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Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright Suzanne Wright, Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack # 1) #Phoenix Pack#Wicked Cravings#Suzanne Wright. 7 notesHide 7 notes . Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack #1) by Suzanne Wright EPUB download. Despite having been besotted with Dante Garcea since she was a child, wolf shifter Jaime Farrow figures that it's time to move past the crush. If he w. [DOWNLOAD IN @PDF] Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack, #2) EPUB PDF to download this book, on the last page. Author: Suzanne Wright.

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Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack 1) - Suzanne KB. Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack 2) - Suzanne KB. Carnal Secrets ( The. Read Wicked Cravings read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Wicked Cravings is a Fantasy novel by Suzanne Wright. Start by marking “Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack, #2)” as Want to Read: Despite having been besotted with Dante Garcea since she was a child, wolf shifter Jaime Farrow figures that it’s time to move past the crush. Wow Wicked Cravings is another Great book in the Phoenix Pack.

This one was a emotional roller coster for me. I was screaming at my kindle, smiling, laughin, and tearing up while reading this book and was so hooked I couldn't put it down! Well someone else does, and if I want to fuck him, I goddamn motherfucking will! Only because Dante didn't share his woman, no tag teamin here! That was why the first book didn't get five stars. Dante: Dante is sexy, protective, and a bit on the controlling side, but sweet.

Neither are Vs. No rape. Yes to abuse. Yes to pushing away. View all 7 comments. Ok gorgeous readers, as you already know my furry alpha fetish was started with 'Feral sins'. So it may come as no surprise to you that I was taking my slice of PNR cake and eating it up with 'wicked cravings'. Yes this author knows how to make this Brit happy and if I wasn't before I'm now a fully fledged wolf loving fan.

So where to start, well I'll give you a little taster of what is all about Jamie Farrow is hiding a little more than her long term crush on beta male Dante Garcea. She's having trouble controlling her 'damaged' wolf and her insatiable desire for the one thing she has long desired. Trouble is when the object of her affections doesn't have time for a relationship where does that leave room for love? Once again this book slams you right into the world of shape shifting wolves, a world where possession, jealously and finding yourself means everything.

A story where there's everything to loose and a whole lot more to gain. In this second story of the series we get to know Dante Garcia the beta member of the Phoenix pack. He is Serious, possessive, domineering, dedicated to his job of protecting the pack and as an added bonus outlandishly gorgeous. His character is played out brilliantly and this story shows his struggle between the dedication of his job and allowing himself happiness.

Onto our heroine Jaime, much like other female characters in this authors books she is fully loveable, add to that Feisty and sassy and you've got yourself another favourite within the pack.

I think most readers would be hard up not to fall a little for this gorgeous pack member, her story and beauty a package that stole my heart. I can't talk about characters without mentioning Greta no one does evil like this Grandma, strong willed and feisty, her one liners and out right scandalous ways will have you wide eyed and laughing at what you have just read. The author has certainly created a host of characters that made me as a reader desperate for more in the series, and I'm more than a little addicted to the phoenix pack and future books to come.

As i've proclaimed before this author can E. Yes it's there. You want funny? Be prepared to laugh your socks off. You want hot? This is steamy. You fancy a romance? Look no further. Action your thing?

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It's got some of that too! Unrequited love get you going? Yes, you guessed it, it's got some. A few quotes just in case I haven't convinced you Now strip off your clothes. If you haven't guessed my recommendation yet: This is one satisfied reader! Since I'm so late to this party, I'll keep my review short and sweet. I loved Jamie. She was strong, determined, witty, vulnerable, protective, honest and filled with She was the perfect balance to Dante's Beta. And Dante He was just the best combination of assertive, dominant and possessive Alpha with supportive, passionate, loyal and caring mate.

He stood by Jamie every step of the way and refused to let her give up on her pack, their relationship or herself. And the sex Passion, fire, dirty talk, chemistry We're talking Grade A, panties off, ovaries exploded and may they rest in peace hottness! Because I'm so generous, here's a snippet of one of my favorite scenes. Beg me, and I'll fuck you as hard as you want. Beg me, Jamie. To Glory and Laurie I say Seriously you whores I had a hard time putting this book down.

I don't read much PNR and after finishing this book, I seriously wonder why? This book gave me everything I look for in a romance I do have to admit, a negative I have with this book and I can't remember if it was this way in the first book but the POV flips flops back and forth a lot.

[PDF] Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack Series Book 2) by Suzanne Wri…

It can get a little confusing at times, especially when it goes back and forth every other paragraph. Other than that, this series is fantastic!! I've enjoyed the first two books in this series and can't wait to see what else is in store for the members of this pack!

