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can/can't, have to / don't have tO 19 Short answers with will, won't and going to 38 . Short Download New English File: Pre-intermediate: Workbook with - Here. New Headway - Pre Intermediate Students Bookpdf . Speaking Listening Writing (in the Workbook) | Problem page - three Jobs - a game p63 Holidays in. New Headway Pre-Intermediate, John Soars, Liz Soars, Sylvia Wheeldon, ,, pages.

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Pre-Intermediate. Workbook with key. New. Hëadway. English Course. John and Liz Soars. New Headway English Course is a development of the highl. Fourth edition HEadwayPre-lntermediate Workbook with key ' John and Liz Tense revision Pronunciation 1 'How long you - for the New york Daily? in the correct column. friends Pre-Intermediate workbook fourth edition. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, New Headway: Pre-Intermediate Fourth Edition: Workbook. 20 Pages··

Headway is the course teachers and learners can rely on. New headway. Workbook without key. New Headway is the course teachers and learners can rely on. An authoritative integrated syllabus, motivating topics, and clearly focused tasks combine with a real The world's most trusted English course. An authoritative integrated syllabus, motivating topics, and clearly

Reordering a stor ' Joining scotrncr Conjunctions - whcn I after Things parents sat' Voohfrry Homon 'rns - a good bookl Id like to bolok Who arrived first? Crossword - opposite r-erbs Passives Tenses and infinitir-es Forming the passive Questions Short answers The passive infinitive Active or passive?

Reading Look who we found on the Internet! Listening Internet dating disasters Past participles as adjectives Vocabulary Compound nouns Prcnunciatftrn Silent letters Just for ftrn! Present Perfect Simple or Continuous? Tmse rcview Present and past A-ll tenses Yocahhry Phrasal verbs nd out look-for First or second conditional?

Reading Sleep - rvhere rr'ould u'e be r. Ustening The meaning of dreams Yocabulary Prepositions - at i on -ior. Pronunciatbn Word stress fust for fur! I Tense revision. Right word, wrong word. Pronunciation - vowel sounds Tense revision Preseflt.

Last year Fay t - to Hottywood. Tom is ptaying the titte rote. We att 3 surfing! He i - a mrotcrbike, and he 6 - racing it at the weeke. His father' hirn a bike for his birthday. Forming the tense Put the verbs into the correct tense. Gffi the correct answer. Gettirqtohowyon 5 6. Dl rhli?

L Abd Questions and answers Match a question in A with an answer in B. Complete the sentences with who's or whose. It cost L' ' bas is this? I'll go and see. She's his younger sister. I dont tnow. Open it and see. Itt from Marco in Italy.

What does he say? Bmingto England lme he's going to learn English. OK lfi[- Ihtg Dad. A I What do you do? O E My friend Paut. Grttigtoknryou 7. Vocabulary 9 Right word, wrong word 1 beautiful 2 interesting 3 exciting 4 strong 5 handsome I Choose the correct verb for each line. I try to oo swimming at least once a week.

I - my own bread every morning. I always 'hello'when I see her. Did you the match last night? I'll give it back to you tomorrow. Jack is going to us his car for the weekend. Isn't it beautitull 3 I'm looking Ian'. Is she here? Banli- 9 Can I sPeak rru lcrr I mrnillg? Athletes train even- dar-te-r k. We had lunch and spent the ot the dar-on the beach. Holland is a ven' iourtn-. There are no mountains.

A present? For me? Ve tbr the airport at 6. Getting to know you 7 8. Reading O Janice and Andy t 6 Read the interr-ierv u'ith fanice. Horv many children do you have? IA'hat do you like doing together? Yhen and where did you get marrkd? Was it love at first sightl Where are you golng on your ned holiday?

I Did Janice like the bor- she rr-as at the parn- rrith? Hors did she t-eel r. S here are thev going on holidav? I was 18, and it was my best friend's birthday party. There rcre about 50 of us in a club. I wasn't having a very good time. I rc with another boy, and he was so annoying - I didn't really want to hewith him. I savAndy across the room, and I was immediately attracted to him. When qr eyEs met, it was like a light going on between us.

I knew straightaway that he was the one for me, and luckily he felt the same way. Ulh rvent to a gig. His friend was in a band, and we went to see them. Andy was a Errible dancer, but it didn't put me off him. Getting to know you 9. Answer the questions. Who was boring? Two - Tamzin and Jessica. They're twins, and they're eight years old. When they were born it changed the whole relationship.

