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F riends, here is the pdf file of December month's Current Affairs quick review. This pdf file consists all important current affairs updates of. F riends, as we promised, here is the Pdf Version of September Current Affairs Quick Review (for Printout Purposes). This 6 page Pdf file. Gr8AmbitionZ provides latest current affairs for IBPS, SSC and Insurance competitive exams. Read through our blogs and download pdf.

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F riends, here is the Pdf version of January Month's Complete Current Affairs. This pdf file consists of all important International, National. F riends, here is the Pdf Version of July Current Affairs Quick Review (for Printout Purposes). We made this file by keeping upcoming. F riends, here is the pdf file of October month's Current Affairs quick review. We are posting it lil early because it will be useful for those.

You can download the pdf version of these current affairs from below link. Fighting poverty remains at the core of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs and the development of the post development agenda. This day highlights the increasing rate of accidents and injuries causing death and disability across the world and the need to prevent them. This cabinet comprises the country's 1st female Defence Minister Aisha Mohammed. Canada has become the 2nd country to legalise possession and use of recreational cannabis. Canadians can now grow up to four plants in their own home and carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis for personal use.

You can download the pdf version of these current affairs from below link. This day is being observed every year to draw focus on the freedom of information, protecting journalism from censorship, and ensuring safety for journalists. This day marks the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek, a statement of free press principles put together by African newspaper journalists in Following the UN move, Pakistan had said that it would immediately take action against Azhar, which includes a travel ban, freezing his assets and an embargo on the sale of arms.

National Current Affairs Cyclone Fani, which is said to be the most severe cyclonic storm since the super cyclone of , has hit Odisha's Puri today.

Ahead of the landfall, over 10 lakh people were evacuated and alerts were sounded in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal too. The Draft Bill has been put out in the public domain by the Ministry for inviting suggestions from stakeholders by 15 February Supply and Distribution Act.

Apart from this. January 15 For more materials visit us at www. The bench directed that crore rupees. Each device takes 2 seconds to establish biometrics identity and gives real-time access. Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment. A new laboratory will also be established in Western Region at Nasik. Union government had sanctioned a sum of 80 crore rupees for Varanasi under the Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana.

Noida and Nagpur. Centre to implement biometric attendance system. Baba Kharak Singh Marg. President launched Pulse Polio drive.

Solar Pump and Solar energy powered implements. January 19 For more materials visit us at www. Honble Minister of State for Tribal Affairs. Nadda said the sustained hard work of nearly 23 lakh volunteers and 1.

Madhya Pradesh. He was accompanied by Shri Mansukhbhai Dhanjibhai Vasava. Arunachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh. Green Business Scheme: Govt of India. It will contribute 50 crore rupees which would comprise 5 crore rupees as sponsor and 45 crore rupees as investor.

Andhra Pradesh. Some of the MPs and the villages adopted by them are: Jayapur village in Varanasi. Jitendra Singh said. Uttar Pradesh. Raval village. Shri M. He also announced the decision to appoint a Brand Ambassador who. Jitendra Singh announced 'Make in Northeast' initiative. Venkaiah Naidu addresses For the For more materials visit us at www. Adamwal village in Hoshiarpur. Cola village. Puttamraju Kandrika village. The condition of over a dozen patients.

Bhagwanpur Chatawan village in Rajpura. Nanand village in Nalanda. Venkaiah Naidu reached out to all the The Committee was required to examine the present day administrative. Out of these. Of the 36 mines. Power plants using imported coal are also eligible to participate in the auction. He assured the employees that CPWD and the Ministry would do the needful to create better working conditions of its employees.

Naidu said. The Minister noted that as a part of ongoing efforts to streamline functioning of CPWD all relevant information about 7.

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On 24 September Government launched Rs. Shri Naidu addressed all its employees at 33 locations in the country through video-conferencing and live web streaming.

Current pdf 2015 gr8ambitionz affairs

Member of the Committee. Shri Venkaiah Naidu insisted that CPWD needs to achieve a makeover in its working and public perception through timely completion of projects. The ministry of coal hopes it will be able to complete the process within a month. The Committee was chaired by Shri Shanta Kumar.

Coal block re-allocation begins. It will allot 36 mines to staterun entities. Dwarka and Puri across the country.

2015 gr8ambitionz current pdf affairs

Varanasi and Vellankanni. Beti Padhao. Sukanya Samridhi Account will fetch an interest rate of 9. The scheme will ensure equitable share to a girl child in resources and savings of a family in which she is generally discriminated against a male child. Modi's Ministry came up with yet another ambitious approach launched in Beti Bachao.

