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Wyoming Woody Teardrop Trailer Plans v PDF MB. Download the . We are planning a big road trip next year and Wyoming is on the radar. Thanks again Have been thinking about building a teardrop camper for almost a year. Big Woody Teardrop Camper Trailer Plans PDF Download | site. Plans for you to build your own Big Woody Teardrop Camper. For those of PDF plans and printed templates: Downloadable pdf plans and printed templates.

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Big Woody Teardrop Camper Trailer Plans PDF Download. Teardrop trailers conjure up images of simpler times spend in the great outdoors. These trailers are. Big Woody Teardrop Camper PDF Plans and Printed Templates. Camper Plans – 11 Free DIY Trailer Designs (PDF Downloads) Camping Trailer Diy. Big Woody Teardrop Camper Trailer Plans PDF Download | site. Camping in Louisiana. Teardrop Camper Trailer, Camper.

Get ready for Glamping! Over pages of pictures, diagrams, and directions waling you thru the whole process of building your own Big Woody Teardrop Camper Trailer. There are a lot of plans for sale on the internet. Just look around. You will find reproduced sketches and blueprints of some of the originals, other modern designs and a few step-by-step instruction manuals.

Step Next Prev Inside I set up a "bunk bed" over the wheel wells. It has plenty of storage space for a catalytic heater, voltage inverter, and blankets and clothing. The roof vent is very important. Make sure it's about Step The kitchen has a couple of drawers and one retractable drawer for the cooler. The stove-with-oven came handy; it was rescued from a derelict camper.

It is gas-operated. My wife made me promise to write that SHE was the one who came up with the idea of the stainless steel bowl as a sink.

Woody camper pdf plans big teardrop trailer

She was the one who made the curtains and chose the futon covers for the foam mattresses. They keep weight low, and homemade fixtures make it a little more personal. The light switch plate has three switches; two for the lights and the third red for the vent fan. The lights are LEDs, which use less electricity, and they last theoretically for , hours. Step Next Prev I have found that a powered vent is crucial if you want to sleep comfy. It creates a breeze that will take away some "camping smells.

Big Woody Teardrop Campers

Very useful if you want to use electrical appliances, as long as they don't draw excessive power. If you decide to build a trailer like this on an old trailer frame, make sure to clean and inspect the trailer's wheel bearings. If they look worn, discolored or pitted, replace them. Always check your vehicle's towing limits and install electric trailer brakes if needed. Inspect your wheels and make sure they are roadworthy. There is nothing worse than having a wheel incident on the highway or away from civilization.


Always check tire pressures before any trip and make sure your tow hitch and ball are in sound mechanical condition. Always check your trailer lights before attempting to travel. Having no lights at night can lead to serious accidents. Step Next Prev The final trailer turned out excellent. We have gone camping several times and slept like babies.

The measurements on this one are about 6x10 feet, The foam mattresses measure I used a 4-amp VAC to 9VAC step-down transformer, with a diode rectifier bridge and a capacitor to absorb the peaks.

This gave me a clean 12VDC power supply. It has a toggle switch volt rated to switch between external power and battery power. Ryan…still looking to get some specific help from you.

I left my email in the comment previous. Ryan reached out to me and I asked him a couple questions, but I think he is super busy. Load as per a trip, support on two jack stands under the sides where you think the axle will sit. Support the front tongue on a bathroom scale and shift the stands around to get what you want.

You can use a bathroom scale to get all your weights like this. Ryan, I tried to find the interior measurements, did I miss them? Ok, I think I found it. One note of caution if you plan on using a standard mattress, have a plan for squeezing it through the door once your teardrop is complete. I know of a few builders that had this exact problem! Amazingly it is even more comfortable than my bed at home. Ikea sells their extremely comfortable mattresses rolled up and vacuum sealed. Should fit right through the door then cut it open and let it expand.

Tear drop trailer - solar panels and battery | Camping | Teardrop trailer, Camper

Make sure you have a plan for getting it back out. Leaks and spills happen. When I rebuilt my slide in truck camper I put an expensive Sealy in… 2 years later a branch came in the roof, I had to remove the front again to dry it out. The bonus is 2 piece foam is easy to lift up for underfloor storage of emergency items such as spare tires and the like. Again from full size RV use I recommend making a fabric sleeve for the foam mattress. Impressive plans and work. I love this teardrop, but am having trouble with the PDF.

