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(c) - page 1 of 7 - Get Instant Access to PDF File: 85df7b The Organization Man By William H Whyte EBOOK EPUB. KINDLE. The Organization Man (). By William H. Whyte, Jr. After World War II ended, veterans streamed back into the work force. They found the economy vastly. You have full access to read online and download this title. DownloadPDF MB Read online. Keywords. Organization Man. Whyte's Work.

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Sometime in the aftermath of the publication of William H. Whyte's The Organization Man, the DuPont Corporation produced a print advertisement with the above. THE ORGANIZATION MAN. People who have houses already-what's left for them ? For us, though, there is always something that's coming up next. You couldn't. "Recognized as a benchmark, Whyte's book reveals the dilemmas at the heart of the group ethos that emerged in the corporate and social world of the postwar.

You are on page 1of 10 Search inside document Men today arent joiners. Theyre disillusioned and cynical about societys organizations. Riddled with corruption. Run by greedy bastards. Brimming with hypocrites. Fraternal lodges? Just a bunch of old fogies.

In fact this "new economy" appeared to have doomed Whyte's original analysis as an artifact from a bygone day.

But the recent collapse of so many startup businesses, gigantic mergers of international conglomerates, and the reality of economic globalization make The Organization Man all the more essential as background for understanding today's global market. This edition contains a new foreword by noted journalist and author Joseph Nocera.

He is the author of numerous books of social and environmental analysis, including The Last Landscape , also available from the University of Pennsylvania Press. Joseph Nocera , Fortune magazine executive editor, is an award-winning financial journalist.

He is the author of A Piece of the Action: It was a mile-and-a-half to the commuter train that took him to downtown Chicago where the train belched him out with thousands of other people, and they all walked with great intention and urgency to the gleaming revolving-glass doors of the skyscrapers where they worked, engaged in their important missions of commerce and building things and selling stuff.

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I knew about that because he would bring me downtown with him a couple of times a year to show me off to the other civil engineers he worked with. His route home led him like clockwork every day, up the side streets of our north side Chicago neighborhood, until he hit the end of the alley on an adjacent street.

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Which is when I would spy him coming around the corner, and I would run fast up the alley and jump into his arms, the dependable arms of an Organization Man dad, and he would carry me back to my mom, and siblings and the house, and it was nice and cozy like a TV sitcom.

My dad brought home the scent of ink, paper and concrete, and his face felt rough at the end of the day, and I liked that.

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He carried a briefcase, and he often had work to do in the evening. Nearly all the dads I knew were Organization Men, except Mr. McHenry, and he owned his own business, and that seemed very strange and mysterious, and he was around during the day and even had a small disassembled airplane in his back yard, which was very exotic and alien.

I was reminded of these childhood memories when I was chatting with Penny Pickett, Business Director for the Telecommunications Development Fund, at Springboard Midwest, the women's venture capital forum.

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Penny was talking about the changes she has seen in the way businesses are viewed since she had started her own business first in She started her business in When it was initially based in her home, it might solicit a condescending comment and a pat on the head. But when men headed to their garages and their basements after businesses embedding the culture of "The Organization Man" had mass layoffs during the s, the conversation rose to another level. That's when the descriptive word "entrepreneur" emerged.

A basic tenet of The Organization Man was the idea that an employee gave the corporation loyalty and, in turn, the corporation took care of you.

The Organization Man

Some folks referred to that disparagingly as corporate welfare. The book proposed that employees would have , , and year careers with one corporation.

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When my dad started working for the organization, it had about 60 employees based in Chicago. When he left, the company had about working worldwide.

'ORGANIZATION MAN' REVISITED; The Organization Man: A Rejoinder - The New York Times

When the company merged with another two years ago, it had about , still a small-to-medium sized business by most measures. Whyte found this phenomenon alarming.

As an editor for Fortune magazine, Whyte was well placed to observe corporate America; it became clear to him that the American belief in the perfectibility of society was shifting from one of individual initiative to one that could be achieved at the expense of the individual.

With its clear analysis of contemporary working and living arrangements, The Organization Man rapidly achieved bestseller status.

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Since the time of the book's original publication, the American workplace has undergone massive changes. In the s, the rule of large corporations seemed less relevant as small entrepreneurs made fortunes from new technologies, in the process bucking old corporate trends. In fact this "new economy" appeared to have doomed Whyte's original analysis as an artifact from a bygone day.