own selfish way into irresponsibility, and both remained miserable.

The titanic emotional and physical explosion that culminates the act of marriage for the husband is easily the most exciting experience he ever enjoys, at least on a repeatable basis.

At that moment all other thoughts are obliterated from his mind; every gland and organ of his body seems to reach a fevered pitch. By this time his breathing accelerates and he groans in ecstasy as the pressure breaks forth with the release of semen into the object of his love.

Words are inadequate to describe this fantastic experience. Although the aggressive nature of men finds them engaging in various exciting activities we know ski jumpers, motorcycle racers, jet pilots, sky divers, and pro football players , they all agree that lovemaking heads the list.

A heart patient provided the best description that we have heard of what the act of marriage means to a man. Warned by his doctor that any unnecessary physical exertion could kill him, he continued love relations with his wife.

At times he endured a body-rending experience of shock afterward—his heart palpitating, his face losing its color, and his extremities turning cold and clammy. Sometimes it took one or two hours before he could even get off the bed. If he loves and cherishes her the way God commands him, a warm and affectionate relationship will develop to enrich their entire married life; the exciting and pleasurable experience of mutual lovemaking will be shared several thousand times during their marriage.

A sexually satisfied husband is a motivated man. Unless he is speaking of an abnormal frequency of several times a day, his advice is simply not valid.

A sexually frustrated man has a hard time concentrating, is prone to be edgy and harder to work with, and, more important, finds it difficult to retain lasting goals. By contrast, the truly satisfied husband refuses to waste his business day on trivia; he wants each moment to count so he can get home to the wife and family who give all his hard work real purpose and meaning. Sex Drive and Thought Life The most consistent spiritual problem faced by the average red-blooded Christian man relates to his thought life.

The male sex drive is so powerful that sex often seems to be uppermost in his mind. Dirty jokes and stories punctuated by four-letter words become a constant verbal bombardment. Shortly after he becomes a Christian, such a man is convicted by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to change his thought patterns.

Such mental adultery has probably brought more sincere men to spiritual defeat than any other single sin. Many Christian women fail to understand this male problem, and this is one reason why they often adopt such scanty dress. If they realized the thought problems that their indecent exposure causes the average man, many of them would dress more modestly; but since they are not so sexually stimulated at the sight of a male body, they do not readily perceive the male response.

I caught this message as a G. After nineteen days on K. I returned to the quartermaster for a regular-sized broom, but during the cleanup I became aware of something rather startling: By contrast, the men in our barracks sported pinup pictures of girls!

Not until the recent overemphasis on sex have women reflected an increasing problem in this area. But they apparently have to cultivate it; men get it by nature. Another illustration of the fact that women seem to lack the visual lust problem occurred recently in our home.

Looking through Sports Illustrated, I came upon a picture of Mr. We have reviewed all this to make an important point. A loving, sexually responsive wife can be a great asset to her husband in keeping his thought life pleasing to God. In fact, God has promised to give a warm-blooded, affectionate man the grace to live with a cold, indifferent woman. Her reward will be his ready response to her mood, and together they can share the rapturous experience of married love. Mosby, , Ralston, , Published by Revell, Old Tappan, N.

Sexual pleasure from the little woman was assumed to be their divine right, and their relations were usually one-sided experiences that left an affectionate wife with the frustrated feeling that she had been used, not loved. Assuming that he had the gift of intuitive knowledge in this department, a man took his innocent bride to their love nest and taught her only what she needed to know to satisfy his sex drive.

It is no wonder that many wives began to lose a desire for sexual intercourse and lovemaking turned into a chore. Even worse, some frustrated wives became evangelists of coolness toward sex.

Thus a Christian man today enters marriage more sensitive to the love needs of his bride and more concerned with her satisfaction. He respects her as a special creation of God who should be accepted and understood. During the past decade several books on marriage dealing quite frankly with the subject have given men a greater understanding of women.

And the more he knows about her, the more he can tailor his affectionate passions to her emotional needs. However, after dealing with hundreds of these delicate creatures in the privacy of the counseling room, my wife and I have discovered to a greater extent what the act of marriage means to a woman. Let us consider these five significant areas that show what lovemaking means to a woman: It fulfills her womanhood. Self-image psychology is the rage today. Every bookstand carries several self-help publications, and many are best-sellers.

Surely this is true of a married woman. If she considers herself unsuccessful in bed, she will have a difficult time accepting her total womanhood. It should not come as a surprise that almost every bride feels insecure when she marries.