I right click, but it only wants to save as a html file.

Pdf camper big teardrop woody trailer plans

Is there another place I can download the pdf of the plans? Thank you! Have you ever wandered what the Wyoming Woody would look like if it was covered in cedar strips? Nice job on the glassing! I had considered cedar at one point but was unsure how I would get it to work. Thanks Ryan, coming from you ,it means a lot.

Her name is Splinter I should be done in about a week or so. Just need to finish the details,wiring hookup,homemade cooler,lots of little things.

I have taken quite a few photos during the process. Are there certain stages you would like to see? The hatch by far was the most challenging. As you can see in the photos, the hatch has less ribs, also the rib thickness is about an inch.

I thought i would take your advice, and make it lighter good advice. I also decided not to install the gas springs. I came up with my own design for supporting the hatch.

We are way out in Northern NY State. I am hoping to take her to the Adirondacks in a couple weeks. That bed looks awesome! Where did you get the foam and sleeve? Thanks Ryan, The bed is from site….. It fits perfectly, with an added bonus of folding it to make a bench style seat. I did think about making a matching cedar strip tongue box, maybe one day. No problem adding me to your site.

Did you need more photos? If it was not for you i would not have built it. All curves on the trailer except for the fender are circular arcs, so two alternative ways of laying out the shape are given: the position and radius of each arc is given and these can be drawn out on the plywood using either string-and-pencil or a batten used as a beam compass; or the measurements are given to mark out the profile on a 4 grid and then draw the curves using a flexible batten to join the dots.

To repeat: all dimensions are measured from a datum point in the bottom rear corner this datum point is lost when the profile is cut, so make all measurements including door opening and internals before cutting the profile. Note that the bottom edge of the sidewall never reaches the base line it would do so where it is cut away for the suspension. Roof Spars and Shelf All the roof spars are 1x2, except for a 1x3 above the shelf where the roof skin will be jointed.

The spars over the door are positioned 14 apart so that a standard roof vent can be added here if required to provide satisfactory ventilation in such a small trailer, this would be a good idea. Elsewhere the spars are placed at approximately 12 spacing. The back of the shelf rests on a roof spar: the sides of the shelf are epoxyfilleted to the sidewalls.

The shelf should be trial-fitted at this stage but not fixed in place, in order to leave good access for making the skin-sidewall joints. A complete 4ftx8ft sheet covers the front as far back as a butt join centred on the 1x3 roof spar: a half-sheet completes the rest of the roof.

It is preferable to make the butt joint and the top of the stone guard joint with epoxy glue for long term durability. The roof skin is connected to the sidewalls by internal epoxy fillets for the best strength with no weight penalty boatbuilding web sites will provide information about this technique. The easiest way to do this, after the roof skin has been glued in place, would be to turn the body onto one sidewall, apply the fillet to one joint downhand and the next day turn the body over to make the other joint.

As an alternative to epoxy filleting the skin-sidewall joints, framing strips or framing blocks could be added around the edge of the sidewall.

Wyoming Woody Teardrop Plans

This is both a heavier and a weaker method but would be satisfactory. If a roof vent is to be fitted, strips cut from 2x2 need to be fitted on top of the roof skin around the vent opening to provide a flat base. All joints are reinforced with epoxy fillets after gluing making the fenders would be good practice for epoxy filleting novice before doing the skin-sidewall joint of the body.

Alternatively the inside of the fender could be lined in fibreglass. It would be easier to maintain the fender shape if the bottom is left on the inner and outer walls until they are assembled this provides a flat base to keep the two sides in line with each other.

The fender shape has not been tested so it would be sensible to trial-fit the fenders and test that the wheel can be removed if necessary, the cutout in the outer wall may have to be increased. The fenders are bolted through the mounting flange and the sidewall using fender washers!

The styled fender is intended to add some character to the small wheels but in truth ready-made fenders for 8 wheels would be lighter, stronger and have lower drag. If ready-made fenders are used, the sidewall underhangs below the floor dont make much sense and should be left off. The door opening shown suits a standard 12x18 crank-out square-corner window. Paint or varnish over epoxy would be the most durable lightweight finish, but other paint systems can be used as wished. If an aluminium finish is required, the sides and roof can be skinned in 0.