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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally. Dokument: pdf ( MB). stron . travel in packs. “Nice practice today, Jordan,” Marie says, giving me a smile. Catching Jordan book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. ONE OF THE BOYSWhat girl doesn't want to be surrounded by gorg. Download Catching Jordan (Hundred Oaks, Book 1) by Miranda Kenneally PDF. Posted by admin. By Miranda Kenneally. ISBN

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Read Catching Jordan (Hundred Oaks #1) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Catching Jordan is a Young Adult novel by Miranda Kenneally. "Whoever said football and girls don't mix hasn't read Catching Jordan. Kindle Book; OverDrive Read; Adobe PDF eBook MB; Adobe EPUB eBook 1 MB Growing up in Tennessee, MIRANDA KENNEALLY dreamed of becoming an. Jordan Woods isn't just surrounded by hot guys, though-she leads them as the captain and quarterback of her high school football team. But everything she's ever worked for is threatened when Ty Green moves to her school. "Whoever said football and girls don't mix hasn't read.

Automatyczne logowanie. All rights reserved. No part of this book maybe reproduced in anyform or byanyelectronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems—except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews—without permission in writing from its publisher, Sourcebooks, Inc. The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended bythe author. Published bySourcebooks Fire, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. Box, Naperville, Illinois Fax:

He Stopped to get Flowers? One Week Since Chapter Trips Chapter A Lifetime Supply of Cookies and Lemonade Acknowledgments About the Author Back Cover for sara megibow and all the other badass chicks out there Who ever knew throwing a perfect spiral would be simple compared to dealing with guys?

Football, dominator of fall—football, love of my life. Blue forty-two! Red seventeen! The cue is red seventeen. JJ hikes me the ball. The defense is blitzing. JJ slams into a freshman safety, knocking him to the ground. The rest of my offensive line destroys the defense.

Catching Jordan

Dancing on my tiptoes, I scan the end zone and find Sam Henry instead and hurl the ball. It flies through the air, a perfect spiral, heading right where I wanted it to go.

He catches the ball, spikes it, and does this really stupid dance. Henry looks like a freaking ballerina. With his thin frame and girly blond hair, he actually could be the star of the New York Ballet. His antics get us penalties. This is your year, Woods.

I can feel it…Hit the showers. The University of Alabama called last week—on the first day of school—to tell me a recruiter is coming to watch me play on Friday night. And then a very fancy-looking letter arrived, inviting me to visit campus in September.

An official visit. I pull my helmet off and grab a bottle of Gatorade and my playbook. Most of the guys are already goofing off and heading over to watch cheerleading practice across the field, but Iignore them and look up into the stands. Lots of parents come to watch our practices because football is the big thing to do around here. No knee problems, no broken limbs. Dad never comes to my practices and rarely comes to games. Well, he does. He loves that my brother, Mike, a junior in college, plays for the University of Tennessee and led his team to a win at the Sugar Bowl last year.

You were totally out of position. Damn it. I love going there. He wipes sweat off his forehead with his red and black jersey. He nods at me. We all crack up again. And then two cheerleaders come up and start fawning over Henry and JJ. What took them so long? Then Kristen and Marie come over, because cheerleaders travel in packs. Catching Jordan is the first book in Hundred Oaks series and it follows Jordan and her friends who play football or like I prefer to call it, American rugby, because you know, us people from Europe prefer another sport called football.

Jordan is a Quarterback, the captain of her team My dear friend Jasmin and I decided it was about time for us to do another buddy read together and Catching Jordan was the book we chose was the perfect choice, because we always buddy read YA or NA contemporary.

Jordan is a Quarterback, the captain of her team and — a girl. Yes, guys, you read it right. She is one badass girl who plays rugby better then any guy in her team, she is the only female member of her team and she is one of the guys.

As a result, her best friends are all guys, they appreciate her, and watch her back in a way. Even though at first it sounds pretty unbelievable that a girl could be so much better then guys at sports, especially if you consider the fact that the female body is naturally builted weaker then male, there are things explained in this book.

Jordan comes from family of sport champions. Her father is great Alan Woods, one of the best rugby players in America. Her brother also plays rugby professionally, and she is bigger then other girls. She is just a big girl. Jordan has a dream to play rugby professionally and to go to study to Alabama where all the best rugby players go.

