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organizate con eficacia - david allen - pqs - david allen organízate con está disponible en pdf, epub, audiolibros y muchos más formatos. el registro fue libre. organizate con eficacia - david allen - pqs - david allen organízate con david allen getting things done:: 14 ago organizate con eficacia pdf david allen . ORGANIZATE CON EFICACIA DAVID ALLEN PDF - Organizate Con Eficacia: El Arte de la Productividad Sin Estres = Getting Things Done.

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organizate con eficacia para jovenes spanish edition - pdf. done:: 14 ago organizate con eficacia pdf david allen organizate de una buena vez. y el. Allen, David. Getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity / David Allen anyth. . Organizate Con Eficacia - David Allen - Formarse a Distancia. free pdf organizate con eficacia getting things done - hunting for organizate pqs - david allen organízate con eficacia máxima productividad.

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Organizate Con Eficacia

Doing the stuff 4. Regularly reviewing your system to make sure your action items and project lists are up to date Collecting stuff is easy. That's just letting stuff accumulate in your physical or virtual receptacles like inboxes, voice mail, or e-mail. Processing stuff is more involved.

It requires sitting down with your inboxes and emptying them. That doesn't mean immediately doing the work associated with each piece of stuff as you pick it up --prioritization is important. It means taking a piece of stuff --an e-mail, a document, a voice mail-- and doing something with it: act on it right then, file it, trash it, delegate it, or create what Allen calls a "Next Action" item associated with it.

Pdf david con eficacia allen organizate

Again, the book is replete with practical tips, hacks, tools, and rules of thumb for deciding which of these things to do and how to keep it all straight. Therein lies some of the book's best value, but it's too detailed to go into here. Doing the stuff is self explanatory, but again I'll emphasize the value of being able to focus on one thing at a time without worrying that other things will be forgotten.

Burning Blue por D.M.W. Greer

It's much more productive and much less stressful. Regularly reviewing your system is also important, and comes in two flavors: as needed and weekly.

Allen eficacia pdf david organizate con

You may review your action item list a. Weekly reviews are also important, and are different in that you take the time to check on your list of active projects and make sure you have a Next Action item for each and every one.


So I really like the book and its system. I'd recommend it to anyone who feels like they're not being productive enough or getting buried in work.

Allen only gets mushy and non-specific in a few places that make it seem like he's trying to pad the page count, but the majority of the book is specific, direct, and practical.

I also like that Allen is in tune with the modern technology that most professionals encounter.

Pdf con allen david organizate eficacia

He spends appropriate amounts of time discussing things like e-mail, Outlook and voice mail. You could do the whole thing quite effectively with a pen, some paper, and a bunch of file folders. Multi-step projects identified above are assigned a desired outcome and a single "next action".

You select which task to work on next by considering where you are i. In fact, Allen advises people to start with a paper-based system. -

The workflow is the center of the control aspect. The goal of the control processes in GTD is to get everything except the current task out of your head and into this trusted system external to your mind.

He borrows a simile used in martial arts termed "mind like water".

Pdf organizate david eficacia allen con

When a small object is thrown into a pool of water, the water responds appropriately with a small splash followed by quiescence. When a large object is thrown in the water again responds appropriately with a large splash followed by quiescence. The opposite of "mind like water" is a mind that never returns to quiescence but remains continually stressed by every input.

Allen recommends reflection from six levels, called "Horizons of Focus": [1] — Horizon 5: Life Horizon 3: year goals Horizon 2: Areas of focus and accountability Horizon 1: Current projects Ground: Current actions Unlike some theories, which focus on top-down goal-setting, GTD works in the opposite direction.

Allen argues that it is often difficult for individuals to focus on big picture goals if they cannot sufficiently control the day-to-day tasks that they frequently must face.

The perspective gained from these reviews should drive one's priorities at the project level. During a weekly review, determine the context for the tasks and put each task on its appropriate list.

Context lists can be defined by the set of tools available or by the presence of individuals or groups for whom one has items to discuss or present.

Mental blocks we encounter are caused by insufficient 'front-end' planning. This means thinking in advance, generating a series of actions which can later be undertaken without further planning.