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Anyone? I just found this: for $ each. Do they offer the whole trilogy as a single download?. my big toe the complete trilogy thomas Ebook my big toe the complete trilogy thomas, Book my big toe the complete trilogy thomas. Thomas Campbell My Big Toe Trilogy has actually been available for you can be downloaded with the kind of pdf, rar, kindle, zip, txt, ppt, and.

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DOWNLOAD PDF My big TOE: awakening, discovery, inner workings: a trilogy unifying philosophy, physics, and The Complete Alexander Galaxus Trilogy. Thomas Campbell My Big Toe Book 3 Inner Workings. My Big Toe Book1 Awakening. My Big Toe Book 2 Discovery (Thomas-Campbell).pdf. If you need a my big toe the complete trilogy thomas campbell, you can download them in pdf format from our file format that can be downloaded.

Department of Defense[ edit ] Campbell has had a long career as a scientist and physicist. He received a B. His Ph. Army technical intelligence for a decade before moving into the research and development of technology supporting defensive missile systems. Subsequently, he spent the better part of 30 years working within the U. Army Intelligence.

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No leaps of faith or beliefs of any sort are required to get to where these books will take you. Nor does the My indicate any lack of generality or applicability to others. The My was added to be a constant reminder to you that this reality model cannot serve as your personal Big TOE until it is based upon your personal experience. On the other hand, personal or subjective experience is only one piece of the reality puzzle.

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In the objective physical world of traditional science, My Big TOE delivers a comprehensive model of reality that subsumes modern science, describes our objective material reality, and is universally applicable. Contemporary physics is shown to be a special case of a more general set of basic principles. Physics is in the business of modeling reality. General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and currently String Theory have all unsuccessfully tried to produce an overarching model of our objective reality.

In the physics community, these one-theory-explains-all reality models are called TOEs. This particular TOE is Big because it successfully integrates metaphysics and physics into a single unified big-picture view of our larger reality. The My Big TOE trilogy provides a rational, logically consistent Theory Of Everything, develops the required new paradigms to support that theory, constructs a solid scientific foundation for future explorations to be built upon, and explains the interfaces and connections between newly derived knowledge and the existing database of scientific and personal experience.

It subsumes physics, redeems philosophy, and explains many objective as well as subjective phenomena. Within My Big TOE, the physical universe and consciousness are fully integrated into a single scientific, tightly logical exposition that encompasses the subjective as well as the objective, the normal as well as the paranormal, the whole of your experience body, mind, and spirit. The My Big TOE reality model will help you understand your life, your purpose, all of the reality you experience, how that reality works, and how you might interact most profitably with it.

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The author, in addition to his ongoing career in a traditional hard science, spent almost thirty years carefully researching altered states of consciousness both in and out of formal laboratory settings. Everything is manifested from consciousness.

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Tom emphasizes that there are two levels of human existence—the being level and the intellectual level. The Big TOE can only be understood at the being level—the truest level of human existence—but not at the intellectual level.

A change in consciousness can only happen at the being level. Our actions do not change our consciousness. What we do is of secondary importance.

Our intent and motivation determine the quality of our consciousness. He says "This is what I think.

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Now, you think about this, go out and test it in the real world. And see if you think I'm full of it, or if what I say is the truth. Best of all! When you done with it, you can use it as a doorstop. Or maybe to break a window and loot a shop, the possibilities are endless.

There is no way to decant this author's huge oeuvre here. He studied and was affected greatly by Robert Monroe. Both authors were cited by Where does one begin to descibe this reading experience?