View all 22 comments. Review posted: All the banters, smexy scenes, a little bit of drama and no freaking angst made a really happy girl while I was reading it! He is dominant, strong, silent, understanding, always there if someone needs help and also he is a little bit broody.

He is not sure that he ever wants to be mated because of the baggage that comes with it. After a painful heartbreak his a still vulnerable when it comes to relationships. That changes when he meets the new member of the pack, although she is not a unknow person for him because they were always together when they were children - Jamie. Her easy going nature and amazing body makes her too much for him to resist.

Due an accident years ago her wolf is now caged animal inside her, an animal who she is not letting to surface because of fear. Her inner battles don't stop her from trying to live her life on it's fullest.

Her Beta is a man who she has always admired. Though when she stops showing her affection towards him things so chaotic.

Wright wicked cravings epub suzanne

Man's ego is a big thing and Dante's one is not an exception. Their relationship is passionate, real, raw and gritty. They both have to work for it. To overcome their fears, together. How about playing gynecologists? That's why I love this author, she manages to capture your attention so easily and the words are practically flowing.

Things weren't dragging too long to happen and the plot was perfect! And although I found some similarities from the first book, I enjoyed this one from the first page to the last! This man would be the dead of me! Every single phrase by him got me giggling like a school girl! He has a habit of dishing out cheesy lines. I missed these two crazy heads! That should calm you down. View all 17 comments. If you still haven't read Feral Sins , what are doing sitting here reading this review?

Run and read it now! Although this can be read as a standalone, it loses so much of the background if you don't read the 1st.

All my favorite characters from the past book were in this: Trey, Taryn, and even grouchy ol' Greta "Taryn gave Jaime a pleading look. I had high hopes for Wicked Cravings. I was so scared that this would be a dud since how do you possibly follow up on the pure awesome that was "Feral Sins".

So color me surprised and happy when this exceeded my wildest expectations. Suzanne Wright, I might have developed a girl crush on you now, and I am hoping beyond hope that you give us Nick and Shaya's story next. But I digress again Dante and Jaime were fantastic characters.

Jaime is now another of my all time favorite heroines. I loved her kick-butt attitude even in the light of her "predicament" so to speak. Suzanne Wright did not disappoint with the typical snarky humor that I have come to associate with her books.

I found myself laughing like a loon for many parts of this book. Just some of my favorites were: She gets picked up, fingered, and thrown in the gutter, and yet she still comes back. When Tao turned and scowled at him, he shrugged innocently. I might have panted a little reading that hide spoiler ] I loved almost everything. I wasn't big on Jaime calling Dante "Popeye" all the time.

View all 18 comments. Apr 28, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: I have to lead in with one of the hottest, most possessive sexy quotes I've ever read: Beg me and I'll fuck you as hard as you want. No matter how many times she told him she could take his roughness, he always held back a little Beg me, Jaime Jaime had me worried for a minute at the beginning of this book, as she was following Dante around like a puppy and acting way too submissive and desperate for my tastes.

But rest assured, while she doesn't quite have Taryn beat for in-your-face attitude, she most assuredly holds her own. Jaime has loved Dante since she was a kid Now that she joined the Phoenix Pack, she once again sees him every day, and her admiration is just as strong as ever. And Jaime's wolf has nothing but tragedy and fear in her past. Even Jaime fears her own wolf, to the extent that she can't even allow herself to shift, in fear that her wolf will see everyone as a threat As another obstacle, Dante's first love is his role as Beta of the pack, and it leaves no time for anything more than a quick shag.

He knows of Jaime's crush, and being the good guy he is, would never take advantage of her like that. He takes his pleasure elsewhere. Everyone knows that her claim is false, but it's just another stress that Dante doesn't need, especially with the pack hierarchies and alliances still fairly new. When Jaime finally gives up on Dante and tries to enter the dating pool, Dante's intense jealousy makes him wonder if there is more to the little she-wolf than he originally thought.

Because once he sees her as a woman, he can't stop the rage he feels when he sees her with another male And his wolf is pissed! He wants the she wolf What's a guy to do? His role as beta must come first, and he knows that he could never truly commit to a female in fear of her resenting his responsibilities. This one didn't pack quite the punch that Feral Sins did, but there's not many females that can top Taryn's overpowering attitude. Jaime held her own, though, and proved to everyone that she's more than a background character.

I'm an animal lover myself, so I latched on to the fact that she works at an animal rescue shelter Jaime has empathy in spades, and it takes awhile, but I love how steadfast in her devotion to Dante she was. She knows that they belong together My Dante I see all dark headed male wolves as Joe Manganiello, tee hee!

