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But for this to work, the players we coach must have their own opinions. I would often stop practice and ask them what they are feeling at a certain moment. For. PDF | TacTical PeriodizaTion: a new soccer Training aPProach " We can differentiate among traditional analytical training where the different factors are trained. The modern coach must strike a balance between strength and sensitivity. He was After Mourinho arrived at Chelsea, he handed out a strict code of conduct to.

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Jose Mourinho has used many different formations during his coaching career, in order to get It is very difficult to predict Mourinho's tactics during the attacking phase. The build-up can .. Available in Full Colour Print and eBook! PC | Mac. Taken from a pdf of 39 drills used by Mourinho while in his first stint as Chelsea Rules / Objectives: Coach to Improve Defensive & Offensive Transition play. Jose Mourinho Coaching Manual - [Free] Jose Mourinho Coaching Manual [PDF] [EPUB] -. JOSE MOURINHO COACHING MANUAL. Author: Stephan Mehler.

My objective is that all the clubs coaches understand the KEY ideas that lead and Co-ordinate all the processes related to building a successful squad. In this manner all referenced players should meet these demands. Any content printed or downloaded may not be sold on, licensed, transferred, copied or reproduced in whole or in part in any manner for any commercial use of any manner. The development of the clubs philosophy must be based on three fundamental principles:. The pressure is always done on the ball and not on the player.

Use of speed Shot control 2. Speed of thought and reaction 3. Strength in duels: In the air In 1 v 1 situations 5. Speed in short and medium distances 2. Strength — to defend the ball 4. Passing power Hands and feet passing and exiting. The Players in our System: Always in stance to think and execute. Choice 3. Passive to active passing 5. Speed control 1. Attitude to assume marking 1 vs 1.

Leader and Co-ordinator 3.

Mourinho Drills – Mourinho's Bible

Keeping and controlling position 9. Disciplined and Responsible 4.

No risks. Show himself to receive the ball 8. Speed in short. Duel capacity 4. Score goals 6. Awareness 2. Control the different 4. Passive to active Act as 2nd or 3rd man phase 6. Duel capacity defensively 6.

Pdf coaching mourinho

Co-ordination 4. Agility 5. Impulsion to head the ball defensively. Choice 2. Intelligence to ask Passive to active phase for the ball. Positional Play 3. Positional play 2. Control the different types of marking: Passing capacity 6. Shooting capacity 7. Co-ordination 5. The impulsion to head the ball in attack.

Pdf coaching mourinho

Speed resistance capacity 4. Recovering balls inside the penalty area 5. Passive to active phase 6. Always in stance to think and activate. Reaching positions 4. Technique whilst running co-ordination 3.

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Passing and crossing capacity 5. Dribbling capacity 6. Passive to active pass. Impulsion to head the ball in attack.

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Intelligence to pressurise as a team 4. Duel capacity 8.

Pdf coaching mourinho

Passing capacity 5. Finishing capacity with head also 7. Technique whilst running co-ordination and quality 1st touch 3. Integrated Education To train good people To instill healthy lifestyle habits For them to be happy with the way of life they have chosen A responsible approach to schoolwork. Exercises based on controlling.

Mourinho Coaching. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Philosophy The development of the clubs philosophy must be based on three fundamental principles: How Academy Football Works. Documents Similar To Mourinho Coaching. Bara Giri Wardhana. Juan Romero. Gertrude Ramsbottom. More From cherbiti. Mateus Vieira. Cherbiti Mohammed Amine. Popular in Human Activities.

The central zone is 10 yards x 40 yards and the 2 outside zones are 25 yards x 40 yards. The practice starts in one outside zone with one team in possession like above in the diagram.

Mourinho Coaching.pdf

We have 8 attackers red vs 6 defenders white and 1 neutral player blue. The white team has 4 defenders and 2 central midielders from the The Blues neutral play with whoever is in possession. In the central zone we have a 1v1 situation and 2 side forwards for the white team who only move along the sides.

In the other outside zone we have a 1v1 between white 9 and red 5. In the first zone, the red team has the objective to keep possession and they get 1 point when they complete passes.

Pdf coaching mourinho

The aim for the white team is to steal the ball and pass quickly into the central zone to Player One player is allowed to move into the central zone to provide quick support to him and receive a pass back.