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Get Jannat K Pattay Part 1 And 2 Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmed Free Download Pdf. Jannat K Pattay Part 1 And 2 is available here for free. Jannat ke pattay by Nimra Ahmad Part 2. or. Jannat ke patty by Nimra Ahmad Part 1 Abhi imkan baqi hai by Zumar Naeem epi 17 pdf. JKPIANS: "Jannat Kay Pattay ka part 2 chahiye :D " Part 2 to nahi aya, albata # JkpReaders kay liye #JKPIAN (Vintage Diary) aa gayi:D DJ ka Ek Khas.

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Jannat Kay Pattay 2 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. By Nimra Ahmed. Download Jannat Ke Pattay Part 2 apk for Android. Novel. Jannat k pattay novel by nimra ahmed read online or download jannat kay pattay in PDF format for offline reading. Jannat Kay Pattay Novel, Jannat Kay Pattay Novel PDF, Jannat Kay Pattay by Nimra Ahmed, 2 Favorites.

For the first time I have read such kind of a novel which covered many genres. It was a bunch of mystery, suspense, love, teachings, thrill and exotic traveling spots. I just Fall in Love with this story and characters. The amazing and magnificent portrayal of Turkey would actually make you add this country to your tourism list. The topic remains as much interesting for readers as from its 1st episode to its end.

I don't know how Haya could be so blindly in love to let that go.

2 pattay part pdf kay jannat

When you think about it, his reason for hating Haya in the beginning and distrusting her was so stupid. It felt good to say all that! Also, I think the plot was unrealistic in many ways. A character had access to almost everything without any difficulty and without any questions or reference as to how they got it. There was a little too much if you ask me.

Jannat Kay Pattay 2

He was just a soldier. Now that's a book really worth reading. I read that one slow for just 3 chapters and then I couldn't stop at all! And then these girls have their stories.

Happy stories.

And painful stories. Just like a non-doctor cannot understand the troubles of a medical student, non-hijaabis can never understand those of hijaabi girls.

Jannat Kay Pattay 2

Something every hijaabi girl can relate with. And JKP was not about Haya only.

It was about Ayeshe too A non-niqaabi, only-hijaabi girl , about DJ too a non-hijaabi, non-niqaabi girl and the message I tried to convey is that its about time Hijaabi girls should stop taking non-hijaabi ones as Kaafir, idiots and bad girls, and non-hijaabi girls should start showing some respect for the hijaab.

This mutual tolerance can only help us become a better Muslim and a better human being.

Jannat K Pattay Part 1 And 2 Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmed Free Download Pdf

A message I always give: do not judge people, you have not lived their life!. All Nimra Ahmed Novels List 1. The transformation of a modern girl Haya to a Naqabi girl was the main essence of this novel.

Suleman has two children, Haya modern Girl and Rohail.

Jannat K Pattay Novel by Nimra Ahmed Complete

Rohail has been studied in U. S and Haya has been selected for a scholarship from the European union and she leaves for Turkey for about five months.

Part 2 jannat kay pdf pattay

The main reason of Haya to apply for this scholarship is jehan because they both were bond in childhood nikah, which was forgotten.

Major Ahmed was displayed as Cybercrime Agency worker. He removed the dancing video of Haya and Irum from the webs and actually did give her a strange advice about jannat kay pattay. Haya and DJ haya's friend both reached Turkey n story goes on.

Abdul Rehman Pasha was portrayed as the well-known smuggler and Haya was warned to take good care of herself against him. Turkey changed Haya forever and for good.

Pdf 2 jannat pattay part kay

And she starts Sharhi pardah. Tafseer of surah Al-Ahzab was beautifully written by Nimra Ahmed.