She wants to be looked at equally as men. This book talks a lot about sexism and how hard it is for women to be appreciated equally as men even if they are as good or even better then them. Jordan was an interesting character but I wasn't fond of her. Don't get me wrong, being a tomboy myself, I had nothing against her manly behaviour except in times when it went too far. What I didn't like about her was that she was supposed to represent feminists when in reality she wasn't feminist, not at all!

The reason I'm saying that is because she more then few times brang down cheerleaders just because they had an interest in make up. She put them all in the same box, labeled them as stupid and thought she was better then them just because they liked girly stuff. I know one of them did her wrong in the past, but still, I think Jordan's behaviour said more about her then about any of those cheerleaders. This book is good, funny and easy to read in general. I enjoyed reading about Jordan's relationship with her friends.

JJ was my favorite. Henry is her best friend who has a habit to spend nights in her bed. Her parents are fully aware of that but they approve it. Let me ask you one thing: What kind of parenting is that?? They trust her. They know she has no interest in Harry. The only precaution they did is to say that Jordan and Harry can't sleep head to head, but have to sleep head to legs. Yeah, like that's gonna stop teenagers from doing anything! Don't forget we're talking about minors, teenagers full of hormones.

Maybe I took it too harsh, but I just can't get over that aspect of the story. I didn't like it, not at all! There's also one more thing third to be precise thing I didn't like: She hit Harry so hard that his jaw cracked, and she laughed about it, along with him. If the similar thing happened with roles versed, if guy hit a girl, that would be women abuse, but when the girl hits a guy it supposed to be funny? I don't think so! I feel like I'm in minority here, but I actually liked Ty.

I think he was right most of the times and everytime Jordan had problems with his behaviour, I was on his side. Of course he had problems with his girlfriend sleeping in the same bed with another guy.

Who wouldn't? As you can clearly see from m y review, I had more then few problems with the story but I am still glad I read it and, believe it or not, I actually had a good time reading it. I would like to read next book in the series because it follows different characters and I am curious to see whether I'll like that one better.

Read this and more reviews on my blog: View all 4 comments. I was skimming through all the positive reviews of this book and kept wondering if I read the same book. I loved the cover, it totally drew me to the book and even though I thought the premise sounded a little silly I wanted to read it. I think guys should be guys and girls should be girls.

But, I think girls should also be feminine, should be respected and treated like ladies. I wish I could have liked Jordan more, which is one I was skimming through all the positive reviews of this book and kept wondering if I read the same book. I wish I could have liked Jordan more, which is one of the reasons I kept reading. Jordan was just such a boy. Not a tomboy, but a boy. She acted like a guy, cussed like a guy, and did just about everything like a guy.

Sure, when hot Ty comes around she wants to be a little more girly, and even makes a couple girl friends, but at the end of the day she was still pretty boyish.

I was really disappointed that she started sleeping with Ty. It was kind of gross actually. What I also thought was sad was that no one actually respected Jordan.

Yes, they appreciated her football skills and treated her like one of the guys. Which was part of my problem; they treated her like a guy not a girl. Even if he was just kidding. Ty was okay, but I never really felt like I got to know him. Once they hooked up he kind of disappears from the story, even though they were still sleeping together…I mean dating. I know Henry was supposed to be our hero, but I thought he was a creep to. To help sooth his broken heart he sleeps with every girl that looks his way.

I thought the writing was okay. I liked that there was more conversation than inner dialog, even if the dialog felt unnatural at times. I liked that Jordan had a goal and was doing all she could to achieve it. Leave out all the swearing and sex and I probably would have given this a 4 star rating. Is it to be a strong girl you have to give up all feminine qualities and act like a guy?

LOTS of swearing. Lots of casual sex although no details. View all 6 comments. My friend had told me: Don't read this. I hated it - it was so bad. Well, jokes on her, because I read it anyways and actually quite enjoyed it. It was definitely not what I had expected from the blurb, and yes, it did kind of read like a Wattpad story which it was , so but it was an enjoyable read nonetheless.

