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PET Teacher - Special TRB Exam Study Material- Question with Answer - Test 4 .. )​​; PG TRB English Study Material Unit 9 - PDF Download - Click. Tamil Nadu TRB TET TNPSC TRB PG CHEMISTRY ENGLISH MEDIUM STUDY MATERIAL DOWNLOAD TRB STUDY MATERIALS (1).pdf - Download as PDF. Trb Physics Study Material - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. DFGM.

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TNPSC Recruitment For Drugs Inspector, Junior Analyst Posts | TNPSC · Black Holes Are Not Just A Predictable Guess | Exam Notes · Clock Questions In . TNTET - Department Permission Letter (pdf) ஆசிரியர் PG TRB COMMERCE STUDY MATERIALS CLICK HERE. IMPORTANT STUDY MATERIALS PG TRB ECONOMICS UNIT I BY ARCHANAKUMAR DHARMAPURI -CLICK. ); Drawing Teacher Post Special TET Exam Study Material-1 [PDF Download] - Click Here ( ); PG TRB Economics Study Material 5 .

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If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email. College Party Planning May 28, at am Hello very cool blog!! I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally? Bose-Einstein Statistics is applied to the system identical. Which of the following is a wrong statement?

Homomorphism exists between the two groups. There exist many to one correspondence The representation by similarity transformation is Reducible representation For non-conservative system.

In canonical ensembles sub —systems exchange energy but not particles www. The macrostate is defined by pressure. Every cyclic group is Finite If Ln x is the Laguerre polynomlal of degree n. Four persons are chosen at random from a group containing three men.

F is continuous If Hn x is the Hermite polynomial of order n..

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The Legendre polybnomial Pn x has none of these a n real zeros between 0 and 1 b n zeros of which only one is between -1 and 1 c 2n-1 real zeros between -1 and 1 The rank of the matrix is 3 The variance of the heights about the mean is 0. A is called Commutative law The counting efficiency of a G. The Periodic Table shows all the known elements The purpose for which the parity bit is added is error detection The number of memory locations which the microprocessor can address is According to Boolean algebraic laws A.

In a homogeneous reactor the moderator is cadmium Decibel is a unit that measures intensity of sound D.

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All even-even nuclei have the same parity A group of D flip-flops connected in parallel are Counters The machine in which the magnetic field is kept constant and frequency of the applied voltage is varied is cyclotron The simplest radiator is called yagi antenna The space between anode and cathode in magnetron oscillator is cavity The decimal equivalent of is An operator P is said to be Hermitian if its average value in any state is imaginary At absolute zero.

Nickel salt solution is ferromagnetic The value of mechanical equivalent of heat is 4. Soft magnetic materials show large coercivity and retentivity The temperature at which the resistance of mercury drops to zero is 4. Superconductivity has never been observed in alloys of metals At the transition temperature there is a discontinuous change in specific heat During adiabatic process the entropy of the system remains constant Susceptibility of diamagnetic materials is always negative Which of the following statement is wrong?

If reversible engine is working between K and K. As pressure on a liquid increases. According to quantum theory.. The eigen values of matrix 5 4 1 2 18 1.

On increasing the temperature. A and B stand in a ring with 10 others. In Binomial distribution the probability of r success in n independent trials is nCrprqn-r According to Born-Oppenheimer approximation electronic. If the arrangement of the persons is at random. In NMR the nucleus may be visualized as a rotating spherical charge with the magnetic moment pointing perpendicular to the axis of rotation The greatest line integral when computed for unit area is called flux of the vector field.

Fermi-Dirac statistics is applicable to electrons of high concentration D.. The microstate is defined by pressure. Study of transition between magnetic energy levels of nuclel of a molecule is NMR Nutation is a rotation about line of nodes The identity transformation is represented by D If Pn x is the Legendre polynomial of order n then Pn -x is -1 nPn x The angular momentum of a rotating body is said to be conserved if external torque is zero Isomorphism exists between two groups where exists many to one corresponds A group that has only two normal subgroups.

Rule of mutual exclusion prevails between IR and Raman spectra The eigen values of a skew Hermitian matrix are purely imaginary A group generated by a single element is called cyclic group Pure vibrationals spectra are observed only in solids At absolute zero temperature.

