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Annabeth Chase meets Sadie Kane in this awesome adventure! This is the FULL original book written by Myth Master Rick Riordan I merely. While famous, to complete this kind of ebook, then you possibly won't need to This offers some locations of this Get Free The Staff Of Serapis Mobi [PDF] that. Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles Crossover 02 - The Staff of Serapis - Rick KB. Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles Crossover 03 - The.

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THE STAFF of SERAPIS . as if someone had opened a locker full of spoiled lunches. Others fainted onto . If the monster turned into a complete three- headed. Riordan, Rick = The Staff of Serapis - Crossover. READ. Show more documents Throne of Fire Event - Rick Riordan. Rick Riordan. A 1. Read More. Read "The Staff of Serapis A Disney Hyperion Short Story - Read by the Staff of Serapis, The ebook by Rick Riordan . The Complete Kane Chronicles.

On March 3, , he previewed the cover on Hypable, along with the information that the story would be for Percy Jackson's point of view. Plot[ edit ] Annabeth Chase dreams of her mother, Athena, telling her that there is trouble brewing. When they become trapped on the island by Setne who is attempting to become a god using spells in the Book of Thoth , they try to contact Carter and Sadie Kane but fail. Annabeth and Percy decide to face Setne alone, but are immobilized by the magician. Setne summons the goddess Wadjet in order to consume her essence and take the Crown of Lower Egypt from her, becoming master of essentially one-half the Egyptian world. Setne then disappears. The Kanes finally arrive and help the demigods track down Setne.

Annabeth struggled to keep Crabby down, but the beast was twice her weight. It pushed up on its forelegs, trying to throw her. Both heads turned to snap at her face. She managed to keep her balance while slipping off her backpack. Meanwhile, the train burst into the sunlight. They rattled along the elevated rails of Queens, fresh air blowing through the broken windows and glittering bits of glass dancing across the seats.

Out of the corner of her eye, Annabeth saw the black dog shake off its fit of retching. It lunged at Karate Girl, who whipped out her ivory boomerang and blasted the monster with another golden flash. Annabeth wished she could summon golden flashes. All she had was a stupid backpack.

Her head felt stuffed with cotton. Her stomach twisted. She lost track of time as she wrestled the creature. If the monster turned into a complete three-headed whatever-it-was, it might be impossible to stop.

The dog lunged again at Karate Girl. This time it knocked her down. Annabeth, distracted, lost her grip on the crab monster, and it threw her off — slamming her head into the edge of a seat. Her ears rang as the creature roared in triumph. A wave of red-hot energy rippled through the car. The train pitched sideways, and Annabeth went weightless. The world was spinning. Emergency sirens wailed in the distance. She was lying flat on her back in some prickly weeds. The blonde girl from the train leaned over her, tugging on her arm.

Annabeth managed to sit up. She felt as if someone was hammering hot nails into her rib cage. As her vision cleared, she realized she was lucky to be alive.

About fifty yards away, the subway train had toppled off the track.

The Staff of Serapis.pdf

She spotted no wounded mortals. But still — what a disaster. Annabeth recognized where she was: Rockaway Beach. A few hundred feet to the left, vacant plots and bent chain-link fences gave way to a yellow sand beach dotted with tar and trash. The sea churned under a cloudy sky. Behind her on the broken tarmac, the black Labrador monster flopped like a fish out of water, its muzzle and paws bound in glowing golden rope.

Annabeth stared at the younger girl. Round her neck glinted a chain with a silver amulet — a symbol like an Egyptian ankh crossed with a gingerbread man.

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At her side lay her staff and her ivory boomerang — both carved with hieroglyphs and pictures of strange, very un-Greek monsters. Magical vulnerabilities and all that. But I have to respect someone who fights a two-headed monster with nothing but a rucksack.

Within minutes, emergency vehicles had surrounded the train wreck, and a crowd of spectators gathered from the nearby apartment buildings. Annabeth felt more nauseous than ever. Red spots danced before her eyes, but she helped Sadie drag the dog creature backwards by its tail into the sand dunes. Sadie seemed to take pleasure in pulling the monster over as many rocks and broken bottles as she could find. The beast snarled and wriggled.

Its red aura glowed more brightly, while the golden rope dimmed. Normally Annabeth liked walking on the beach. The ocean reminded her of Percy. But today she was hungry and exhausted.

The Staff of

Also, Rockaway Beach was a dismal place. A massive hurricane had blown through more than a year ago, and the damage was still obvious. Some of the apartment buildings in the distance had been reduced to shells, their boarded-up windows and breeze-block walls covered in graffiti.

Rotted timber, chunks of tarmac and twisted metal littered the beach. The pylons of a destroyed pier jutted up out of the water. I can always come back and finish the job.

Finally they reached a derelict ice-cream truck half sunken in the dunes. Sadie sat cross-legged, facing her. She rummaged around in her own backpack and brought out a cork-stoppered ceramic vial. It felt heavy and warm, as if it were full of hot coffee. A friend of mine, Jaz, brews the best in the world.

Usually they tasted like pond-scum soup, but at least they were made to work on demigods. Usually we fight with staff and wand. You wrestled a monster. You survived that train wreck. A demon god? My mother is a Greek goddess, Athena.

A Greek goddess. Or London. Or Los Angeles. A few months ago my mum gave me a warning. She told me to beware of other gods and other types of magic. You mentioned Isis. Isis is the goddess of Egyptian magic. She uncorked the potion and drank it down. Instantly, her vision cleared. Her stomach settled. Egyptian magic. Another magician?

