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Author of Use Your Head, Speed reading, Master Your Memory, Head First!, Mind Maps for Tony Buzan is a leading authority on the brain and learning techniques, Cover of: *****EBOOK - The Power of Verbal Intelligence .. Cover of: Advanced Guide to "King Lear" (Teach Yourself Literature Guides). The Speed Reading Book - Tony Buzan Pg enjoy - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. stop searching for other materials. Speed Memory - Tony Buzan - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read ing in their 'new' state, and a memory trace was established.

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LanguageEnglish. speed reading. IdentifierSpeedReadingBookTonyBuzan. Identifier-arkark://t84j5cd7z. OcrABBYY FineReader Also by Tony Buzan Books The Mind Set: Use Your Head Use Your Memory carefully' and going for maximum comprehension: Speed read ing has be en. Actually, speeding up your reading can be more natural than slow reading. It requires 1 Tony Buzan, Use Your Head (BBC Worldwide Limited, ). 2 Tony.

Footnotes 10 History Psychologists and educational specialists working on visual acuity used a tachistoscope to conclude[1] that, with training, an average person could identify minute images flashed on the screen for only one five-hundredth of a second 2 ms. Though the images used were of airplanes, the results had implications for reading. It was not until the late s that a portable, reliable and convenient device would be developed as a tool for increasing reading speed. Evelyn Wood , a researcher and schoolteacher, was committed to understanding why some people were naturally faster at reading and tried to force herself to read very quickly. In , while brushing off the pages of a book she had thrown down in despair, she discovered that the sweeping motion of her hand across the page caught the attention of her eyes, and helped them move more smoothly across the page. She then used the hand as a pacer. For some people, this comes naturally, but is usually acquired by practice.

I like the fact that we can import our own books in epub format and view in many different reading speeds and fixations.

One nice feature to have would be option to view scrolling text. That is much smoother to read than jumping motion. Je leessnelheid wordt snel verhoogd by Ali Dijk, Netherlands, September 16, Ik merkte al snel vooruitgang, het lukt makkelijk om de leessnelheid te verhogen. Je bepaalt daarbij zelf wanneer en hoeveel je de snelheid wilt verhogen. De app zou 5 sterren krijgen als je handmatig meerdere bladwijzers per boek kan gebruiken. Daarnaast mis ik de mogelijkheid om boeken met DRM beveiliging te lezen.

Bon by Evva white, France, September 5, Excellente , tout est parametrable by Alx10, United States, September 5, It makes me more productive, because it helps me read faster. Great app by Jefacake, United States, September 2, Great app Good app for speeding up by cdt95, United States, August 30, I found the app to Beverly helpful in speeding up my reading and staying focused. I was able to easily import an ePub for school and read it much faster than in iBooks. The app helped me to stay focused and get through the material more efficiently.

And I can read long articles with ease even on my iPhone. Sehr praktisch und angenehm beim Lesen. Leider keine PDFs lesbar. Would have paid 20 if it had this… by sfrey, United States, August 7, Before I begin, let me say that this is a very useful app. I wish that it had two more things, though. First, I wish that it had one of those flash word generators. And secondly, i wish that quick reader would allow me to import kindle books.

Wachter, United States, July 31, I absolutely love this app, and would encourage everyone that reads a lot to download it. The interface is easy to use, and the library is beyond extensive, but the only problem that I've had is with reading books on my iPad Mini. I have certainly noticed that the new version opens nicely on my iPad not pixelated , but some of the books are still difficult, if not impossible to read. Most people today download an iPad or iPad Mini, so that they can read books, magazines, and news papers; and I know of very few that are willing to do so on their iPhone.

My request is simply that further development go into making this app more compatible and usable with the devices on which most people would like to use it. Absolutely a HUGE Time Saver by envisionteky, United States, July 30, I love this app because it helps me save time which equals enjoying the parts of life that require more of it. It's a great tool for practicing and I'm enjoying the books provided.

Great app!!! Pretty cool by Sanae Martin, United States, July 12, I love that I can read my favorite classics and practice speed reading at the same time. I'm impressed with the wide selection of classics to choose from.

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This is a great app, especially at this price. I do have a short wish-list. Je eigen boeken kun je makkelijk importeren via calibre, dropbox of gewoon via de mail. Werkt in het Nederlands en doet wat die moet doen. It's not. You enjoy what you comprehend, not what you slowly gaze over in a languishing pace. This is a great app. Comprehension doesn't go away— start at a reasonable pace, and try to gradually increase that pace as your brain adjusts over time to the process.

