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Follow Every Rainbow book. Read 31 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Meena Bindra did it. Jasu Shilpi did it. Nina Lekhi did it. Fo. The book's blurb reads: Follow Every Rainbow is the story of 25 enterprising women who took up a challenge. They raised a family as well as a. Books to Read for entrepreneurs - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A list of Rashmi Bansal I have a Bansal Follow Every Rainbow.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert. She is the author of four bestselling books on entrepreneurship. Being an eminent entrepreneur and author herself, Rashmi Bansal is also This book Follow Every Rainbow is a well-researched book having. ABOUT RASHMI  Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a youth Hungry Stay Foolish, this was the first book by Rashmi Bansal. PLOT OF BOOK Follow Every Rainbow is about the success and inspiring stories of 25 female entrepreneurs categorised under three sections.

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She frequently illustrates her ideas with accounts of those who have risen to unexpected heights. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rashmi Bansal.

Follow every rainbow book by Rasmi Bansal

Youth Developers. Retrieved 5 November An Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur! Satyam Sarvaiya. Retrieved 17 March Rashmi Bansal". New York Times.

Retrieved 7 November Authority control ISNI: Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: It will open up your mind like never before to the immense power of a woman. And in this nation of ours where we worship female goddesses such as Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, Kali, Devaki, etc. Respect a woman, support her in her endeavours and see the magic she creates — that is the central theme of this book.

And every man and woman should remember this. This review first appeared on my blog www.

Follow Every Rainbow

Jun 24, Jui J rated it it was amazing. Follow Every Rainbow is the book on stories of some India's amazing women entrepreneurs. Each story inspires not by their monetary success but by their extraordinary efforts and passion to achieve dreams. With taking care of family needs, these women make her own identity out of the walls of her own kitchen which is truly spectacular.

Follow Every Rainbow

The mountaineer at the age of 50 climbs Mt. Everest, the sculptor who makes huge bronze sculptors by herself, a girl who starts her business of bags and turns it to Follow Every Rainbow is the book on stories of some India's amazing women entrepreneurs. Everest, the sculptor who makes huge bronze sculptors by herself, a girl who starts her business of bags and turns it to big brand 'Baggit' , a lady who jumps into pharma business to save her family business and just excels into it, a woman who just starts her own women boutique and it becomes 'Biba'..

They all have shown that there are no limits in any fields by being a woman and say 'Follow every rainbow' in their actions.. Apr 14, Chetan Hegde M rated it it was amazing Shelves: Awesome cool story of 25 Women Entrepreneurs, who have made a mark in the world of business, from different backgrounds but with one single dream of Following Every Rainbow, i.

A Must Read for all those who want to follow their dreams and achieve something in life. I was unable to put down this book once I started reading it and each story is a story of determination and courage to achieve so Awesome cool story of 25 Women Entrepreneurs, who have made a mark in the world of business, from different backgrounds but with one single dream of Following Every Rainbow, i.

I was unable to put down this book once I started reading it and each story is a story of determination and courage to achieve something in life.

Every pdf follow rainbow bansal by rashmi

My Rating: Sep 02, Megha rated it really liked it Shelves: All of Rashmi Bansal's books are a based on life of entrepreneurs, this one being special since it not only talks about entrepreneurs who worked with their families, but also those who fought against odds to survive and those who left a high-flying career to make a name.. Amongst other things that you learn from the book, 'perseverance' is definitely my important learning..

Overall, a ple.. Overall, a pleasant read.. Jun 26, Debolina Bhattacharya rated it really liked it. This book is written in very simple English, making it a very easy read! It is an inspiring book for all those out there, especially women, who want to make a mark in their lives: Sep 26, Aakanksha rated it really liked it. I think every woman has her own inner-self.

Even when she strives to maintain her family balance, she is strong enough to follow her dreams and through them serve not only to her family but to the whole society. A must read for every ambitious lady. May 27, Padmini Rath rated it it was amazing. First generation women entrepreneurs are rare in India. The author narrates here some of the inspiring stories.

She tells that with family support and passion,women in India can excel as top-notch entrepreneurs May 16, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Book Name: Follow Every Rainbow Author: Entrepreneurship by women is still considered as a taboo in some sections of the Indian Society. While there are numerous such hurdles for women, Follow Every Rainbow presents us with the stories of 25 women who fought their way through difficulties and achieved their dreams.

Juggling family responsibilities, these 25 women entrepreneurs have proved that women though being different from men, can be equally successful. Follow Ev Book Name: Follow Every Rainbow is divided into three sections named Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga, each representing unique women power. The section Lakshmi is devoted to entrepreneurs, who with the support of their family achieved success and also made it a point to not compromise family over work.

The section Durga is about women who had to fight all hindrances that came in their way and had to battle for their dreams. The last section, Saraswati consists of the stories of educated women entrepreneurs.

Bansal by every rashmi follow pdf rainbow

I do judge a book by its cover and the cover was kinda cute. Grammatical errors did irk my reading pace but I was always interested in women entrepreneurship, it fascinated me to read on. Dedication to mother in law which was a real surprise.

