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Number Book For Nokia E71 Free Downloadgolkes. 1/3. Number Book For Nokia E71 Free Downloadgolkes. 2/3. eee7cc. Incoming CLI Presentation (you see the caller's number) Query default: Just got a Nokia E71 (and changed to Optus) and had the same problem. The fix is to delete all these "(unnamed)" entries in your phone book. Stylish Leather Book Case from Capdase for the Nokia E71 - Capdase Classic Leather Book Case for Nokia E

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Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, Eseries, Nokia E71, and Visual Radio are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. Nokia tune is a. The Nokia E71 is a smartphone introduced in May from the Eseries range with a .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Whenever I tried accessing the phone book from the shortcuts on the Then add your device by selecting E71 & entering your phone number.

The Nokia E71 was well received and highly popular, often considered to be one of Nokia's finest devices. QVGA 15fps Secondary: Videocall camera. Several open source developers as well as paid third party developers have created software for various functions and utilities. The E71 currently being sold in mainland China does not have Wi-Fi

Standard email accounts are also accessible and Nokia has gone out of its way to make email set-up a breeze, requiring just a username and password for most services, such as GMail or Yahoo.

Notably, however, there is no longer support for Blackberry Connect.

Nokia E71 review: Messenger of steel: Customization, phonebook, messaging

There are also a number of additional business applications bundled, such as remote wipe, PDF reader, a VPN client, and an advanced call manager, the latter of which can block or filter known callers. Web browsing on the E71 is a delight, in part because of its landscape oriented screen. Nokia has also added support for the latest version of Flash Lite, enabling access to the full version of YouTube. Best of all, however, is that compared with previous Nokia phones, the E71 has enough processing power to render and move around web pages smoothly.

Nokia for number e71 book

In fact, the E71 is notably snappy running almost almost all of its applications, suggesting that this time round Nokia has ensured that the hardware meets its software ambitions. Voice is clear with good volume on both ends of the conversation, eliciting the usual "Is that a Nokia? Bluetooth headsets work well with the phone, getting a bit better than average range.

The Plantronics Discovery sounded superb and reached 18 feet, while the Jawbone reached 24 feet. The Nokia has voice dialing that works with Bluetooth headsets, but as we've found with other Nokia S60 phones, it isn't reliable or accurate with headsets o when speaking to the phone itself.

The E71 has a good speakerphone that's fairly loud, and support for standard call features like call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID control. Nokia's WebKit browser uses some of the same technology as Safari on the iPhone, and is the second best browser on the market after the iPhone's.

Nokia e71 book for number

It's fast, it has excellent desktop fidelity, it handles frames and Javascript including dHTML and it's got one up on the iPhone: it supports Flash. Video review of the web browser in action and the camera: Speaking of Flash, the E71 supports the full desktop version of YouTube, with reasonable frame rates and little to no stuttering for buffering on WiFi or strong 3G see video below for a demo. While playback quality wasn't an issue, some videos crash the browser, putting an occasional damper on the experience.

Nokia's usual email client is on board, with support for corporate push email. Nokia recently announced that it won't be offering BlackBerry connect for the E71, E66 or future phones-- sorry CrackBerry addicts. But you can get push email along with calendar, contacts and tasks syncing via MS Exchange.

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Nokia has just rolled out a beta push email client for the E71 along with a few other phones, and the application has a nice desktop metaphor that makes email management more pleasant. It targets folks who don't have an enterprise push solution or access to corporate push email, and it's free during the beta period Nokia hasn't announced the cost when it's out of beta, but it will be subscription-based pricing. Horsepower and Performance No lag here.

Last generation S60 phones had a tiny bit of lag to a pronounced delay, depending on the phone model. The E71 is extremely responsive and fast overall.

Nokia E71 Repair

Folders open without delay, windows scroll and switch immediately. Good going, Nokia. The E71 runs on a MHz single core ARM family processor, and though that lacks the dual-core multimedia punch of the N95 family, there's no visual tardiness here.

Nokia offers a 3D driving game called Global Race: Raging Thunder for free download direct to the phone look in the downloads folder , and that game runs quickly and smoothly.

The d-pad is perfect for action and racing games-- making the E71 good for fun as well as business. Video review of the phone, including design, GPS, gaming and YouTube: The E71 has megs of RAM with 71 megs free to run programs and it supports demand paging for better memory management.

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There are megs of available flash memory for file storage, and you can expand that with microSD cards, including SDHC high capacity cards. We tested an 8 gig Kingston and 4 gig SanDisk card, both of which worked perfectly. Display and Multimedia We've already covered streaming YouTube, playback of locally stored video content and gaming.

Let's look at that gorgeous display: it's a 16 million color display rare in phones and it's superbly sharp, saturated and bright. It's easy enough to read text and images, though we wished for the Nokia N95 8 gig's larger display when watching videos the larger the better for video playback! Images taken with the camera look really crisp and colorful-- we wish they looked nearly as good when viewed on a desktop computer.

As with most recent E and N series phones, the E71 has a brightness sensor that sets screen brightness relative to ambient light and this controls keyboard backlighting as well. Brightness control isn't too exuberant, and we were rarely bothered by backlight fluctuations you can disable the light sensor if you wish. Nokia includes a stereo earbud headset that plugs into the 2. Sound quality is plenty good, though it doesn't best the Nokia N78 or N95, members of Nokia's "multimedia computer" line.

Capdase Classic Leather Book Case for Nokia E71

There's also an FM radio that uses the included wired headset as its antenna. From a nice and intuitive editor to advanced predictive input and error correction - it's all there. It has a counter of the characters left to the limit of There is also an indicator in brackets showing the number of separate parts the message will be divided into for sending. The SMS editor is really nice to use It goes without saying that a delivery report can be activated.

The reports pop up on screen, once the message reaches the addressee and are subsequently saved in a separate folder in the messaging sub-menu.

When you are exiting the message editor without having sent the message, the editor prompts saving it to the Drafts folder or discarding it. The MMS editor has virtually the same interface as the one we just described, with the added subject line being the only difference. There is a separate editor, which can either record the message on the spot or use a previously recorded sound clip. Audio message editor allows recording the audio clip on the spot Email is the highlight in the Nokia E71, as it supports a wide range of personal and corporate email standards such as Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo!

Encryption is also on board, as well as mobile VPN support for connecting to secure corporate Intranets. It seems Nokia has got everything covered except for Blackberry Connect support.

The company has announced that since they are offering a push email service similar to that of Blackberry Connect, they are now direct competitors and as such, they would no longer offer Blackberry Connect support starting of Nokia E71 and E It's a really odd decision and it clearly shows that selling their email service to end customers is more important to Nokia than selling their handhelds.

While this may sound perfectly reasonable to Nokia marketing department, it might turn out as a deal-breaker to some potential E71 buyers.