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At the same time, I was helped enormously by reading and re-reading Ken and Donald's best-selling book Unlimited Selling Power. In fact, I read and underlined . Author: Donald Moine; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Cover of Donald Moine's Book Unlimited Selling Power How To Master Hypnotic Selling. explored in great depth in my book Men, Women, and Relationships: Making Peace with the. Opposite Sex.) Although the be.

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Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Skills and millions of other books are available for site Kindle. Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Selling Skills Paperback – March 1, Dr. Moine also writes sales script books and sales trainign films for. Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Donald J., [date]. Unlimited selling power: how to master hypnotic skills / by Donald J. Moine and Kenneth Lloyd. p, cm. Success. Strategies For Unlimited Selling Power. Nightingale Conant. Page# 1. The Four Key Skills of Hypnotic Selling Verbal Suggestion Non-Verbal.

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Researchers have found that there are four distinct techniques for sending hypnotic messages to another individual. Beginning on the next page, you'll learn how to put these methods to work for you. Here are four ways to send practically irresistible suggestions By skillfully using verbal suggestion, you set up expectations that become self-fulfilling prophesies.

Example: "You are going to love what this computer can do! Example: By adopting the body language of your customer, you send a subliminal message that says,"Trust me, because I am like you. Example: "Think of how haaaapppyyyy your wife will be with this new car! Example: Instead of telling a prospect to sit down, you softly ask, "Are you a little tired of standing up? Answers are printed upside down at the bottom of the page. Looking directly at the customer, you say, "This is a house that's going to go up, up, up in value!

As a jewelry salesperson, you rub your eyes and ask, "Aren't you tired of looking at the same old watch every day? When a customer has a habit of continuously scratching his head, you pick up a similar mannerism. As the customer glances at the new car you're offering her, you say, "You're going to be very glad you bought this car! When the customer tries on the diamond ring you're selling you exclaim, "That's beeeeauuuutiful! Perhaps you've admired a master real estate salesperson leading a downloader to see a clear image of his or her family enjoying the fireplace of a new home.

Perhaps you've listened as a master car salesperson leads a sales prospect to hear the purr of the engine and to feel the steering wheel in his hands, all before getting into the car!

A mesmerized customer is in a suggestible, imaginative, and highly download-oriented state known as ideosensory trance.

PDF Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Selling Skills (I…

To create ideosensory trance, you can use the skills of Verbal, Non-Verbal, Intraverbal, and Extraverbal Suggestion to bring the benefits of your product or service to life in your customer's mind.

Use sense-sational words. What advantages will clients see when they own your product? What compliments will they hear? Are there any benefits they will smell, taste or feel?

Selling power pdf unlimited

Once your customers mentally own your product or service, it won't be long before they own it in reality! You can also use negative ideosensory images to encourage a downloading decision. Suppose you're selling life insurance to the co-owner of a multimillion dollar business. You can cause him to see himself overwhelmed with work if his partner suddenly passed away.

You can have him feel the anxiety of not knowing whether his business will survive. What positive ideosensory images can you associate with your product or service? How can you use negative ideosensory images to influence a reluctant downloader? Amnesia is another hypnotic technique that can help you close deals. Sales superstars have an uncanny ability to triggerthis "forgetting" response in their customers, especially about the products of a competitor.

Selling power pdf unlimited

To create mesmerizing amnesia in your prospects, use words like forget In the space below, write a brief script in which you create mesmerizing amnesia in selling your product or service to a customer. Hypernesia is the flipside of amnesia. The basis of hypernesia is telling your customers what they will remember.

For example, "You may be lying in bed tonight, and you'll think about the beauty of this yacht. Write a brief script in which you combine the techniques of positive ideosensory images with hypernesia to create positive hypernesia. Hint: You will probably help the customer to remember all the positive aspects of your product or service.

Positive revivication is used by top salespeople, politicians and religious leaders to cause listeners to relive past experiences. The purpose is to tap into the positive emotions associated with those occasions or events. On the other hand, negative revivication can cause a prospect to relive the disappointments, frustrations, and delays caused by not owning your product or service. Read the paragraphs below, and then label them as positive or negative revivication.

When you could leave your window open on a hot night without fear? This book tripled my sales in a short time. The hypernesia, ideosensory trance and revivication techiques are so effective and easy to use that they should be illegal. The book also offers a series of exercises on how to personalize the techniques for your own products and services. How to build a sales script book and concludes with strategies to become a sales champion and how to overcome stress.

Some people may be turned off by the affirmations I found that they worked when accompanied with visualization and techniques explained. Learning how to turn negative thoughts into positive actions was especially useful to me and my sales team. This is a lexicon of solid, practical persuasion verbiage that you can use in your arsenal to help you get past the prejuidiced biases of prospects. I've implemented several of the techniques the author suggests as well as created a book of my own phrases and terms to use when the need arises.

This has helped to shape my very own verbal arsenal. Not that you'll rely on ALL of the techniques offered in this manual rather that they're ready and at hand to use when the time comes up. About Author: Donald Moine, an international sales psychologist who has closely studied the careers of high achievers including CEOs of Fortune companies and past presidents of the United States, observes, "Drive is one of the most transparent factors in the careers of ultrasuccessful individuals.

But the drive itself will not yield productive results unless the energy is there to actualize it.

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One of the most overlooked factors in the success of Donald Trump is that he possesses a high level of energy that he can focus on any task at hand to overcome obstacles, wear down opponents and persist until he has achieved his desired goals. He wrote the first Ph. Donald began actively trading the stock markets in while an undergraduate at the University of California. In , Dr. Moine and John Herd wrote the first book on neuro-linguistic programming NLP applied to sales and marketing.

This book, Modern Persuasion Strategies, published by Prentice-Hall in , went on to become a business best-seller in more than one dozen countries. Moine has been hired by dozens of major corporations around the world to help with special marketing projects. More importantly, his clients have been able to expand their businesses and create several thousand new jobs in a variety of industries.

Moine, two of his partners and four of Dr. Moine's consultants. Home Federal was able to save formerly threatened jobs. Our areas of expertise are sales and marketing effectiveness and investment strategy. We are focused on helping our clients achieve their profitability goals.

Unlimited Selling Power

In the investment field, we devote our efforts to helping clients maximize investment income. Moine designs Income Portfolios. NLP is the science of how words and language program human thought and behavior. Versions of Neuro-Linguistic Programming were later popularized by media-superstar Tony Robbins and others. Moine's first book on NLP and sales published in by Prentice Hall , literally changed the way sales and marketing campaigns are conducted around the world.

Moine and New York Times syndicated columnist Dr. Ken Lloyd wrote Unlimited Selling Power, which has been one of the best-selling marketing books ever. Success magazine selected Unlimited Selling Power as one of the top 10 sales books of all time. Donald Moine has served as a consultant to dozens of other firms on four continents.

In addition to working with multi-billion dollar firms, Donald also works with many smaller companies, entrepreneurs, successful business owners, and professionals primarily financial advisors, insurance professionals, famous speakers, top real estate trainers, authors.

Donald Moine has worked as a consultant and advisor to a number of well-known international marketing experts including Jay Abraham and Ted Thomas.

He has served as the personal coach to several famous television and media personalities including Dave del Dotto and Charles Givens. More than executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, financial planners, stockbrokers, attorneys and other professionals and business people over the past twenty years have chosen Dr.