In the long run, it did have a good message, and I loved how the main character was so self-empowering and independent. View 1 comment. Jul 18, ambsreads rated it it was ok Shelves: I've read a lot of books in the years in the four years that have passed. It's not that this story is well written, it's not. It's not that this story is really that interesting, it's not. I honestly can't tell you why this group of characters and plot line have stayed in my head for the past four years.

I'm not even sure this book had a meaningful impact on me at the time. I mean 15 was a time where I didn't really know who I was as a person, so maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much. Moving on to the actual book, and not ramblings from my mind, Catching Jordan is a fast paced book that can easily be read in one sitting. It's also free if you don't mind ebook formats on Wattpad. Though, everything was kind of annoying.

It was a bit soap opera like, cliche, and our leads seemed ridiculous with some of their actions to the point I couldn't stop rolling my eyes. Characters Jordan a tomboy football player who thinks anyone who portrays a remotely feminine quality is a slut or not worth her time.

She was rude and I honestly didn't feel the tomboy element of her bar the football element. My sister is a tomboy and I don't think I could pay her to wear a dress or her to miss a soccer practice. Jordan just was judgemental to the core and honestly, I'm not sure she was overly talented at football. I don't know anything about football though so I could be wrong.

Kenneally miranda pdf jordan catching

Henry was obviously who was going to be the winner of this love triangle. He was the best friend turned lover, which is a bit annoying considering I just want a platonic female and male relationship. All I want. He seemed cool, but whatever. I didn't care in the end because he was a drama queen.

Pdf miranda catching jordan kenneally

Ignoring his best friend and sleeping with a bunch of girls despite being in love with her was so immature. Ty was an asshole. I have nothing more to say. Controlling, manipulative asshole. These characters were overall ridiculous and beyond realistic. Plot I mean - what plot at the end of the day? It was a whole drama fest going on between the characters that had me rolling my eyes.

Football took the backseat as the protagonist focused on which boy she chose and the ridiculous problems she faced. Though, I had some incredibly large problems with the plot such as; Blatant stereotyping , every girl who wasn't Jordan was either a slut or bimbo. She couldn't handle the fact that maybe other woman would like football.

She had to be the special snowflake. Sexism due to fact Jordan is a female football player and a super special snowflake. Her dad doesn't want her to play and won't support her, the university of Alabama won't let her play, and ultimately she gets ridiculed for loving football. Most of the time however, it's ignore. Slut shaming which I slightly mentioned in the stereotyping. Everyone bar Jordan is a slut in this book.

They're always sleeping with each other, the football team is always talking about sex. It was just ridiculous.

Writing Was meh. It took me a while to really slip into. The writing was all over the place in some parts and left me, yet again , rolling my eyes at a bulk of this book. Overall I'm honestly not sure if two stars is too harsh or too kind for this book. It's flipped me on my head but I hope that, now, I'll finally stop thinking about this plot. Not to say this isn't a bad book, it's a quick read to indulge in while between books or feeling a slump coming.

It just won't be high on my recommendation list. Jordan lives and breathes foot-ball, she's been playing since she was seven. Her father is an NFL star player although, he doesn't approve of Jordan playing , her brother plays in college, and all her friends are the players on her team.

Because of this Jordan has never had a boyfriend or even kissed a guy. She worries she'll lose focus on her goal of getting a scholarship, and p 4.

She worries she'll lose focus on her goal of getting a scholarship, and playing on her favorite college team at University of Alabama. Jordan also knows exactly how the guys on her team treat girls, hooking-up and using them for sex, with no regard for their feelings. Jordan doesn't want to be among the list of one-night-stands. Enter Ty Green, just transferring from Texas. Ty could be a look-alike for Chace Crawford.

He's also a quarter-back and now on Jordan's team. Suddenly Jordan's is not so focused, not when Ty's is making her hormones do flip-flops. Ty doesn't seem to be distracted by the cheerleaders, like her other teammates that are always throwing themselves at the players. He seems to only have eyes for Jordan.

But Jordan's best-friend, and teammate, Henry worries that Ty is cozying up to Jordan for his own good, trying to use her to get her position. Add to that Jordan suddenly finds out why Henry's last girl-friend broke up with him, and now she's really confused. I loved this book. This is another one I had to stay up late to finish.

