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The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill Download eBook The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism Ormond McGill ebook ISBN. The New. Encyclopedia of. Stage Hypnotism. Ormond McGill. MS, Mental Health Counseling. Adjunct Professor, Department of Human Services (Counseling). This item:The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill Hardcover $ Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

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The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism Ormond McGill. Crown House Publishing Limited First published by Crown House. The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism Ormond McGill Crown House The New Encyclopedia ofStage Hypnotism Chapter Seventy-Four Hypnotism Publicity .. Download Conversational Hypnosis Techniques PDF. The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill Download eBook The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism Ormond McGill ebook Page:

Opening the Hypnotism Show Hundreds of professionals have profited by his works. The book has gone through five editions and has become known as a "bible" for stage hypnotists. It presents his work in the field from to In , he wrote The Art of Stage Hypnotism, which presented his work from to The book is now out of print, and is a collector's treasure.

See if Duke University Ormond Mc.

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Gill totally Free Software Download. The calculation is intended for the purposes of geometric and strength designs of spiral cylindrical torsion springs made of wires and rods in circular sections, cold formed, loaded Bidding Farewell to Pathology Residents and Fellows. On Thursday, June 1, 2. Hogan, Ph. Paperback - pages, 1st edition, This latest book from Dr.

Hogan may very well become required reading at many hypnosis schools. This is a practical book, easy-to-read, written by an ordained minister who uses hypnosis and hypnotherapy with patients in a hospital.

It includes solid basics about hypnosis, applications for stage shows, and lists numerous suggestions for use by the stage hypnotist. This seems to be an accumulation of all of Ormond McGill's past stage hypnosis books. S Siegel, M.

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With your will you try to battle against the impulse to fall. Logic tells you that you have just walked over that very same board so there is no reason why you can't do it now just as you did before.

But, reason about it as you will, the more you think about not 17 The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism falling, the more the counter-idea that you will fall is aroused. Were you to stubbornly persist in taking the risk, you could lose your life. As the famous French autosuggestionist, Emil Coue expressed it: "We can now see that not only is the will incapable of vanquishing a thought, but that as fast as the will brings up its big guns, thought captures them and turns them against itself.

In the conflict between the will and the imagination, the force of the imagination is in direct ratio to the square of the will.

Thus, the will turns out to be not the commanding monarch of life, as many people would have it, but a blind Samson, capable of either turning the mill or of pulling down the pillars.

Hypnosis provides an excellent means for programming the subconscious as it succeeds in avoiding this conflict between our ideas and our will. It replaces wrong thoughts by right thoughts, literally by not resisting the unwanted thoughts, but by overpowering "bad" thoughts by "good" thoughts. This procedure in no sense devaluates one's "will power", it merely relegates it to its proper place. Will is under the direction of our consciousness; and, for it to operate effectively and efficiently, it must be in harmony with the ideas rooted in the subconscious.

Of itself, will power can never uproot any subconsciously implanted ideas as it does not have that capacity.

The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism

However, it can locate the ideas that are unwanted, it can locate thoughts that are needed, and it can direct the deliberate process that will result in an injurious idea's removal and the implanting of a new and desirable one in its place. It must be always remembered that the foregoing process of using con- scious to benefit oneself in such regard can take place only through it cooperation with the innate capacities of the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis provides our gardening tools for the successful cultivation of the fertile field of the subconscious to raise a full crop of better living and personal achievement. NOTE TO HYPNOTIST: This information relative to subconscious mind and how suggestion psychologically performs is presented not only to increase your understanding of hypnosis and how it operates through the power of suggestions but equally is useful in providing you good patter material to use in your show, as the more you can inform your audience correctly on these matters, the more significance your show takes on, as you develop your skill as a stage hypnotist.

An incident is told of a college student who was killed by its power. At a fraternity initiation a young man was blindfolded, and, after the usual emotion arousing proceedings, was told that he was to have his head chopped off. His head was then placed on the block and viciously the knife slashed into his neck. It was actually only a wet towel, but the victim died of heart failure.

His subconscious had accepted the idea that the knife was real, and when the towel descended it ended his life just as death would have followed a genuine decapitation. The fact that suggestion can produce physical responses in our body can be easily shown by simply thinking of a sour lemon, and noticing how the thought spontaneously starts the flow of saliva within the mouth.

Or think of itchy sensations about your body, and feel the itches commence. During your hypnotism show you can even use these simple experiments to illustrate to the audience how suggestions operate. But not every person who takes part in a college initiation, as above described, would die as the result of the damp towel striking across the neck. This brings us to a basic law in the operation of this power. Every suggestive idea which enters the consciousness, if it is accepted by the subconscious, is automatically transformed by it into a reality and becomes an element in our life.

In the qualifying phrase, if it is accepted by the subconscious, lies the heart of the power of suggestion. There are ways to present suggestions that will cause them to be most accepted; in such are found the secrets of how to present suggestions that influence.