From ages eighteen to twenty- five few people are secure. It often takes from one-third to one- half of a lifetime for people to accept themselves. Naturally, being a Spirit-filled Christian contributes to a good self-image, but marriage is one of the most important decisions a person makes in life; consequently any normal person will face it with a degree of trepidation.

Not incidentally, we have yet to counsel a woman who has a good self-image if she has no desire for sexual intercourse. One way to understand the function of the female mind is to contrast it with the male thought system. A man has the God-given mandate to be the provider of the family.

Consequently his mental psyche is so oriented that he gains much of his self-image from successful occupational pursuits. Ask a junior-age boy what he wants to be when he grows up and he will usually reply that he wants to be a fireman, a policeman, a doctor, a baseball player, or a jet pilot.

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Although he changes that goal several times as he matures, it does indicate his vocational psyche. It took only a moment to detect her hostility arising from the humiliation of having to interview a minister. Most newspapers assign cub reporters to the religion desk, as in her case.

Tim the lahaye pdf mark by

Would you mind if I ask you a personal question? She should never be ashamed of this psychical phenomenon; God made her this way. The most frustrated women in the world are those who stifle or substitute that tendency for a lesser priority. If our assumption is true, and we believe it is, then her rating as a wife is all-important to a woman.

A wife is more than a mother and homemaker. She is also a sexual partner to her mate. Like the male, if she does not succeed in the bedroom, she fails also in other areas—for two reasons: A woman receives major portions of her self-esteem from her husband. In fact, we have yet to find a woman with a good self-image who disapproves of herself as a wife. An anxious woman came for counseling to ask my opinion as to whether she or her husband was right.

Today she is a mature woman with a reasonably good self-image. The one point on which psychologists agree is that all people have a basic need to be loved. This is generally more true of women than men. Women have a tremendous capacity for love, both giving and receiving. However, many are unaware of the five kinds of love required by a woman. Few women enjoy solitude for long periods of time. Have you noticed how few hermits and recluses are women? A few exceptions may be found among the aged, of course, when women become senile or have outlived all their loved ones.

When he arrives home, he may find his wife craving his attention and company. If men realized this need in their wives, they would spend less time in front of the television set when they are at home and learn to enjoy wifely companionship. It is unwise for a wife to direct all the conversation toward her interests when her husband comes home. It is a good rule to accompany his arrival home with pleasant conversation that is interesting to him and conveys a message of love and welcome.

This usually involves allowing him to share his thoughts with her and showing her interest in his activities. This gives her opportunities to build him up with her positive comments. Couples seldom have problems being good companions before marriage, but if they fail to cultivate that relationship, they seem to lose it. It is often hard for a woman to give physical love to a man who does not return her companionship love.

It is always easier to give love when it is needed and appreciated by the receiver. A good wife must know that her husband needs her companionship just as she requires his, no matter how successful or busy he may be. In fact, the more prosperous he is in his vocation, the more she needs his companionship. A woman has a natural bedside manner, but only a few men display that kind of compassion.

When a child or husband hurts, who runs to his aid? Who jumps out of bed at 2: That is especially true when she is suffering emotionally or physically. It is regrettable that the man who enjoys her compassionate love when he hurts is often slow to return it to his loving wife. The Golden Rule is quite applicable here. Women are romantics! Lurking in the heart of every girl even when she is grown up is the image of prince charming on his white horse coming to wake up the beautiful princess with her first kiss of love.

For that reason she needs romance, flowers, music, soft lights, dinner out, and a host of other things. Unfortunately many a man fails to understand that, primarily because his need for romantic love is either nonexistent or minimal.

But he is married to a creature with an extraordinary need for romance. Some men misjudge their wives, deeming them more practical-minded than other women.

This difference between men and women may contribute to feelings of incompatibility after marriage.

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His emotions are near the surface and easily ignited; hers are deep and burn slowly. I remember driving up in front of the church one Sunday. Five men were watching as I walked around the car and opened the door for Beverly. Frankly, I felt self-conscious, but she made it all worthwhile, not only by the little squeeze on my hand as we walked into church, but also later that night. After preaching five times that day, I was exhausted as we pulled into the driveway. As I put the car in park, I was amazed to hear her door open and see her run around in front of the headlights to lift the double garage door.

What made her do it? Jeri is a case in point. At twenty-one she was led to Christ by a young woman in our church with whom she had gone to high school.

When she first started attending services, she wore blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Outwardly she was somewhat coarse and very independent. As she grew in her faith in the Lord, she began to dress up and fix her hair. Surprisingly she proved to be a very attractive young woman.

Before long Roy met her, asked to meet her parents, and started dating her. About a year later Jeri came into my office to discuss wedding plans. The reason is simple: Most women crave kisses of appreciation. You perhaps are acquainted with some exceptions—so are we—but if you look deeper you will find that such lack of affection has been learned.

