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manga chasers' coolest free pdf ebooks! here you'll find drawings, sketches & concepts not shown How to D VELVET KISS VOLUME 2 (HENTAI MANGA). Manga Mania Shonen.r - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Read Manga Mania Universe PDF The Massive Book of Drawing Manga ( Drawing With Christopher Hart Ebook by Christopher tvnovellas.infohed.

Some mutants can swim and breathe underwater as well as on land. I This dragon's fiery breath begins as a narrow stream of fire, then bursts at the end. Animal-Base n many graphic novels and anime shows, the hero has been cursed. The curse can take many forms, but often an animal demon latches onto the hero, and he or she is doomed to carry the burden of evil forever. The accursed person can often transform back and forth from magical animal to human, such as when super strength and powers are needed. Here are some of the most popular types of creatures that are used for animal legends.

Spin-offs[ edit ] The first Tenchi spinoff is the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy series, a magical girl series where Sasami is the lead character.

The first use of Pretty Sammy was in the Tenchi Muyo! Sound File, a Japanese-only music video release. The same animation was used in the ending of the Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special.

This series is in a separate continuity from the OVA series. Pretty Sammy also appears in the Mihoshi Special toward the end of Mihoshi's story, and in an alternate reality sequence in the Tenchi Universe series.

Ryo-ohki universe, or more specifically, its recent installment, Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar. Tenchi Muyo!

Mania pdf manga

War on Geminar copies a number of elements from Photon: The Idiot Adventures, such as Koros, Aho energy, having a princess named Lashara, and a young hero with such strong superhuman abilities he's practically invincible. The method artists use to measure a character's height is to count heads. Simply measure the size of the head and count how many "heads" tall the figure is. Drawing horizontal lines behind the figure, as shown on these pages, makes it easy to do the math. Normal people measure about 6 heads tall, but our fighter boy is over 7 Side View Strong shoulders heads tall!

Mania pdf manga

Older teens and characters in their twenties can be taller still. And note that except for kids and young teens, most shonen characters are drawn with relatively small heads, compared to their bodies. It's the thing that differentiates shonen characters from shojo characters, who have big heads and huge eyes. Side View Long, flowing hair Long legs Platform soles give her added height 5 6 7 The hero's girl measures 7 heads tall.

Wild hair Avery controlled, poised stance Tall boots with high heels 3 5 6 7 Side View Mate The young teen is 12 to 14 years old, and the older teen is anywhere from 15 to 19 years, or sometimes even in his early twenties. Even though they are quite different in appearance, they are often featured in the same story and fight on 'Female Besides being taller, the older female character has a curvier, more mature build.

The younger girl is a bit of a tomboy and has a smaller, more compact upper body. Both, however, have extra-long legs. The younger girl sports a fighter's outfit, while the older teen gal wears a sexy, exotic dress. It's almost like a big brother-little brother relationship, except that the younger character can handle himself every bit as well as the older character, due to his expert fighting abilities and indomitable spirit.

The loner The Muscle" Muqiccd 'friends The leuder The True-Blue 'friend Demon Action Tattoos anga action characters don't always wear flamboyant costumes like those of their counterparts in American comics. So tattoos are often used to jazz up a character and give him or her an edge. Sotl]etimes the tattoo is of a dragon, a predatory bird or a mythical beast.

[PDF] Manga Mania Fantasy Worlds: How to Draw the Amazing Worlds of J…

Even an abstract design will do. Words don't work, because they are part of the artwork and won't get translated when the graphic novel is published in other languages. This guy's arm is decorated with a tattoo of a phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes.

If one has a tattoo on her face and the other doesn't, the reader is unlikely to mix them up. Makinq Weirdos Even Weirder! When you've got villains, it's a perfect time to think tattoos-especially creepy facial tattoos. Here we've got some characters with evil intent See how their strange tattoos emphasize their villainy? They also make them look a little You'll also learn to use forced perspective to create intense action poses and discover the secrets for drawing pulse-pounding fight scenes.

So grab your pencil and paper and get ready for some action! Body leans into run, at a steep diagonal Ctassic Run: Side View You've gotta be able to draw an effective run, especially if you've got bad guys in your story-and what's an action story without bad guys?

Your hero has to either catch 'em or run from 'em! First and foremost, always show your character leaning into the pose. Never draw him running with his back up straight. Think "diagonals!

Manga Mania Shonen.r

Weight- bearing "push-off" leg Do draw the runner leaning forward, at a diagonal. Tuck the front leg and aim the knee straight ahead. This makes the pose look more streamlined. Do plant the back foot on the ground, so he can push off of it. Don't Don't draw both legs coming off the ground at the same time: He'll look like he's floating. Arm curves around body - - Cfussfc Run: Bend the front knee slightly so it acts like a shock absorber.

Do draw the back leg lifted off the ground and the front arm coming across the body. Don't draw the pose in mid- stride. It makes the character look goofy, like he's skipping! Remember, you need to show that one leg is bearing some weight. In this pose, neither leg bears any weight. Don't draw both arms away from the body or the figure will look stiff.

