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Hi, Hi, Can any one Provide me the Form 15 G & 15 H of Provident Fund, It is mandatory to withdraw the PF 12th December From India, Pune. Income form units referred to in Schedule - IV shares value of each share of shares of the shares by the declarant (dd/mm/yyyy). 24] Details of investments in . It lists Form 15G & 15H to avoid TDS such as for FD. Final Settlement from EPF :Form19 (pdf) To see the filled sample form Sample Filled.

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Declaration under section A(1C) to be made by an individual who is of the age of sixty years or more claiming certain incomes without deduction of tax. FORM NO. 15H. [See Section A(1C) and Rule 29C(1A)]. Declaration under section A(1C) of the Income Tax Act, to be made by an individual who is . Aggregate amount of income for which Form NoG filed. Details of . In case the person has also received Form NoH during the same quarter, please .

Form 15H can be submitted only by Individual above the age of 65 years. The assessee can submit 15H, even if the interest income exceed basic exemption limit, provided the tax paid on total income for the relevant previous year is NIL. This form should be submitted to all the deductors to whom you advanced a loan. For example you have deposit in three SBI bank branches Rs. You must submit the Form 15H to each branch.

MY first pf was not operational. Please help me filling up 15G form. I have worked for less than 5 years and want to close the PF account as I am going for higher studies. And, my salary is not taxable yet. Congratulations and Best wishes for your higher studies. Julie then just mention the amount you would get from EPF withdrawal. Please refer to sample filled form for EPF withdrawal There instead of total income of 1,40, it would be 1,30, — the net EPF withdrawal amount.

Income from dividend and shares is tax free if done on stock exchange where STT is paid, so it would not be included in taxable income. I am new to all these income tax forms. I want to withdraw my PF. And as I have worked with my company for less that 5yrs, I have to submit form 15G.

My income was taxable one. Which is my PY, also please advise what is to be filled in col. So for filing between 1st Apr Mar PY will be Field 16 is EPF amount that you would be withdrawing. Field 17 is: Total taxable income of current year Field Details of income for which the declaration is filed, Please mention your EPF details.

I am withdrawing my PF amount after I quit my job, and total of my share and my employer share with interest is approximately 4,00, I am also paying housing loan, where I have paid 3,00, towards principal and 80, towards interest in this financial year. I have continuous service of 7. As you have worked for 7. But many organizations are insisting on it. First verify with your company whether they are asking you for Form 15G.

If yes, you need to calculate your total taxable income for this year. Income from EPF is Exempt. You need to mention that in your Form 15G.

Yes, my company is asking me to fill the 15G form and submit it along with the PF withdrawal forms. As I have only worked for 2 months in this period, there is no taxable income for this FY. The total amount if you are withdrawing only EPF. I have expressed my doubts in the following paragraphs with example with respect to filling of New Form 15H.

Please confirm if the interpretation is correct. Senior Citizen Occupation: Retired Government employee. Source and amount of regular income: Government pension Rs.

Previous Year, FY Income from other sources: FY Interest on FDs is received from three banks five branches. Bank 1 — Rs. Gross income: If I fill columns 15, 16 and 17 in the following manner and submit at each branch, is it correct or incorrect? Bank 1 Estimated income for which this declaration is made 37, Estimated total income of the P. Details of Form No. Bank 2 Estimated income for which this declaration is made 43, Sir Our understanding is as given below.

Our assumption: Interest from FD is different from Income from Other sources. Your total interest income from all the banks is Bank , Bank 2 — Rs. So you should be paying tax on it and are not eligible to fill Form 15H.

I am sorry that my addition of interest from FDs is wrong; it is not Hence total income is only not I submitted Form 15H as guided by bank concerned. I found conflict of statements in column No. Thanks for sparing your time. What does that means? Field 17 is Estimated total income of the P.

How to fill new Form 15G / Form 15H?

If you have filled any other form 15G then mention those. I have left my job in March I want to withdraw my PF now.. Should i fill up 15g or submit it online through bank.