It is sometimes caused by a husband who demands quick sex instead of slow lovemaking. Some inconsiderate men can be satisfied with that, but almost all women are not. To them a tender touch, a warm embrace, and the closeness of the one they love is almost as enjoyable as the more intimate contact.

In fact, many wives respond to an approving look and words of commendation.

It is a wise husband who breaks out of the routine frequently to voice approval of his wife. Such men do not testify to sexual starvation, for they have learned that their wives are ignited by the little expressions of affection that often seem meaningless to a man.

But almost every time I return from a seminar on a Saturday night, I pick up a bouquet of roses for Bev in the airport. Frankly, it took several years to learn the rewards of conforming my behavior to her need for affection.

She not only likes yellow roses but is grateful that I was thinking of her as I came into town. Impassioned love comes naturally to a man because of his stronger sex drive.

Most women have to cultivate the appetite for passionate loving, but be sure of this —they have the capacity to learn. The husband who confers affectionate love upon his mate can teach her passionate love. And any man who has done so will testify that it is time well invested. On occasions, given the right place, privacy, and quality of affection, she can thoroughly enjoy passionate love.

But remember one thing: Many a married man is surrounded by secretaries or other employees whose physical allurements are on display during working hours.

When a husband is confronted by another woman who happens to be on his wavelength, the best safeguard against moral problems is a warm love relationship with his wife. This yearning for reassurance was beautifully shared by a close friend, whose lovely wife had incurred a crippling disease that gradually diminished her bodily movement. Because he loved her dearly and knew she suffered great pain, he restrained himself valiantly from making love to her.

One night he was lying beside her, trying to go to sleep, when he felt the bed shaking. Listening for a moment, he heard muffled sobs. What greater affirmation of my love than to deny myself what every organ in my body is crying out for?

All women do. It satisfies her sex drive. Although a woman may not possess as strong or consistent a sex drive as a man, she does have a sex drive.

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Research indicates that almost all women are more passionate just before, during, or after their monthly menstruation and, of course, in the middle of her month at the time of highest fertility. Moreover, her sexual pleasure grows through the years. As she learns to be uninhibited in her responses to her husband and increasingly learns to experience orgasms, her appreciation and desire for the experience grows. A woman does not seem so readily tempted to fantasize as does her husband.

However, she does have the capacity to remember romantically those exciting experiences of the past. Consequently each thrilling lovemaking event increases her sex drive in the same way that each frustrating experience stifles it. It relaxes her nervous system. We have consistently noted that women who have no desire for sexual intercourse are nervous women.

Note that we did not say that every nervous woman is sexally indifferent or negative. Some women are simply nervous by nature. But a lack of desire for sex almost invariably produces nervousness. It is important, therefore, that a wife learn a healthy sexual expression toward her husband. As with a man, the female nervous system is intrinsically tied to the reproductive organs. God has made it possible for wives from all walks of life to enjoy a hygienically relaxing experience on their marriage bed.

It is true that the act of marriage exists for the propagation of the race and personal enjoyment, and it does promote fidelity and fulfillment; but it also contributes a much-needed relaxant for the nervous system.

The ultimate experience. One young mother took exception to that statement, insisting that childbearing offered greater excitement. But we refer to a feminine experience on a regular and frequent basis. The Most Beautiful Meaning of All An important meaning of the act of marriage is purposely presented last.

We think it is the most beautiful of all. Simply stated, it is the provision of one ongoing life experience that a husband and wife share uniquely with each other.

If the husband is a teacher or mechanic, other persons share in the fruits of his skills. If the wife is a good cook or an attractive woman, the husband is not the only one who enjoys those gifts. But behind their closed bedroom door, a couple experiences oneness—a sublime moment uniting them in an exclusively intimate union unshared by anyone else on earth. That is a major reason why the act of marriage is such a binding, uniting, and enriching influence on a couple.

The meaning of oneness resulting from mutual lovemaking is far more important than the time spent in the experience. If a typical couple spends about thirty minutes in a single lovemaking experience an average of three times a week, the act of love would account for only one and a half hours per week, or nine-tenths of 1 percent of their time.

Yet no other repeatable experience is more important to that couple. The partners who relate enjoyably to each other spend many hours in emotional and mental harmony in anticipation of the experience and follow it with many hours of mutual contentment and closeness because of their love.

Probably no powerful human encounter cements their relationship more firmly than the act of marriage.