Another amazing dominant male who won't give up until he has what he wants. That intense kind of passion that he shows is exactly what I like to read Dante wouldn't say she mattered to him.

Yeah, okay, she mattered to him. I'm keeping you. If you think you have a choice, that's not my problem Wright excels at writing intense love scenes, helped along by the fact that she can't seem to write a truly submissive character.

There's something so powerful about two people who are forced into finding out how to hand over control I'm ending with some funnies, because this is such a quotable book! While Dante is interrogating an attacker: Sweat was beading the captive's forehead and greasing his hair. Easy to remember. Mind if I call you fuck for short? Give me a knife, I'll do it! View all 38 comments. For him, it was another way to mark her as his. He might not be able to claim her as his mate, but he could sure as hell mark her in as many ways as he could.

This was a H U G E disappointment.. I mean, come on, Dante and Jaime practically took over for Trey and Taryn It felt like Dante was the damn Alpha of the pack, not Trey. Dante really lost my respect of how disloyal he was to Trey.. Jaime was waaaay too much like Taryn. It's like Suzanne had just changed the name and looks, but kept the same personality for them She even took her damn bestfriend, Shaya?! Hell no! She nodded toward Taryn, who was laughing on the reclining end of the sectional sofa.

Trey placed a possessive, protective hand on her pregnant belly. Their bond was so strong and solid it was almost visible. It had Jaime feeling a little jealous.

Perhaps I would have loved this book, or liked it more, if I had read this one first or if I didn't love Trey and Taryn so damn much.. I don't know.. But what I do know is that I found this book really boring and I considered many times to quit the book. If it wasn't for the small Trey and Taryn moments, then I'm sure I would have ended up quitting it instead of finishing it All this book did to me was to make me tired, bored and loose respect of Dante: Sep 22, Deborah rated it liked it.

As with Feral Sins I'm very late to this party so again I'll keep it short. This is a very similar book to the previous one including true mates who don't know they're true mates.

One of the things I've always liked about shifter books is the way they instantly recognise their mates but that's not the case here, even sex doesn't clue them in which makes the whole mating game a bit of a lottery. Jaime is very much like Taryn, strong, loyal and sarcastic which means she's a good female lead but she' As with Feral Sins I'm very late to this party so again I'll keep it short. Jaime is very much like Taryn, strong, loyal and sarcastic which means she's a good female lead but she's not as good as Taryn.

Dante is the hardworking Beta who puts the pack before himself. I don't think it helped that I moved straight from one book to the other since they are so similar I would have preferred Nick and Shaya's story first I think to separate these books. I know I'm being picky but One conversation with Leif is all it would have taken in fact it's hard to imagine he was there for so long and didn't say something, did Laurie keep him locked in a room the whole time.

View all 9 comments. Wicked Cravings is Dante and Jaime's story. I don't think I liked this one as well as Feral Sins but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was a little slow in parts Dante is the Beta of the pack. He and Jaime were in the same pack as kids before Dante eventually left for the Phoenix Pack, where Jaime later joined. Jaime has always crushed on Dante and Dante has crushed on Jaime but Dante doesn't do relationships or date within his Pack.

Especially 3. Especially after starting the imprinting process with another woman, only to have her leave him for her true mate, Dante's brother. Jaime thinks she is broken. After an attack on her family, she has to keep her wolf caged inside. Her wolf is always in protect and attack mode after that happened.

Therefore, Jaime believes herself to be a danger to others. Dante discovers what Jaime is hiding and decides to help her and watch over. He believes that training her will give her the strength she needs to fight her wolf internally.

They eventually discover that they are true mates. I love that there isn't a lot of unnecessary drama any these books. The drama usually involves outside threats from other Packs. We got to see more from the rest of the Pack, which is fun. Dominic is one of my favorite characters so I am hoping he gets a book. I didn't find the banter quite as funny in this one.

It had the hot sex that Suzanne Wright is known for I'm looking forward to reading Sheya and Nick's story. View all 24 comments. Nov 11, Vishous rated it liked it Shelves: View all 51 comments. Jan 06, Denisa rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was so much better than I expected! Maybe I'm book deprived, or maybe this book really was that good, the truth is I really enjoyed this one! True, I need books like an alcoholic needs his daily drink, so maybe it's just the "starvation" talking Still, it's worth trying out!

I loved the characters and how they evolved, I liked the plot and the writing was excellent. So, seeing that we're during the football championship, this book was a GOAL to me! Apr 12, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: The ingenious twist of paranormal, sexy steam, witty writing, and amazing characters is what makes this series a gem!

