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K53 Learners guide.. Page: FREE Learner Driver Manual. Everything you need to know about the learners test (traffic theory). Download/View.. Oct 22, K53 Learners & Licence RSA - Question and Answers for learner licence exam. If you are looking for an easy and accurate guide to the K53 learners licence. Our K53 Questions and Answers prepares you for your official K53 Learners It is a multilingual Learners Licence Test application which works completely in.

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Fill K53 Learners Test Questions And Answers Code 10 Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with. We've Got FREE Questions To Practice On! Pass Your Learners Test FIRST TIME ? Practice K53 Learners Papers Online. Sign Up Now. di, 26 mrt GMT k53 learners test questions pdf - We've Got. FREE Questions To. Practice On! Pass Your. Learners Test FIRST. TIME? Practice.

We swapped war stories of failing, all-nighters and blanking out with panic during the exam. Then we realised There must be another way? And here it is, our gift to you! No more sleepless nights, no more cramming, no more procrastinating with Game of Thrones.

When you see other cars parking A. When taking a rest from driving many hours B. The legal speed you are allowed to drive is Which of the following is considered to be an offence? Parking within 4m from an intersection A. Shown by road signs alongside the roadway B.

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Parking within 4m from the outside edge of a roadway C. Can be decided by you C. Parking within 4m from a robot in a parking bay Which car has the right of way at a traffic circle? An emergency vehicle sounding a siren, is approaching, you must Speed your car, so it will not catch you up B. Give immediate right of way C. Warn other traffic by flashing your headlights D. All of the above The only time a driver is allowed to stop on a freeway, is How close from a tunnel or subway are you allowed to stop?

When you want to have a smoke break A. Not closer than 3. To obey a road sign B. Not closer than 5m C.

When you are tired of driving C. Not closer than 6m 13 Towing a car. The permitted distance between the two cars must When is it not allowed for you to enter an intersection? If your car will block the traffic A. Must not be more than 3m B.

The New Official K53 Manual - For the Learner’s and Driving Licence Tests (Extract)

Must not be more than 4m B. When you see that you will have to stop the car halfway across the intersection C. Must not be more than 3.

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When the robot is red D. A driver can enter a public road when Indicating on time and just enter B.


The road is clear of traffic and you can see that you can enter without obstructing other coming cars C. There is traffic but its moving slowly Any occurring road accident must be reported within In what situation as a driver are you allowed to drive on the right hand side of a two-way road?

When a police officer or traffic cop orders you to do so B. Under no circumstances C. Only if you have your emergency lights on Basic rules about your hotter It must be heard for at least 90m A. It must sound like an emergency siren C. The tone or pitch of the sound must not change 14 When approaching the robot and the red light is flashing, what must you do? In a case where you want to turn to the left side, you must Watch out for a police roadblock.

Move to the right and then turn left casually B. Treat it as a four way stop sign, stop and when its safe proceed only B. Slow down first, indicate, and then turn C.

Stop and wait until the light turns green C. Indicate on time, then turn when safe to do so If you will be turning to the right or left hand side, you must When another car wants to overtake you, you must Observe at all the five blind spots, indicate on time, bring your gear to low and make sure its safe and then turn B.

Slow down and turn only when its safe to C. Been there, done that. What if I told you that there was a different option. You're here because you can't wait to be in a car, experiencing the freedom of being on the road, for yourself! We've put together a number of practice exam with actual questions that will make sure that you are fully prepared for your learners.

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Simulate an exam environment and answer questions on all three sections.

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K53 Tests is the best resource for anyone who wants reliable information and guidance before writing their learners licence test. Get ready by writing trial exams to make sure you get your answers right.

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Learners Test It's Easy Make sure you pass your Learners Licence test the first time; take a test drive and try out our online South African practice papers. What We Have For You? We have all of it… every single bit. And we do it right.

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