Ideally you should give all the details of FDs with that particular bank. In bank system they usually feed with customer ID. And one customer ID covers all the FD etc.

I am tax advocate. Is it compulsory for deductor to online submit 15G data: I am confused on this point. There is so much onus on deductor and with no oonus on deductee. I dont think this is the intention of deptt. Please clear the same as I have not online submitted 15G till now. Indeed a very useful article, well explained in simple language.

Thanks a lot for it. Please clarify the following two points:. He is saving Rs 1. Thus his tax liability becomes nil by claiming rebate under Section Can he file Form 15H? What to do? Thanks for appreciating it. Yes if your total taxable income is less than 3 lakh you can apply for form 15H. So Please enter your total taxable income. Bank officials are in a way correct for the form says total income. And if you write above 3 lakh they have to ask for deductions.

Govt should clearly mention total taxable income instead of total income. Thank you. Yes he can submit form 15H if his total taxable income is less than 3 lakh. There is no loop hole in it. I have fixed deposits at bank. Maam Amount of Income in Column 19 is the interest on FD that you would be getting in that financial year. I submit 15H form in April assuming that my total income does not exceed Rs No tds deducted. Now I calculate my pension for the year ended 31march 16 was Rs and interest from fixed deposit Rs Total Rs This scheme qualifies for the benefit of Section 80C.

I also submit income tax return next month. My question is now can I submit 15H form in april for this year or not? Please Help. Yes Sir. For Senior Citizen the basic exemption limit is Rs 3 lakh. If you can reduce your taxable income by investing in tax saving investments like 80C,80D then you will not have to pay any tax on your income. In the reply to query of Mr.

Is there any guidelines from the ITO? No there is no proof to be submitted and there is no guideline from ITO. The income is total taxable income which includes all deductions like 80C and 80D etc. Ok but if the customer gives the declaration amd did not submit the proof during the F. Who will be responsible because the bank has not deducted TDS as per his declaration with 15H.

Pdf 15h epf form

Please guide as soon as you confirm. I am asking this question in view of the Banker. As an example, a Sr. He has planning to invest Rs. He has interest income from FD Rs. What is the amount that should be filled in Column 17, Rs.

I have an additional query linked to the above query. The person have FDs in 5 other banks. He has filled 5 Form 15H in those 5 other banks. Now the query is what shall be written in Column 18 Part 1 and Part 2? Column 18 Part 1: Number of Form 15H filled other than the one you are filling, which in your case is5.

Part 2: Total interest income from other banks. Please note that interest income for FY should be reported not for entire FD.

A Very interesting question. The basic conditions for filing 15H are—the final tax on estimated total income computed as per the Income Tax Act should be nil. Then what Should I fill in these two column. I have no job so what I should fill in this section. Coming to your question: In your case Field 16 and Field 17 are same as you have to other income than interest from FD.

Please verify your Form 26AS. Sir, regarding fixed deposit statred from which will mature on ,how to calculate interest per year. Sir, I have recurring fixed deposit starrted from and will mature on Ehat should i wtite in income cloumn from interest as i wwill draw total interest at the time of maturity,. So he is not liable to pay any tax. He does not need to make any 80C deduction. Though no TDS is deducted one needs to pay tax on interest earned as per the income slab.

I have resigned from my job in Aug I have 5 yrs of continous service in the same compnay, after resigning the job I have not joined anywhere. Now I want to withdraw my PF money. I hope there would be no tax and also I want to withdraw full amount as the dead line is till this month end. I Got confused while filling form 15 G am filling the old form could you please help on — what to fill for Assessment year and last assessment year in which assessed.

As I will be withdrawing my entire PF amount do I need to mention anywhere? Thanks, Ajay. Hello Ajay, You need to fill the new Form 15G. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. We have corrected the sample form. Hope its clear now. Thanks again. There is confusion in filing multiple Form 15G or 15H. Since there is provision below point No. But before that find out it you are eligible to pay Tax on FD.

