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Hite Report on Male Sexuality book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A riveting document!NEWSWEEKOver men, ages th . The Hite Report on Female Sexuality (). The Hite Report on Men and Male Sexuality (). Women and Love: A Cultural Revolution in Progress. (The Hite . But for all her efforts, ''The Hite Report on Male Sexuality'' is based on a nonrepresentative sample of the American male population.

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The Hite Report on Male Sexuality Shere Hite Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Release Date: ISBN: X Author: Shere Hite. Get this from a library! The Hite report on male sexuality. [Shere Hite]. PDF | This updated version of the Hite Report on Female Sexuality presents linked to making male partners feel good, but also to women's perceptions.

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For some, their unusual genital appearance whether because they have been born with ambiguous genitalia, or because they have had surgery to alter their genitalia is a source of fear and disquiet which makes them wary of getting into sexual relationships because they do not know how others will react.

They may also lack confidence because of their genital appearance. This puts them at risk of violence or attack when sexual partners first learn before, during, or after sex that they are transgender. What Christian ethical resources are there for promoting just and life-affirming sexualities? Farley suggests seven principles for just sexual behaviour which Christians should take into account. Since sexual activity makes people vulnerable to one another, we should not abuse this vulnerability by deliberately betraying or deceiving our sexual partners Farley We should not be violent or coercive in our sexual relationships, but should be truthful, keep our promises, and be transparent with our partners Farley Sex should be a reciprocal aspect of relationships in which both partners give and receive freely, not something to be forced or endured Farley Unequal amounts of power in a relationship will lead to coercion and exploitation Farley This entails both a commitment of time, giving sexual relationships a chance to deepen and mature, and a commitment to equality, mutuality, and justice Farley Sexual interactions have consequences for other people beyond the partners themselves.

Just, loving sexual relationships should free the participants to look outwards and promote love and inclusion for others in their community, not to be entirely absorbed in each other Farley This entails always treating other people as ends in themselves, and taking responsibility for our sexual choices and their consequences Farley Conclusion: the Goodness of Different Types of Embodiment When considering sexual theologies for intersex and transgender people, it is important to note that both groups have, at times, suffered from stereotypes and projections from others about their sexual selves.

It almost goes without saying that, in actual fact, transgender people and intersex people are sexed and sexual, but no more or less so by virtue of their conditions than non- transgender and non-intersex people. Abby L. Wilkerson argues that, since oppressed people often also find themselves oppressed or marginalized sexually—or made to play out their sexuality only in particular stereotypical ways—for some groups, eroticization on their own terms may be an important way of resisting stereotyped characterization Wilkerson This kind of logic underlies efforts by intersex and transgender people to identify proto-intersex and proto- transgender figures in the Bible, to endorse the goodness, naturalness and non-pathology of such body-identities.

For some intersex and transgender people, the scriptural eunuchs are important, representing people who stood outside conventional sex-gender categories and, sometimes, had atypical genital anatomy. My interpretation of what Jesus said about eunuchs… I thought that was wonderful, yes. And that was the springboard for my faith.

The Hite Report

I thought, Jesus knows I exist! Because I thought I was the only one in the world, you see. Subscriber: Oxford University Press - Master Gratis Access; date: 16 July Intersex and Transgender People Liberation Liberating theologies for transgender and intersex people will endorse the goodness of different kinds of embodiment, and critique interventions more concerned with upholding conservative social norms than respecting the agency and integrity of the bodies in question.

Indeed, remarks Farley, Once we see other possibilities for gendering, gender is itself rendered at once more important and less. It is more important for those who must struggle to discover their gender identity and come to be at home in it. It is less important as a way to exclude some identities from the circle of our common humanity.

Liberation also means emancipation from tired stereotypes about sex and gender in social and cultural terms, and from theological anthropologies grounded in outmoded medical and scientific paradigms. The assumption that transgender always stems from psychological disturbance seems to go hand in hand, in some theological accounts, with the assumption that reproductive sexual activity is the divinely-ordained ideal and that anyone who deliberately chooses to render reproduction impossible via sex reassignment surgery cannot be psychologically healthy Central Board of Finance 26— Appeals to gender complementarity also recur in this literature Central Board of Finance 37— Liberating theologies for transgender and intersex people allow them to make decisions about their own bodies and bodily expressions without an automatic assumption that they are incapable of responsibly and reflectively doing so.

Subscriber: Oxford University Press - Master Gratis Access; date: 16 July Intersex and Transgender People Finally, liberating sexual theologies for intersex and transgender people must be grounded in a conviction that, like other people, they are created in the image of God and that their embodiment is good.

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Hite Report on Male Sexuality

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Pdf hite report male sexuality

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Hofman, Louis J. The clitoralvaginal controversy.

Emotional orgasm. Women who never orgasm. Do most women orgasm from intercourse? Findings of this study. The glorification of intercourse. If you dont have orgasms during intercourse youre hung up. Do you ever fake orgasms?

How do women orgasm during intercourse? Clitoral stimulation by hand during intercourse. The connection between orgasm during intercourse and masturbation.

Sex differences in sexual needs and desires | SpringerLink

How have most men had sex with you? Orgasm from clitoral stimulation by hand. Feelings about clitoral stimulation. What kind of clitoral stimulation do women like?

Orgasm from cunnilingus. Feelings about cunnilingus.

Report male sexuality pdf hite

What kind of cunnilingus do women like? Do you ever find it necessary to masturbate achieve orgasm after making love? Why dont women create their own orgasms? The ambiguity of the sexual revolution. There was no real revolution. Women lost their right to say no.

How strong is the male sex drive? The double standard. Sex and emotions. How important is sex? How does age affect female sexuality?

Pdf sexuality report hite male

The future of intercourse. Do women always want intercourse?

Report pdf hite male sexuality

Toward a new kind of intercourse. Do men need intercourse? Touching is sex too. What kinds of touching do women like?


Statistical Breakdown of Findings by chapter. Questionnaire for Women Readers. About the Author. The model for good sexual research is structurally analogous to the pattern for good sex. Hite asks; women respond. Lincoln , Egon G.