Samaritans in the society. Beti Padhao scheme which is the dire need of the hour. The account can be opened in any post office or authorised branches of commercial banks. Beti Padhao campaign. Arun Jaitley stated there are various areas of women and child which need to be addressed immediately. Any action taken under ordinance has complete protection as if it were done within the legal framework of an Act. The bidding process will start next month. Cultural heritage. India observed th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Bose had been a leader of the younger.

17th October 2018 Daily Current Affairs - PDF Download

He was subsequently placed under house arrest by the British before escaping from India in Gandhi and the Congress high command. Nageswar Rao and Nilay Dutta. Srinivasan held miniscule share in India Cements misleading since his family directly or indirectly holds much more. Coal and Power Minister. A highlight of this year's parade was the display for the first time of the recently acquired long-range maritime surveillance and anti-submarine P-8I aircraft and the long-range advanced MiGK fighter plane.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate global exhibition on services in April. Pilibhit of Uttar Pradesh and other Terai districts of northern India. And I believe if we touch those questions today. Obama arrived in his own highly-secured bomb-proof vehicle. India has reached into an agreement with Nepal to procure additional electricity produced by project. The height of dam is the meters. Special 'Kadhua' Banarasi silk saree for Michelle Obama.

Modi said most of the questions posed by people were "connected to politics. Former Chairman. NITI Aayog…. Department of Expenditure. Commerce Secretary Rajeev Kher said that share of India's services sector in the global services trade is only 3 per cent as compared to 4. India's rank has been improved from 11th to 6th during and The services sector includes IT. Indian Space Research Organisation. The minister also launched a portal for the exhibition.

The MoU will strengthen cooperation in the field of tourism between tourism ministries of both the countries. The Maharashtra Government will observe September 17th as 'Industries Day' Vishwakarma Jayanti as part of its effort to provide balanced growth to existing small. In global exports of services.

Commenting about the sector. It is important to boost services exports to finance the goods trade deficit. He was accompanied by US ambassador Richard Verma. Five new non-permanent members elected to UN Security Council. Mohan Tiwari. In Venezuela and Spain — have begun their two-year term. South Korea and Rwanda. Mahamat Zene Cherif. Indian Government had provided a line of credit of million dollars for these projects.

Three completed segments covering a distance of kilometer track length include. New Zealand. Fatou Bensouda. International criminal court o Established: August 1. Jiaolong reached its deepest depth of 7.

Stephan Mathias. Possibilities and Challenges. Israel withholds tax revenue it collects on behalf of the Palestinians. People's Liberation Army. Song Sang. The taxes were collected on behalf of the Palestinians for the month of December Expanding the use of Hindi in businesses and commerce.

Such acts issued after are referred to as Decisions or Ukases in Soviet sources. On the other hand. It also has a self-contained sunset clause. Community support for Hindi and Current status of the teaching and learning of Hindi will be taken up in the conference. Foreigners aged 18 to 30 can enlist in the military under five-year contracts only if they speak Russian and have no criminal record. This conference will provide a forum for participants to get together and identify challenges and find solutions for the advancement of the Hindi language in North America and the Caribbean region.

January 2015 Current Affairs - Pdf Download

Ramotar on the sidelines of the 13th Pravasi Bhartiya Divas. The bill was passed by votes in the member House of Representatives.

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The pound. Sam Hinds. Indian companies have also expressed interest in bio fuel. Guyanese dollar. Guyana President is the chief guest of Pravasi Bhartiya Divas. Donald Ramotar. The Indo-Guyanese make up the largest ethnic group in Guyana. Now the bill will go to the Senate for approval. Secretary General Ban ki-moon will address. Chen Bao-ji explained this was the first time that the H5N8 strain has been detected in Taiwan.

Paris march against terror is the largest in French history. The pipeline will be built by TransCanada Corp. The kilometer Keystone XL oil pipeline would carry barrels of oil per day from the oil sands of western Canada to the ports and refineries of the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

As a result. With the court decision in the favour of the pipeline.

Kerry is accompanied by a delegation of about Crude oil. India has the potential to contribute between 1. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin netanyahu.

3rd May Daily Current Affairs - PDF Download | Gr8AmbitionZ

This haat is located at Srinagar Tripura. Purba Madhugram Feni. Bangladesh border at Kalaichar India. Dolora Bangladesh. F fighter jets and amphibious vehicles for a new unit similar to the US Marine Corps. The defence budget includes plan to download surveillance aircraft. British Prime Minister David Cameron and others participated in the rally. Baliamari Bangladesh and Balat India. Gen Nakatan.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The other two cross border haats with Bangladesh are located on the Meghalaya. Both the countries announced the measures during the bilateral summit between the two countries held in Washington DC. Haqqani network.