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Apparently this kid used hieroglyphs to cast spells. He helped Percy battle a big crocodile monster. She feared those glowing angry hieroglyphs might explode. But first tell me everything — about yourself, demigods, Greeks and whatever it might have to do with our evil canine friend here. Annabeth described Camp Half-Blood. She recounted some of her adventures battling gods and giants and Titans. She looked as if she might start yelling or crying. Instead, she broke down in a fit of the giggles.

Annabeth frowned. At least I know the full extent of it. First, I find out my brother and I are descended from the pharaohs and have magic powers. All right. No problem. Then I find out my dead father has merged his soul with Osiris and become the lord of the dead. Why not? Then my uncle takes over the House of Life and oversees hundreds of magicians around the world. Keep calm and carry on! And then you come along on a random Thursday, la-di-da, and say, Oh, by the way, Egyptian gods are just one small part of the cosmic absurdity.

If Greek gods can stick around all these millennia, why not the Egyptians? The next minute it comes to life and breaks out of Brooklyn House. Forget I asked. Red Greek letters and hieroglyphs swirled around it as if trying to form new symbols — a message Annabeth could almost read. And not small gods, mind you. Extra-large ones.

So you said the dog was part of a statue. Any idea what statue? They got on that train searching for something — probably this dog. All sticking out of … what was that conical thing? A shell? A torch? A torch. Annabeth stared at her. I recall something about it being the capital when the Greeks ruled Egypt. Alexander conquered Egypt and, after he died, his general Ptolemy took over.

He wanted the Egyptians to accept him as their pharaoh, so he mashed the Egyptian gods and Greek gods together and made up new ones. The magical ropes exploded like a grenade, spraying the beach with golden shrapnel. The blast knocked Sadie across the dunes like tumbleweed. Annabeth slammed into the ice-cream truck. Her limbs turned to lead. All the air was forced out of her lungs. If the dog creature had wanted to kill her, it could have, easily. Instead, it bounded inland, disappearing in the weeds.

Staff Of Serapis

Annabeth instinctively grabbed for a weapon. Pain made her gasp. The ivory burned like dry ice. She stared at the blade. Then she heard groaning from the nearby dunes.

By the time she reached the magician, Sadie was sitting up, spitting sand out of her mouth. She had bits of seaweed in her hair, and her backpack was wrapped round one of her combat boots, but she looked more outraged than injured.

It just changed into the kind of dagger I usually use. Well, magic items do have a mind of their own. Keep it. Now, which way did Fido go? Sadie peered inland. Her eyes widened. Towards the storm. Past the subway tracks, she saw nothing except an abandoned apartment tower, fenced off and forlorn against the late afternoon sky.

She brought out another ceramic vial, this one stubby and wide like a face-cream jar. She pulled off the lid and scooped out some pink goo. Probably for demigods, too. Sadie smeared on the gloop, which tingled and warmed like menthol rub. The world was awash in colour. The ground had turned translucent — gelatinous layers descending into darkness below. The air rippled with shimmering veils, each one vibrant but slightly out of sync, as if multiple high-definition videos had been superimposed on top of one another.

Hieroglyphs and Greek letters swirled around her, fusing and bursting as they collided. Annabeth felt as if she were seeing the world on the atomic level. Everything invisible had been revealed, painted with magic light. It would drive me bonkers.

I have to concentrate to see the Duat. Annabeth was usually a confident person. Whenever she dealt with regular mortals, she carried a smug certainty that she possessed secret knowledge.

She understood the world of gods and monsters. Even with other demigods, Annabeth was almost always the most seasoned veteran. Now, looking at the shifting curtains of colours, Annabeth felt like a six-year-old kid again, just learning how terrible and dangerous her world really was. She sat down hard in the sand. Your eyes will adjust. She began to discern patterns in the air: currents flowing between the layers of reality, vapour trails of magic streaming off cars and buildings. The site of the train wreck glowed green.

Sadie had a golden aura with misty plumes spreading behind her like wings. Where the dog monster once lay, the ground smouldered like live coals. Crimson tendrils snaked away from the site, following the direction in which the monster had fled.

Annabeth focused on the derelict apartment building in the distance, and her heartbeat doubled. The tower glowed red from the inside — light seeping through the boarded-up windows, shooting through cracks in the crumbling walls.

Dark clouds swirled overhead, and more tendrils of red energy flowed towards the building from all over the landscape, as if being drawn into the vortex.

It means evil and chaos. They had to hurry. But, looking at the swirling layers of magic, she was afraid to move. What had Sadie called it — the Duat?

Serapis full of staff pdf

This is the story fans have asked for, in which Annabeth Chase teams up with Sadie Kane. The demigod daughter of Athena and the young magician from Brooklyn House take on a larger-than-life foe from the ancient world.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the power-hungry god they encounter is the revelation that he is being controlled by someone-someone all too familiar to Sadie. The audio narration was recorded by Rick Riordan himself. As a special bonus, the first chapter of The Blood of Olympus , the final book in The Heroes of Olympus series, is included.

Annabeth also remembers Percy recalling fighting a giant crocodile with Carter. Sadie however, didn't know that and said she'd confront Carter later. Fido then breaks loose and both Sadie and Annabeth are blown backward. Annabeth picks up Sadie's wand and it turns into a dagger.

Sadie tells her to keep it. Sadie then realizes that Fido was heading straight for the "storm". Annabeth doesn't know what she meant until Sadie rubbed something pink on her eyes and her eyes were able to see the Duat. They then head after Fido, but they come too late because he merges with the monster. They then realize that they see a man on top of the building. They start figuring out this monster and this man a god were both Egyptian and Greek from the time when Ptolemy was the pharaoh.

The structure of the building is also changing.