Love it! My favorite reader. Best app! I convert everything to epub to read it here… get it! Love it,,!!! With calibre you can format any ebook to work with quickreader… and with instapaper you can transfer over articles or webpages that you were reading. Overall great app!! Ohhh, sooo close!!! I was all set to download MegaReader until I realized I already bought QuickReader, which is basically the same code although QuickReader offers the timing functionality to help improve speed-reading; I don't use it for that, but as a pure reader.

It's a really nice reader, but my two wishes to make this a 5-star app are: 1 ability to disable the iPhone status bar at the top of the screen. As stated by others, it's presence is very distracting, esp. Besides, all that screen real estate can and should be put to better use by displaying text!


Users then could easily pull that info up, as desired by tapping the screen eg to check time, etc , without digging through a bunch of menus. One feature I miss from Stanza is the ability to easily look up definitions for words in a book without needing to open another app. Only downside is the inability to highlight words. So it's not possible to define unknown words, quote interesting text etc. Works great by Stefanos Gatdoulos, United States, April 28, The tools and functions in this app are par excellent.

However, we can only practice speed reading on public domain books. How about speed reading our own documents and digital books? Thank you! As a bonus you're improving your reading speed while reading some of the greatest books, including Sherlock Holmes, Mark Twain, Dickens, Tolstoy, and on and on.

Thank you. Maravilhosa atual by copario, Italy, April 16, Posso memorizar todos os meus Documentos. This tool is very good, it helps to read systematically. Thank you very much!

I Love It by Pentatonic13, United States, April 6, It's great, works good just wish I could view the books I downloadd directly from ibooks being I don't have a windows or a Mac its pretty much impossible because I haven't found any book reader that can which is frustrating but I guess that's probably apple's crime there.

A ferramenta de speed reading parece realmente ajudar a aprimorar a leitura. Get this one. The app is not a "hog" either. I rarely give 5 stars on my first review because I'm usually an early adopter and so there's usually areas that need to improved.

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For this app, it would be nice to have some control of the starting point of a read- especially if I want to change reading speeds "midstream". Fantastic, want to use it for everything I read. Highly recommended for anybody for whom reading is a part of their job. Would love to make notes by Mitochon, Australia, March 28, Really like the continuing support.

App itself is a great idea an great execution. Would love to make notes that can be exported. PDF potentially?

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If this was on there it would definitely get 5 stars in my review!!! Amazing by jane vamp, United States, March 23, I really love this app. It also allows you to download ePub books from some online sites. It's just been freezing on me lately.

The way I use it is by practicing from time to time with the speed reading, testing every once in a while, and reading normally when I just need a rest. What I've found is that after using the speed reading modes for some practice, even my leisurely reading is more efficient. Using the app trained me to automatically scan for the most important words — I was skeptical before but now I'm a true convert. And there are a lot of other ways to learn to speed read, but I've never used, or even seen, anything as convenient as this.

I now save all classics I want to read for this app instead of kindle. Oh, right, it also allows amazing customization of colors and all the speed reading tool. Honestly, it blows kindle out of the water. I wish I knew how to read modern ebooks on it, but regardless, I'm very happy.

It works very well with ePub format.

Buzan speed ing ebook tony

Some books I use for speed reading and some books like travel books I use for for finding information. The features are excellent for both types of reading.

It is an excellent product that I have used for at least a year. Great App! I do wish you could download newer books or subscribe to magazine or news publications. Bella e utile by VignaGuid, Italy, March 10, Fa quello che promette e ha un grande catalogo di libri scaricabili Very Good by Sara-n-dippidy, United States, March 9, Have tried other readers and I think this is my favorite one.

Ing buzan speed ebook tony

Since I downloaded this app, I never open any of my other reading apps. It is the most customizable ereader, even aside from the guided reading function. There is nothing unnecessary, and every time I find myself wishing that I could tweak something, it's always possible. This app was clearly designed by someone who reads a lot of ebooks.

I love it when an app developer knows how to focus on what's important. An amazing application by isaacrose, United States, March 5, I think quick reader should be able to download paper back books, and old classics from various artist, , it would be great if it had flip board option on it, not sure how it work, but its like merging too apps , and finally , make it a social network program, people should be able to share books they read and talk about it.

Need search, bookmark and percentage display by gyeung, United States, February 25, Great ebook reader. It would be nice to have search and bookmark function. Display of percentage read in the center panel instead of the slider, because every time I touch it, it shifts position. If it has these, it would be a great replacement for Stanza Pessima! It's made reading more enjoyable, faster and simpler. This app basically changed my life. Great personal improvement tool.

