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Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: Activate B1 Student Book Pdf, Author: თეა ფანცხავა, Length: An exciting and intensive exams preparation course tailored to meet the needs of your teenage students. Focusing on themes from teen culture brought to life. With its vibrant and teen-appropriate topics, Activate! helps you to motivate your 12 to 15 year old students and offers them exciting and stimulating exam.

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Flavia Dittamo Hernández. Этот документ создан демо версией Image2PDF Pilot Pet practice tests plus 2 key tapescripts. Libro Activate B1 edicion de profesores para aquellos profesores o alumnos que deseen verificar que lo estén resolviendo bien. Documents Similar To Activate B1 Teacher's Book. Activate b1+ - Answer Key. Activate B1 Grammar and Vocabulary Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text Activate B1 Teacher's Book. Uploaded by. Oscar Torres Betancourt. Activate!.

A2 is an exciting and intensive four-level exam preparation course tailored to meet the needs of your teenage students. Focusing on themes from teen culture brought to life with the inspiring video on the Active Book An exciting and intensive exams preparation course tailored to meet the needs of your teenage students. Focusing on themes from teen culture brought to life with the inspiring DVD, Activate! B1 is ideal for teenage students who are preparing for all B1 level examinations. Turner Chris.

Activate! B1+ Students' Book and Active Book Pack

Anyway the coat is the wrong colour. It doesn't 7. They'll 8. Anyway, I never 9. I'll keep them until they I feel terribly 6 Mum is very. C-I Write sentences comparing people you know using adjectives from Exercise 3.

Compare different people in each sentence. My olaol is quite trendy but my mum is really olel-fashioned. Uncle John is quite miserable but Auntie Sam is always really cheerful. In gaur ' Letter gou asieeal vheto tel. Hesags he's reattg Iooleing forwarvl to meeting gou next weele.

I ' ll1! Everyone loves her. Don't be so. I'll explain it again. H about Show I only download good It Your clothes are totally. I must , go there again. You should have checked it more carefully. It makes her look much more person or thing that causes the feeling.

Choose the correct form to complete the sentences. He makes people laugh.

Activate B1 Grammar and Vocabulary Book

Finally, there is an 3. OVER He. AS Colin is. BEEN He. The clothes,.. The aim of para e is to raise 9. Melanie is also keen to point out that the fashion parade is only a small part of the work she is doing with these teenagers. They I2. They'll give you a one other c other one h the other one d another one You should have spoken to me before. Christmas with his parents every year? I've just eaten. It was so I an embarrassing b embarrassment c embarrass d embarrassed Hurry up or you'll.

O0 We were looking at the statue when it suddenly fell down. Then complete the sentences with the past simple or past continuous oi the verbs in brackets.

Complete the texts with the past simple or past continuous of the verbs in brackets. When I 1. Last night I But I My little brother So I 16 get out of bed and About half way through the walk, it suddenlil m. You will need to use some words more than once. Print I: Ben slipped a few times while he ' 2. After that, we went to the main hall to see what 4. On one side of the hall a rock band 5. The i skateboarders were fantastic so we 7.

Afterthe exhibition, we both E 8. But it was nearly rush hour and the shops 9. Jane 5. Luckily, Jane 8. Our big break perform and invited us to join his group. I didn't know what. He didn't answer the phone. I went for a run even though. He said. I saw her. How 1. In fact I 6. Of course we did. When we A member of. Grammar I Do something different! Notes 0 some comparative and superlative adjectives are irregular good — better — the best bad — worse - the worst 0 a few common two-syllable adjectives take -erand -est Dubailand will be the biggest theme park in the world.

It will be twice as big as Disneyland. It's even. MUCH His car. EVER He's the.

Activate B1 Teacher's Book

NOT My computer is. FAR This is. MORE The. Sightseeing I if Complete the advertisements with these words. The hotel has a small 2. Ring to 4. Westholme Castle: Interesting explanations from friendly 8. The castle also organises regular art 7. Once a month there is an excellent antique furniture 9.