Jordan is a great character, strong and determined on the outside, but soft as a marshmallow on the inside. Your heart breaks right along with hers in a few places. I liked this quote: But Kristen Markum? I gotta cope somehow.

You were breaking it long before I even knew how you felt. I've been worried about you. Hate that girl Kristen!! I loved Jordan's relationship with her family, her mother was such a sweet-heart, always being there for Jordan and supporting her.

Miranda Kenneally Books PDF | PDF Drive

Jordan's brother was also supportive and there for her too. She obviously had issues with her father, and I like how that played out, as well. The only reason I rated this 4. The payoff was short and felt a bit rushed. However, I just read that there is another book coming out in fall that is a companion to Catching Jordan. I hope these characters show up and maybe we'll get to see the "more" I'm talking about: Sep 11, Dija rated it really liked it Shelves: This was such a sweet, adorable read.

Another one of those "mood" stories and thankfully, it fell into my lap at just the right time. Jordan's a complete tomboy and despite being in her senior year, she hasn't even had her first kiss yet. That all changes when there's a new transfer in town, whom she actually starts developing "girly" feelings for. I really enjoyed Jordan's voice and her interaction with her team members.

I was afraid the account of an almost 18 year old girl discovering love for This was such a sweet, adorable read.

I was afraid the account of an almost 18 year old girl discovering love for the first time would come across as unconvincing or implausible, but I could completely relate to Jordan and her problems and feelings.

She was surprisingly easy to love, though I'll admit that at one point, her bursting into tears after every few sentences got on my very last nerve. And the romance would've been enjoyable yet entirely unmemorable had Kenneally not added the greatest twist ever to it. I was completely caught off guard by the genius development and change in the romance about midway through.

It cleverly discarded all my theories and sealed my love for this book. Overall, Catching Jordan was a realistic and highly entertaining account of first love and growing up. I'll definitely be reading all other titles by Kenneally, if for nothing else but to catch a glimpse of Jordan view spoiler [and Henry hide spoiler ] again.

For more reviews, visit my blog: Aug 05, Sophie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Since Jesse's Girl is due for publication, I thought this would be the prefect time to re-read the entire Hundred Oaks series, and my Book Depository voucher sold me on downloading physical copies.

The second read of this book was even better than the first. During this time, I was able to understand stuff a whole lot better, and connect with the characters even more.

Catching Jordan

As a girl, she suffers with some Since Jesse's Girl is due for publication, I thought this would be the prefect time to re-read the entire Hundred Oaks series, and my Book Depository voucher sold me on downloading physical copies. As a girl, she suffers with some quite sexist comments and ideals, and strives to work as hard as she can, to be the best that she can be. Her dream is to go to Alabama and play college football, and for her dad, the 'great' Donovan Woods, to go to her games, and finally be happy for her.

I loved Jordan. She was one of the best female protagonists I've seen in YA contemporaries for quite some time. Yeah, she's popular, sporty, etc.

She still has insecurities and things that she feels like she must time from other people, such as her love for writing and poetry. She feels that, because she is on the football team, she can't enjoy 'girly' things as they'll make her seem weak.

For the majority of the book, she can't stand being around other girls, especially the cheerleaders, and doesn'treally have much in common with them. I loved how she came into her own and started to realise that just because she was captain doesn't that she can't be a girl, and just because someone else is a cheerleader doesn't mean they're vapid and shallow.

I'm really glad that she discovered this, and that she finally had some girl friends. That's not to say that I didn't like her guy friends, though. I adored them all, especially Sam Henry. Sam and Jordan were beautiful from page 1, and even without knowing what happens, you could see the romantic and emotional connection between them from the very beginning.

As with basically all YA contemporaries, romance plays a large role in this book. While I liked parts of Ty and Jordan's relationship, I really couldn't 'ship' it. I thought Ty was controlling and jealous, especially when it came to Sam. I kind of thought their relationship went very fast too, perhaps a bit too fast. I also hated who Jordan was when she was with Ty, as she became a whole new person, one who didn't stand up for herself, and who began to doubt herself.