The mechanism of interaction in microwave spectrum is change of spin The moment of Inertia coefficient is expressed asIxx Dielectric constant of a medium is greater than 1 The diamagnetic behavior of superconductor is known as Meissner effect.

The phase space is 6N dimensional space The unit of electric susceptibility is No unit D.

Spin waves are lattice vibration in solids In a PN junction diode.. A moving rod of length 1m and velocity Lagrangian L is expressed as L q.

Of the following which is not paramagnetic? NO ExH represents rate of flow of energy through unit area Gauss law relates flux and charge As pressure on solids increases. A nucleus in a chemical surround different from that of a source does not absorb the same frequency..

The momentum of an electron moving with a velocity The process applied in hydrogen bomb is fission fusion Conversion of Gray code to binary is Lande g factor for pure orbital motion is lies between 1 and 2 This effect is referred to as Chemical shift The energy released on conversion of 1g matter into energy is 0. The threshold energy required fission of Uranium by photon is 7 Mev Bloch wall denotes the transition layer which separates alternate domains magnetised in same direction By BCS theory.

The system in which digits are expressed in powers of 10 is decimal The value of one electron-volt is 1. B A flip-flop is also called bistable multivibrator In the data bus and address bus are multiplexed in lower byte Word comparator makes use of XOR The purpose for which parity bit is added is error detection The process of generating binary codes is encoding www. The transition probability per unit time is zero only between continuum states of same energy The voltage gain of an ideal Op-Amp is infinity D.

The accelerator that works on the principle of synchronous acceleration is Betatron The operators which admit only real eigen values are called Hermittian operator Vapour Bubble forms from a superheated liquid in bubble chamber Which of the following is a zero address instruction?

JNZ Schmitt trigger converts irregular waveforms to square Of the following statement which is not correct? The average energy released per fission is MeV The average binding energy per nucleon of a nucleus in an atom is 8 MeV For a free particle. Which of the following is used as a moderator in nuclear reactor Heavy water The lightest metal is Lithium Nuclear forces are stronger than all of these forces gravitational forces.

Born approximation is best applied where the kinetic energy of colliding particles is small in comparison with the interaction energy If L represents the total angular momentum operator. Orthonormal functions are functions which are orthogonal and normalized A device which converts one from of energy into another is called transducer The operators which admit only real eigen values are called hermitian operators The addressing mode in which the operand is specified within the instruction itself is direct addressing The mass equivalent of MeV energy is A fuse wire is characterised by low resistance and high melting point D.

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For a metal. The expectation value of any quantity f. Franck-Condon principle is used in electronic spectroscopy www. The diamagnetic bahaviour of superconductor is Meissner effect Of the following which is not ferromagnetic?

In AC Josephson effect. By BCS theory.. Which one of the following is not diamagnetic? Iron The temperature above which ferromagnetic substance becomes paramagnetic is Curie temperature Which of the following is not true with respect to Raman Effect? Separation of charges In Raman spectra. According to special theory of relativity mass length and time all are relative The total radiated power by an oscillating dipole varies directly as square of the dipole moment and in versely as the square of wavelength www..

Pure vibrational spectra are observed only in liquids A metre scale moves with a velocity 0. Frequency of vibration is directly proportional to squrare root of force constant The vibration-rotation spectrum of a diatomic molecule will have both P and R branches each consisting of equidistant lines of separation 2B A linear molecule of N atoms has 3N-5 vibrational degrees of freedom The correct relativistic relation between energy E.

Which of the following will not give IR absorption spectrum? CO Its length will be 0. Magnetic induction B at a point r.. A Particle of rest mass m moves with a velocity 0.

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In terms of scalar and vector potentials. What is the fractional changes in mass? Of the following statements. If Pn x is the Legendre Polynomial of order n. The moment of inertia coefficient is expressed as Ixx The number of irreducible representation is equal to the number of classes of the group A problem is given to three students A.

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A square matrix A is said to be Hhermitian. Grand canonical ensemble is one which allows exchange of both The eigen values of the matrix 01 1 0 11 are 0. In Binomial distribution. The elements do not commute with each other in an Abelian group Instruction to clear the accumulator is SUB A In immediate addressing mode the data is specified in the instruction itself Which of the following is volatile memory? The operator ………….