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The Quest by Wilbur Smith - The fourth book in the epic Egyptian seriesThe fourth book in the epic Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!. Egypt is struck by a series of terrible plagues that cripple the kingdom. The Nile fails and the waters that nourish and sustain the land dry up. Find out more. The Quest book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Wilbur Smith returns with the eagerly awaited sequel to his thrilling Eg.

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Read "The Quest The Egyptian Series 4" by Wilbur Smith available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. She is omnivorous. Read "The Quest" by Wilbur Smith available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. The fourth book in the epic Egyptian series The . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Fans of bestseller Smith's ancient Egyptian series Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction.

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Wilbur Smith

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The Quest (Ancient Egypt, #4) by Wilbur Smith

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Wilbur smith the quest ebook free download

Golden Fox. Gold Mine. Desert God. The Leopard Hunts in Darkness. The Eye of the Tiger. The Dark of the Sun. He had followed Taita and protected him for more than half his own lifetime, but he was still never entirely certain whether the other was serious or merely jesting with him. Have we reached the end of our journey?

Meren gazed after him for a few moments, then his bluff, handsome features creased into a grin of rueful resignation. I have waited a long time for your coming. On it sat a childlike figure, a boy who seemed no older than eleven years.

The boy turned the fatuous remark with a smile. He had the brown face of a mischievous monkey, but his smile was so winsome that Meren could not help but return it. I am the messenger. There is still some way to go. Even in the cold he wore only a loincloth. His smooth bare torso was a dark chestnut colour, yet he carried on his back a hump like that of a camel, grotesque and shocking.

He saw their expressions and smiled again. The track took many twists and turns and without him they would have lost it a hundred times. As they descended, the air grew warmer and they were able at last to shed their furs and go on bareheaded.

On the second day they came to the end of the bamboo forests and followed the path into thick jungle with galleries that met overhead and blotted out the sunlight.

The air was warm and heavy with the scent of damp earth and rotting plants. Birds of bright plumage flashed over their heads, small monkeys chattered and gibbered on the top branches and brilliantly coloured butterflies hovered over the flowering vines. With dramatic suddenness the jungle ended and they came out into an open plain that extended about a league to the opposite wall of the jungle.

In the centre of this clearing stood a mighty edifice.

Smith the quest ebook wilbur

The towers, turrets and terraces were built from butter-yellow stone blocks, and the entire complex was surrounded by a high wall of the same stone.

The decorative statues and panels that covered the exterior depicted a riot of naked men and voluptuous women. Every conceivable conjunction of human bodies was carved into the yellow stone. Now the path beneath their feet was paved and they followed it to the gateway in the outer wall of the temple. The massive teak gates stood open.

They went through the gateway, and then even Taita blinked with surprise, for they found themselves in a marvellous garden. The smooth green lawns were studded with clumps of flowering shrubs and fruit trees, many of which were already in full bearing, the plump fruits ripening lusciously. Even Taita, who was a learned herbalist and horticulturist, did not recognize some of the exotic species. The flower-beds were a splendour of dazzling colours. Near the gateway three young women were seated on the lawn.

When they saw the travellers they sprang up and ran lightly to meet them.

Ebook quest wilbur the smith

Laughing and dancing with excitement, they kissed and embraced both Taita and Meren. The first apsara was slim, golden-haired and lovely.

She, too, appeared girlish, for her creamy skin was unblemished. The second apsara had dark hair and slanted eyes. Her skin was as translucent as beeswax and polished, like ivory carved by a master craftsman. She was magnificent in the full bloom of womanhood.

Her eyes were a startling turquoise green, her hair was flaming auburn, and her teeth were white and perfect. When she kissed Taita her breath was as perfumed as any of the flowers in the garden. Kashyap and Samana told us you were coming. They sent us to meet you. You bring us joy. Having lived so long with the Magus, he was no longer surprised by even the most bizarre and magical phenomena.

The apsaras took them into the temple. After the bright hot sunlight of the garden the high halls were cool and dim, the air scented by the incense-burners that stood before golden images of the goddess Saraswati.

Priests and priestesses in flowing saffron robes worshipped before them, while more apsaras flitted through the shadows like butterflies. Some came to kiss and hug the strangers. At last Wu Lu, Tansid and Astrata took the two by the hand and led them down a long gallery, into the living quarters of the temple.

In the refectory the women served them bowls of stewed vegetables and cups of sweet red wine. They had been on meagre rations for so long that even Taita ate hungrily. When they were replete, Tansid took Taita to the chamber that had been set aside for him.

She helped him undress and made him stand in a copper basin of warm water while she sponged his weary body. She was like a mother tending a child, so natural and gentle that Taita felt no embarrassment even when she ran the sponge over the ugly scar of his castration. After she had dried him, she led him to the sleeping mat and sat beside him, singing softly, until he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Wu Lu and Astrata led Meren to another chamber. As Tansid had done for Taita, they bathed him, then settled him to sleep on his mat. Meren tried to keep them with him, but he was exhausted and his efforts half-hearted.

They giggled and slipped away.