Tim lahaye mark by pdf the

Pocket Books, , And it is nearly universal, for everywhere you go on planet Earth you see its results—children. Unfortunately, the experience is not always confined to marriage and therein is the problem—for the sex act, which God intended for marriage as a blessing to both men and women, has become one of the greatest social problems of our day.

This problem is not unique to the twenty-first century. If you recall, the misuse of the sex drive so polluted the earth in the days of Noah that God destroyed all but eight people and started the population over again.

History shows that nothing has changed. Our own culture, by the misuse of the God-given gift of sexual expression, has created an unbelievable upsurge of unwed teenage mothers.

One American woman is reported to be a grandmother at the age of twenty-four! Social tolerance of this behavior has produced a wave of sexual vice from incest to homosexuality and the murder of over four thousand unborn babies every day. The wanton exercise of the sex drive has produced an unprecedented rise in sexually transmitted diseases STD and AIDS-related plagues that, even in this day of advanced medical research, have no cure.

This widespread misuse of the sex drive, of course, does not include the untold suffering caused by the rampant violation of wedding vows that recent surveys indicate has affected as much as 30 percent of the married population. Every reader of this book is acquainted with couples whose marriage was either destroyed by one partner having sex with another person or by the sexual attraction of one person to another. They do! Not as frequently as non-Christians, but sexual sins have invaded even the church at an alarming rate.

We have all been shocked by church leaders who have fallen into sexual sin. Like all pastors, I regret to say I saw it in my own congregation, even in some couples whom I married after giving careful premarital counseling.

Tim pdf lahaye by mark the

I was, of course, heartbroken. I had married the woman years ago to her childhood sweetheart. Can you imagine going to the first big family holiday dinner after it has become known that as an act of passion or alienation of affection you violated your wedding vows? Or maybe worse, not going for the same reason? It is true, God can and does forgive even adultery and fornication, when truly repented of and confessed, but the relationship is never the same.

For many the suffering never really goes away. Unfaithful individuals may never be able to forgive themselves. Their spouses, because of love and obedience to God, may try, but it often takes years before sexual trust is restored between such couples. The suffering experienced before that injury heals is impossible to imagine. It is something you would not wish on anyone, particularly someone you love. Sexual Sins Are Number One! This abuse of sex is not new.

The apostle Paul addressed the problem already in the first century. Twice he catalogued the most common sins of humankind, both in Romans 1 and Galatians 5. In both instances he listed sexual sins first.

Because they are first! In the Romans passage he listed sexual impurity even before envy, greed, and murder. In Galatians 5: One of my favorite ministries is speaking at Maximum Man Conferences. I do about five to ten each year. At such conferences I point out to the men that if they have a problem with sexual fantasies or sexual temptation, they are not weird or oversexed as some think; they are very normal. I then show them how to have victory over such temptation, and victory is very well possible, witnessed by the fact that most Christian men as high as 70 percent in some surveys do not violate their sexual commitment to their wives, even though it is tempting, particularly in this day when sex is used to advertise and sell almost everything.

Merchants use the most powerful force in human nature to sell their products, and today they have access to our minds in our own homes via television. All of this brings us full circle to our question: Obviously He had to precede it with a strong sex drive, and that drive, although providing billions of married couples four to six thousand ecstatic experiences over a fifty-year marriage, has also caused billions of others untold heartache and misery beyond description.

Consider the following: To propagate the race. We have already seen that this command was given before their sin of rebellion to His will had reared its ugly head as we see in chapter 3. Therefore, He was commanding them to fulfill a righteous act and populate the earth. From that humble beginning of two individuals, God set in motion a replicating power that has produced almost six billion people at the present time, and some suggest that another six billion preceded us, not even factoring in the enormous population that lived before the Flood.

All of this tells us that the principal reason God gave us our incredible sex drive is to propagate the race, not just with living bodies such as Adam had when he was created, but with living souls, such as God breathed into him: To provide mutual pleasure in marriage.

As I have already tried to make clear, the truth is that He has given this marvelous gift to married couples of all generations for mutual happiness and pleasure. Yet the message is timeless. Couples get married in their youth and should bring sexual and emotional pleasure to each other. This has been the time- honored purpose of marriage, to provide sexual pleasure. The more they provide sexual expression for each other, the more it enriches their love for each other.

I have met many people in my world travels who married people they did not even know before they met them at the wedding altar. Their marriage had been arranged by their parents according to the custom in their culture. Yet it was obvious by their body language and treatment of each other that they had built a warm, loving relationship. If it works in countries where the individuals do not choose the mate with whom they make love, how much more should it apply in the Western cultures, where we select our own mates.

