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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. With over seven million copies of his books in print and seventeen titles on the New York Times bestseller list, David Weber. War Maid's Choice (War God (Weber)) [David Weber] on books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook. Read online or Download War Maid's Choice (War God Series #4) (Full PDF ebook with essay, res.

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Read "War Maid's Choice" by David Weber available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Barbarian Bahzell, originally an. Read "War Maid's Choice" by David Weber available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Barbarian Bahzell. For they aren't just going up against any hradani barbarian, but a tried and proven champion of the War God Himself. Published: 7/1/ Other books in the.

With over seven million copies of his books in print and seventeen titles on the New York Times bestseller list, David Weber is the science fiction publishing phenomenon of the new millennium. In the hugely popular Honor Harrington series, the spirit of C. While Weber is best known for his spirited, modern-minded space operas, he is also the creator of the Oath of Swords fantasy series and the Dahak science fiction saga. Weber has also engaged in a steady stream of bestselling collaborations, including his Starfire series with Steve White, which produced the New York Times bestseller The Shiva Option among others. The Baltic War, and his planetary adventure novels with military science fiction ace and multiple national best-seller John Ringo includes the blockbusters March to the Stars and We Few. David Weber makes his home in South Carolina with his wife and children.

Or maybe even a bit about the foundation of their relationship—you know, the shared experiences that underscore their shared values that will glue them together in trying times that every couple let alone one that includes an avatar of the God of Justice face. But sorry, no. None of that happens.

I'm not going to go into detail here mostly because that could be a really long rant. Fortunately, things step up at about the mid-point. Indeed, once view spoiler [Leanne and Bahzell are married hide spoiler ] you're past the worst of the stupid and it's back to most of the things I love: Plus, you get less of the machinations of the bad guys because by then, it's all set in motion and you only get them when Weber can't resist showing their frustration as their plans fall apart and the spoiler stuff above becomes completely unimportant to the story, really.

It looks like Weber still has big plans for Bahzell and friends at the end of this one, so the series is probably not over. For the first time, it's not a given that I'll be reading it.

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I'll wait for a review or two to let me know what to expect. I can always hope that Weber will come to his senses and realize that all that space taken up by team evil's plotting is not just unnecessary, it's actively breaking his pacing all to pieces and detracting from the enjoyment some of his fans derive from the books.

View all 9 comments. Aug 09, Mike Briggs rated it liked it Shelves: David Weber is a frustrating author for me to read.

He has developed over the years a need to bloat, to pad, to use a thousand words to describe something when ten would. Or, if it was there in the beginning of his writing career, I over looked it when I first started reading him long long ago. Somewhere in the reading of his books I think to myself, no more, never again will I read him. He has slowly driven me from his series. I've read my last Honor Harrington book - holding out longer than man David Weber is a frustrating author for me to read.

I've read my last Honor Harrington book - holding out longer than many others. I've read my last Safehold book. The bloat finally overwhelmed me in that one. I keep saying to myself that I'm done with Weber, but he keeps doing stuff that brings me back. I do not recall the order now, but several books back I was done with Weber.

Then he released his next Honor book and I had to read it. Then he released his next Safehold book, and I had to read it. Then an extended version of his short work involving Stephanie Harrington. And I had to read that one as well. There, at least, finally, I found something worthwhile. Probably because he wrote it and released it as a young adult book. That or the story was good enough to get past the massive overuse of words. He kept releasing things in series I previously enjoyed, so I'd give him another chance.

Which lead to War Maid's Choice. I rather enjoyed the previous books in this fantasy series. The bloat? Yes, it was there.

So tired of internal conversations. So tired of people berating themselves internally. Ok, the book worked well enough for me to give it 3. Mostly the ending pulled the rating up. But I'm done with this series as well. I'll probably get pulled into another Weber book; there are other series he wrote that I enjoyed. He could release something in one of those series. Entice me back. Though, in those series, he had a co-writer, just like his next Stephanie Harrington book has a listed co-writer.

The bloat does seem to happen more often in his solo work. So I'm probably done with Weber as a solo author. I should probably note somewhere that David Weber had, at some point, been on my list as a favorite author.

It's the reason I keep giving him another chance, though he has long since fallen off the favorite author list. I would only recommend this book to those who previously read and enjoyed the series. Otherwise I'd advise to steer clear. Jul 13, Jeffrey rated it it was ok Shelves: Oath of Swords, which I recommend, was great light fantasy.

