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Get this from a library! Damu na machozi. [Eric James Shigongo]. PDF | On Jan 1, , Uta Reuster and others published Newspaper Serials in Tanzania: The Case of Eric James Shigongo (With an Interview) (). Damu na machozi. Responsibility: Eric Shigongo. Language: Swahili. In Swahili. Publication: [Dar es Salaam]: Global Publishers & General Enterprises Ltd.

Some 30 people and high-ranking politicians joined in the public mourning at the funeral service; hundreds of young women fainted and the police were barely able to keep control over the evolving mass panic. I am informing you Steven Kanumba has died. The root of his death is a quarrel with his girlfriend, the actress Lulu. They fought; Kanumba was pushed; he fell on his head and died. When I last met him in , he had survived a major scandal which had severely humbled him, and we talked about the sudden death of Michael Jackson in June of the same year. After his death, which read like the plotline of one of his films, he once more filled the headlines, with criminal and occult rumours spreading about the reasons and possible foreseeability of his sudden death. While Kanumba was a regional celebrity, his death raised his profile in line with other celebrity deaths.

Speeches were given and a gospel choir sang on a huge stage, with flowers and larger-than-life portraits of Kanumba. High-ranking politicians, family members wearing T-shirts bearing his printed portrait, and friends were seated in an open-air auditorium opposite the stage.

Ordinary guests could gather in the open space on the Leaders grounds. By mid-day, the grounds were so crowded that the police were hardly able to control the masses. By the time the coffin was to be brought to Kinondoni cemetery, there was no space left on the grounds.

The five-minute journey to the cemetery took two hours. At Kinondoni cemetery, the masses filled the grounds. Graves were ruined, several people got robbed, and one man died. After Kanumba was laid to rest, the funeral was ended officially by a plea to the masses to return home calmly and peacefully.

Pdf erick shigongo

The funeral was a stage for the film actors to show their importance to the nation; for family and friends it was a stage for sociability; for high-ranking politicians it was a political rally. For the wider audience, it was a chance to become part of the event. The media were simultaneously the producers of and actors in this media event. As stated in the speeches by senior politicians, who emphasised the great and tragic loss of the person and actor Steven Kanumba for the nation comparable to that of the first president Julius Nyerere , it became clear that his death had become a national event to show the world that Tanzania not only has a film industry, but also its own dead hero.

To the soundtrack of one of his songs, a reporter leads us through the stages of the funeral ritual. Throughout the documentary, we see masses of people wandering to and from the locations, expressing their grief and crying, and continuously fainting women who are carried away. Accompanied by a very slow and sad soundtrack from a Hollywood film and divided into subchapters by a black-and-white fade-in portrait of Kanumba with his name and dates of birth and death, it bears the hallmark of well-planned montage and editing.

At the beginning, the camera shows the grieving actresses and actors near his home on the night of his death. In the following interview with Kanumba, filmed one month before his death, we get a very personal insight into his life.

Pdf erick shigongo

We see Kanumba as a young, modern, single man at home: cooking and cleaning. His love for children is, however, stressed by the interspersed scenes of films with child actors, namely This Is It dir.

Steven Kanumba, and Uncle JJ dir. Steven Kanumba, Kanumba talks about his struggles as a poor young man in Dar es Salaam, trying to become an actor, his mentors, and his first series and films.

As a child of divorced parents, he was abandoned and mistreated by his father and stepmother and only his mother was able to give him the love and education he needed. In the last part of the documentary, his loss is further stressed by his brother and the people of Steps Entertainment.

The documentary ends with Kanumba expressing his concern over mistrust, envy, and hatred between people and his hope for a peaceful world. Within the subgenre of commemorative literature, the lives of famous people such as Barack Obama Mjengwa and Michael Jackson Ally and Shigongo n.

The author closes with a call to the government to award Kanumba the Mount Kilimanjaro award of honour and to name at least one road in Dar es Salaam after him. He further recommends an annual Kanumba day to mark the anniversary of his death, 7 April, on which a Kanumba award should be given to young talented actors Ngajilo They explain brain concussion and its causes and effects, and offer advice for parents whose children suffer from concussion Shaluwa and Kaima , 11— In the second part of the booklet, the secret life of Steven Kanumba in relation to his mysterious death is revealed.

To prove this, the authors state six facts as omens of his death see the details given later in this paper , as well as rules that Kanumba had given to his girlfriend concerning the privacy of their relationship. After a very short summary of his death, the author educates the readers on film-making. Through these booklets, the authors not only show their expertise and close relation to Kanumba, but also use his example to educate their readers on morality, love and relationships, accidents and death, the joy and dangers of being a celebrity in Tanzania, as well as topics such as medical issues or film-making.