Kenneally pdf jordan miranda catching

Ty wanted her to stop doing the thing that she loved, and didn't support her when she was being criticised, even by her own father. Sam, on the other hand, was the perfect gentlemen to Jordan throughout the whole book. Though he had his own issue, being a 'man-whore' and all, whenever it came down to it, he was there for Jordan, until he wasn't.

He always supported her and was the best best friend she could want. It was only when his feelings became known to Jordan everyone else had already known that he became distant. His jealousy of her relationship with Ty was fun to see, even he was the one who pushed her towards Ty. However, when Jordan really needed him, when she was injured, he never left her side, and did everything he could to help her, right to the very end.

I think I shipped Jordan and Sam pretty much from page 1, and could not stop smiling at the end. I know we see more of them in further books, and I honestly can't wait to read the others, especially Jesse's Girl , for this reason. Hundred Oaks is one of my favourite contemporary series, and everyone should read at least one of them during their life, as they aren't just about cute, fluffy stories, but actual real issues prevalent in today's society.

Apr 06, Jasprit rated it it was amazing Shelves: It had me sitting on the edge of my seat for four days. I was actually annoyed that I decided to read it over the Christmas break, as I either had endless family members over or had to go out 4. I was actually annoyed that I decided to read it over the Christmas break, as I either had endless family members over or had to go out visiting family.

I just wanted to lock myself away with this amazing book. I simply adored this book; it left me with a huge goofy smile on my face, tears in my eyes from laughing so much and just tore my heart into tiny shreds. Jordan is the star quarterback for the Hundred Oaks Red Raiders, her dream is to play for Alabama; the best football team in the country.

I really liked Jordan, she was a strong character, she knew exactly what she wanted and how to go after it. What is it about calling guys by their surnames makes them sound so hot? Clair , Barrons and now Henry?

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Henry has quickly become one of my favourite literary crushes; he was so sweet; in the fake electronic baby assignment and he showed he had a big heart as he was always looking out for Jordan. He was self-assured, but not cocky and did I forget to mention totally swoon worthy!

His friendship with Jordan was one of the best ones I have come across. I would love to have friends like these guys! Catching Jordan has quite easily become one of my favourites. View all 9 comments. When there is a book centered around a football team, that creates problems for people who are footballily clueless moi. However, I didn't have many problems understanding what was going on, despite all the football lingo.

I found this read refreshing. Yes there were stereotypes, but it was still different.

The cheerleaders were there, but not all of them were stuck-up. The football players were there, but not all of them acted like holier-than-thou-players. And best of all? Not all of them were When there is a book centered around a football team, that creates problems for people who are footballily clueless moi. Not all of them were boys ; That's right! Quarterback extraordinaire.

She kicks butt on the field! I loved how she could hang out with both girls and guys comfortably. A lot of times when there is a tomboy, they are presented as not knowing how to deal with girls or their hobbies. Admittedly Jordan isn't a fan of shopping and dresses, but neither am I really! That doesn't make her not a lady, just a lady with different preferences. The romance was decent. I liked the ending and the whole story, which I will not disclose because spoilers.

Henry is fabulous and I love his relationship with Jordan. Tyler is pretty cool. I have nothing against him, but view spoiler [I am glad Jordan woke up and decided he wasn't the man for her. He often got on my nerves. Also they did the deed not long after Jordan's first kiss Henry was the sweetest. He was kind of a jerk, but I respect his reasons. The rest of her family was awesome! I would rec this book, but only if you're in a light mood because otherwise, I get the feeling this book would get on your nerves: P And those are my two cents!

Mar 28, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it liked it Shelves: Shorter than me; 2. Pansies; 3. On my team; 4. All of the above. Catching Jordan caught me off guard by how much I liked it, and with its twists and turns!

I wanted to stuck him and Jordan in a room for 7 minutes even though they need more than 7 to figure out what was wrong with them. Anyways, I liked how Henry supported Jordan with everything, even when supporting her was breaking his heart. He was a good friend.. But at the end he was cute again, thanks god! Yes, there was a bit of a tragedy there, I understand that, but he was too much of a drama queen for my taste.

The fact is that he remained a mystery to me, and not one that I wanted to uncover. Guys and girls. They were awesome and cute, and they had their own moments to star in the story and I laughed like crazy at their jokes.