This is the all-out, no-holds-barred run. The diagonal along which his body is clfigned is much more severe thcln in the classic, traditional run. You can feel the power and determination in his stride. Do draw the runner leaning closer to the ground as he picks up speed. The faster the run, the more he leans into it. Tuck the front leg and straighten the 11 push-off 11 rear leg.

And open the front hand to give the pose some variety. Don't Don't lift the back leg off the ground; he needs a 11 push-off" leg. Don't allow the front foot to droop-keep it tucked! Arm partially disappears behind torso Oon't Don't hold the arm back in a straightened, locked position. It makes the character look stiff. Do bend the striking arm at the elbow and pull it back, stretching the chest muscles. If you want a punch to look super-powerful, take it back a step to show the character cocking his arm.

It's the equivalent of setting a fuse: It heightens the anticipation of the moment. Build the suspense! Show that he's going to explode with a huge punch. You can undo all your good work if the placement of the non-striking arm isn't correct. Thumb facing down in punch Oo! Do draw the non-striking arm tucked in tight to the body, with the clenched fist up by the head. In this way, the fighter protects his torso and head with one arm as he attacks with the other.

And, just as important, the punching fist must be turned so the thumb faces the ground. Chin buried , snaiJs back Mnkinq Contact In this pose, the reaction to the punch is just as important as the punch itself. Think about it: If you draw a great punching pose, but it doesn't have much effect on the person on the receiving end, then the punch will look weak.

A really powerful punch will almost lift the other guy off the ground and snap his head in the opposite direction! Do draw the punch as you would see it a beat after it has already made contact. Show the puncher bending at the waist and leaning into the action and show her opponent's head snapping back from the blow.

Don't Don't leave her arm hanging straight out there after she's already made contact-it needs to follow through. Also, she needs to lean into the punch, so don't draw her standing upright. And don't show him knocked slightly off balance-send him flying with that blow! Arm moves away from body to allow room for kick Leg gets longer and wider as it comes toward us 'f1qinq Kick Can you see how dramatic this pose is simply because she's kicking at us rather than being shown in a side view?

We've greatly exaggerated her kicking foot and leg while reducing the size of her torso, arms and head. This is the type of high-impact pose you can get only with forced perspective. Foot greatly exaggerated Non-kickin9 leg tucks 1. See the power of forced perspective? That kick looks like it's really coming at us. How much perspective did we actually use?

To see just how extreme the perspective really is, compare how small his head is to how large his kicking foot is. The foot is more than twice as big as his head!

Don't hesitate to be extreme when using forced perspective.

Download Manga Mania Fantasy Worlds: How to Draw the Amazing Worlds of Japanese Comics PDF

Note, too, that the near arm is 1V2 times longer than the far arm. Could you draw this same pose without forced perspective? But it wouldn't have nearly the same impact. So if it works so well, you miqht ask: Why don't we use it all the time? Because it would get tiresome to see the characters constantly warped. The novelty, and hence the impact, would wear off.

Ultimately, it works because it's used infrequently. Runninq Sturt: Side View Note how the bodies torsos of both characters twist as they run.

This helps to avoid a flat look. Many beginners draw side views with the body facing directly sideways. Try to avoid that when your character is in a heavy action pose. Rotate the trunk of the body instead. This wm heJp lfOU fo cdiqn their ptoporf ions ttqttinsf rmcb other. Tbfs pttrf ttlwmts iukcs u bit of erasfnq ttnd redruwinq, so do11't be a perfecf ionisf r Runni! Your reader should be able to see the hero's face clearly, but only the back of the opponent's head.

Notice how the characters' heads are so dose together in this pose. This adds to the intensity of the action. Punching arm cocked back The streaks in the background are drawn in perspective. Instead of being parallel to the ground, they converge to the right of the panel, which is much more dramatic. Side View In a vicious clash, both characters may emerge from the impact without having hurt each other-that is, if their martial arts abilities are equal.

But sooner or later, one of them is going to land that powerhouse punch and tilt the fight decisively in his favor. You can't very well have one fighter stand there waiting to be hit, so both have to throw a punch But the winning fighter moves quickly to avoid the strike and counterpunch at the time.

Necjative SIJace! JiVes room to ftamehead [ Losing fighter stands more IIIJright Punching arm misses opponent's head by a decent margin Winning fighter puts all his weight into punch Notice how the background streaks direct our eyes to the action in the middle of the page, adding the element of perspective to an otherwise flat scene. Foot to qround Deep bend in knees Foot perpendicular ' togrolftld Opponent's punch clears head by a wide margin Non- punching armis cocked Punch twists head to the side Bare arms show off muscles l!

Panel Design for Action Comics ction-style manga has to be full of energy, and part of the energy in a graphic novel comes from the panel design. You don't want all basic squares-too boring.

And you certainly don't want all wild shapes-too annoying. Mixing them up keeps the reader on his or her toes. Basic panels, like squares and rectangles, are best to use when establishing the foundation of the story or conveying important information.