All proceeds from furniture sales go to Add pronouns where necessary. My sister is a bit depressed so I've offered to 1. Helenzln that case you'd better 2. I've recently 3. All at the same time? It must be hard to 4. Well, it's a challenge I'm prepared to 5.

Who works in the shop? Just my dad. If he's ill my mum 5. They haven't enough money to 7. Use a noun from A and a noun from B. I'm going to see them this afternoon. I think it closes at two o'clock. It's got a great multiplex and an ice. And there's an. Complete the text with words or phrases you have learnt on this page. Great Places to live - Karina Ciesla recommends Brighton.

The city has got gre leisure facilities including two multiplex cinemas. The town I packed with 3. And there's also a 5. Use your I Do something different! You will need to use some 0 Complete the sentences with these prepositions. Green Street. He likes basketball, street theatre and 3 The best view of the town is.

Did you make them at the same time.

Activate! B1+ Students' Book and Active Book Pack

II] We stopped. A circus is unlikely to become really 7. IE The people of Eastbourne know that it can be extremely 3 hard for a town to change its 1. Despite I having one of the 2. Despite its much improved leisure 4. Eastbourne to be one of the 6. While it is certainly not 7. So can anything be done to - 9. As local resident Brian Maloney says, 'Eastbourne may never take We've got lots of things to do. I need a break. It reached number ten in the charts. Comparing the present perfect simple and continuous the present perfect simple is used to emphasise quantity how many things or how many times Shes performed in over concerts.

I've seen Shakira three times. V the presem perfect continuous is used to indicate the duration of the action how long You've been listening to the radio for hours. Present perfect simple or past simple? They've played over songs. He's tired. Do you want to listen to it? You sound out of breath. Q Complete the conversations with the correct tom of these verbs. Complete the sentences with the presem perfect or past simple of the verbs in brackets and choose the correct word. I see Jennifer Lopez in concen two days ago.

Are they any good? Talent corner — this week local guitarist Maya Baker answers your questions. How long 1. And when 2. I started playing the guitar and other instruments when I was about three. You compose music too, don't you? Not yet. I know lots of really talented musicians who It's very difficult, but I intend to gve it a go! G, complete the letter with the present perfect or past simple of these verbs.

Writing to cu w. Loads ' , cm: BEEN I. LAST He. NOT I. LONG How. JUST Jim. Gfarnrnar I School rocks! I can't prepare for the party all by myself 0 for emphasis each other, one another something to the other s lllotes than one another 0 both each otherand one anotherhave possessive toms clothes.

Did you hear him 7 b Misunderstandings occur when people don't listen to. You look a right state! Write — if none of these is needed.

He's putting. Those two are planning something. They keep giving I,.. Your car is a lot more powerful now. Did you tune it 7 You two are always arguing. Why can't you be nice to. They enjoyed at the concert.

Pdf students activate b1 book

We really enjoyed. They write to. He needs to believe in himself more. Their last song was a hit. It takes a lot of hard work and. Our school year is divided into three. With a bit of.

I'll pass my driving test tomorrow. I hope nothing goes wrong. She often makes me laugh.

Choose the correct word and complete the conversations with these phrases. The other students are too clever. There's no time to study everything. My MP3 player isn't working today. My dad is a vet. Complete the texts with phrasal verbs from Exercise 4. Mary At the beginning I couldn't understand what my teachers were saying. Although the school gave "'9 3 5UPD0rt teacher who 1.

So the support teacher decided to 3. Improving my Greek. Once I had 4. You never know — you might be famous one day! His only. I started to 8. Athens so the language wasn't a problem for me. But I was having trouble adapting to life in Greece teachers complained that I never 9. Choose an adjective from A and a preposition from B.

A bored crazy famous fedup good interested keen 3 about at for in on with 1 Is anyone. I always forget the dates.

I'm getting really fed up with my younger brother. Shall we go to it? Music through English Are you bored I. Are your parents fed 2. Are you good 3. Well perhaps you should think of going to Westbridge Music School where, in addition to the standard grammar and vocabulary classes, you will receive quality muslc training alongside English students of your own age.

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