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SADIE AND CARTER SECOND BOOK THANK ME FULL BOOK by zz in Topics > Books - Fiction > Young Adult and rick riordan. The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles #2) Ever since the gods of Ancient Egypt were unleashed in the modern world, Carter Kane and his sister Sadie have been. Here's the pdf 1. The Red 2. The Throne of 3. The Serpents

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It started when we set Brooklyn on fire. The job was supposed to be simple: sneak into the Brooklyn Museum, borrow a particular. Egyptian artifact, and leave . Rick Riordan - The Kane Chronicles 2 - The Throne of Fire · Read more · The Kane Chronicles, The, Book Two: Throne of Fire. Read more. The Kane Chronicles, The, Book Two: Throne of Fire. Home · The Kane Chronicles, Rick Riordan - The Kane Chronicles 2 - The Throne of Fire. Read more.

As descendants of the House of Life, the Kanes have some powers at their command; but the devious gods havent given them much time to master their skills at Brooklyn House, which has become a training ground for young magicians. And now their most threatening enemy yet the Chaos snake, Apophis is rising. If they dont prevent him from breaking free in a few days time, the world will come to an end. In other words, its a typical week for the Kane family. To have any chance of battling the forces of Chaos, the Kanes must revive the sun god Ra.

Crocodile: Nile crocodiles, like hippos, were both revered and reviled. They were associated with the waters and marshes of the Nile River, which were the source of all life in Egypt. - The Largest RPG Download Store!

Many wealthy Egyptians kept crocodile pools in their homes, and like cats, crocs were mummified when they died. The god Sobek was portrayed with the head of a crocodile, and was associated with creation, agricultural renewal, and the repair of evil and discord.

Jackal: These animals, and their corresponding deity, Anubis, are associated with death and the underworld.

Jackals were believed to escort the dead to the underworld, probably because of their prevalence in the deserts around tombs and burial sites. This function also led to them being revered as protectors of lost souls and orphans, and deities associated with jackals were linked to the Greek god Hermes—liaisons between the gods and man—during the Hellenistic Era.

Serpent: Much like crocodiles, snakes had a rather ambiguous reputation in ancient Egypt. While they were held in a positive light for their role in controlling rodents that were terribly damaging to crops and food stores, several of these species were aggressive and incredibly poisonous.


In mythology, serpents posed a bit of a mystery for Egyptians. These creatures were associated with many of the early Egyptian gods, including the chaos deity Set, who was the only being who could control the enormous water serpent Apophis.

C onsidering Character Host a Mock Trial After reading The Throne of Fire as a class, students will brainstorm crimes committed by the villainous characters from the novel.

Have groups of students work together to act as the prosecution or defense for the selected characters, and also act as the jury for other groups. Students will use several sources to research their case, including the novel and Internet resources on judicial proceedings and roles of the members of a trial.

All the while, students will be writing a persuasive piece to complement their trial work. Additional teaching resources for literary mock trials can be found at www. Students can be given the prompts to follow on a worksheet, or alternatively, students may create an original slideshow using PowerPoint or Movie Maker.

They must commit to agreement or disagreementthere are no conditional responses.

The Throne of Fire: The Kane Chronicles, Book 2

Students should be assured that there are no correct or incorrect positions. Once students have had the opportunity to complete the guide, the teacher reads each statement aloud and has students who agree show it by standing or raising their hands.

Each student should be permitted to provide their rationale for agreeing or disagreeing if they wish.

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M aking Meaning by Exploring the Storys Setting In The Throne of Fire, the storys dynamic worlds help set the stage for the characters as the action unfolds. Why is each of these places C important?

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Using the descriptions provided in the book, illustrate the four places you believe to be most important to the story. In addition to the illustrations, include a short explanation of the significance of each, and why you believe it is important.

The Throne of Fire (graphic novel)

Comparing Mythological Characters Create a Digital Diagram Because of the rich tradition of sharing myths from throughout the world, some of the characters referenced in The Throne of Fire may be familiar to students from prior reading or study. Have students create a Character Comparative Analysis by using the library and Internet as resources to research a mythological character featured in The Throne of Fire who also appears in other stories.

Have students find at least two different sources where the character is found, and have them create a Venn diagram to detail the similarities and differences between the way the character is portrayed in these different versions.

Next, have students summarize their findings by creating a Glogster digital poster www. Essential Quotes Analysis The language that an author uses in his work is essential to getting across the intended meaning.

Pdf throne of fire

Select four quotes from The Throne of Fire that seem to signify key ideas that the author hopes readers will take from the text. These might be quotes spoken by characters or might be from the narration, and page numbers should be included with the quotes.

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Select the T one you find most terrifying and craft a short essay explaining what it is about this individual that strikes a chord of fear in you. Consider the individual actions of these characters. Whom do you believe to be the most courageous?

In small groups, have students select a favorite scene from The Throne of Fire and create either a digitally or manually illustrated graphic novel for that scene. Have students select original art, images, and graphics. Alternatively, students could assume the roles of two of the characters with each ones personality and voice and have them interact with each other by creating an extension of a scene from one of the novels. As part of the evaluation component, consider panel size and number of panels, transitions and layouts, artwork, writing, and lettering.

Using the Internet and the museums Web site www.

Animals were an important part of ancient Egyptian culture. Using the Internet, have students consider the role animals played in Ancient Egypt.

Throne of Fire Event Kit.pdf - Rick Riordan

What made this animal an important part of ancient Egyptian culture? Was it also associated with religion? Have students prepare a report of their findings. After gathering additional information, have them create a visual presentation that illustrates their findings.

In addition to the great monuments of Egypt the Sphinx, Pyramids at Giza, and Temples at Luxor, for example , monuments that pay tribute to Ancient Egypt can be found throughout the world.

Pdf throne of fire

After reading The Throne of Fire, ask students to complete the chart considering the ways in which the story relates to their life and the world at large.

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