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I. The Way of Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy) · Read more Night Angel Trilogy (The Way of Shadows; Shadow's Edge; Beyond the Shadows) · Read more. The Way of the Shadows. Read more Night Angel Trilogy (The Way of Shadows; Shadow's Edge; Beyond the Shadows). Read more. From NYT bestselling author Brent Weeks comes the first novel in his breakout fantasy trilogy in which a young boy trains under the city's most legendary and.

He stared at the narrow space beneath the wall, trying to get his nerve up. Most taverns in the city had dirt floors, but this part of the Warrens had been built over marshland, and not even drunks wanted to drink standing ankle-deep in mud, so the tavern had been raised a few inches on stilts and floored with stout bamboo poles. Coins sometimes dropped through the gaps in the bamboo, and the crawlspace was too small for most people to go after them. Worst was the pressure of the bamboo against your back, flattening you every time a patron walked overhead. Last time, he got stuck and spent hours panicking until it rained and the ground softened beneath him enough that he could dig himself out. It was muddy now, and there would be no patrons, and Azoth had seen the tomcat leave. It should be fine.

Say I want to make Dhampir emomancer named… Drake. I want him to have cool and broody powers based on shadows and darkness because vampires.

Its a common enough cliche concept that you expect to be supported so Drake will be my measuring stick. Maybe Black Tentacles counts, but not too much shadow going on. Maybe I do need this book. Its looking like Drake does if he wants his concept to be vivid.

The Way of Shadows

Well as of this sentence I have yet to read it so let me take a look inside to see what Drake can do. After introductions, including a blurb about the low amount of shadow magic in the game, we get to chapter 1 and the new base class, The Nightblade. Its a general half-caster chassis. The class features are interesting and have some flavor to them.

Shadows of War PDF

Shadow surges are unlimited but you can only have one at a time and it takes a standard action to make one. You can spend the shadow surge on various other class features.

It reminds me of psionic focus or maneuvers. There's a bit of teleportation through shadows and some extra surges among other abilities.

Of the pdf way shadows

Nothing is overpowered but Drake is pretty happy. Chapter two gives us some new options for Nightblades and other classes, including a dew Advanced Class Guide classes. Alchemist, Antipaladin and Rogue win out on the cool factor here, other than that there's nothing to get too excited about unless you really want to run your darkness themes.

The Nightblade archetypes are really nice though. Of course there are a bunch of new spells all for shadow themes.

Shadows the way pdf of

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The Way of Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy)

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An Extract from The Way of Shadows - Orbit Books

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