Pakistan plans to ban 12 terror groups including Hafiz Saeed's JuD. China has 22 nuclear reactors in operation and 26 under construction. The US and UK announced cooperative measures in combating cyber threats. China launched the construction of five nuclear reactors in and had planned to keep up the pace of construction of nuclear reactors in Liaoning and Guangdong provinces of China in Shen Lixin.

President Barack Obama during Republic Day celebrations. The new planning minister is Yves Germain Joseph. Pakistan is accelerating its nuclear weapons programme.

It came in for sharp criticism for removing Hamas from the list. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini decided to appeal in a meeting with other foreign ministers from the 28 EU-member states. Foreign Affairs. Martelly kept several current cabinet members in their posts including the Ministers of Defence.

They also recognised that the international nature of cyber threats requires that governments around the world work together to confront the cyber threats. EU to appeal against Hamas removal from terror list.

Carel Alexandre was appointed as the head of public security. GM was top-selling automaker for more than seven decades. But in He did not raise any sort of tariff or non-tariff barriers at all''. Shipments of mangoes from India. Germen automaker Volkswagen AG is second in global vehicle sales list and has sold About European Court of Justice: EU lifts ban on Indian mangoes.

Vassillios Skouris. CII president Ajay Shriram said. US take civilian nuclear deal forward. Like Abdullah. Tsipras has vowed to end. Falah-i-Insaniat Foundation. Alexis Tsipras. Crown Prince Salman. The Pakistani government took action against the militant organisations without making a distinction between the good Taliban and the bad Taliban after the attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar December 16 by Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan.

It is just two seats short of an absolute majority. Al Rashid Trust. Al Akhtar Trust. Roshan Money Exchange. Rahat Limited. King Abdulazizs. Apart from Haqqani network and JuD. Saudi Arabia quickly announced that one of his younger brothers. Ummah Tameer-i-Nau. Church of England. Elizabeth Jane Holden. We open a way to hope. Robert Hallett and Graham Hill are faced with charges of corrupt payments to officials in India.

West of Paris. Poland and Tunisia to acquire transport contracts. Patrick Kron. David Cameron has Voiced a Warning following the result. About Syriza: Power generation and transmission. January 29 For more materials visit us at www.

Lu'an Group has built the world's largest facility to turn excess methane gas from coal mines into electricity. To grow lettuce on Mars in The new species has been named Dampier Peninsula Goanna while its scientific name is Varanus sparnus. The Western Australia Museum announced the discovery of the new species of goanna lizard from the Kimberley region.

Within two months. The aim of the project is to prove that plant life can thrive in the controlled greenhouse environment and that the resources on Mars can be appropriately managed to establish a permanent human settlement. Dust and the Epoch of Re ionisation will circle the continent and observe a haze of faint microwaves that envelop space. Under the project the team will grow small plants with gases obtained from the Martian atmosphere.

Mars One Lander will be launched by Mars One which is a not-for-profit foundation that aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars by Satish Dhawan. The scientists led by Suzanna Lucarotti will demonstrate their project via a payload in the form of lettuce that will be carried by Mars One Lander in Scientists give it a 97 per cent chance of being in the habitable zone.

Keplerb and Keplerb. Whole plant therapy can beat malaria parasites' drug resistance. Massachusetts have discovered a new antibiotic.

United States. Charles R. They were named as Keplerb and Keplerb. Joseph Aoun. Aims for Rocket Landing at Sea. Of the three. United states. Using Kepler data. A vertical touchdown is the goal. Thus making the habitable zone closer to their parent star.

It only has capability to provide warning to the aircraft pilot in case of detection of a radar threat. Head of the archaeology institute of Xiangyang City.

Mylswamy Annadurai.

1st, 2nd & 3rd April 2019 Daily Current Affairs - PDF Download

NSS has several different categories under which the award is presented each year. No other country has ever done this. Voting for the 6th phase of the 17th Lok Sabha elections has begun on 11th May. Over 1,13, polling booths are in place for smooth conduct of polls, while The Tamil Nadu government has issued an order to district collectors for issuing income and asset certificates to persons belonging to general category for availing reservation under the Economically Weaker Section EWS quota.

The order said a person should not own 5 acres of agriculture land and above. For calculating the income, family members' income from all sources will be considered. Patnaik also launched the web portal rebuild.

At least 43 people were killed in the cyclone which hit the Odisha coast on May 3. Note : The Indian economy grew 6.