Until they arrived, we were kids. After they arrived, we were proper grourn-ups. He's a music producer. He works in a recording shrdio. He helps bands produce the sound they're looking for. He travels abroad a lot. Bands like recording in sunny places like Jamaica! He plays the guitar, and I sing. Wb sometimes do little gigs together at weddings or pubs, just for ftiends. Other than that, it's ordinary things like playing with the kids or going to the cinema - if we can'get a babysitter!

They live on a farm, and we're going to stay in a tent in a field on their hnd. I mv rr-eddinq a krt. Unit I. Getting to know you i 5 S Pronunciation 12 Vowelsounds tvlost phprEtic symbols for vc,wels ae ryu udersnnd hlhT frzl w lel H Ssrc arc a little rnore difficrlt Jrut far fun!

I I have tu: I I lilie vour n iu: I I'm br: I rvant to go home. I dont eat mi: Getting to know you Present tenses. Gerunds and -ing forms. Pronunciation - 3 atthe end of a word Present Simple Positive, negative, question Complete the text with the verb forms in the box. I I works don't feel live has doesn't eam don't have need work have doesn't nratter pnftr tcs 2 Complete the questions about Dave. I'Do Dave and his nilb har-eaus. I feel free here.

I " - the best job in the world! Whaterer rnakes you tnppy n I 2 State verbs Complete the sentences u'ith the verbs in the box in the correct form. Can you help me? Do you like it? He has a? I live lives 2 work enroy Play 5go 6do 7 have 8 watch 9 finish l0 relax I I study 12 try -int Write the -ingform of these verbs.

Is it yours? This calt is rtrreryecfte: A sandwich 'I'm sorn- fm late-' 'h. They're terriblel f,s! Whatever makes you happy rarnrng Look at the pictures and answer the questions.

What does Tom do? Where does he work? Choose the correct form of the t"rb. See vou later. I m not belicring hed 6 I'm learn English for mr job. Its heezingi 8 My father work in a bank 7 What's she doing? Unit 2. Whatever makes you happy 13 Complete the sentences rrith a rsord tiom the text. I loner- doesn't buv I Lotterv rrtnners rvere often happier thev rvon.

Most lottery winners don't enjoy their win after the fust moment of excitement. In fact, they often say thery were happier before they won. When you see a photograph of a millionaire, how often are they smiling? Bitlionaires with ten houses and tluee pchts have more worries than ordinary people, and bigger bitts. This is enough moneyto download food a home, ctothes, and heatthcare.

Peopte who earn more than this aren't necessarily any happier. This, more than anything else, is the secret to personaI happiness. Look at the wortd around you and see what is good about it.

Smett the roses. Listen to the birds. A heatthy body means a heatthy mind. Enjoy whatyou,re doing. Don,t [ive jn the past or the future. Thebestthingto do with money Ifyou are lucky enough to have money, says the report, the best thing to do with it is to go on hotiday with peopte you love or have tife-changing experiences, such as walking the Himalayas or diving in the Red Sea.

The memory ofthese experiences stays with you forever. Ifyou download a new car or a designer handbag, you are excited for a very short time. Think of the miltionaire wife who downloads her husband a new f, Rolls-Royce Phantom for his birthday. He atready has 15 cars.

Download New headway. Pre-Intermediate. Workbook ... - Here

What is he going to do with the sixteenth? How many cars can he drive at the same time? The problem is that we think that money brings happiness.

But we need to remember that what makes us realty happyis friends and famity. As John Lennon said, 'Allyou need is love. Listening The best things in life are free Listen to the interviewwith the Smith family. Complete the chart with the things they like and whytheylike them.

Listen again. Complete the lines from the conversation. Who says them? He can fra r,,innrnrmrn any problem. JT Tf ielc? Wtraterer rnakes you lnppy 15 Complete the lines in two h-avs once with a form of have and once with a form of have got.

The lrites hau a bie house. The -trites ltrtoot a big house. Stella a sDortscar. Thel'- a son called Billy. Billv a mountain bike. I Billy have a skateboard? Use the correct form of have got. A Hi, Billy. Tell me aboutyourbedroom. B I guess so. I2- a big TV and a computer. B Itt a Sony. I did have one, but it broke! I prefer to play real games.

I love golf. A 6 vou Your own eolf clubs? B No, I use dad's. He'- some really nice ones. Rewrite the sentences using the other form of havelhave got. I Do you have the time, please? I've got a sportscar. Whdetertnakesyou happy J 6 I havent got any money. Pronunciation l3 -s at the end of a word -s appears at the end of a word in: Write the words in the correct column.

I Ann's sister finishes u,ork at 3. Jntt for futn! Thev all end in -ing. Whatever makes you happy 17 Past Simple - regular and inegular past. Time expressions Past Continuous. Ttcrcrc-qturyrbchEaflf Frre - ty to-, lc ahts lc. I I 5lturecEd floarcd acrs tbc Ctd. Ieaa-Pierre Blanchard, and an Amcrim doctor,.

