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With over million copies of his books sold, Nicholas Sparks is one of the world's most beloved storytellers. His novels include fourteen #1 New York Times . Nicholas Sparks. This novel is dedicated to Miles, She‟s not only insightful, but charming, and I couldn‟t have written this book without her. Nicholas Sparks is one of the famous author of different books like Message In A Bottle, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, The Rescue, Dear John, The.

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Steven_Pressfield_Do_the_Work_Overcome_Resistan(b-ok_xyz).pdf Nicholas Sparks This book is dedicated with love to Pat and Billy Mills. people who'd. With over 80 million copies of his books sold, Nicholas Sparks is one of the world's most beloved storytellers. The Longest Ride is the 17th novel by Nicholas . There are a number of books available on this site. Just enter t Where would I find to download free PDF of all novels by Nicholas Sparks? 15, Views.

Colin is given another chance at life — disregarding his dark eventful past massed by acts of violence and bad decisions. He is turning a new leaf and is determined to walk the straight and narrow. Colin is focusing on achieving his teaching degree while avoiding the plagues of his past, and trying to learn from his misfortune. The last thing on his mind is a serious relationship. Maria is a hard-working, successful Mexican immigrant. She has Duke Law School degree and is working at a prestigious firm. A dark-haired beauty with brains and a productive work ethic — or so it seems.

So, what are you waiting for? Plot Russell Green is a year old advertising executive who, seemingly, has it all: a stunning wife Vivian , a lovable 6-year-old daughter London , and a large, expensive mansion in Charlotte, where he lives close to his family.

However, in a matter of months, his life will be turned upside-down. Fortunately, even though he will lose many things in his life, during the process, he will manage to find the two that really matter. It will all start with his job: in an attempt to start his own marketing company, Russell will quit the marketing firm where he is an advertising executive.

Things gradually worsen, and Vivian eventually decides to go back to work.

Books pdf sparks nicholas

She finds a job as a PR in the real estate development firm of Walter Spannerman, who is both a womanizer and a billionaire, so, not exactly, one to not worry about if you are in the shoes of Russ. Even though in the beginning Russ has a difficult time coping with the unexpected role reversal, with the help of his supportive family and, especially, his beloved sister Marge, he eventually manages to find a balance between work and London.

Soon enough, he starts enjoying the time he spends with his daughter, and London is happy with her father as well.

However, things between Russ and Vivian go from bad to worse when she starts spending even the nights away from home. The inevitable happens: the documents for divorce are finally filed.

Russell hires his first client at the new company, Joey Taglieri, as his lawyer. His only demand: joint custody of London. No matter what. I love Nicholas Sparks! I'm not really sure what to read after that though, because I like the teen element of the stories Any suggestions on what next? Mar 11, Dagmara wrote: Thank you somebody finally agrees lol. I hated savannah for the too. Mar 18, I know its like don't wait all that time just to break up with him in the end.

Mar 25, I absolutly love Nicholas Spark's books.

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They are incredible. The first book I read was Dear John.

Hated the ending, but totally loved it. I've read: I'm currently reading Message in a Bottle. Mar 28, Apr 13, Apr 21, Faith wrote: I'm not really sure what to read after that though, because May 22, I found this book Dear John heartbreakingly possible. I did find it a little spooky that John ends up in a tree watching his lost love during the full moon. While it seems that he is harmless and even loving,it still seems like something a Stalker would do. Jul 14, I just finished reading The Choice and it was a really good book!

I also liked Message in a Bottle and the Lucky One too. I hope that helps.

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Jul 21, Jul 24, Bait terakhir dari surat Theresa, aku tulis in My diary , bener2 nyentuh hati banget, air mataku bercucuran pas baca buku itu. Aku tulis lagi ya Ini adalah ucapan terima kasihku. Terima kasih telah memasuki kehidupanku dan memberiku kebahagiaan. Terima kasih telah mencintaiku dan menerima cintaku. Terima kasih atas kenangan-kenangan yang akan kusimpan selamanya.

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Tapi terutama terima kasih telah menunjukkan padaku bahwa suatu saat nanti aku bisa merelakanmu. I love you, T. I don't what's so special about "The Notebook". In the book the author doesn't even go into detail about how the two fall in love that summer. In fact, I even thought the movie was almost as good as the book.

Sparks books pdf nicholas

Sep 09, Sep 20, Dear John is the best of his books. It ended very sadly but it was a great book.

Books pdf sparks nicholas

Oct 21, I saw the movie, too. Most of the time, the book is better than the movie, like what they did on "Message In a Bottle". In this movie "Message in a Bottle" , they made some changes on some scenes which personally, didn't sit well with me; different from the book.

So, I make it a point to read the book first, then see the movie, if they make it, for comparisons. Dec 18, They are really sad though! Dec 21, Brigitte wrote: Dec 22, The Last song was my favourite, although not one of his books has let me feel let down in the slightest: Jan 07, Jan 27, Apr 18, The best is A Walk to Remember, the book which made me start to read.

A close second is Safe Haven. I haven't read Dear John but I was too pissed at the movie. Really really pissed at Savanna.

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The story and the ending didn't work for me. Nora wrote: Jun 06, I love his new novel Safe Haven. A walk to remember is better in the movie than the book though it's still good.

Jul 10, Dear John was heartbreaking, but felt very real. Jul 18, I loved this book, but the ending could have ended a little happier with them possibly getting back together, but in real life nothing really happens that way, so I guess it makes it more real.

Sparks pdf nicholas books

Other than that, absolutely amazing book! Jul 31, He has A new book out. It is called the Best of me: Aug 19, Sep 02, The Notebook and The Choice have been my favorite ones so far. The rest were entertaining enough but didn't have the same heart as those two. Dec 27, Jan 26, I love all his books.

The notebook is my favorite.