TAX on FD is as per your tax slab. Only if you are below the exemption limit you will not need to pay tax on FD. What should be to fill up in form no 15G -amount of income in column 19 plz help. Is it the same amount that will be given in column no 16?? Field 16, Estimated income for which this declaration is made, Mention the estimated income for which you are filing the Form.

Details of income for which the declaration is filed, Mention the distinctive number of shares, account number of term deposit, recurring deposit, National Savings Schemes, life insurance policy number, employee code, etc. My father had 2 different FD of 10lakh each in single branch getting Rs Plese help. What is the confusion? Is the interest for this FY You should submit 1 form for both the FDs.

Field 15 b , If yes, latest assessment year for which assessed , Mention the last Assessment Year, the year in which you filed Income Tax return.

In your case based on your info its Total income of your father in this year. I do not have an fixed deposits in any of the bank. Could you please suggest do I need to still submit Form 15G? If yes, Please suggest what to fill in Field 16, Field 17 and Field 19 column — amount of income? Have you transferred your earlier EPF account 4. So if you are withdrawing for just 3.

But Many Companies are being cautious now and are asking to fill Form 15G. Field 16, Estimated income for which this declaration is made, Mention the estimated income for which you are filing the Form: Filed As you have no other income this would be EPF amount only.

Details of income for which the declaration is filed, Mention the distinctive number of shares, account number of term deposit, recurring deposit: Here you enter details of your EPF. I need your help in filling form 15g for pf withdrawal. I have left the organizationn in the month of Sep, and I am currently unemployed. The total income which is mentioned in form 16 is and my pf amount is As I am filling the form in this new financial year, I need your help.

Please help me with this details: Previous year? Estimated income for which this declaration is made please help with the exact amount Details of income for which the declaration is filed?

One finance company has took loan from me and they are paying interest of to me. They are saying that they wil deduct TDS on my interest. If Yes,pls let me know the online procedure…….

There is no last date as such for submission of form 15g and 15h. So, if you opened a fixed deposit on Aug 1, You should submit the Form 15g or form 15h by Sept 30 for FY Ideally, it should be a few days before this.

For existing investments You should submit for the next year that is financial year at the start of the financial year. This way no TDS would be deducted. The estimated total income wil b the amount which is included in form 16 under number Field 16 is Estimated income for which this declaration is made,. I would like to know that the years shown in your sample form is that what we can fill in.

I fill it for my mother and i am confused in those two parts only. Point 4 Previous Year and point 14 yes or no. If yes the year.

Pdf 15h epf form

Since her income is around 1lac per year do i fill in yes. If yes what should be the year. Yes Sir I have updated it for the current financial year. Field 15 a , Whether assessed to tax under the Income-tax Act, Yes or No, Check the appropriate Box. Mention Yes if assessed to tax under the provisions of Income-tax Act, for any of the assessment year out of six assessment years preceding the year in which the declaration is filed.

I have filled in the form like your model form including dates. So i hope things are all into place since i stay away from them. Thank you so very much for the response. Your total interest from these 2 investments will exceed Rs. As such you need not submit form 15G for these 2 investments.

But keep track of your investments and interest income and if the interest income crosses Rs. Your total interest from these 2 investments will NOT exceed Rs. For Fields 6,7,8,9,10,11,12, is it the company address or residential address that needs to be filled?

I have fd in different banks. Do I have to fill other bank fd details while filling form 15G in a particular bank. It can also prematured if required in emergency! Can provisional amt mansion?. You can fill 1 form with information about each FD.

FD Interest comes under section A — Interest other than interest on securities 3. You have to calculate the interest income for that financial year,assuming there is no emergency. You can try the calculator at Fixed Deposit Calculator with interest for each year. If my FD will be matured in 3 yrs term FD should I devide maturity interest income by 3 because 3 yr term and write that income??

