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Free Download Urdu Novel Uraan in Pdf. Uraan Novel Authored By Aleem ul Haq Haqi. Uraan novel is an interesting and beautiful social. You are here: Home / Uraan Novel by Umaira Ahmed Complete in pdf. Uncategorized · Uraan Novel by Umaira Ahmed Complete in pdf. Uraan novel by Aleem ul Haq Haqi is available to free novel is written by a famous urdu novelist Aleem ul Haq Haqi. He has.

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Uraan novel by umera ahmad pdf

Ayesha, emotionally broken after this, attempts to commit suicide. Faraz uses this event to fuel his argument that Ayesha is schizophrenic and mentally unstable, which was why he was forced to divorce her.

Ayesha's father, shocked by the false accusations placed on his daughter, takes the case to court. It is later revealed that Ayesha is not insane, but simply depressed. During their marriage, Faraz used to beat her and verbally abuse her. He would frequently ask her whether she loved him enough to undergo pain for him, and would abuse her when she said yes, such as pressing a burning cigarette to her back. While Faraz and his family acted mentally unstable around Ayesha, they seemed perfectly normal in public, leading Ayesha to believe that she herself was at fault.

She suffered with Faraz for 3 years before he finally divorced her. Meanwhile, Faraz's mother Dr. Sarah Saeed Shamim Hilaly has already chosen a new girl, Sawera, an esteemed fashion designer, for her son.

The two meet and quickly fall in love, and are married months later. Faraz tells Sawera about his previous marriage and claims that the two were divorced because of Ayesha's mental condition. He says that Ayesha tried to kill both herself and him several times. After the two are married, Faraz emails their wedding and honeymoon pictures to Ayesha in order to further mentally torture her.

Soon, however, after learning about the truth of Faraz from her friend Raza, the lawyer fighting Ayesha's case, the couple's relationship falters. Sawera meets with Ayesha and realizes that Faraz isn't what he seems to be. The two have numerous arguments resulting in Faraz physically abusing Sawera.

However, unlike Ayesha, Sawera does not allow him to beat her, and moves back to her mother's Ismat Zaidi home and files for divorce. Ayesha and Sawera become friends, and Ayesha recovers from her depression after seeing how Sawera managed to come back to her previous life despite all of the mental torture she suffered with Faraz. Sana soon realizes that the mysterious "The one who knows you" is in fact Dr. The two have become good friends through this, as "The one who knows you" has helped her cope with a lot of personal issues, such as accepting her estranged father back into her life.

Faraz proposes to Sana weeks later, and she accepts, unknowing of his previous marriages and true personality. She plans to shoot the last episode of Uraan live, as she will no longer be able to continue with it after marriage.

Uraan novel by umera ahmad pdf download

She comes to Sawera to have her wedding dress designed, and Sawera realizes that Sana is getting married to the same Faraz that she has just been divorced with.

She tells Ayesha, and the two confront Sana and tell her the truth.


Ayesha, realizing that even someone as strong as the great Sana Hamdani can be tricked by Faraz, finally fully recovers from her depression and begins to relive her life. Sana does not tell Faraz that she knows the truth. She invites her parents and Faraz and his parents to be VIP audience members at her last show.

She also invites Ayesha and Sawera on the show. The two are reluctant at first but finally agree.

Novel pdf uraan

Sana arranges to have the studio doors locked so that Faraz and his family cannot leave until the show is over. She then reveals Faraz's true identity to the public, asking Sawera and Ayesha to recount how Faraz ruined their lives. Pellentesque ultrices sem sit amet eros interdum, id elementum nisi fermentum. Download Free Pdf Books.

Novel pdf uraan

Wednesday, August 16, Shahzaib Anwar 9: Uraan or Udhan is a wonderful Urdu play written by Umera Ahmed. This Urdu novel is written like a screenplay.

The writer Umera Ahmed has written many scripts for various blockbuster dramas. Udhar Urdu Novel is also written for a drama series.

Ounchi Uraan By Qasim Ali Shah

In this novel, the author has mentioned all the characters and scenes. Umera Ahmed has written this story near to the reality. This is a very distinguished Urdu fiction story. You will enjoy the story like you are watching a beautiful Urdu drama. Uraan Pdf Urdu novel is one of the most famous Urdu novels in Pakistan. This Urdu story is worth reading.

Novel pdf uraan

The story of this novel is social and romantic as well. Uraan Urdu Pdf novel by Umera Ahmed can be free downloaded and read online from below. Share This: By Shahzaib Anwar at 9: