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Star Carrier: Pierwsze uderzenie. By: Ian Douglas. Wiek XXV. Tajemniczy władcy Galaktycznego Imperium Sh'daar uznali, że gwałtowny. are using them against the entire galaxy, not just the Tarazet Star Empire, mighty though it is. Could . Star Carrier: Pierwsze uderzenie. b6jUyhSq - Download book Ball Lightning by Cixin Liu in PDF, EPub, Kindle , Mobi. Read book online free Ball Lightning by Cixin Liu.

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6 дн. назад Star Carrier: Pierwsze uderzenie by Ian Douglas is Science Fiction Wiek XXV. Tajemniczy władcy Galaktycznego Imperium Sh'daar uznali. Star Carrier: Pierwsze uderzenie by Ian Douglas is Science Fiction Wiek XXV. Tajemniczy władcy Galaktycznego Imperium Sh'daar uznali. Dark Mind (Star Carrier, Book 7) Ebook Download Star Carrier: Osobliwość Ebook Download · Star Carrier: Pierwsze uderzenie Ebook Download.

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It only took a couple of sorties in that game to bring back that excitement from my younger years. The pure joy of dogfighting was addicting enough that I wanted more in that same vein.

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When I couldn't be virtually blasting enemy fighters to bits, I wanted to be reading about someone else doing it. After a quick search on Goodreads, this is the book that I selected. I guess the question at this point is; knowing my existing expectations, does Star Carrier deliver the goods? When the characters are heavy in the action, then the book is pretty awesome. But when the action dies down, so does the pace of the tale.

ian douglas star carrier ebook

It's not that the book is boring. It's just that it's attempting to tell not only a combat story, but political stories behind the scenes as well. Mileage of these sections of the book vary wildly; some are interesting and help enhance the narrative, while others are repetitive and could have been trimmed.

But since this is a book about a space going aircraft carrier, there is much action to be had. Like any epic space yarn, Star Carrier: Earth Strike features multiple viewpoints, including a few chapters where we experience things from the antagonists points-of-view.

But the majority of the book takes place between two perspectives; fighter pilot Captain Trevor Gray and Rear Admiral Alexander Koenig. Admiral Koenig, being the commander of the battle group, which includes the carrier America as flagship, bears the brunt of the unfolding conflict on his shoulders. As one of only a few human officers of high rank who has fought the alien enemy, he is in a better position than most to make tactical decisions.

Sadly, all of his decisions are questioned by his Senate appointed Political Liaison think Russian political officers on nuclear submarines, a la The Hunt for Red October, which causes more than a bit of tension.

Admiral Koenig is a good sort, though he is a commander first and foremost. While he cares about the men and women under his command, his first priority is the safety of Earth, Mars, and the other Human colonies.

We do get some snippets into his personal life, but mostly his chapters are relegated to command decisions and their fallout. This is not a knock against his chapters at all, as someone at his level isn't going to be in the thick of things very often. Where Admiral Koenig is the one making far-reaching tactical decisions, Captain Trevor Gray is a pilot, and much more in the actual thick of things.

He is also more where the heart of the story lies. We get quite a bit of backstory for Captain Gray, which include how he ended up joining the Navy and becoming a pilot in the first place. While most of the Human citizenry have multiple implants that enhance their perceptions and access to digital systems around them, Capt.

Gray grew up without technological benefits, and has an uphill battle in a very tech-savvy society. This informs some of his behaviors, and gives him a bit more dimension.

While I appreciated the attempt to make Capt. Gray the heart of the tale, it didn't always come across well. Sometimes earnest, and sometimes clunky, it was a tough fit inside a tale of interstellar conflict against an alien race. There's a good chunk of the book where Captain Gray is not behind the controls of his fighter craft.

Carrier pierwsze uderzenie pdf star

Thankfully we get additional combat scenes from the viewpoint of Allyn, Captain Gray's flight leader. She is essentially the only other Human character with recurring chapters. She's mostly a cypher, as we really don't know much about her at all. But her chapters give us additional combat scenes, and as a rather exceptional pilot, the moments we spend with her rarely disappoint.

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