Her total income of last financial year was nearabout Rs. I went to the bank for submitting her 15G, but the bank simply refused to accept her 15G citing some changes in the income tax process. Can the bank refuse to accept her 15G? What should I do now? There are some changes in the Form 15G and 15H compared to last year and you must have filled up the old format.

New Form 15G & Form 15H : New format & procedure

Please ensure that you filled up proper forms as per specimen given above and approach the bank once again. This has been instructed to them by their higher authorities. They explained that the T. S from all the F. S amount from the I. Since your mother is 53 yrs old, she falls in the normal category where the income above 2. Since her income from all sources is 3. The correct process for you is to claim any TDS back by filing an IT return at the end of the year and claiming the exemptions under section 80C for the investments done.

Please check the eligibility criteria if she invests Rs 1 to 1. Then she has right to submit her Form 15G. If your father total income after Tax Saving deduction is less than 2. Of course he has to submit form 15G every year during April as per new format specimen of which is given at the top of this article. Otherwise the bank will deduct tax as and when interest is payable.

If you satisfy the conditions for 15G then you need to 1. Submit Form 15G for each of the FD. Form 15G has to be submitted so that TDS is not deducted. Please follow the instructions mentioned in the article. If you face any problem do let us know. There are certain Fixed deposits in joint name of me and my wife. Please clarify this: Interest from such Fixed Deposit Receipts should be included in whose 15H i.

Income from Joint Fixed Deposits is included as income of first holder. So First Holder should submit form 15H if above 60 years. I come in the slab of Rs. However, my interests from banks exceed Rs. Should I submit form 15G? Dear HR iam from bhubaneswar. I have worked for IBMdaksh from , now i want to apply my pf balance.

How i can know my amount to fill up form 15g. It is very confusing. Sir, First find your EPF balance. You can refer to our article How to get information about EPF balance: Her tax liability is nil. Whether she is eligible for 15 G. If yes what total income of the year she has to show at field no If you look at the example provided in image Eligibility for TDS , as her total income after tax deduction is less than 2.

Returns from several venture instruments such as bank fixed deposits and company fixed deposits are subject to tax deduction at source TDS. But in case of an NCD, as per section of the Income Tax Act, no such taxes on interest earned are applicable when securities are issued by a company in a dematerialized Demat form and listed on a stock exchange.

However, taxes are applicable to NCDs if they are in physical form. The Form 15G has been updated. Now it does not have Fields 21,22,23, Please check the sample filled form Filled Form 15G You can download the form from locations mentioned in article.

Good to know that you are helping your brother. Only Interest is income not the Principal. In sr. But in sr.

Forms 15G and 15H to save TDS on Interest Income

If you have given Form 15G to 4 banks and 2 companies, you can mention total 6 Nos. Hi bemoneyaware, I come in the slab of Rs. Do i need to fill up a form15G. What are the documents that is needed to process my pf withdrawal. I am a partner of a limited liability partnership LLP firm. The firm gives loan to me on which TDS should be deducted.

However from this year 15G has to be submitted online. But, I am unable to understand the process of submission of 15G by the firm? Also,the firm is already registered in income tax site as LLP. Does the firm require to register as Tax Deductor and Collector also?

All those persons who are required to deduct tax at source or collect tax at source on behalf of Income Tax Department are required to apply for and obtain TAN. Failure to apply for TAN or not quoting the same in the specified documents attracts a penalty of Rs. Information about TAN pdf. SBI does not allow online submission.

IT Department can dream on. Nationalized Banks will take a long time to change their ways. Thank you very much for a very useful summary. I am writing for my parents who are senior citizens and submit 15H form every year in first week of April.

With the new rules from Oct , can they submit 15H any time in the year or do they have to submit in April and specifically first week of April I guess start of financial year. They might be travellig in April — can they submit now in March or wait till May.

Thanks very much for your help! As far as I know 15G or H should be submitted preferably during the 1st week of April or at the time of opening the account whichever is earlier to avoid deduction of tax.