To reduce sexual temptation. Even the apostle Paul, who was a single man as far as we know, believed that it is better to marry than to burn with passion. In 1 Corinthians 7: Notice that he said nothing about children here; he is talking about relieving the natural sexual passions that build up in both men and women.

The reason is that it usually takes only one sexual experience for a wife to get pregnant, yet the average couple will have approximately such experiences a year.

Obviously then, God has given couples this wonderful experience to share to make it easier for them to keep their wedding vows. That is particularly important in our day when the advertising and entertainment industries seem to function under the philosophy that sex sells.

They bombard us with it in advertising everything from tires to beer. Hollywood insists on breaking every moral code in movies today, so much so that it is becoming increasingly difficult to watch TV in your own home without having every moral value taught by the church and your parents challenged. In such a sexually surcharged climate, God has given married couples a gift to reduce those temptations to manageable size.

This obviously would tend to improve their spiritual life as a result. Very honestly, one of our major purposes in writing this book originally was our anticipation of what we could foresee in the wake of the sexual revolution that promoted promiscuity without regard to consequences, conscience, or the commands of God.

We determined that we would provide a manual on sexual behavior for married lovers, most of whom came to their marriage bed as virgins with only a minimum knowledge of this subject, that would not only help them enjoy to the maximum this sublime gift of God but also help them reduce their normal passions to manageable proportions.

This can be achieved— even in the twenty-first century! To produce mutual ownership. When a couple marry, they promise to give themselves to each other totally. They merge their earthly possessions, the man gives his bride his name, and they give each other their bodies for companionship, for mutual protection, and for mutual sexual expression.

As Paul said in 1 Corinthians 7: Each time a couple surrenders to each other for sexual fulfillment, they are demonstrating that mutual ownership contract they made at the wedding altar. Marriage really is a sexual contract exclusively between two people of the opposite sex who have made this promise: For it involves giving your body to another person as long as you both shall live.

To produce a unique union and means of communion that is not possible on any other level. The Creator designed it to be so. We know He had the sexual union of the couple in mind here because Paul in 1 Corinthians 6: Such a relationship is not achievable on any other level. And it is approved by God.

In Summary God obviously had many purposes in mind when He deliberately created our sexual capabilities, from reproduction to pleasure to unique union. Like all things He created, it is all very good. As with many of his wonderful gifts to humankind, it is only when we distort it and misuse it that it becomes twisted and ugly. Sex in marriage is beautiful, enriching, and fulfilling when practiced as He directed—but only in marriage. Adultery, fornication, homosexuality, promiscuity, and other forms of sexual abuse become ugly, harmful, and life- shortening.

All people have the same choice about the use of their sex drive. They can obey God and confine its expression to marriage, which He calls sacred, or they can adopt the standards of the world and have an affair or become promiscuous.

The results are already determined by God. As He, through Moses, told the children of Israel, I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. Deuteronomy Many who have come for counseling because of sexual dysfunction have never read a book on the subject or had proper counseling. Such persistent ignorance has given self- styled sexologists the opportunity to swing to the other extreme and inundate children from kindergarten through twelfth grade with adult doses of sex education.

Both extremes lead to unhappiness and frustration. The public school has rendered itself incompetent in the field of sex education by making two fallacious assumptions: They insist on teaching sex education without moral safeguards, excusing their omission by asserting that the separation of church and state requires that they exclude moral guidelines. That is not only ridiculous, but dangerous! Teaching sex education without moral principles is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

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Before he awakens to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers in hazmat suits. His wife is not his wife. His son was never Show more. His son was never born. And Jason is not an ordinary college physics professor, but a celebrated genius who has achieved something remarkable. Something impossible. Free kindle, great author, check it here, you will be amazed, a bestseller, dark fantasy, a reverse story! You ever read something like this before? Good story, I like the book, and there is another best book to read is The Perfect Author, you can read it on http: For instance, in The Mark, Chang Wong receives both the mark of the beast and the sealing of the Lord and he is later accepted into heaven, despite having the mark, because he was drugged and forced to have it against his own free will.

This has led some readers [20] to wonder how a Christian can have the mark of the beast and still be saved. The books have not sold particularly well outside of the United States.

Brian McLaren of the Emergent Church compares the Left Behind series to The Da Vinci Code , and states, "What the Left Behind novels do, the way they twist scripture toward a certain theological and political end, I think [Dan] Brown is twisting scripture, just to other political ends.

Harvey Cox , a professor of divinity at Harvard, says part of the appeal of the books lies in the "lip-licking anticipation of all the blood," and theologian Barbara Rossing, author of The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation, said the books glorify violence. But in the Left Behind novels the darkness of that human, satanic violence is once again attributed to God.

Large chunks of several U.