Timing Proper timing of the presentation of a suggestion by the hypnotist is important. In other words, you do not usually want to tell the subject that something is happening before it has happened. A good rule is that if you see indications that a certain reaction is going to take place at any 19 The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism moment, then you can suggest that it is taking place.

Otherwise, and often this is preferable, you should introduce the event as a future possibility and work up to its occurrence more or less gradually.

Repetition Repetition is the driving force of suggestion. It is cumulative in its effect. Further, it prevents the hypnotist getting ahead too fast and out of proper timing in giving his suggestions to the subject, as well as having a certain monotony about it that is, in itself, hypnotic in effect. Delivery Proper delivery of the suggestions is likewise fundamental to their acceptance.

In this regard, tone, inflection and phrasing all have their places, the major purpose of all being to focus the subject's attention on the suggested phenomena desired to occur. There are instances when a rapid-fire barrage of suggestions is indicated; conversely, there are times when a slower pace of insistence will prove most effective. There are times when it is well to challenge the subject to try to resist the influence, the very inability the subject finds in not being able to do so enforcing the effectiveness of the suggestion.

And there are times when the very opposite of challenging is desired, an earnest persuasion providing the best suggestion. How is one to know which delivery is best? In that "knowing" comes mastery of the art. Experience will be your teacher. Means of Increasing the Influence of Suggestions A.

Combining of Suggestions The combining of suggestions is compounding in effect. For example, to tell a subject that his arm is rigid and that he cannot bend it, but that when you snap your finger his arm will instantly relax and will drop into his lap, and when it falls into his lap he will go even more deeply into hypnosis is a compounding of suggestion. Notice how each suggestion used in combination reinforces the next building towards the desired response. Training the Subject in Suggestive Responsiveness Every individual has a certain potential to be influenced by suggestions.

This potential may be increased or decreased by training through a grad20 Presenting Suggestions that Influence uating response to suggestion. If the suggestions succeed, the suggestibility ratio is increased; if they fail, the reverse is the case. For this reason, it is often well to train subjects in successful suggestive responsiveness by allowing them to proceed from simpler tests gradually on to the more difficult.

Voluntary Actions to Increase Suggestibility A voluntary response to a suggestions has an influence in increasing an involuntary response. In the practical application to the performing hypnotist, the use of this principle lies in instructing the subject to do certain things that he must comply with before presenting hypnotic suggestions.

For example, to sit down, to place his feet flat on the floor and rest his hands in his lap, etc. Obedience to such commands tends to get the subject to act upon your suggestions uncritically, which has a carry-over effect to the acceptance of your subsequent hypnotic suggestions.

Deep Breathing to Increase Suggestibility This is a further refinement of a voluntary action increasing suggestibility in this case, deep, rhythmic breathing on the part of the subject, as requested by the hypnotist.

Further, deep breathing floods the brain with oxygen producing a slight dizzying effect, producing a state of mind more open to suggestions.

The Counting Technique Giving a certain number for the occurrence of a suggested action is effective in causing its response to occur. People are used to things happening at "the count of three". The principle of stating that a suggested effect will occur at such and such a time on cue, as it were, often intensifies the suggestive influence. Nonverbal Suggestions These consist of all suggestive influences exerted by the operator other than verbal suggestions, i.

The use of nonverbal suggestions is very important to the hypnotist, and their use should be developed to become an intimate part of his suggestive pattern combined with verbal suggestions.

Mass Group Suggestions The influence of suggestion upon a group is frequently more marked than when working with a solo subject. The element of self-consciousness is eliminated when being part of a crowd; also the factor of imitation is present.

Seeing the suggestions working upon another has a strong effect favouring its working upon oneself. Words form the backbone of suggestions. Words are "triggers to action". That is, we have become so conditioned to words that our response to them is automatic. The principles given in this chapter are important to your work as a stage hypnotist. The more effectively you leam how to present suggestions the more masterful a performer you will become. Using the physiological method of the human energies mesmerism ; 2.

The psychological method via suggestion. For most powerful results, these methods should be combined. This process of combining the physiological with the psychological is recommended throughout this text.

It will make you a master stage hypnotist, as this combination gives you "Power Hypnosis". A hypnotic power resides within you to influence others. Everyone has the power. It is an influence which you can learn to exert under volitional control. As a stage hypnotist, you learn how to use this power for sensational effects upon the stage. Power Hypnosis is the influence of mind upon mind, so, to understand its operation, you must first learn some things about the nature of mind.

Mind is nothing tangible; it is nothing you can place your finger on; it is present in everyone. You know you have a mind, but do you really know what you have? Mind is a process for producing thoughts, and thoughts are things. In other words, thoughts are forms of energy arranged in certain patterns. Some refer to such as "thought forms". The more effectively you learn how to use your mind, the more powerful the "thought forms" you can produce, and powerful "thought forms" carry influence even across space.