Nothing too complicated. Great character, great concept. Each book in this series has gotten progressively worse as Weber has taken the simple fantasy action more seriously. Essentially, Weber spends hundreds of pages detailing that the evil gods and their magical minions want to kill Bazhell because its important in a confrontation between the gods. In fact, Weber spends a Clancylike pages before the novel finally kicks into high gear. Basically, the story is pretty simple. Weber's Prince Bahzell is a Horse Stealing Hradni, a member of a group of giant barbarian warriors, who for years have terrorized this world because of the Rage, a berserker fit that made them excellent warriors, but made them lose sense.

Bazhell was finally able to bring some control to his people, when he became a mystical champion of the god Tomanak in earlier books in this series. Bazhell and his father have now led the Hrandi into an alliance with their hereditary enemies, the human Sothoii.

In addition, Bazhell has also befriended the dwarves, who are expert rock workers. The Hrandi, the dwarves and the Sothoii are joining together to build a giant project that will enhance commerce between their people. There is the making of a huge alliance between the Sothoii and Hrandi and a confederation between the various Hrandi people.

It does not bode well for the evil gods. The Evil God Phrobus, the enemy of his brother god Tomanak, needs to conquer this world, but cannot work directly in the mortal plane. Meanwhile Leeana Hanathafressa, a war maid of Sothoii, plots her own campaign — she wants Bazhell and she is prepared to risk it all to win his heart. A little romance, evil Wizards, nefarious plots, traitorous nobles and battle scenes.

It could have been a good page novel. Too bad this novel is pages. View 2 comments.

War Maid's Choice [2] - David Weber

Mar 07, Jeremy Preacher rated it liked it Shelves: This is a review of the ARC. Spoilers to follow. War Maid's Choice was It does a lot of things that Wind Rider's Oath did, and in much the same ways. The one really notable thing it did was widen the scope of the series - we've gotten mutterings that something is going down, but now we get to see some pretty broad hints as to what it actually is.

My main problem is, of course, that the hints are so broad, and so obvious, that they're almost insulting. And what they're hinting This is a review of the ARC. And what they're hinting at just doesn't look that interesting.

If I didn't know it was coming, it might work better, but My various lesser problems: Much is made of this new enemy that was maybe named in passing once but never actually described, so they appear to pop out of nowhere. The main enemy deity had the potential to be the most interesting, for a number of reasons, but he never actually appears and his minions are disposed of quickly and efficiently. The political maneuvering managed to be both absurdly byzantine and laughably unsubtle.

And the romance. Good god, the romance. Look, you can't just say "Oh these two characters that we know intimately, who have had close-third-person viewpoints through the whole of the last book, have actually been in love that whole time and just didn't want to say anything about it. It really doesn't. If Weber intended for those two to end up together when he was writing Wind Rider's Oath, he botched the job, badly. Much is made throughout the series of just how huge Bahzell is.

Because, proportionally speaking I'm just sayin' Also, just send Brandark offscreen on a mission or something, will you? He's too good a character to waste like that.

Dec 28, Tina rated it it was ok Shelves: The worst installment of what so far has been a pleasant series. Truthfuly, the first book was the best and each succeeding book was a little less better. But none of them was this problematic. I found myself skimming whole chapters to get past some of the wordiness. Complete surprise to me. And I read romance novels. The rest was boring and frustrating and too much exposition. Jan 15, Beth rated it liked it Shelves: Gah -- can't wait for the next book in the series.

Cannot believe we still haven't learned why Brandark has been added to the 'must die' list. Jan 03, Dan rated it it was amazing Shelves: While this book, unlike the others in the series, seemed at times to drag on, the last half made it all worthwhile.

I look forward to another, and another in the series! View 1 comment. Feb 21, James Ellis rated it it was ok Shelves: If I could, I'd give this book two ratings. I'm not sure whether it is a matter that David Weber's bad habits as a writer have worsened over the years, or whether my tolerance for them has diminished, but I think this book was the final straw for me.

Whilst he is still capable of writing gripping action scenes and creating characters that you care about, by now the bagg If I could, I'd give this book two ratings. Whilst he is still capable of writing gripping action scenes and creating characters that you care about, by now the baggage overwhelms the good stuff. The biggest problem I have is that first two-thirds of the book is little more than an extended infodump.