In case your parents are travelling, you can get it filled in and signed by them now and around first week of April you can arrange to deliver them. Some institutions accept these forms even now, but some refuse to do so saying to submit it in April. I have worked in a company for 2. I have closed the PF account and now I want to withdraw the amount. Is it the total accumulated amount of PF balance? I invest 1,50, rs in my ppf account every year. I fill 15 g form to avoid tds deduction on my interest.

If I am not eligible to fill form 15ghen what is the procedure for taxation and refund of tds deducted as i was not aware about the rule of interest aggregate of 2,50, I have the same problem. Though my interest income exceeds taxable limit,as I have invested 1. Have been submitting girn 15 g all these years. Can I continue doing so? Only just now I read the above article.

I must say that it is very useful and I will definitely follow this site as often as possible. In point No.

How to Fill Form 15G? How to Fill Form 15H?

Can you explain whether 01 I should only give details of Form 15G submitted to that particular company or bank in case I have more than 1 FD or 02 Should I also give details of Form 15G submitted to — say — 10 — 12 companies and 2 — 3 banks with Aggregate amount?

You ought to take part in a contest for one of the most useful sites on the internet. I most certainly will recommend this blog! For logging in digital signature certificate is required which should be created earlier.

Thanks for the insightful article. I quit my last job in Jun and applied for PF withdrawal. I got the PF amount in October. I want to know is there any other tax I will have to pay on this amount? Please let me know. Sir I have worked in below 2 company 1 2 year from jan to jan 2 8 months jan to aug From august I am jobless and wanted to withdraw my pf account 1 Do I need to apply separately in both the companies for PF withdrawal 2 Do i need to feel 15G form ,what do i need to declare in it 3 I have filled my IT return but now i am jobless.

Sir, i need to withdraw my epf amount of Rs. For estimated income and estimated total income i need to be filled. Can u please clarify that. My question is regarding institutions other than Bank. My client has to deduct interest on unsecured loan taken.

On Which Site? Sir, I need your help for filling form 15G for withdrawal of EPF in context with the following fields:. I have Income tax PAN. Field 16 means Estimated income for which this declaration is made, Mention the estimated income for which you are filing the Form. So you have to say how much is your income for which you asking no TDS to be deducted.

So for you it will be Rs 20, as interest income on FD. The total income should be less than 2. Sir, My mother wants to do 8lakes Fd.. And you want to know the right way to do it. As your mother is 51 years old, her income till 2. Her income is: You need to calculate interest on FD. If you add this total income then it is still below 2.

But as interest is more than 10, Rs bank will deduct TDS. To avoid it fill Form 15G. You if you are adult and your mother are separate in eyes of Income Tax. I am applying for my PF withdrawal and my employer has asked me to fill Form 15G, with great efforrt I am trying to complete this form. I have few queries to clarify.

Very much worth reading article. My question here is, as of now I have not filed income tax returns as I am not under it. Many thanks. Evn if we choose field no 15a as no,we need to fill field 16,17 and 19…in field 17 what is meant by total amt.. Electronically after duly verifying through an electronic process in accordance with procedures, formats and standards to be specified by the principal director general of Income tax Systems for the purposes of furnishing and verification of the declaration to the income tax authority.

Deductor shall allot a unique identification number to each declaration received by him in Form 15G or 15H respectively during every quarter of the financial year in accordance with the procedure to be specified.

Deductor shall furnish the particulars of declaration received by him during any quarter of the financial year along with the unique identification number allotted by him in the statement of deduction of tax i. Even if there is no tax deduction in the quarter deductor shall furnish statement of deduction of tax containing the particulars of declaration received in form 15G or 15H as the case may be.

Such declarations shall be kept for a period of seven years as an income tax authority may, before the end of seven years from the end of the financial year in which the declaration has been received, require the deductor to furnish or make available the declaration for the purposes of verification or any proceeding under the Act in accordance with the procedures, formats and standards specified by Principal Director General of Income-tax Systems.