Awesome by mcroll79, United States, February 14, I'm up to wpm with full comprehension. I love how I can speed read my own books. However, I wish that I could import books from ibooks to read. But I can't have it all I guess. Thanks for the app! There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download.

Like in all of his books, Tony Buzan reiterates his favorite assertions on mind mapping and mental abilities of a human. This book consists of history and the new developments of speed reading, self tests and exercises, mixed with short essays on physiologic aspects of reading, like left and right cortical research, the number of brain cells and their interconnections, the anatomy of eyes including the cross-section , control of eye movements t to increase the speed and comprehension of reading with diagrams of eyes' progression while reading.

Buzan tony speed ebook ing

The author addressed the common reading problems: He gives practical advises on improving your concentration and increasing your comprehension.

Much attention is given to developing advanced skimming and scanning techniques, range reading skills, metronome training. The book finishes with tips on getting control of different kinds of text: In addition to this book, I can recommend exercising with a speed reading audio program, that should be listened while reading. I have several of Tony Buzan's books, and I appreciate his work very much.

Although I don't believe that he is the only word in mind improvement, he has been extremely helpful to me. And this book was no exception. He covers what I feel to be important parts of reading speed improvement -- using the hand to guide, the different guiding movements, improving eye span among other things.

He also touches on the importance of building up vocabulary, and of course, Tony Buzan would not be Tony Buzan if he didn't mention something about Mind Mapping -- another tool of his that has helped me greatly. You'll have to put in some dedicated, sustained effort into the exercises in this book. They are understandable, but improving reading speed is always a challenge. I've improved my reading speed through this book, and I want to take the book again and work with it to keep the skill up.

I can't answer for those who say that the book did them no good. Perhaps it didn't. But it did do me good. And I'm glad I bought it. Completely unrealistic. download rapid reading by peter kump. I got several Speed Reading books. This is okay. One person found this helpful. Tony Buzan's legacy as the world's authority on how to make your brain work better for you is fully demonstrated in this work. There are many techniques in this book which serve as the foundation for other programs on learning how to learn better!

He has paved the way for all who followed. The greatest aspect of this work is the myriad of exercises which help us to experience how the brain learns better and faster. By engaging in all these exercises we can train our minds to work more efficiently. Take the time to read the book, do the exercises, and reap the benefits! Full of nice guidelines! It is nice as a preliminary introduction to speed reading!

Then you will need more books! Can speed u up and safe some time! Just practice a lot! See all 26 reviews. His million-copy selling books on the subject have achieved massive success in more than countries and have been translated into 30 languages.

Jim Kwik: Speed Reading, Memory, & Superlearning – #189

He has lectured worldwide and acts as advisor to numerous multi-national companies, governments, leading businesses and international Olympic athletes. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Speed Reading Book , please sign up. Does anyone really achive velocities superior than words per minute? Leslie Jeanne i once enrolled in a speed reading course, and yes, it's achievable.

See 1 question about The Speed Reading Book…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

More filters. Sort order. Oct 26, Batoul Al-Mutab rated it it was amazing.

Tony ebook buzan ing speed

At the Toastmasters International Convention, Tony Buzan was presented with the Golden Gavel to recognise his achievements in the study of the mind. If you want to learn how to read fast, few people can teach you as well as he can. People wonder how I read as many books as I do Everyone professional needs to read to stay indispensable in their company and this book will help you read faster and At the Toastmasters International Convention, Tony Buzan was presented with the Golden Gavel to recognise his achievements in the study of the mind.

Everyone professional needs to read to stay indispensable in their company and this book will help you read faster and remember more of what you read.

Aug 17, Ahmadreza Abbaslou rated it it was amazing. May 01, bobroxxu rated it it was amazing. I recommend this book. After reading and practicing it, I increased my reading speed by a factor of about four. My comprehension also increased significantly. Reading this book actually saves you time and allows you to enjoy life with more confidence. Do you love results? I do too, especially when I can see it with numbers. And I got it. The exercises force you to engage.

What does this mean? I discovered that common reading habits like back-skipping returning my eyes to words that have just Do you love results? Just these two habits are literally costing me hours in a single page book. Would I recommend it to you? Yes but with reservation. I doubled my leisure reading speed but at the same time not sacrificing my comprehension.

If you are a someone who needs to get through tons of reading materials for school or work, then I wholeheartedly recommend The Speed Reading Book. Aug 19, Reader01 rated it it was amazing.

Good technique. Thanks Tony.