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Cover by Ben Morse (W) Ben Raab, Deric A. Hughes (A) Ben Morse Enter a world of endless wonder as Syfy's smash-hit dramedy makes its comic book debut!. Warehouse 13 Volume 1 book. Read 25 reviews Enter a world of endless wonder as Syfy's smash-hit dramedy makes its comic book debut! When a series of. Where the comic really shines, however, is where WAREHOUSE 13 also drew its . that normally define female protagonists in comic books.

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A tie-in comic book mini-series published by Dynamite Entertainment; the first issue being released in while the complete compilation of Volume One was . Enter a world of endless wonder as Syfy's smash-hit dramedy makes its comic book debut! When a series of sudden, unexplained sinkholes appear beneath the. Format: Comic Book Page Count: 32 pages. Rights: WW Age range: 16+. UPC: After a hundred and fifty years at the bottom of the ocean.

Sold Out SKU: C Rating: Hughes Artist: Ben Morse Genre: August Format: Comic Book Page Count: WW Age range:

Comic warehouse book 13

But the relationships between the W13 characters, the setup of the warehouse, and all those cool toys lying around really won me over. How did you pull that off?

BM: You are awfully nice to say so! But I do mostly err on the side of everything meshing together on the page over slaving on the faces being perfect, which for me really makes things look too static.

Book comic warehouse 13

Those are fun, and always a welcome change of pace. I think somewhere around the end of 2 I found a pretty good balance—settled on showing a lot of the boxes since the right angles give it an easy to follow structure, and then mixing that up with the shadows.

Warehouse 13 (2011 Dynamite) comic books

Moebius has always been a favorite, too. BM: Pretty great!

Twain gets the idea to use electrical apparitions another of Tesla invention that masquerade as forces of evil. The only problem? Morgan and Thomas Edison are in the business of real evil.

Book warehouse 13 comic

Image courtesy of Image Comics. There are gadgets from Tesla this time, Tesla is in person and ancient evil forces for heroes to best. Image Comics publishes the trade paperback.

These six issues proceeded to tell the story of a secret society that runs the world. Going back centuries, nine powerful families have run the world — and kept that fact secret. Each family controls politicians and prominent figures in their continental domains.

Artist Ben Morse Opens the Doors to the Warehouse 13 Comics

The focus of the series is the Mars Family. They are the most powerful and are in charge of North America.

Comic warehouse book 13

Throughout the story, we learn about what really happened at Roswell, the origin of the monster in Loch Ness, and how awesome a bugbear can be in a suit and a tie Jason is his name. Image courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. Both series give a sense of wonder at the history of the secret societies in the world, and for that, I think fans will like these comics.

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Despite ending with a cliffhanger, Dark Horse Comics has not announced any continuation of the series on their website. You can either collect the issues individually or get the trade paperback. Of these comics, there is no better arc than issues 7 to 12, released from August to January This arc sees Lara Croft going on a mission to find the sister of a friend who died in the first video game.

Yet, even still, the methods she uses in the game get more brutal and malicious as her character levels up. Privacy Policy. Five hundred years in the future the government monitors everything - including your mind. From the Ani-Max one-shot, year old Max Duncan becomes the most powerful boy in the world when he gains the power to absorb the abilities and physical characteristics of any animal James P.

Gail Simone is one of the most critically acclaimed and popular writers in the English language comic book industry today. Newsletter Sign-up.