I enjoyed this book just as much, if not more, then the first book. He takes his job very seriously and lives every moment to train his enforcers in order to protect the pac 4. He takes his job very seriously and lives every moment to train his enforcers in order to protect the pack.

Dante has decided that he will not have a mate. He doesn't need a relationship to distract him from his job. He doesn't want a woman to meddle with his ability to work.

He did, and so did his wolf. When his mate came along, she would rightfully want all of him, she would demand to be at the center of his life, and she would expect his loyalty to be with her, first and foremost. For a Beta, that could be a problem. Although Dante works hard to make his feelings on having a life mate clear, the fates have another plan in mind for Dante. Jaime is a wolf in the pack. She recently transferred to the Phoenix Pack. She grew up with Dante and always had a serious crush on him.

Jaime is living with a secret. Although she has been living her life as a submissive wolf, she is in fact a dominant wolf. Her wolf is unstable. Because of a traumatic experience, in which Jaime witnessed as a young child, she hasn't been able to let her wolf be free. She fears that if she does, she will loose herself forever.

A cage so impenetrable that it prevented her wolf from surfacing. Now that she has revealed her secret, Dante has a need to protect her and help heal her. Finally, after years of pursuing Dante, he is paying attention to her. The sexual tension is so tight between the two you can almost hear a rubber band stretching to the limit.

You know it is only a matter of time before everything will snap. Now that her secret is out, some of the pack is hesitant to keep her around. Dante is determined to keep an eye on her and help her learn to control her wolf. Dante begins to understand what it would feel like to have someone distort him from his duties with the pack. Jaime and Dante have a dynamic relationship. Jaime isn't afraid to fight Dante. She is terrified that she can never truly be with someone as her wolf may lash out and overtake her.

Dante needs to grow emotionally while Jaime needs to gain the physical strength to ward off her wayward wolf.

Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright

Overall, Wicked Cravings was a fantastic read. I absolutely adored Dante and Jaime. Individually they are unique and together they are magnificent. The writing is so natural and it offers a quick wit. The way the Ms. Wright continues to interweave the characters of the pack offers the reader the ability to sink in and join the pack! It feels so natural to read about being claimed, mated, claiming ceremonies, biting, fighting, shifting, and everything pack related.

When an author invites you into their world and you don't want to leave, you know you have found a series that is worth the investment. Bravo Ms. View all 13 comments. I could not wait to read his book. He is the Beta of the Phoenix Pack and one calm, cool cucumber. That is, until Jaime comes over to his pack. They grew up together in his old pack and Jaime has always had a crush on him but she's decided she's done with that and boy, does that get Dante's attention!

I really felt like I was doing a reread of Feral Sins with the names changed But it's basically the same ol' story. Alpha male doesn't really want a relationship or won't admit it and Alpha female doesn't either although she really does , they fight it and keep secrets from each other. Then some big drama happens and it makes them realize how much they really like each other and they have hot, steamy sex. The females wolves are damage but of course love heals everything!! And they live happily ever after!

It probably would've been better for me to wait longer between reading the two books. These wolves like to dominate like no other.

There is nothing sacred. Spankins and back door luvins are a given. Neck holds? Pin the female down? Tie the female up? Of course. Oh, and I can't forget the biting Don't get me wrong Who am I kidding??!! That's why we're reading this book right? I finally had a chance to read the edited version and I like it better, I was glad there was none of that in this book. I didn't end up liking Dante as much as I thought I would. There's a part where they go to a birthday party and Dante runs into his ex.

I was not a happy camper about the way he treated Jaime and she wasn't either. Thankfully, he does wise up but I'm really torn if I like the 'before' Dante or the 'after'! I did enjoy Jaime. She is a lot like Taryn but way less sarcastic.

Suzanne wright cravings epub wicked

What happened to her was really sad and I really felt for her wolf but As much as I think the story is sort of the same, I do really enjoy the couples together. I think Dante and Jaime were much more emotional and their connection was more intense. They both needed the other to open up and enjoy their lives.

It made the whole true mate idea more acceptable. It was way too easy to figure out the bad guys too and I really wanted to smack some foreheads! But I felt really bad for Leif. I hope things work out for him. All the members of the Phoenix Pack are involved and I really liked getting to know them better. I really like Gabe and I think him and Holly make a great pair. It will be interesting to see what becomes of them.

I think my new favorite is Dominic I certainly liked him more in this book but we'll see. Maybe if he calms down on the one liners! I'm looking forward to seeing who his mate is! I also can't wait to find out more about Shaya and Nick. I hope the time between books will help change up the story. Favorite quotes: View all 66 comments. Apr 15, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I LOVE her one liners and the humor she has in them!! My Kindle is lit up like a Christmas tree with the amount of highlights I have throughout the whole story!

