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OCJP DUMPS JAVA |SCJP DUMPS |FREE DOWNLOAD JAVA certification,java ocjp dumps,ocjp dumps pdf,latest Dumps. SCJP Dumps in for more SCJP Dumps to download in pdf format. So Can you please send me the latest dumps of SCJP/OCJP , As its. Sun Certified Java Professional(SCJP) exam is now Oracle Certified Professional Here are the dumps in pdf format for Java SE 6 Version. Hi, I plan to give OCJP 6 at October , is this the latest dumps for this exam or.

I did manage to do some 25 days of preparation serious preparation , but my coding experience in Java helped me a lot- In understanding the basic concepts easily and giving more time to learn the less used concepts like Generics, Collections, Threading. Through out my preparation and after appearing for the exam there are few things I wanted to share with the aspirants: Which Is the book to be referred? Its Generics and collections chapters are exhaustive. Do I need to buy the mock exams? No, U need not.

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