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Item 43 - 54 INTRODUCTION. The course on Public Administration/Management has following objectives: 1. Understand the concept of public administration/. The Ecology and Evolution of Public Administration. UNIT 1. THE PRINCIPLES OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. CONTENT. Introduction. Objective. Richard J. Stillman, Public Administration: Concepts and Cases, 9th Edition This graduate-level course is intended to provide an introduction to the field as.

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Introduction to Public Administration - National Open University of. Pages Browse's Introduction to the Symptoms & Signs of Surgical Disease 4th Edition. Course: PAD – Introduction to Public Administration (3 Credits – Compulsory ) Course Duration: Three hours per week for 15 weeks (30 hours) as taught in. to him the scope of public administration is narrow or limited. It is also regarded as . 'Introduction to the study of Public Administration.' Prof.

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Public affairs topics are at the center of almost every national debate. Determined to make a difference in your community?

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Our U. Apply for fall Deadline: August 1 Start your admission application. Schedule a visit The best way to learn about the School of Public Affairs is to schedule a personalized tour.

Attend our events We host more than events each year featuring distinguished practitioners, community leaders and politicians. Support our students Help to remove financial barriers for criminal justice and public affairs students. Certificates and professional development.

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Featured event. Meet the Candidates for Denver Mayor Apr 11, Featured news. School of Public Affairs rises in national rankings, retains no. Featured research. A Comparative Diagnosis of Policy Conflicts: Jennifer Kagan and Jill Yordy This project explores differences across state-level policy decisions related to oil and gas development over the past decade, to provide an understanding of how different policy contexts influence the intensity of conflicts and their outcomes.

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Explain the functions of Public Administration in a modern society Reading List 1. Adsiteo, A.

Ibadan: Spectrum Books Ltd. Akpan, N.

Ibadan: Longman Publishers 3. Balogun, M. Nigeria: Macmillan Publishers. White, L. New York: Macmillan Company.

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Week 2: The Importance of Public Administration. Objective: At the end of this lecture, students will know the importance of Public Administration in all human societies.

Describe Public Administration as an agent of social change 3. Discuss how Public Administration ensures continuity in the governance of a country 4. Enumerate the importance of Public Administration in a modern society Reading List 1.

Sharma, M. Allanabad: Kita Manal 5. Week 3 and 4: Public Administration: Art or Science? Objective: At the end of the lectures, students will be able to answer the question whether Public Administration is an art or science course.

Discuss the attributes of Art subjects. Highlight the feautures of the Sciences 3.

To what extant can it be argued that Public Administration is an art not a science? Reading List 1. Ibadan: Longman Publishers.

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Objective: At the end of the lectures, students will be able to identify the differences and similarities between Public and Private Administration.

State and explain what you perceive to be the major differences in the administrative practices of the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy. Objective: At the end of the lectures, students will be able to know the meaning of organization as well as types of organization, their characteristics and functions. Explain the differences between formal and informal organizations 3.

Discuss the similar characteristics of both formal and informal organizations Reading List 1.

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Allanabad: Kita Manal 2. Simon, H.

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New York: The Macmillan Company. Weber, M. New York: Oxford University Press. Week 9: Test and Review of Test Questions Objectives: To administer a test towards continuous assessment at the end of which test questions will be reviewed and discussed with the students.

Objective: At the end of the lectures, students will be able to know what bureaucracy means, its characteristics as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

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Week The Concept of Chief Executive: Meaning and Functions Objective: At the end of this lecture, students will know who is called a chief executive is and be able to explain his functions.

Discuss the functions of a chief executive officer in a formal organization. A typical Chief Executive Officer is a strategist. Discuss 4.