The characters are ones that I have loved from the start, and I'm so looking forward to future installments. I have my fingers crossed for the next book to be about Nick and Shaya; I am dying to see these two get together! This book is about Dante, the Pack's Beta; and Jamie, who has a big secret hidden inside that she is terrified to reveal to her pack. This couple have a history together as well. They have known each other for many years from another pack, and Dante has always felt protective over Jamie, and she has been extremely attracted to him.

Jamie has become frustrated though, as Dante has made it very clear that he wants no relationship due to his own past hurts. Jamie decides to lay off of Dante, and try and move on. Of course when that happens, Dante doesn't so much like that Jamie seems indifferent to him and he sets out to find out why all of a sudden she is backing off.

The sexual tension between these two is on fire, and when they finally do give in to their desires it is HOT!! I love how possessive Dante is, and how he is willing to put Jamie before anything else.. Jamie is a kick ass female, and she is loyal as well as tough to her core.

I loved how Dante was willing to stand with Jamie, and protect her even when most of the pack seemed like they were against her. He never gave up on her and for that he has ended up to be my favorite male of the whole pack. This series is a must read! It has everything a great paranormal romance should have: If hot shifters are your things, don't miss out on the "Phoenix Pack", they are hands down hard to beat! View all 23 comments.

Love triangle? Now tbf, it did seem a bit TOO similar to book one. Feisty sarcastic strong heroine with a problem with her wolf. Super Alpha hero with hidden depths and trauma. Not actually recognising your true mate. Sarcastic and tetchy relationship between heroine and Greta BUT, I am still really loving it. It is a funny engaging series that is hugely enjoyable.

The situation toward the end had me worried and wondering how it would be fixed, and I almost shed a tear myself along with Dante, but ofc it all comes good.

View 1 comment. I didn't love it as much as Feral Sins Still 5 Stars! Suzanne Wright is definitely on my favorite author list these days. I always really enjoy everything she writes. In this second series installment, she took us back to the Phoenix Pack for Beta Dante's story. I enjoyed Jamie too, but sometimes she seemed a little too much like Taryn, namely in her dealings with Greta; however, Jamie was different enough from Taryn that it's not like they were c I didn't love it as much as Feral Sins I enjoyed Jamie too, but sometimes she seemed a little too much like Taryn, namely in her dealings with Greta; however, Jamie was different enough from Taryn that it's not like they were carbon copies For me, the chemistry between the characters trumps everything and Wright always brings that to the table in spades.

She definitely brought it in this one. I really hope their story comes next The wait for this one seemed soooo long and Shaya and Nick's story has all the elements to be soooo awesome!

Quick and dirty. I think I liked this one more then the first and if you haven't read Ferrel Sins yet - stop what your doing and get started on it! Jamie was awesome and snarky. Dante was possessive and protective. I loved both of their backstories. I enjoyed the plot. The whole book seemed to flow perfectly. Despite the issues the drama wasn't over the top, and not once did I want to hurt either of our main charact Quick and dirty.

Despite the issues the drama wasn't over the top, and not once did I want to hurt either of our main characters. Oh, but there were a few people I wouldn't have minded bitch slapping. Let's just say Dante's taste in women before Jamie is seriously suspect. I am insanely excited about the next book, and I'm pretty much ready to cut the balls off our next hero at this point.

There better be some good grovel in the next installment. View all 14 comments. Jan 09, NMmomof4 rated it liked it Shelves: I was in a little bit of a funk with my books lately where I knew I needed to step outside my box and read something different, and this fit the bill.

I'm not a huge fan of pnr, but when I do get in these funks it is a good genre to go to. Any Mageus who enters Manhattan becomes trapped by the Brink, a dark energy barrier that confines them to the island.

Crossing it means losing their power—and often their lives. But Old New York is a dangerous world ruled by ruthless gangs and secret societies, a world where the very air crackles with magic. Nothing is as it seems, including the Magician himself. And for Esta to save her future, she may have to betray everyone in the past. Lisa Maxwell. The Last Magician 1 of 6. The Last Magician 2 of 6. The Last Magician 3 of 6. The Last Magician 4 of 6. The Last Magician 5 of 6.

The Last Magician 6 of 6. Iriwka Gordeeva. Toufik Ahmed pinned post 11 Jul Rowling J. Play Add Share More. Play next. Delete playlist. Add to community. Delete from community. Copy link. There are no audio files in this playlist. With the assistance of Sherlock Holmes and Dr.

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The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter 3 of 5.