While life expectancy has been rising over the last decades, poverty, poor infrastructure, and a poor health system still make the occurrence of death much more frequent than in some other parts of the world. Life expectancy is rated at 65 years and infant mortality is high. Death and dying are rooted in and related to local beliefs as well as religious practices framed by Islam and Christianity, and the belief in witchcraft and other spiritual forces.

As is true for other regions in Africa, religion and the belief in occult forces have grown dramatically Comaroff and Comaroff ; Geschiere ; Moore and Sanders ; Sanders As Noah A. Tsika confirms in relation to Nollywood, 11 The rules were: 1. Not only was Kanumba suspiciously famous, there is a common belief in many regions such as Sukuma land, where Kanumba comes from Maganda , which has survived until today, that an early and sudden death such as his can be caused by angry ancestors, witches, or other magical powers.

In his study of the perception of freemasonry in Arusha, Tanzania, Alex Barton describes the Freemasons as a kind of satanic cult who can enable their members to become rich.

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Members are believed to drink blood, have more than one soul, and are able to steal souls through evil forces Barton , 2. As I could observe as well, discourses around the Freemasons had been on the rise in recent years and are vividly exploited by the media.

Accompanied by a slideshow of pictures of Kanumba and the newspaper front pages carrying news of his funeral, a man named George explains that Kanumba had joined the Freemasons in to become famous. According to George, the release of the horror film Devil Kingdom dir.

Kanumba was so horrified at the request that he wanted to leave the Freemasons. According to George, when Kanumba asked him for help, George told him that he must do three things: become born again, marry, and give back all his wealth. As Kanumba would have been unwilling to follow the third order, there was no chance of escaping. Moreover, according to the witness, Kanumba had died on a Friday, the day when the Freemasons are believed to make their sacrifices.

George had done so in articles in the local newspapers and asked the family to postpone the gathering on the fortieth day of his death, the arobaini, to a Sunday to prevent the Freemasons from undertaking their own arobaini, on which they awaken the dead Zamoka During their last meeting, he is said to have cried while looking Kanumba in the eyes. Even the ones who hated me will carry my coffin.

Fourthly, he was wrongly declared dead two times before his death. Fifthly, on the evening of his death Kanumba had played a kind of farewell song to his brother. However, more so than these real-life signs, the simulacrum power comes into play if we look at the sympathetic magical or mimetic relation between performance and reality—in which many Tanzanian viewers believe.

According to this belief, what actors perform is either true or has an effect on their real lives. A female actress who regularly played a witch was accused of and attacked for being a witch.

Vitabu Vya Erick Shigongo

A famous horror film actress who had to lie in a coffin for a film feared that she would die, and soon after fell ill. In the case of Steven Kanumba, who most often acted male characters living in luxurious mansions and driving posh cars, it was a fact for some viewers that he gained great wealth through his acting career or some suspicious means.

Soon after his death, people claimed that in one of his last movies, Love and Power dir. Steven Kanumba, , Kanumba had foreseen and caused his death in acting out the same struggles and fights as those that took place with Lulu on the night of his death.

Vitabu vya erick shigongo pdf

In this film, with the striking title After Death dir. See also Zirimwabagabo , Quickly, they decide to steal it, but the designer notices, runs after them, and asks them why they want to steal the picture. As the designer starts crying over the picture, the children give back the drawing and leave.

Shigongo pdf erick

Conclusion The biography and career of Steven Kanumba are representative of the changes in media culture in Tanzania: from live performances to mass-mediated video film. Steven Kanumba was a child of the mediatised society. He became a star, hero, and living icon, a symbol and image of the nation and its film industry, and, for many Tanzanians, an identity figure and embodied dream to cling to. Kanumba was adored but also envied and dumbed down by the press.

Representing the rich and famous in film and real life, he became the subject of myth and gossip already during his life, and increasingly so after his death. In line with the culture of deceased celebrities, his sudden and mysterious death made him a hero and saint in service of the nation. Through public mourning, discourses, and myth, people tried to process and give meaning to his death and they themselves became actors in the production of mourning performances.

In these presentations, reality and fiction—images and persons—become intertwined according to local beliefs and a specific semiotic ideology: a mimetic relationship between the person and his image. Through the media, death becomes a media event with its own ritual practices. References Akilimia, Z. Historia ya Freemasons: Ukweli kuhusu Freemasons na jinsi wanavyotajirisha watu. Ally, S.

Michael Jackson — Ukweli kuhusu maisha na kifo chake [He will not be forgotten.

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