Having said that, I do have some queries which I have pasted below: I believe 3 copies of form 15G needs to be submitted. Can you pls let me know if the Printout of each copy needs to be taken back to back or on separate pages. With respect to point: Also do we need to include the PF withdrawal amount for which this 15G is filled in the total income?

I moved to the US since and want to withdraw my PF from my ex-employer. I have not gone back to India since My ex-employer has asked me to fill form 15G. Based on the criteria you mentioned, I think I am a non-resident. Do I still need to fill form 15G?

Hi from ur blog, i understood im not eligible to fill form 15G as my income exceeds the exemption limit. But my pf withdrawal request is rejected saying form 15G has to be filled. Our apologies.

Many readers have faced this problem. EPFO is asking for 15G form even if one is withdrawing after working for 5 years. So please fill the form 15G and submit your application. Do keep us updated. If banker does not provide a way to generate 15G then you have you fill it physically or offline. Which bank do you use? You have narrated in such a layman language,Thatit turned an Engineer almost a CA.. Thanks for elp.. Great Job. Please assist me in filling Field 16, 17, and I worked for 2.

Now I am working as Project fellow in an Central Govt. Institute from past 1 year where there is no PF deduction from my fellowship money but it is taxable. Sir, I would like to know what details should i fill in the field 15, 16 and I have no salary from Oct 15 andfor no investment. Mention Yes you have file ITR in any of last 6 years. So as you have last filed form in FY check the box i.

So as you have last filed form in FY , you need to put Assessment Year so it becomes AY Field 16, Estimated income for which this declaration is made, Mention the estimated income for which you are filing the Form. How much would be your total income in the current year. Total income includes income from salary, income from interest on FD, saving bank account amount more than 10, We will use it to keep the sample form.

Your information would not be used. I need to submit my pf withdrawal form…. As you are submitting the form After 1 Apr PY will be So Please mention the amount of estimated total income of the previous year for which the declaration is filed including the amount of income for which this declaration is made. Basically it means what is your total estimated income for this FY including the EPF withdrawal amount. So include interest from FD etc to estimate your total income this year.

If Yes;so plz suggest, I can fill the details of policy in the form. My income was near a taxable one. So I have not yet been assessed for tax. Congrats on your financial journey. Take it one step at time and soon you would learn enough to write a blog.

For no questions are stupid only answers are. So you have to fill in PY as Field 16 , Estimated income for which this declaration is made, Mention the estimated income for which you are filing the Form. Your total income this year as per your estimate. Field 18, Details of Form No. Details of income for which the declaration is filed, Mention the distinctive number of shares, account number of term deposit, recurring deposit, For EPF withdrawal SL. Hi, I would like to know what details should i fill in the estimated total income in form G if i do not have any of the investments mentioned in schedule 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Key Changes are. You can read more about the new form 15G here. Iam salaried and have already paid tax and filled my returns for FY I had recently filed for PF withdrawal and there are a few queries which I hope will be clarified.

I have been working in a company for 3 yrs. My PF amount is around Rs. I am a housewife now. I do not own any shares or securities or mutual funds.

I would like to know how the form should be filled. Also there are two versions of form 15g I have come across and am not sure which one is to be used.

Please clarify. New forms have been introduced from 1 Oct You can download the new forms , without Schedule 1-V , from income tax website, http: It is a superb guide for senior citizens like me. Upto now we are by banks to sign form. We are not aware what is filled by them. Here is a an important point that I put, the senior citizens in acute hardship in their last retired life that first they pay tax by way of TDS on their needy investments, and then claim refund though they may not be required to pay tax on final assessment.

For example if the an assessee having pension of and income of Rs from other sources say bank interest and deductions under sec80C Rs His net taxable income comes to Rs As the taxable income does not exceed 5,00, no tax is payable by him. Allowing TDS first and getting refund later which is not certain is a hell to tax payee.

