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Using WinQSB to solve Linear Programming Models Assume we wish to solve the transship problem depicted in the following network diagram. Save this PDF as: WORD PNG Download "Using the WinQSB Software in Critical Path Analysis". Error: .. Tutorial: Estimation and Planning Examples. Friday. Save this PDF as: The WinQSB is the Windows version of the QSB software package. .. Jump-Start Tutorial For ProcessModel

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WinQSB= Windows based (Quantitative System for Business WinQSB has Using WinQSB to solve Linear Programming Models. Assume we wish to solve the transship problem depicted in the following network diagram. Minimize Z. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more.

Kamil Peterek 2 College of logistics p. This method is also part of the course Theory of systems in both forms of study and therefore the contribution is focused on the usability of the WinQSB in the teaching process of the subject Theory of systems. The paper presents our first experience with its use, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this product. Using of the software is demonstrated in a case study with the solution of the Critical Path Method. Its aim is to determine the duration of the project on the basis of length called: a critical path, which is a sequence of interdependent activities with the least time to spare. CPM enables to facilitate the effective temporal coordination of each successive project activities. The critical path is defined as the time-longest possible route from the start point to the end point of the directed graph.

Winqsb pdf tutorial

WinQSB is an application whose goal is to make easier the task of taking decisions on Download. Discover the magic of the Internet.

A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. Prentice Hall is an imprint of Pearson. No matter what type of decision you are facing, WinQSB can help.

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My copy of this text has the ISBN. Thank you for downloading WinQSB.

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Join for free Download full-text PDF. The third criterion was to use the software also in other subjects. And we found WinQSB.

Using the WinQSB Software in Critical Path Analysis

The following table summarizes the most important ones. Source: own. There is thus a large number of publications in which this method is clearly and distinctly described e.

Given the focus of the article and space limitations, it is appropriate to recall the fundamental elements of the CPM.


In applying the CPM, there are several steps that can be summarized as follows: 1. Define the required tasks and put them down in an ordered sequenced list. Create a flowchart or other diagram showing each task in relation to the others. Identify the critical and non-critical relationships paths among tasks.

Determine the expected completion or execution time for each task. Locate or devise alternatives backups for the most critical paths. In general, there are two basic methods of solution. The first is to use only directed graph and calculate the required variables directly in this graph.

The critical path is often shown in a different color often red. Although this process is rapid, but the representation is not always legible. An alternative is to use tables, which enumerate to any desired value. It's difficult to calculate, but the representation is more readable. Both methods, however, have a common Gantt chart as the final presentation of the found solutions.

For the CPM is the most important finding critical paths and activities on them.

Using the WinQSB Software in Critical Path Analysis | Systems Science | Applied Mathematics

But it is needed to look for that activities of the project, which are not on the critical paths. These activities, we should not forget and focus in their commentaries on them also, because of the possible optimization of individual project activities Fig. It is quite challenging to legibly construct a Gantt chart and if we could use some recovery programs we work on this issue much easier.

This is an opening of the new branch of the company. Week and total costs planning, based on earlier or latest times 2. Solve the problem using CRASH durations In figure 7 are presented the results in table form and in figure 8, in graphical form.

Winqsb pdf tutorial

Figure 7. Results table 46 Figure 8. Results on graphical form Figure 9. Critical path representation CP1 and CP2 It shows that the total duration of the project is diminished with 9 weeks, being in this case of 16 weeks. The critical paths activities are the same, being also presented in the table above.

Sensitivity Analysis This type of analysis allows us to apply some restrictions referring to the project budget or duration and to determine cost repartition in the direction that this one will be as low as possible. For our project, the total duration is desired to be 15 weeks. The obtained after wood results are presented in figure Results for finalizing the project in 15 weeks 3.

PERT Method.