The brain acts like an electrical transformer in stepping up the current, while the nervous system provides the wires which conveys the current throughout the body. Mind produces thoughts which the brain amplifies. The stronger the amplification the more powerful are the thoughts which can influence others directly.

The operation is like the process of induction, in which two coils of wire are spaced apart. One coil is electrically charged with an impulse and it is transmitted through space to the other coil. Each resonates to the same tune, as it were. In the Orient, the concept is presented in a more romantic manner. Mind is likened to a lake of still water. The hypnotist causes ripples to occur in his lake and the person towards whom his thoughts are directed obtains similar ripples in their lake.

The mental energy used appears to be of two types: magnetic energy referred to as "raw energy" generated within the body and telepathic energy generated within the mind. The raw energy gives the power while telepathic energy gives the direction. The two work together as a unit in applying Power Hypnosis. The operation of the two energies in combination is what Mesmer referred to as "animal magnetism". Mesmer may have been off on some of his theories, but beyond question he was a great hypnotist.

A "thought form" is mental energy with a purpose. In the case of stage hypnotism it is Power Hypnosis used to produce striking hypnotic results upon the stage with an eager audience watching.

For a "thought form" to be powerful it must be charged with energy, and that energy comes from the hypnotist. Actually, it comes from the body of the hypnotist, for it is a physical thing. That is, it is physical as far as your method of producing it and experiencing it is concerned, although I rather suspect there are more subtle aspects involved as well. However, as this is a practical book in demonstrational hypnotism, you will be given a physical exercise to develop the energy.

Do this: Begin by looking upon your body as your personal reservoir of energy collected from the universe. Consider your body as functioning like an electrical condenser to store energy, which may be discharged for specific purposes, as directed by the mind.

The purpose you are learning to use it for is to hypnotise profoundly your subjects. Now, close your eyes and think of the universe as being like a great ocean of energy, and you are like an inlet of that ocean. The energy of the universe is there for your taking, to use it as you will. Energy is vibration and vibration is motion.

Sit in a chair, extend your arms in front of yourself, and start shaking your hands vigorously. Shake them in any direction, any way they want to go. Just shake them wildly, in absolute freedom. You start with effort, but soon the shaking will become effortless, and it will seem to occur almost by itself.

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As you do this, allow your mind to grow calm and experience yourself as the shaking continues. The time will come when it seems that it is no longer your hands that are shaking, rather it is you who are shaking both inside and outside.

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When you become the shaking rather than just doing the shaking, you will begin to feel yourself filling with energy; an energy that somehow seems both mental and physical, at one and the same time. After you 24 Your Hypnotic Power have become the shaking of your hands, and have had enough of this activity for awhile, relax your hands in your lap, and rest a bit.

You are now ready to perform another associated process which brings the shaking to your entire body, in an automatic way, bringing you great quantities of this vital energy. Stand erect, close your eyes, and allow your whole body to vibrate. You will find this easy to do, as you have already started the energy flowing throughout your body. So, now just allow your whole body to become energy, allowing your body to melt and dissolve its boundaries. Just stand relaxed, loose and natural.

You do not have to do anything; you are simply there waiting for something to happen; all you have to do is cooperate with it and allow it. The cooperation should not become too direct, it should not be a pushing; it should remain just an allowing.

You will find that your body will start making movements on its own. What movements it makes depends on you; all persons are different. Possibly your head will twitch and your body will start shaking in different ways. Just allow it to take on the shaking freely, and shake any way it wants to go.

Possibly your body will make subtle movements like a little dance, your hands move, your legs move seemingly on their own, and your entire body starts shaking with subconscious movements all over, and all you have to do is allow the shaking to happen.

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The energy is very subtle, so do not resist it. Just allow it to develop on its own; and, as it does, think of the shaking as being the energy of the universe coming into you. When you have had enough of this automatic shaking of your body just stop. You can stop anytime you please. Now, stand still with your eyes closed and breathe deeply and fully while directing this energy towards your brain. Visualise your brain as glowing like a ball of energy, and from the brain passing through every nerve of your body, permeating every fibre of your being.

Use your imagination in doing this. In your mind's eye see the energy you have brought into your body flowing throughout your entire body. You are alive with energy. Never be afraid to use your imagination.

Imagination is the creative power of the mind. Everything starts in the imagination. Now, how do you feel? You will feel yourself alive with vital energy. Test it for yourself: Extend your arms and direct the energy into your hands, and you will feel your fingers tingle, as though an electrical current were passing out of them. Bring the fingertips of each hand towards the other, spaced about an inch apart.

You will experience the flow of energy between your 25 The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism hands. Touch your fingertips together in front of a black cloth; then separate them a little, and move them back and forth an inch each way.

Ormond McGill

Observe what is there. You will see lines of "misty radiance" flowing between them. This is the "raw energy" of the hypnotist. When you place on this energy telepathic energy thought forms the latter riding piggyback, as it were, it is then that you have Power Hypnosis.