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State Bank of India Probationary Officer SBI PO Study material Download PDF SBI PO Exam Preparation Material for Studies Get all details here SBI PO. Download this PDF for SBI PO with a free mock test in English & Hindi. C. SBI PO Final Cut-off ( & ); Section-wise Study Material for. If yes, then do not worry, on this page we are presenting SBI PO Exam Study Material PDF, by the help of this, you will get an idea about exam.

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5 days ago In a series of sharing useful Bank Exams Books for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Grade B and other competitive exams in the. Free PDF notes, We are going to update this page on every Monday, Many students requested us to provide free study material for SBI PO. SBI PO Study Material Pdf - Download SBI PO Notes pdf - Free SBI PO Study Material Pdf - Free Download SBI PO Notes.

A series is a sequence of characters expressed in a particular manner. These characters could be letters of alphabet, numbers etc. The Contents in this section are not tough but can be very tricky and sometimes require a lot of thinking. The main objective is to find a pattern amongst the given numbers and then finally deduce the answer. A number series is a sequence of numbers where the sequence is obtained by some particular pre-defined rule and by applying that rule it is possible to find out the next term of the series. Difference Series:

So is it possible to create an environment to innovation. This is particularly pertinent for India today. Massive problems in health, education etc. These include investment in research and development by the government and the private sector east transfer of technology from the academic world etc. SBI Clerk expected Cutoff Of the five options below, only one of them is different from the pattern of the other four. Select that option. How many times in the arrangement does a number, alphabet and symbol in any order are next to each other?

If the 10 elements from the right are reversed, what will the fifteenth element from the left be? SBI Clerk Daily practice tests. Let the speed of A and B be x and y respectively to complete W work. As none of the options is 32 days, the correct answer is option e.

The following sentence is raising a question doubting the possibility of favorable environment for innovation. To stimulate means to boost. Facilitated means made someone comfortable and doesnt fit in the context. B, conducive meaning favorable is correct.

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The previous sentence is a question raising doubts on innovation. Objective means purpose,controversy means arguable. Doubt means not very clear.

Inference means conclusion.

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The passage states that the author is favoring innovation and is against to other methods which are not going to give outputs. Hence, A. The main idea of the passage is that India should not implement conventional approach to solve problems.

Thiss free ebook for shortcut maths will save a lot of tie for you while doing mathematical calculations in the Online Exams for Bank PO and Clerical. You can download this E-Book free of cost from our website.

This E-Book covers all the methods and strategies to solve the reasoning problems asked in various job entrance exams.

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English Language is a complicated subject for most of the Indian Students appearing for various types of Government and Bank Job Online Entrance examinations. This Free E-Book for English language will give you all basic knowledge of English Grammmar and it also gives you the important rules applicable to usage of English language.

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Since every student appearing for Bank job entrance exam is not necessarily a conputer graduate, this book will be very helpful for all those students coming from other back grounds. Download a free copy today and improve your score in the Computer Knowledge section of the upcoming Online Bank Job Exams.

Banking Awareness is very much important. Since you are appearing for a Bank Job, it is highly necessary to possess all the required information related to Banking operations and Banking policies.

As discussed earlier, Marketing is an integral part of Banking Operations. Nowadays every Bank is keen to know about your knowledge regarding the Marketing Policies. Download this free copy for no fees at all. Once you pass the prelims and mains as well then there comes an important exam and that is called Groupd Discussion round.

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How to score high in a group discussion? What is a Group discussion?

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Download this free E-Book and start practicing today! How to dress in a PI? How to communicate in a Personal interview? This E-Book will help you become more confident for facing any type of interview in your career.

It covers almost all the required Do's and Dont's in a Personal Interview. General Knowledge is very necessary to pass any type of Government or any type of Bank examination in India. This Free E-Book for General Knowledge will cover some ancient Indian Facts and figures and it also highlights the important informaiton about current Indian status, national symbols, cultures etc.

Download this Free E-Book and keep it handy for regular practice. This Free E-Book for Banking terms, Definitions and glossary will prvide you notes and information about various Banking related important procedures.

Computers terms, definitions and terminology will help you score higher in the objective section fo the Online Bank Exams for Bank PO and Clerical Cadre condcted by vairous Banks in India. This Book covers all the hardware and software related important informaiton which is likely to be asked in various objective quesitons in Bank Exams for Bank PO. Absolutely No! We do not charge for the free e-books published in this section. The e-books can be downloaded and printed as per your convinience.

The Free E-Books for downloading provided here comes from various sources.