Ioh leftries, " - from Doner to Crlais ft took tso and a half hours. What's in the news? I'How didhc orosstltc chaaacl? Hc didn't sit ia a baskat. Cross r the pairs th-a dtr': Time expressions 1 Saying when I Complete the time expressions rt'ith in, at, or on.

A Great! I wasborn'- When'spHrtrdzyt It was a couple of weeks t -, -tnenf- h rs mybirthday'-the 7th- Realt,,? What did you do'-Fubirthdar? Not much. Vrite sentences in the Past Continuous. I Martin wasnt drinkino not drink tea. News stories Read the three news stories. Put the phrases in the box in the correct place in the stories.

The journey took him just under 12 hours to comptete. Hedrankhotsoup I 5gq. E ''hat - r-rTj intervierv vesterda-? Experts said that the coins dated from the third century AD, when the Emperor Carausius ruled ancient Britain. Reading 8 Caught in the act r 0 Read the ner-spaper article.

Paul Ir-es is The burslar thought it rvas an easv job because He got stuck I Hor'' iic rhe burelar tn to explain the situation? I 'hat did icoia Daniels thrnli the noise rsas at first? He smashed the window of the house in Dartford, Kent, with a hammer.

But while he was climbing in through the smashed window, his foot got stuck, and he couldn't free himself. He was hanging upside down in the window for more than three hours while neighbours laughed and shouted at him. When the owner of the house, Paul Ives, arrived home from worh he didn't understand why people were standing outside his house.

Then he saw the burglar trapped in his own window. Paul said, 'He kept saying, "I haven't done anything. I was stopping the burglars". Police arrived at the scene and got him down. He was arrested and taken to the police station. Mr Ives, 4, M engineer, said, 'He must be the world's worst burglar.

He was screaming at everyone to get him down, and we were all saying "I don't think so". When the banging continued, I looked out of the window and saw this man hanging upside down.

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He was swearing and shouting "I'm not the burglar! It was his own fault.

Pdf pre intermediate workbook new headway

He deserved it all. Listening 9 Someone stole my bag! Listen to the conversation. Someone has stolen Mrs Clements'bag, and she is at the police station. She was carrying her jacket in her left I righthand. She couldnt find her bag I mobile phone.

The thief had long blonde I brown hair and blrre eyes I jeans. The theft happened at one oblock I twenty past one. Her bag was quite I verybigand green I grey and black. The police caught I didn't catch the thief. I wos o Mt when tlrc y'wre rong.

We M ltrnd in m ltdim restouront. Crrrnpiete the sentences with a fbrm of har. I'lrrull lrr-rrrl the bor. I'rn tired. Can rr-e vou 'ere rnv teacher a dream a swim a good time a drink a word Lan I hava a look at vour holidav photos? There's something I need to talk to vou about. S 9 in the pool soon? I dreamt A loaf of bread. Food and clothes.

I I Clpcolote or o chocolate?. Sometimes a noun can be countable and uncountable. Expressions of quantity some ot ony? Complete the sentences with some or any.

Correct the mistake in each sentence. I havent got some paper. Can I have any milk in my coffee, please? How much? Complete the questions with How much or How many. Two boys and a girll 2 '-butter do we need? I I like clottutc. Look at the picture.

Complete the sentences with much, many, or a lot of. I The shop has alol of apples. Match a question in A with a reply in B and C. A Good morning! Can ' you? B Yes. B4 a nice bunch, please. And s any bananas? I'm sorry. I've only got a few left - just three. Never mind. I need some vegetables. Yes, it's right next to you. Help yourself. That's8 ,thanks. A B c I 'Does your tooth hurt? I'm trying to lose weight. Unit 4. Eat, drink and be merryl 27 Look at the posible combinations.

Pdf pre workbook new intermediate headway

I've looked I want to so awav on holidav - hot. I just stayed for ten minutes, then I leftl Reading l0 Britaint favourite meal - frsh and chips I O Read the introduction and the paragraph How it all began. Correct the false sentences. There are fish and chip shops in Britain. The family lived near a fried fish shop. Poor people loved fish and chips because they were delicious and cheap. Oliver Twist wrote about fried fish.

Read the rest of the article. Complete the sentences. I TheBelgians invented chips. Could lend me f,5 till the end of the week? Complete the sentences with one of the words in exercise 1. I'm fine. J 4 5 in the world 28 Unit 4. Eat, drink and be merry! The Portuguese gave us fried fish. The Belgians invented chips. Ihen years ago, the British put them together to create fish and chips. Ioday Britain has 10, fish and chip shops, which earn over [ million a year lhis multi-million pound industry grew from small beginnings.