Please go through and advise us. And also please take up the issue in the proper platform. When I fill form 15H for my father I literally struggle while filling form in triplicate 3 copies. How to Fill Form 15H? Form 15G and 15H are similar. There is no difference in filling form 15H. The differences are: While Form 15G is for … […]. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Table of Contents. Comments Hi , Thanks for your help. Hi, Thank you for your time.

Thanks, Rajesh. Regards, Sony. Hello, I worked in a company from July to May Please help me with claiming my epf money. It would be really great and appreciate your help. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Hello , I worked in a company from Aug to jan Now, my problem is as follows: Can you please guide me as to how I can overcome this problem?

Sir, please tell me email address is also mandatory for filling 15G form or not.. Hi there , I have got three FD: Please assist. Hi I worked in a company from jan to jan Hi, Firstly, thanks for the information. Can you please help me on how to handle this situation? Dear Sir, I need some clarification regarding PF withdrawal. Dear Sir, I have around Rs. Regards, Sujith. Hello Sir, I was working for a firm only for 6 months and I want to withdraw my PF so I want to know what should be filled in the column 16, 17 and 19 in the form 15G in my case.

Hello sir, Your reply was very helpful an prompt. Thanks a lot for the blog post. Really looking forward to reading more. Now we can file online the form 15G and 15H Procedure is as below- http: Waiting for reply. Best Regards Tony. Thanks in advance for your help in this regards Regards Harish. Thanks again Regards. Thanks for advice in advance. Do let us know whether your form 15G was accepted or not? I have a doubt, i need to fill form 15g for withdrawal of 7 years of my pf amount.

Which bank did you submit 15G? Where are you checking the status online? The you tube video is Unavailable.

Although got a good help. Hi, I want to withdrawal EPF work from to it was managed by a trust: How i will know the balance as 2 I am now in abroad and not earning money from India. How do I withdraw my pf since the account should be inactive now. Did I have to pay tax or what are the form I need to submit. Hi, i used to get scholarship of Rs per month since August to July From august i am getting Rs per month.

Also, can i fill form 15G? Hi, I want to withdrawal EPF work from to have some doubts: How i will know the balance as UAN portal is not working 2. Please reply as soon as possible.. Dear Sir, i want to fill form 15G for PF withdrawal but little confuse on some filed. Hello, I have a Home loan so because of it, i dont get to pay any tax, and i dont have any other income, i am claiming my PF what amount should i fill in 16 and Thanking you in advance, PV. Thank You! Hi, I left my job in july Kindly update me on this.

Thank You for the response, I got it cleared. Really a good site. Also I have contributed towards VPF. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Hi, I worked for 1 year with this company and my Pf Amount is approx. Regards, AG. What should be filled for: Earlier it was one of the popular method shown in Hindi movies like Ferrai Ki Sawwari. You need to complete at least 7 years of service to be eligible for this. Relevant proofs are required.

You need to submit Form 31 to your employer. Withdrawal amount is up to 50 per cent of the corpus accumulated till date. For this, no restrictions are imposed on years of service. You can withdraw up to six times your monthly salary or the total corpus accumulated till date, whichever is lesser.

Relevant proofs are to be submitted along with Form There is no limit on the number of withdrawals. You can withdraw up to 24 times the monthly salary.

However, withdrawal here is allowed only once. Withdrawal is allowed up to 36 times your monthly salary. You can withdraw up to 12 times your monthly salary. You can withdraw only once and up to 90 per cent of the corpus accumulated.

TDS shall not be deducted in case of transfer of provident fund from one account to another. If the service period is less than 5 years. If the accumulated provident fund balance is less than Rs 50,, TDS would not be applicable.

However, relief under Section 89 will be available. While filling the income tax form please add income under the appropriate section. His employer and employee contribution as per UAN passbook is given below.

Click on Image to enlarge. Thanks to our reader for sharing his UAN passbook. He can reduce tax outgo on the employer share and interest using section By using the as 80C deduction his taxable income would have reduced hence his tax.

So the tax he saved will now have to be shown. This reversal has to be taken in for every year. For example, his income in AY was 8. So on 8. He has to pay tax on this income.