War Maid's Choice

With all the mustache twirling by the bad guys and fawning over the protagonists by the good, I was hard pressed to push on to the point where things actually started, more than pages into the book. Even there, however, the pacing was atrocious. A plot development would take place, and then the next chapter or so would consist of various groups of people considering or discussing that development at interminable length.

There was more talking in this book than in most soap operas. Were all this discussion necessary to the plot, it wouldn't be so bad but way too much is extraneous. I don't need to read about how the villains feel about the latest development, I want Weber to show me their response instead!

Alas show, don't tell is not a lesson to be gleaned from these pages. The choice about what discussions to have is also oddly made. There was one significant development that a character underwent that would have been very interesting to see how she divulged and explained it to her superior.

Instead the book skipped that conversation to instead reveal how it was explained to another individual, with the superior already on-side. Moreover, thise whole segment rated only about a single page, compared to several pages discussing, say, the marriage plans of an unimportant tertiary character.

When the major fighting started, about two thirds of the way through the book, the pacing picked up to Weber's norm, and most of the unecessary exposition disappeared or was reduced to manageable levels, but by then it was way too late.

I would never have pushed through to this point had this been my first Weber novel, and as it is I think it will be my last, nevermind that I valued many of his older works enough to have more than a dozen of them in my collection.

Jun 20, Amber rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is not one that can be read out of order. Some series you can get away with that, this would not be one of that type. I love Weber, but I can see where some would not like his verboseness. I would say that if you have read his scifi and didn't like it, you might still want to give his fantasy a try. I rated this book as high as I did because I have been waiting and waiting for my OTP to finally get together.

If I weren't as invested in the pairing I probably would have knocked a star o This book is not one that can be read out of order. If I weren't as invested in the pairing I probably would have knocked a star or two off because there is not enough Brandark or Wencit ;. In all seriousness I would say that if you liked the first three books you will appreciate this one, but it's not quite as good.

It wraps up a few storylines nicely, while leaving room for the probable next book in the series. The plot is not as self-contained as the others, I wanted a little more character development of some of the minor characters, but I still enjoyed it. There is a lot lacking in the book by itself, there's no denying that. However, it works well as a part of the overall series.

I recommend the series to anyone who likes epic fantasy. Much better than the 3rd book in the series. Actually has some action in the first third of this book.

Choice ebook maids war

The action was much better this book than last, but the continued complexity of explaining all of the different plot possibilities over and over versus letting the story play out was a bit much.

And the lead character is slowly becoming less and less of the focus. I want the first book again! Jul 07, Barry rated it liked it Shelves: Overall good book but tough, slow read at the beginning.

Slow because of myriad political and social machinations. Last part of book usual Weber bang up terrific battle scenes. This is the fourth book in the War God series by David Weber. In this one Bahzell gets married! He marries Leeana Hanathafressa, who is a human, a War Maid and finally the disgraced daughter of one of the Sothoii's most important Baron's.

Needless to say this doesn't sit well with a great many people. Add in three devils who have been summoned to kill Bahzell and the usual infighting among the Sothoii and this book is complex, action packed and a great read. It is a great addition to this series.

Jun 09, Saumya rated it did not like it. I loved this series, past tense. I absolutely hated reading this book - bloated, terrible prose, ridiculous plot lines. All of it combined to make one of my worst reading experiences ever.

I hope Weber never comes out with another book in this series and just allows it to fade away. Long lead-in Exceptional battle scenes, but there is so much of the book to slog through to get to them. I read author's rewrite "In Fury Born" concurrently with this book, and I found the pacing completely different between the two books. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

This is a good book. The story rose and rose until the big bang at the end and it really detailed the characters. As well there was more detail about the world, which is something I like to see. Overall this might be the best of the four. Very good. Aug 01, Robert Romberger rated it really liked it Shelves: Another excellent story in this series. The characters are well developed and personable, there is plenty of action, and Weber finishes the story while leaving open the overall arc for more.

I am looking forward to the next book. Nov 02, Amanda Barrow rated it it was ok Shelves: I haven't got a clue what happend to Brandark Brandarkson of the Bloody Sword hradani. Nov 16, Annette rated it liked it Shelves: I plodded through this just to finish the series. In other words, classic Weber! Sure, the climax was decent and the wrap of mod I plodded through this just to finish the series.

Sure, the climax was decent and the wrap of moderately satisfying, but I wouldn't call this a strong closer. In many ways, he's written himself into a corner with this series, as every book follows the same basic cycle: Into the Fire.

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