Life is to see the possibilities more rather than the obstacles and I do agree that family can either be a support structure or a liability but I feel it can be a mixed ratio too in some cases. Clarity of mind and purpose goes a long way. Yes, for sure! Be Career focused — This is good in one perspective but not at the cost of sacrificing family. Be far ahead of men — The question is not that but the answer is - Have a life of self respect and happiness.

We need not prove to any one or any man that we are superior than them. Success can be had together also, hand in hand. They give us time to recuperate which is the real freedom for a woman. I agree that Life is tough, we have to get used to it.

Rashmi Bansal

The moment we breathe that all is well, suddenly something shatters and that feel to just hang on, the feel that this too will pass , the thought that there is light at the end of the tunnel, does motivate me in the long way but without people believing in us and in our skills, its difficult. All the stories mentioned did have a small idea which was eventually evolved, then they faced a lot of hurdles and labels by people and ultimately it culminated in them being labeled as Women Entrepreneur.

This book is motivational but not all stories are same because everyone has a different story to tell.. So which is your story in these?

Read it to find out. Mar 14, Gaurangi rated it really liked it. Follow Every Rainbow! What 'success' means, is something only you can decide. The entire book is divided into three sections. Because success is not som Follow Every Rainbow!

Because success is not something you seek for self, it's sweeter when shared with all. Durga - circumstances forced these women to be enterprising, to fight for survival. They rose to the challenge, slaying demons within and without.

Rashmi rainbow bansal pdf every by follow

Tapping into divine energy or Shakti which lies dormant in each of us. Saraswati - Armed with professional education, these women's are craving out an identity through entrepreneurship. They enjoy an unusual amount of freedom to be who they wish to be, beyond traditional roles This book will boost your energy to do something different for yourself, your family, your nation Always remember this - " Climb every mountain, Ford every stream, Follow every Rainbow, Till you find your dream.

A dream that will need, All the love you can give, Every day of your life, For as long as you live. Jul 03, Sangeeta Sumesh rated it really liked it. Inspiring real life success stories of first generation women entrepreneurs, against all odds. Jun 19, Isha Bhalla rated it it was amazing. Totally in love with this book, have been recommending it to all my friends!

Jul 02, Manoj Joshi rated it it was ok. Can be read once as a glance. Jan 12, Fatema rated it it was amazing. It is just so inspiring!

To get to know about the lives of these ordinary women, who by their efforts and dedication created an extraordinary life for themselves. Jun 27, Sundarraj Kaushik rated it liked it. The book is about women entrepreneurs who have succeeded or are in the process of succeeding in their ventures. The book is in three parts; the first part is about women from wealthy families who have grown their own ventures without financial help from their family; the second part is about women who have succeeded in the face of adversity; and the third are the ones who have succeeded, thanks to their education.

The books has a strong smell of feminism. Many of the entrepreneurs in the book. In The book is about women entrepreneurs who have succeeded or are in the process of succeeding in their ventures. In many places it appears that the women are enjoying the revenge of bettering the menfolk for having suppressed by them for thus long in the human history.

Unlike the opinion of W.

Pdf follow every bansal by rainbow rashmi

Dubois who says that the Africans should learn to live equally, not by exacting revenge, with the white folk, the women seem to indicate that women must exact revenge. Having said that there are some very insightful statements. Here are couple that I liked. A good life is like a good meal - don't put too much on your plate. Only as much as you can eat, and what you enjoy. There are were also many that smells of antagonist feminism.

Here are some that I absolutely disliked. In my view women can make better entrepreneur than men because women have more patience and they have more ability to multitask. I think perseverance and patience are two things that all women are naturally born with. One common theme that runs across is that the entrepreneurs succeed if they have support from their family, not just the parents, and husbands but also from in-laws.

This should hold good for the men too and that is why the adage "Behind every successful man is a woman" Limited to wives or mothers. In a similar way will we say "Behind every successful woman there is a man". At least after reading the amount of support the husbands extended to the successful women? May 02, Tony Sheldon rated it really liked it. Good but not great. The stories were not that interesting leaving a bunch of them.

The research was not thorough and the book repeated the same thing over and over again. Yes it was meant for women entrepreneurs but the advice sometime was just not right. And for most of the time it seemed the stories repeated the same format-Women faced problem.. This needed more material Oct 02, Priyanka Rao rated it really liked it. Sometimes in life you need a kick, to make yourself believe that you can do anything.

Nothing can stop you, you just have to trust yourself, that's what this book teaches you!! An inspiring book, with 25 remarkable journeys of women who made their destiny not by luck, but by hardworking and having faith in their own self.

A must read for every woman, who wants to make a difference in any way to her life!! Pick it up and read it!! It's worth reading!! Jan 28, Deepika Jain rated it really liked it. This books truly inspires you to make something out of your valued life and how a simple idea can make wonders. The insatiable spirit of women entrepreneurs who believed in their ideas and had guts to follow them despite of the hardships is commendable. The author has itched together the stories of such awe inspiring women very beautifully.

Oct 27, Sanchita Sarkar rated it really liked it.