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Apr 12, Free Download The Alchemist Pdf By Paulo Coelho. Download The Diary Of a Young Girl Pdf Book By Anne Frank. Download The Diary Of a. Thanks to all of my friends in the English Department class of , .. The Alchemist is a novel written by Paulo Coelho which tells about a. Paulo Coelho's enchanting novel has inspired a devoted following around the world. of the alchemist, Santiago completes the last leg of his journey - dangerous and . legendary Spanish road traversed by pilgrims since the Middle Ages.

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The Alchemist picked up a book that someone in the caravan had brought. Leafing . “It's a book that says the same thing almost all the other books in the world say,” continued .. stall, one of them had spoken Arabic and the other Spanish. He told himself that he would have to start reading thicker books: they lasted . The next day, he gave his son a pouch that held three ancient Spanish gold. Where can I download The Alchemist 25th anniversary edition in PDF format? Where can I download free PDF format novels? CLICK HERE Download The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Ebook.

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Writer conveys that sometimes we are so occupied with maintaining our basic needs of life that we forget what we desire most. He was sure that people would not understand. Since his first step out of home he saw many places and owned a few things, but most important was that he was able to live out of his dream every day.

He sought new roads as much as it was possible. A d the the a t the perso to ha ge. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives but o e a out his or her o.

In alchemist pdf novel english

He was free soul who cherished his freedom above all. Even though he left the seminary to chase his dream of exploring the wild, he loved to read. He always kept a book with him. The tell their i redi le stories at the ti e he ou a t to hear the.

Novel pdf english alchemist in

First he decided to go to a gypsie woman to get the interpretation of his dream, even though he had heard about their bad reputation. Then he decided to find the treasure by following his dream and going into a country that he has never been before. He credits his sheepherding for his brave nature. From the very start of the story, the philosophical yet simple nature of the hero is revealed on us by writer. Santiago ponders over things around him, often his sheep. He thought that some mysterious energy bound his life to that of his the sheep, with whom he had spent past two years.

The flock and shepherd were so used of each other that they even knew the each other schedule.

He had always believed that sheep were able to understand him. He read them aloud, his favorite parts from the books, he would tell them of loneliness and the happiness of a shepherd in the field. He once told a girl, I lear ore fro y sheep than that fro ooks. But he sometimes gets frustrated by the amount of trust sheep put on him. The author brilliantly put into words the bitter reality of life.

Living things start trusting each other so much that they eventually forget how to think on their own. They trust blindly and dangerously. Talking about his sheep, boy thinks that If I e o e a o ster toda a d de ided to kill them, one by one, they would become aware only after most of the flock had been slaughtered.

They trust me and they have forgotten how to rely on their own instincts because I lead them to ourish e t. Santiago often compares life of human being to the lives of sheep. He observed that his flock live all their days in the same way, the only thing that concerned these creatures were food and water.

They never have to make decisions. The boy was considerate, he was always thinking and making his attitude more better than before. He possessed a ja ket to prote t hi fro ight old. In the words of the novelist He explained his behavior by saying this Whe he thought to o plai a out the burden of its weight, he remembered that, because he had the jacket, he withstood the cold of dawn. Santiago has reached the threshold of maturity.

He had a typical heart of a man, on whom a woman could affect with so much intensity that they forget the joys of their carefree wandering. At first he develops a deep affection for the merchant daughter living in the town. It was because of that girl, he for the first time experience the desire to live in one place forever. For two days he continues to dream a same dream. The she tells hi that if you o e here, you ill fi d a treasure.

The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream

A d just as she as a out to sho hi the lo atio , he oke up both times. Boy decided to ask a gypsy woman for interpretation, who simply tells the boy that he must go to the pyramids in Egypt, and find the treasure the child told him about.

Santiago was disappointed by the simple interpretation of his dream. When he was in the town, he met a strange old man who knew how to read. The man takes the book that Santiago was reading and declares that that book had same topic as all the other books in the world have. When old men told the boy that he was the king of Saleem and he knew about his dream, at first boy think that he was being tricked by gypsy women and this old man. But the old king astonishes him by telling Santiago things about his self that he had never told anyone.

King told Santiago that he have successed in discovering his destiny. But Santiago had no idea what destiny was? Everyone when they are young knows what their destiny is.

At that point of their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives.

But as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their desti. The king urges the boy to go to Egypt and find the treasure, which he was destined to. At first he hesitated to give up all of his flock and his previous life of a shepherd and to go chasing after a crazy dream.

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho [FREE PDF DOWNLOAD]

But he was naturally the man who loved change, challenge and adventure. Life was offering him a great opportunity to wander in unknown yet exciting place where a mysterious treasure awaits him. The temptation was hard to resist, and finally he decided to follow his destiny. The king of Salem instructs him to follow the 6 Fatima Noor Siddiqui path of omen, God ha e prepared a path for e er o e to follo.

You just have to read the omens that He left for ou. He then gave him a white and a black stone, which will help in reading the omens. Santiago reaches Africa, he felt sick in a strange country with a new culture a d la guage.

But the boy was courageous and did not lose his spirit. He started working for a Glass merchant to save money for traveling to Egypt. The glass merchant was a good man, Santiago teach him to read omens. Through this character the Author explains the difference between a doer and a thinker, a man who wants to realize his dream Santiago and a man who just want to dream Glass Merchant.

You drea about your sheep and the Pyramid but you are different from me, because you want to realize your dream. I just want to dream about Makah. I have already imagined a thousand times crossing dessert, arriving at the plaza of scared stone, the seven time I walk around it, but I am afraid it would all be disappointment, so I prefer just to drea a out it.

Santiago Lived in the city of Tangier for one year and earned enough money to travel with caravan to the Egypt. In his journey through the desert he met an Englishman, who like himself has met the king of Saleem, who also gave English man a black and a white stone. Englishman was going to Al Faroum, Egypt to seek a legendary Alchemist who was said to be years old. The boy realize in this journey that, The loser one gets to realizing his desti , the ore that desti e o es his true reaso for ei g.

Corollaries: 1 peop A good parable--like "The Prodigal Son"--should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Corollaries: 1 people who don't recognize their legends are never happy, 2 people who fail to realize their legends are afraid, and 3 people who refuse to pursue their legends, even when they know what they are, are both unhappy and afraid.

I admit I've left out a nuance or two here and there, but not many. There aren't more than three or four nuances in the book. I fear that the result of taking such a message seriously will be to make the successful even more self-satisfied, the narcissistic more self-absorbed, and the affluent more self-congratulatory.

Paulo Coelho The Alchemist Complete English Book | PDF Free Download

At the same time, those who are unfortunate will blame themselves for their bad fortune, those who lack self-esteem will lose what little they have, and the poor will see--no, not God, as the beatitude says, but--the poor will see they have only themselves to blame. Perhaps I am being too harsh. I can see how a few individual young persons, hemmed in by parental expectations and seeking their own paths, may find enough hope and courage here to help them venture forth.

But I am convinced the damage done by books like this--like The Secret, The Celestine Prophecy, and anything ever written by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer or, for that matter, anything he may ever choose to channel from beyond the grave --is far greater than the little good they may achieve. If you like parables, don't read this book.

Go read a book of Hasidic tales collected by Martin Buber, a book of Sufi stories collected by Idries Shah, or a book of parables and sayings by Anthony de Mello instead.

Or then again, you could just try Jesus.