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(PDF) IL Datasheet PDF, m TECHNICAL DATA A tvnovellas.infositive Voltage Regulator ILxxFeatures SOT- 1. 2. 3. ILxx. Features. ○ Adjustable and Fixed of , , , , , , , V. ○ Space saving SMD types of SOT ○ V Drop-out Voltage. IL datasheet,IL Pinout Pin out,IL application circuits can be download from datasheetdir.

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Part, IL Category. Description, A Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator. Company, IK Semicon. Datasheet, Download IL datasheet. Datasheet, Download IL datasheet VOLTAGE IL IL ( Adjustable) IL IL LINE REGULATION IL IL Part No. IL Download, IL Click to view. File Size, Kbytes. Page, 10 Pages. Maker, IKSEMICON [IK Semicon Co., Ltd]. Homepage.

The IL is available in eight fixed voltage, 1. Additionally it is also available in adjustable version. Current limit is also trimmed to ensure specified output current and controlled short-circuit current. A minimum of 10uF tantalum capacitor is required at the output to improve the transient response and stability. Output 3. Input Features Dropout Voltage — 1. Fixed-Voltage Model —Basic Connections.

Service Manual H-CDM8042

Note: It is important that the ESR for this capacitor does not exceed 0. The output capacitor does not have a theoretical upper limit and increasing its value will increase stability. Load Regulation When the adjustable regulator is used Fig. When so connected, RP is not multiplied by the divider ratio.

For Fixed output version, the top of R1 is internally connected to the output and ground pins can be connected to low side of the load. Current protection is triggered at typically 1. Thermal Consideration The IL series contain thermal limiting circuitry designed to protect itself from over-temperature conditions. Even for normal load conditions, maximum junction temperature ratings must not be exceeded. As mention in thermal protection section, we need to consider all sources of thermal resistance between junction and ambient.

It includes junction-tocase, case-to-heat-sink interface, and heat sink thermal resistance itself. Junction-to-case thermal resistance is specified from the IC junction to the bottom of the case directly below the die. Proper mounting is required to ensure the best possible thermal flow from this area of the package to the heat sink.

Download il1117-3.3

The case of all devices in this series is electrically connected to the output. Therefore, if the case of the device must be electrically isolated, a thermally conductive spacer is recommended.

HD H This is a pin for setting flash memory programming mode. In flash memory programming mode, connect this pin to the flash programmer. Series resister 4.

Download il1117-3.3

High output in XM mode for XM power. Option diode input ST input.

Download il1117-3.3

Series 2. This port is to control power on of the system.

MOTOR control for closing front panel. Refer to the circuit 2. Close switch input of motorized front. MOTOR control for opening front panel. High during opening. Down 1M A zener diode 5. Add series ohm to protect port. Refer to To detect rapidly, standard circuit is recommendable the circuit described in hardware application note.

XM detection input for connection in no RDS.

IL1117-12 - 1.0A Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator

H Pull up 1. AD input Must be pulled up with 4. Must be pulled up with 4. S-cdp switch input. Power supply for the motor driver IC of motorized 2.


I MP3 Communication data output. Needed pull up ohm from CDP powered 5V.

Option diode input 9. Option diode input 8. Option Diode input7.

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Unless special requirement, it is recommended to be connected to front CH of audio signal. Option diode input 6. Option Diode input 5. Open 8. Equivalent to discharging a pF capacitor via a 1. All functions ate controlled through 3 serial bus lines.

Download il1117-3.3

Operate at input frequency ranging from SOP When using 4. It is a hard-wired free-adjustment servo, which automatically controlled the control point of the pre-signal portion.