Houu it all [egan years ago, on the streets ofthe East End of London, a year- old boy called Joseph Malin had the bright idea of combining fried fish with chips. Joseph's family were poor, s0 they began frying chips in a downstairs room of their house to increase the family income. Nearby was a fried fish shop, and Joseph put some fried fish with his chips and walked the streets. He sold the fish and chips from a tray, which hung round his neck.

Joseph opened a shop - the first fish and chip shop. Fish and chips became a favourite with many poor people. They were tasty, cheap, and quick. Charles Dickens, the fa mous Victorian novelist. IIedisrute However, there is a dispute about how the dish began. In the north of England many people don't believe Joseph Malin's story. They say a man called John Lees began selling fish and chips in a market in Mossley, Lancashire in Today there is a plaque there in his honour.

Whatever the truth, the dish became extremely popular. By there vvere more than 25, shops across the country and over 35, by the s. However, in Paris, France, lefish and chipsis becoming lhe chic new meal. Listening ll My favourite kind of meal Listen to four people talking about their favourite meal. Complete the chart. Complete the sentences with alan or the. She has a shop and he's a[ engineer. It was my friend's birthday yesterday. I bought her - bunch offlowers and - box ofchocolates.

She put - flowers in - Iovely glass vase. Match a noun in A with a verb in B and an ending in C to make general statements. There may be more than one possible answer. There are five words for each box.

I lhady'htnch with Michael yesterday. She's at the home. Pronunciation 15 Diphthongs Look at the phonetic symboh for diphthongs two vowel sounds together.

Which words rhyme? Match a word in A with a word in B. Listen and practise saying the sentences. Crossword - plural nouns Complete the crossword. The answers are all plural nouns that end in -s. B Unit 4. Verb patterns. Pronunciation I like and l'd like. Future forms - confusing vowel sounds. Write the verbs in the correct form. Toby, what wouldyou like 1 tobe be when you grow up? Id like' - work in space research.

Why do you want 3 do that? That would be my dream job! Well, good luck! Matilda, what are you going to do when you retire? Well, I'm very interested in 8 find out about my family history.

I've started'- do some researchlt on the net. I'm hoping 'o - find some cousins who emigrated to Austrdia.

Would you like " - go to Australia? Yes, I would! Australiat a fascinating country. I love " - travel! I've just come back from '' - drive across America. Where are you going next? My friend and I are planning la by train. It takes about a week.

Headway Pre Intermediate Books

That sounds wonderful! Looking forward d s cross Russia I I 2 Hope and ambitions Write a sentence about each of these people's ambitions. Complete the sentences with the infinitive or the -ing form. Sometimes both are possible. I0 We're trvins save monev for a new house. Do you like a drink? Yes, please! I'm so thirsty! Do you like your teacher? Would you like your teacher? Yes, she's really nice! Do you like going to the cinema?

Would you like to go to the cinema? Yes, I go every week. Would you like to go for a swim? Do you like going swimming? Yes, that's a good idea. It's so hot today! Would you like to go out tonight? Do you like going out in the evening? Yes, let's go out for a nice meal. I like and l'd like Questions Underline the correct question. Lookingforward Future forms willfor future facts Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box. You me next time you see me. On my next birthday I Could you help me carry this box upstairs?

It long. Take two of these pills a day and you better. I'll see you outside at 7. I latel' 6 Byet Have a nice evening! I willfor offers and decisions vou tomorrow!

Look at the pictures. What are the people saying? Complete the sentences asingwill. What's going to happen? Make senten ces with going to. That's so oldl 2 It's mv turn. I They're going to run a marathon. I 34 Unit 5. Looking forward I think it's for me. Present Continuous for future arrangements Put the verbs into the Present Continuous.

I 'm maatinq meet Alan in the pub. Would you like to come? I'm starving! Be patient! Complete the conversations. Can you mend my phone for me? Ask your brother! I cant wait! Look at these words. Listen and repeat. I wont want 2 work walk 3 chip cheap 4 live leave 5 fill feel 6 can cant 7 fuJl fell 8 hurt hit Listen and complete the sentences with one of the words in exercise 1. He - help you. New Headway is the course teachers and learners can rely on. An authoritative integrated syllabus, motivating topics, and clearly focused tasks combine with a real The world's most trusted English course.

An authoritative integrated syllabus, motivating topics, and clearly New Headway English Course. The string is free. Rigid rotation, including vsekomponentna. Vinyl transforms revere, due to the use mikromotivov often from one sound, as well as two-three with pauses.

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