As the story gets rolling and picks up speed, you can throw in a few stylized panels to shake things up and break the monotony. Here are a variety of panel designs you can try. Don't be afraid to let the characters overlap or even break through the panels! All you need to be a satnurai is the right equipment, a cause beyond your own personal ambitions, and an indomitable fighting spirit. This chapter will show you all you need to know to draw shonen-style samurai.

Eyes set wide apart on youthful characters The mouth and nose are placed low on the face for young teens, including girls. Long, slightly curved blade with decorative handle l! If all else fails, try poison darts or a smoke bomb! Big, rounded forehead is a sign of youth Head pushed forward shows eagerness Side View Knot of hair ,tied with string The extra-wide stance is typical of a martial arts master who doesn't plan to back up one inch!

Rear View Foot points l straight ahead Sandals have thick, flat soles Tlle New Samurai The strength of manga is its ability to relate the characters to the reader. Teens don't necessarily want to read story after story about year-old samurai men, even if they are great stories. In order to capture the imagination of younger readers, the samurai heroes had to change as well. And the japanese creators of samurai stories were forward-looking in breaking their own conventions, so that today we think nothing of it when introduced to a year-old samurai warrior.

But it's taken some growing pains to get here! Straps hold knee guards in place Straps hold arm guards in place Tilted head for a feminine, coy look..

Street Warrior He's less of rl mrlrtirll rlrts devotee and more of the muscle behind a gang of thugs. Hey, no thugs, no story. Gotta have the thuqs. But first, he's going to create a little mayhem among the peasants and the common folk. Like making sure they pay him for "protection" -against himself! Sleeveless shirt is a sign of rebellion Samurai are humble: Pretentious, showy muscles mean he's not a true samurai.

Evil Samurai Grandmaster just because he's collecting social security doesn't mean he's a pushover-not when it comes to Asian martial arts. Some of the deadliest adversaries go for the early bird special at the local sushi diner.

He knows all the moves; after all, he invented most of them! He's what is known as a grandmaster. And he's the samurai you go to if you want to learn the deadly fighting arts.

Her hair is very long, typical of the magical girl genre. Grandmnster The pattern on his shoulder guard and the gracefully billowinq robe give this character a futuristic look. Female fighting masters move from one appealing pose to another, retaining a sense of controlled fury.

The trick to drawing them is to keep their moves athletic and feminine. Let's take a look. Girt Power! Fighter girls are crossover characters who capture both male and female fans. This is important for publishers, because the female market for manga huge.

So featuring strong female fightinrJ in manga good strategic sense-and great stories. Bend arm Bend knee Hair is part of action Notice how the trees narrow and converge as we look up at them, thanks to perspective.

Deep bend in supporting knee Guns are built on simple rectangles Hair flies to show action Slcetch the qun before arrns are in place Torso straight and " ready" Draw the gun using a ruler, for best results Gun rests on lcnee The geometric patches of light surrounded by black on the walls create the feeling of an abandoned building. Head and body turned in opposite directions IIV.

Second, varying your characters makes drawing more fun and your work more appealing to readers. In this chapter, you'll learn how to draw some of the most popular supporting characters in shonen manga. Weight- bearingleg is straight Cocky posture Knee lenght jacket High boots -- - -- It's more effective to give white-collar bad guys expressionless faces than to make them wild-eyed. Sloppy dresser shirt crawls up the belly!

Squarish head Large rib cage Muscles? He's got 'em. The tight T-shirt makes them look more pronounced. If you do this, you can omit the speed lines. Arm held out at side, as if it has a life of its own! Bishies idealized males like this guy are sleek and slender. Action Sttt1e Sci-fi action manga covers a wide spectrum, from classic science fiction with its high-tech gadgetry and spacecraft to urban cyber-punk characters who shoot up the streets or battle for territory after an apocalyptic war.

Monsters and battling robots are offshoots of sci-fi. Yet these are all sub-genres of the overall action style. We'll look at some of these characters throughout this book. Requfar Kid l! It adds a feeling of seriousness and mood to the story. Your character has to have a certain amount of height to wear one- they don't work on short characters. And they're not for comedic characters.

But they work great for characters on dangerous assignments. To highlight the dramatic effect, show the coattails flapping in the wind. The character designs of the beastly villains are deviously inventive.

Luckily for you, we're just going to draw these fiends. Are you ready?

Small head hiQhliQhts mammoth size of body Oversized fist, like a hammer Spiky projections rise from his head, back and shoulders like stalagmites from a cave floor. Lower lel s look like tree stumps The spike in the tail is not for scratching its back! Hands enlarged due to forced perspective Bovine-type horns point out instead of straight up I Rests on balls of feet, with heels pointed toward sky Ogres have terrible posture and always hunch over.

Manga Mania 1993-2000

Massive shoulders dominate upper body Summoninq -- Demons He uses his powers to conjure shadowy demons that do his dark bidding. Super Speed -- ctnd Bounce Cnpturinq Prett Multiple tongues make it easy to ensnare unsuspecting prey. This strange creature bounds from perch to perch leaving speed lines in its wake. Underwater Abilities Some mutants can swim and breathe underwater as well as on land.

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